Where… am I?

My thoughts were obscured by a thin veil, present but lacking any semblance of clarity. My head pounded with a dull but ever-present thrum; it was as if I could hear the echo of insignificant human brain bounce against the edge of my skull as someone beat it rhythmically with a tire iron. The rest of my body was much worse. I could feel every cell in my anatomy be burned, destroyed, then rebuilt in a torturous and eternal repetition.

Why does it hurt… so much…

The pain continued, uninterested in my questioning. Just solid and resolute in its intent to cause me continuous harm. But… I'm not sure if it was sudden or if it was gradual, but I took notice of another feeling aside from the fires that tore me asunder…

It's… cold?

Sure enough. It began with my feet, then my legs, then made its way upward as, almost as if there were a definitive line separating the two, blistering cold overtook ravenous heat.

Then… nothing.

I felt… empty. Like I didn't even exist, despite knowing I did… I think, therefore I am… This thought was somehow more terrifying than the pain. My first instinct was to panic, but I found myself unable to. And like that, my mind was focused. Cleared of all that not pertaining to my current problem. I wasn't dead. I was…

…I don't know…?

The panic came rushing back. How could I not know? Just yesterday, I was… I don't remember.

What's my name? What's my name? What is it? My name… my name. MynamewhatisitwhatsmynamemyNAMEWHATISmYnaMemYNaMEnNGh!#%*…

Just what the fuck is going on?

I suddenly became aware of noises. Distant at first, but gradually more loud and noticeable as I became more and more coherent. The sounds of people talking… walking… People! So I wasn't alone. I need to ask for help. Can I even move?

I tried moving my arms and to my surprise, I could. They felt weak, sluggish, exhausted, but I could move them. I tried to move my legs and reached a similar result. Mustering what of my strength that I could, I had managed to somehow roll over onto my stomach and onto whatever surface I was laying on. The sounds of people were still getting louder, but mainly as a result of my senses returning to me still and less of a result of them being any closer.

I tried calling out but my throat was so dry I felt like my lungs were filled with sand. Despite this, I continued my attempts, finally managing to let out a low groan; almost inaudible with the noise I heard around me. I couldn't let this deter me. They were right there. Help was only feet away. I still couldn't open my eyes but I knew they were close. Whoever they were. How or why they hadn't noticed me yet was a mystery.

What if they were the ones who did this to me?

Now there was a scary thought. I might be unintentionally alerting the people who did this to me that they hadn't finished the job yet. No, I quickly brush that thought aside. I can't afford to think like that at the moment. Laying on my stomach, I felt a warm pool of something beneath me. Blood. I was bleeding. From where? The only thing I was sure of at this time was that I wasn't sure of anything. With a renewed sense of urgency I continued my attempts at gaining someone's—anyone's—attention.


Some progress! I need to try harder.

"...help...me... help... ... HELP!"

I finally squeezed out the last cry loudly, though admittedly it came out as little more than a raspy shout. It was enough to solidify my determination and I kept crying out.

I heard the sounds of hastened footsteps, light against a hard surface, make their way to me. A hand grabbed my shoulder and flipped me onto my back and I heard a sharp gasp that reeked of surprise and horror. That didn't bode well. Whatever state I was in must be worse than I thought. I didn't hold any illusions that I wasn't mortally wounded to begin with. There was a faint glow I could see behind my eyelids and I realized my sight was back. I strained to open my eyes—dried blood had caked on them, sealing them shut and again notifying me just how dire my situation seemed to be. I must have been here longer than I thought for the blood to have dried to that extent and my injuries worse if they were still bleeding. They were.

Finally, my eyes opened and I blinked rapidly to clear away the residual dust and blood that clouded my vision.

It was like seeing for the first time ever after having been blind your whole life. There was so much clarity. I could see... everything. Every little microscopic spec of dust in the air, every color known to man and some that weren't. Every nook and crevice in the stone brick buildings that towered above and beyond my prone form. Every hair on the head of the people in the street at the end of the alley I appeared to be in. Every minuscule insect that flew, crawled, or squirmed its way on the cobblestone road that lay below me. The distinct golden colored eyes of the small girl who hovered just above my face, her hand still placed on my shoulder and it was then that I finally noticed my apparent savior.

