Niles had taken up Donny on his recommendation and ordered the grilled lamb, as did Frasier. Never one to order the same thing as his sons, Martin settled for marsala beef medallions.

All with a bottle of Pouille Foussé, which came on the house, as Donny promised.

After their menus were taken away, the time had come. "Niles, you've played coy long enough," Frasier started, "What is it that you needed to discuss with us?"

"Okay, but let's try to keep it down. Some friends of Maris are sitting at a table across the room."

"I thought I saw Lacey and Andrew as we were walking in..."

"One and the same."

"Well isn't that just convenient..."

"Boys!" Now Martin was getting irritated.

"Alright," Niles needed to get back on track, "It's about that 'Alienation of Affection' claim."

"Ah yes, the one without a name?" Frasier was getting annoyed all over again.

"Donny DID have a name. He didn't want to spill it with everyone in the room, not without knowing who knew what first."

Frasier and Martin looked at each other curiously. "Well... I suppose that was tactful of him, but... who is it?"

All Niles had to do was smile wryly, and Frasier and Martin looked at each other as two and two were put together.

"Oh no, Niles..."

"I'm afraid so. It's Daphne."

"Oh, geez..."

"Well... Niles, how? Just... what in God's name is she basing this on?"

"The Snow Ball. Apparently, the little 'show' we put on that night made it's way back to Maris' ears, no doubt thanks in no small part to those same haughty parasites sitting across the room."

"Boy, she's got some nerve dragging poor Daphne into this. After all the crap she pulled..."

At that moment, the wine was brought to the table, and their glasses filled, allowing them a small breather. After their thanks to the server, Frasier restarted the discussion, "So what now, Niles?"

"Daphne's going to be subpoenaed. She'll be getting the word from Donny soon enough. And it's likely to come up in your depositions as well."

"Oh no..." Frasier knew exactly what that meant.

"Now, just relax you two. We know damn well that Maris doesn't truly know a damn thing. She's just fishing."

"Well she managed to find the right pond, I'm afraid. Those depositions ARE going to happen, and unless we plan on committing perjury and risk being held in contempt, it's very likely the truth is going to come out."

Martin looked at Frasier. The hesitant look on his face was all he needed to see to know that perjury was out of the question. "Is there anything Donny can do? You know, to stall or divert back to Maris' infidelity?"

"Donny's doing all he can. However, while I may not be a lawyer, I would think that stalling is out of the question. It would show that we've blinked."

Frasier and Martin nodded in agreement. "I guess the only thing we can do then, is wait."

"Obviously, he'll need extra time to prepare you for this. But for the moment, yes, he's asking us to sit tight."