I'm back with a new story. This story is a four part story and is in Leo's point of view. I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and stayed safe. Please feel free to leave me any reviews for this story or recommendations for any other stories. Without further ado, let's go right into this chapter.

Leo's POV:

It's the first week of August and Janelle just moved out to another state with her mother for a better opportunity. I'm not going to lie, I'm looking tough for her and so I don't look weak to my family but it's literally crushing me inside. Janelle is the only hope I had of surviving high school and having my crush being ripped away from me is just crushing me even more inside. Obviously we can text and video chat but that will never be the same. I go upstairs and eat some breakfast and then Bree takes all of us to school. Instantly when I walked in I saw her locker empty. "AWWW LOOK AT LEO, HE'S SAD HIS CRUSH LEFT HIM" I heard one of the jocks say. "She never liked him, let's be real here" Trent said. Even though I wanted to respond to them, I kind of knew it was true. I'm such a loser for a beautiful girl like her. "Hey get away from Leo" I heard Adam say. "Or what, loser?" Trent replied. "Adam leave him, plus we all have to get to class" I say, walking away. I get inside my science class and immediately get laughed at. I'm nothing but a pathetic loser who can't even be bionic. I ask the teacher to go to the nurse so I can make up an excuse to go home early. I went to the nurse's office and told her that I had a stomach ache that I couldn't take and I needed to go home. She gave me a nurse's note that gave me permission to leave the school building and go home. I took this opportunity to go to the store. "Leo Dooley, I saw you in class. You don't look so well, you need that gas?" someone asked me. To be honest I don't know the dude but fuck it, why not buy some weed. "Yeah lemme get an eighth" I say and pay him $25. I then go to the counter and get myself some backwoods, a lighter and a juice. I then immediately go home and go into my room. I had Eddy removed from my room and I also had the elevator removed. I locked the door and started crying. "Why am I so fucking pathetic?" "I'm crushed over a girl who doesn't love me, but I still love her though" I say to myself. "I can't even be bionic to support Adam, Bree and Chase. I'm literally nothing" I say to myself as well. I then start to roll myself a blunt. I struggle at first but I roll myself a decent blunt and I spark it up. I take a hit but immediately blow the smoke out. "Don't be a pussy and inhale" I tell myself. I then take several hits from the blunt and inhale it. I then started to do some ghost inhales which were pretty easy and cool. I suddenly started coughing so much so I had to drink some of the juice. I kept on smoking until I felt I had enough, which was just 1/4 of the blunt. I put it back into the bag and sorted everything and hid the weed, backwoods and lighter. I drink the rest of the juice and then spray air freshener and crack the window open a bit so the smoke can leave the room. I exit the room and go to the bathroom to take a shower and wash my hair to have the smell of weed out of me. I also washed my clothes and after I was done, I changed into some new jeans, sneakers and a regular black shirt. I put on some lotion and deodorant. I moisturized my hair and put products on my hair and now I feel fresh and stoned. I'm high as fuck but it's something that is calming. Everything is just so soothing and slow. I love this feeling. I get the munchies so I go to the kitchen and get myself a chocolate pudding. I then see Mr. Davenport enter the house "Aren't you supposed to be in school?" he asked me. "I didn't feel well so I got a nurse's note to go home" I replied. "Well if you're here can you do me a favor and help me in the lab?" he asked me. "Big D, I really don't feel well today. I'm going to eat this and go straight to bed" I said, eating the pudding. "Alright, if you need anything just press the button since Eddy was removed from the room" he told me and went to the lab. He made me an emergency button in case something happened to me, Adam, Bree and Chase can come quickly from the lab. I finished eating the pudding and then went straight to my bed. I turned on my phone and I saw a few missed calls from Janelle and then I read a message from her. She said she got to her new house safe. I replied telling her that I'm glad that she's safe and I wished her the best, even though at this moment I don't care. I turn off my phone and play on my Xbox. I honestly love the feeling of being stoned and not giving a fuck about anything. I then realized that I left my charger in the lab so I went to the lab and grabbed my charger. Big D didn't interrupt me, I guess because he fell for the lie about me not feeling well. I plugged my phone in the charger and I played Call Of Duty until I felt tired and went straight to peaceful and deep sleep.

I get shaken and get yelled to wake up. I wake up so confused. "Leo, dinner is ready" my mom said. "Ok but I'm not hungry" I say still feeling tired. "Honey are you sick?" she asked feeling my forehead. "No, I just have a migraine" I reply, hoping she doesn't do anything extra. "Ok honey, the dinner is going to be saved in the microwave for you in case you are hungry" she said, exiting my room and closing my door. I then went right back to my peaceful and deep sleep.