In that single instant, my new and enhanced eyesight had memorized everything. She looked to be around nine or ten years old. Her hair was a glowing shade of blonde and her eyes were gold; a beautiful and and vibrant gold, like pools of the molten metal had shaped and formed into some type of artistry and placed in the head of this child. Her face was blank and if it wasn't for the slight tilt of her head and furrow of her brows, I might've actually thought her some intricately carved statue, and not another human being. Her mind seemed to become aware of my cognizance and her amber eyes widened slightly before my thoughts were interrupted by a a resolved look covering her features and she nodded in acceptance to some internal conclusion she seemed to be fretting over.

"Mm... I'll get help."

She made to stand but before she could, I saw a bloody hand—small and delicate, like a child's—reach up and take hold of her shoulder.

"...please." I whispered out, now aware, but not fully realizing, that the hand on her shoulder was my hand. I couldn't get any more words out but she seemed to understand my plight as she nodded once more and placed her own hand on mine. Before blacking out, I faintly remembered another voice in the distance calling out and catching the girl's attention.






What the hell?

I open my eyes to an ornate ceiling above me. The trim is a pearl white marble with textured wooden tile making up the surface of the ceiling itself. The problem is the words floating in my field of vision, just within arms reach. The message itself is in a transparent blue box with a (!) icon just to left of the text. The options, as that is apparently what they are, are listed in separate box below it. I looked at the site in front of view, bewildered at everything I could remember, what little that was. Finding my voice, I speak slowly so as not to agitate my throat any further.

"Sta—" my speech is interrupted by a fit a violent coughs before I clear my throat and try again. "Status."

The little box with word 'Status' expands to reveal new text and some welcome information.


Name: Kaneki Uchiha


Lvl: ?

STR: E443

END: F311

DEX: G214

AGI: B703

CHA: S932



So my name is Kurei... Okay... informative, I guess. But what the hell does the rest of this mean? I'm only 10 years old? That's not right... I'm /#* NNGH! The sharp throb of the headache from before returned briefly before disappearing. Just more confusion for me. Hoping that selecting another option would clear his confusion, I vocally chose a different one.

"Skills..." I all but breathed. Instead of the bit of clarity I was hoping for, the results only led to more befuddlement on my part.


Sharingan(True): [PASSIVE]

Instinct: [PASSIVE]

Mana Burst: [SEALED]

Unlimited Blade Works: [SEALED]

I sighed at this new bit of information. More questions...

Observing the room I was in, I found the visual clarity I had noticed before was still present. The exact acuity of my sight should be impossible. Except it wasn't. Every single thing I had noticed since becoming aware had only led to more questions. Thinking back, I tried to regroup my thoughts calmly to assess my situation.

I was injured. Badly. I was found by a girl and healed. How, I don't know. By who, I don't know. And now I'm in a room I don't know with no one in sight. I was in the room by myself. There wasn't a soul here aside from me. Not even the girl who saved me. I sat up and slid my feet over the side of the bed that I found myself in and noticed the ease of which I was able to move now. Getting a response from my body didn't seem to be such a hassle as it was before. In fact, I took note that my body seemed light as a feather. Looking down at myself I felt a bit shocked at my short limbs and stature. Right. I'm a child. I couldn't explain why, but this fact just felt so... wrong. But how could it? I had no memories; nothing to dispute this fact. I just knew. There was a mirror on the far wall opposite of me. I had no idea what I even looked like. What a sad and depressing thought. With more than a little trepidation I slowly stood up and took note of the feeling my body had. It was... difficult to describe to say the least. How do you put into words exactly what you feel while performing motions that you do every day and don't even take notice, as these things have become so second nature to you that you don't even think about it. The easiest way I could describe this feeling was light-footed and aware.

Each step I took seemed to send a pulse outwards and I could hear the faintest noises in the room; the faintest echoes of my steps to the sound of the small insect flapping its wings in the far back corner, above the bed I woke in and near the only windows in the room, the window slightly ajar and three feet behind me, twenty-one inches to the left of my center, and seven inches above—

Gripping my head again at the resurgence of the throb, this time caused by the influx of observations I had no idea how I made, I pushed the thoughts aside and I stepped to the mirror. Looking back at me was a small boy with slightly tanned skin.

Me, I realized. My hair was medium length, spiky and unruly, and a remarkably pearl white in color. Not the type of grey or white you would see in the elderly but a pure, white. My heigh lt was normal for my supposed age but my physique was lean; not muscular but built for speed. The only thing I seemed to be wearing was a pair of thin wool breeches that ended just above my knees. Bandages covered my chest with faded red stain just over where my heart is. My chin was a bit on the sharper side and my jaw was angular. I had a small nose my mouth angled down in a small, natural from. My eyes were what threw me off a bit—same as the girl who saved me. Two blood red irises stared back at me from my reflection. They're surrounded by a thicker black outline and a black pupil. Surrounding the pupil are three tomoe, each equally spaced apart from the next/last.

