"NO! No no no no no Frasier! The answer you give is 'Not to the best of my recollection!'"

"But Donny, I DO recall! And I'll be under oath!"

"Oh for God's sake, not this again!"

Donny was clearly exasperated by now with Frasier, his long-winded and painfully honest answers seemingly impeding his ability to do the best job he could for Niles. Maris and her legal team had been drawing out this divorce for long enough, and Frasier had finally convinced him that it was time to change lawyers, and Niles had no reason to regret it thus far, his crude, oafish personality aside.

Clearly though, it was Donny who had no idea what he was getting into.

Niles felt the need to interject at this point, "As you've probably figured out, Frasier is a bit of a stickler when it comes to his ethics, and frankly I applaud him for it."

Just as Daphne came out to offer more coffee, Donny decided to wrap things up for the morning, as he had a conference call scheduled during brunch back at his office, but not before taking the liberty of calling ahead to make sure it was still on. At his request, the four of them poured through the notes to make sure there weren't any questions they had yet to cover. They were having quite a corpsing laugh over one in particular, in regards to Maris's 'unstable' behavior (Talk about understatement of the century!), when Donny's phone call suddenly turned contentious.

"You're kidding! No, really, well, based on what? Oh, please! Yeah, no, thank you, thank you, Maria, no. I'm on my way back."

Niles knew instantly that something was amiss. Donny may have been having a good laugh, but he was obviously unamused at the news he'd just heard, whatever it was. "What's going on?"

"Maris's lawyers, they kill me. I mean, all week long it's been one desperate ploy after another. This one, this is the best one yet! Now, it seems, they're claiming 'Alienation of Affection!'"

Niles was beside himself, and he wasn't the only one. "You're kidding! After what SHE did?!" Martin bellowed out on Niles's behalf.

"Yeah, believe it or not, now they're saying that during the marriage, Niles was in love with another woman."

"Who?" Daphne asked.

Donny hesitated for a moment, then gave a puzzling answer: "Oh, they didn't even say."