Ropes & Chairs

Summary - Marissa and Taylor are in a tight spot!

This story is completely credited to Emily989. Hope I did justice to your idea and you enjoy it!

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"Ryan?" Taylor called walking into the pool house. She looked around realising this is the first time in Ryan's room. He was incredibly neat and organised which was a positive for her; she loves being organised. He didn't have many sentimental objects around other.

"Ryan I know you're avoiding me. But we still have a project to finish!" she put her hands on her hips and sighed thinking he was in the toilet avoiding her. 'Of course he's going to avoid me. He regrets kissing me and doesn't know how to reject me' she thought

Taylor gave up and turned to leave but she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head and then everything went black as she fell to the ground with a thump.

The next time Taylor woke up she had a horrible headache. She looked around and instantly panicked; her hands were draped behind the chair and tied tightly together by roped. Each of her ankles were tied just as tightly to the legs of the chairs and her mouth was covered shut by a gag. Her heart raced as she looked around to see who did this and what was happening. She saw through the pool house windows men in black ski masks in the main house. 'Great the one time I come here and I get held hostage' she thought

She bowed her head in fear knowing no one would come for her. No one knew she was there and she's not too sure that if they did they'd care. The door swung open and she jumped up. A tall figure came out of the dark. "Marissa" she said struggling through the gag tied around her mouth.

"Taylor?" Marissa asked. She took in the scene in front of her "oh my god Taylor what happened" she shouted running up to her.

Taylor saw a man walk towards the pool house and began speaking against the gag trying desperately to warn Marissa

"Taylor just a second let me untie it so I can understand you"

Marissa finally opened the knot "behind you" she screamed as soon as she could. Marissa turned but before she could react she was knocked unconscious. Taylor groaned.

"Any other girls planning to show up" the man in the gun grunted as he tied Marissa up beside her. Taylor shrugged not knowing if it was a rhetorical question or not.

After tying up Marissa the man left banging the door shut behind him causing Taylor to flinch again. she looked over and saw Marissa limp against the restraints, her hair covering most her face. Taylor began struggling against the gag the man put back on while she waited for Marissa to come to beside her.

Marissa woke up with a horrible headache. She moaned opening her eyes. What the hell is happening she thought. She looked around to see Taylor still tied up in the chair beside her. It came flooding back and she began struggling against the rope harshly tied around her hands and legs.

"It's no use. But you could get the gag off. Just try push it down that's how i did it." Taylor said

After five minutes of struggling Marissa finally pushed it down and breathed out loud "what the hell is going on?" she shouted exasperated.

"Shh" Taylor hushed nervously eyeing the men in the main house. "I have no idea. I came here and got hit in the head and then next thing I know I'm tied up. I think it's just wrong place at the wrong time."

"What do they want?" Marissa said following Taylor's gaze to the main house.

"They'll probably take everything they can and then leave. Hopefully leave us alive"

Marissa's eyes widened at the thought that they could be hurt "hopefully" she mumbled back

"you okay?" Taylor asked after a second seeing the small trickle of blood on her forehead and the watering eyes.

Marissa nodded "fine. Just a headache. You?"

"Same" Taylor replied at the throbbing in her head.

Although there was obvious fear in both of them there was an awkward tension between the two.

"I really hope the Cohen's come back soon. I need the bathroom really bad" Taylor said randomly trying to keep the small talk going.

Marissa smiled awkwardly. Only Taylor would think about her bladder at a time like this "where are they?"

"No idea. Does anyone know you're here?"

Marissa shook her head "you?"

Taylor shook her head in response. "why were you coming to see Ryan?" finishing the small talk and jumping to the big stuff.

Marissa shrugged leaving Taylor to carry on "I erm heard you broke up with Volchok. What happened?"

Marissa glared and Taylor quickly backtracked "I don't mean to pry I just figured that's why you were here. And I mean we could use a distraction and-"

Marissa cut off her rambling "No. I mean yeah I broke up with him. Realised what an idiot he was. But that's not why I was here. Do you reckon anyone's gonna find us soon?" She tried changing the subject

"I doubt my mum even noticed I'm not home. And if she did she's probably glad"

"Your mum would be glad you're tied up?"

"No but she'll she be glad I'm out on a Friday night, instead of home"

Marissa nodded "I erm I had a fight with my mum and stormed out. That's why I came to Ryan" she said after a moment seeing how uncomfortable Taylor had gotten by revealing what her mum would be thinking.

"What did you fight about?"