Turning my attention to the blood stain on my chest and observed it thoughtfully. The stain seemed faded, indicating the wound had been closed for a while now. Adjusting the bandages to where I could see the flesh underneath proved my theory correct; there was a thin, puffy red line going across my sternum where a recent injury had just healed. Reaching my fingers out to touch it, I let out a hiss and jerked my finger back in pain. Seems it wasn't fully healed yet.

"Oh... you're awake."

My thoughts interrupted, I turned to the door to my right wondering how I couldn't have noticed her. Up till now, I seemed painfully aware of my surroundings but this girl had sneaked up on me quite successfully. Observing her, I quickly took note that this was the girl who rescued me. My savior. Immediately upon this realization I noticed another girl—no, woman—leaning slightly over her left shoulder.

This woman's expression seemed to be forever locked in a cheerful smile, but her posture and the way that smile barely tilted the edge of her lips despite seeming so wide had only succeeded in giving off a mischievous aura in itself. She had bright red hair and despite being only a few inches taller than the golden haired girl, this was obviously a woman. She was dressed quite scantily with a blue tube top and black shorts that seemed a few lengths short with only a space between them and her thigh high boots. Long sleeves, also black, ran down the lengths of her arms in a separate piece of dress than her top. That twinkle in her squinted eyes reminded me of a calculative predator.

My savior herself was wearing what seemed to be an armored battle dress. A white blouse with light armor covering her shoulders and chest and blue shorts on the bottom. A sword was affixed to her hip. The sword didn't seem overly unique but the blade was thin and durable and the small girl had a powerful about her. She had the same inquisitive tilt of her head she had before I lost consciousness. In her hands was what appeared to be a tray of food. And small sandwich and along with a glass of some substance, presumably water, and another clear glass of some green liquid.

"Ah. You're awake," repeating herself nervously, the way she spoke felt so emotionless and matter-of-fact that it temporarily threw my thoughts off guard.

Seeing my confounded expression and seizing the opportunity, the red-headed fox behind her chose now to speak.

"Ya had us worried there, Shiro-chan. You should be grateful, ya know? After all the money we spent healing you~"

A sharp look from the golden hair child silenced the woman after that sentence. Looking back to me, her gaze hardened.

"How are you?" she asked in that same monotonous voice I had already come to associate with her.

Realizing I must have quite the look on my face, I steeled my expression and chose my words carefully.

"Where am I? Who are you?" I needed information. I didn't believe they were here to hurt me. They would have let me die otherwise. So, as of this moment, they were my only hope of finding anything out. "Why did you help me?"

I mentally slap myself in the face for that last question. I didn't want to sound ungrateful but these people didn't know me. Hell, I didn't know me. I needed to know why these people had saved some random person. They could just as easily demand something from me in compensation as to have doing this out of kindness—and judging from the redheads words, I could easily be right. However, to my surprise, it was the redhead that spoke and not the blonde.

"Ara~ why so suspicious, Shiro-chan? After Ais-chan spent all this time tending to you and fretting over you~" her voice was melodic, deceptively so, but there was no missing that hint of aggression I heard at the end of that statement. Like she was affronted by me questioning her somehow. Just as quickly as it arrived, that subtle threat had disappeared and her face took on a more natural look of amusement. "But! I guess I can see where you're coming from, so how 'bout introductions, huh? I'm the Goddess Loki, and this is Ais! She's a member of my Familia."

The girl, lost in her musings while her gaze was transfixed on me, snapped out of it at this and looked into my eyes with focus. Setting the tray down on the small table beside my sickbed, she held our hand to me with a slightly hopeful expression.

"Ais Wallenstein."

I kept looking into her eyes. In the exact opposite way that the other woman's personality seemed to scream deception, Ais just seemed so relaxed and upfront. Like her heart was bared upon her sleeve and the concept of misdirection or deceit seemed like a foreign concept to her.

I must have taken longer to ponder than I realized as she tilted her head, adorably, again to the side as if questioning if she had insulted me or not with her words due my lack of response. I'm not sure what exactly was the reason at this moment that caused me to throw my suspicions to the wayside. I don't think it was any singular reason but if it was... it had to be the innocent look on Ais's face that made me take her hand in that moment.

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