Getting uncomfortable Marissa changed the subject again "we should try break out of these"

Taylor shook her head "I don't we can they're pretty tight" she began craning her head and looking around "Maybe Ryan has something in here we can move to get" she offered looking around. "I've never been here. I assume you have?"

Marissa nodded "I doubt he has anything in here that's useful" she sighed.

"okay let's just use all our strength and just try and break out of them okay" Taylor said "okay one two three" and together her and marissa breathed deeply and focused all their energy on breaking the roped. They grunted in pain that it caused their wrists but carried on.

After a minute of struggling they stopped "i don't think its working" Taylor panted

The cohen house was quiet, expect the occasional grunting of the two girls in the pool house.

"okay let's take a break" Taylor said catching her breath "i'm gonna have rope burns for a month" she sighed feeling the burns on her wrists

"yeah i know what you mean" Marissa mumbled "how long do you do think it'll take?" Marissa had felt the rope slightly rip but after all their struggling it didn't feel like much.

"as long as it takes to make progress i guess" Taylor shrugged.

The silence settled again and Marissa sighed loudly "she found some cocaine in my drawers. She's gotten into the habit of snooping through my things?" she said answering Taylor previous question. They had been struggling against the ties for a while now and they needed a distraction.

Taylors eyebrows flew up "Cocaine? Marissa!" she said forgetting about her wrists

"It wasn't mine" she defended quickly "one of the reasons I broke up with Volchok"

"Oh. I mean I knew you were into bad boys but jeez"

"Why were you here to see Ryan?" Marissa asked

Taylor stared at her for a while before answering "we… Erm… we're doing a history project together"

"Oh. I thought-" Marissa started

"Fine! We kissed" Taylor said quickly

"Oh" was all Marissa said again

"okay let's try again" Taylor said changing the subject.

After a few second Taylor was tired again but Marissa kept at it. Taylor watched her for at least a minute struggling and grunting trying her best to use all her strength on ripping those ropes.

"Marissa maybe we should just wait. i'm sure the Cohens will be back soon"

"No we can do it" she panted stubbornly

"I've seen in many movies that people break their thumbs or wrists and then slide the rope off?" Taylor offered

"Absolutely not. Also i doubt we have the strength to do that to ourselves" Taylor shrugged "i felt my roped tear Taylor. We just need to try longer" Marissa said as reassuringly as she could

"really!" Taylor asked excited

"Yeah i just need a second" Marissa breathed

Taylor looked up at her and sighed "Me and him we erm we started hanging out because of the project we have together in history. And on Tuesday in the library we erm we kissed which I know is shocking because your little group doesn't like me and I mean I saw his face when we were paired up but then he just kinda of opened after the first few days and then I just kissed him and now, now he's…"

"Avoiding you" Marissa finished

"Yeah how'd you know?" she asked surprised

"Because it's typical Ryan. He's so predictable. And erm we don't hate you" she added awkwardly

"Please Marissa I know when I'm not liked. Because its often. I get it. I mean I'm a bit overwhelming to people and I'm very to the point and blunt and some people prefer to stay in the bubble of ignorance. Which is fine for them but it's just the way I am"

"We never hated you. You were just a bit high maintenance about… well everything"

"Yeah I guess. It was just easier to focus all my attention on that kind of stuff instead of what was really going on with me" Taylor replied sadly

"What do you mean?"

"Well my mums not exactly the easiest person to talk to and when we do talk it just ends up her telling me how I'm not good enough. How she wished I was better, popular and pretty like her. So I just got into the habit of trying so hard to please everyone else because I couldn't please and that well made everyone hate me instead"

"No one hates you. But I so understand the mum issues. I mean Julie cooper parenting is no picnic. She just tried so hard to run away from her life in brookside that she's do anything, and I mean anything, to make sure she doesn't lose her life in Newport"

"I mean it's nice in a way that she cares about you enough to want to make sure you don't grow up like she had to" Taylor said trying to give perspective.

"Yeah I guess. But as much as I love the luxury of being rich. I'd much rather have her pay attention. Have an honest conversation you know. My sister Caitlin definitely shouldn't have been sent to a stupid boarding school but that didn't stop her"

Taylor nodded in sympathy relating to the problem "Who'd have thought me and you would be bonding over mother issues"

"Yeah who needs a therapist when you can just get knocked out and tied to chairs" Marissa laughed

Taylor laughed back "exactly"

"Do you think whoever did this is gone" Marissa asked seeing no movement anymore

"Sounds like it. I'm sure they took whatever they needed and left. We just have to wait until the Cohens come back to help us out here" Taylor reassured

There was a moment of silence before Taylor blurted out "do you come to Ryan often?"

"what" Marissa asked confused

"Like when you have a problem or like today a fight with your mum is your first thought always Ryan?" she explained avoiding eye contact

Marissa took a second to think about it "I… yeah I guess so. Even though he's only been here for like three years. We've been through so much together that I can't imagine talking to anyone else about what I'm going through. He just has the context you know" she shrugged

Taylor nodded "He is a great listener. But I mean I think I've heard him say all of five words the whole time I've known him"

Marissa smiled "Yeah he's not big on words. But he's so unbelievably loyal. He will always be there for you. Him and I broke up a lot but whether we were together or fighting or with other people he would be there in an instant if I called him. And it's been that way since the first day I met him" she smiled remembering that first night at the end of the Cohen driveway.

"Wow you two seem to be really close still. I didn't mean to get involved in a triangle" Taylor said

"No, no, you're not. Me and Ryan have a really complicated history and I guess you can't expect us to be cut off from each other because a part of us will always be with each other. But we came to realise some time ago that we would never be able to last. Which is why we're completely platonic" she assured

Taylor nodded "I guess. It's just hard to compete with Marissa Cooper you know"

Marissa blushed and smiled awkwardly "trust me you'd win that competition. Plus I'm sure Ryan and you would make a great couple"

Taylor shook her head and the laughed "never expected you to say that" she shrugged "i figured you'd go laugh to Summer at how pathetic I am for still crushing on Ryan"

Before Marissa could speak Taylor stopped her "okay. Let's hope its the last time" And with that both girls began struggling against the ties once more. "" Taylor grunted in between her attempts.

Marissa kept her eyes tightly shut as she focused on just the ties that bound her. She ignored the pain from the burning flesh around her wrist and kept on pulling. "arghhhh" she shouted "this is so frustrating. i can feel it rip but it won't just give" Marissa said angry.

"okay just give it a minute and we'll try again" Taylor said breathless from her own attempt.

"Still?" Marissa breathed in response "you said still"

Taylor shrugged, she craned her head down to the side and wiped the sweat of her forehead with her shoulder as best she could. She eyed Marissa and then sighed "Yeah it's one of the reasons I was such a bitch to you during the Kickoff Carnival. I just… he was really nice to me and because of a lot of things I melt at someone being nice to me because well it doesn't happen often. And so I crushed on him and I saw you guys together and I just let it get to me. Which I am sorry about by the way."

"I didn't know you liked him. It's okay I probably deserved it. I am sorry for the way we treated you though. You're not so bad" She smiled

"Thanks I think" Taylor smiled back "i wonder what Ryan would think of this. It's probably most guys fantasy"

"Doubt Ryan's one of them" Marissa laughed. "We should do this more often you know" Marissa said realising she'd never actually hung out with Taylor before

"I don't think I want to be tied up again. Sorry" Taylor smiled

Marissa shook her head "no the talking and not biting each other's head off"

"yeah I'd like that" Taylor smiled.

"i can't believe it's taken getting hogtied to a chair to get to know you better" Marissa smiled shaking her head

"Yeah maybe this was the only way, but we make a good team" Taylor replied "come on let's try again."

After five minutes straight of struggling Marissa's ropes ripped and her hands flew free "YES!" she screamed the adrenaline masking the deep cuts in her wrists

"oh my god Marissa you actually did it. i always knew your stubborn personality would come in handy one day" Marissa laughed. She ran her hands over the cuts encircling her wrists and flinched. She put the pain aside and leant down untying her legs.

"erm today Marissa" Taylor sighed

Marissa rolled her eyes and got up her legs finally free. She stood up and immediately had to steady herself.

"You okay?" Taylor asked watching her sway

"i will be" she replied bending down behind Taylor and untying her. She saw the rips that Taylor had made on her own roped "hey you were pretty close to you know"

Taylor rolled her eyes "and to think i had a head start as well" Marissa laughed leave it to Taylor to make this a competition.

While Taylor worked on her legs Marissa ran over to the phone "i'm calling the police. You call the Cohens okay" she ordered as she dialed.

"What the hell?" Seth said as they got out the car to see their driveway filled with police cars and an ambulance

"what happened?" Sandy asked to the first cop he could get a hold of

"Is this your residence?" the man asked opening the note pad in front of him "Sanford Cohen and Kirsten Cohen?"

"Yeah we live here. What's going on?" Kirsten asked holding onto Sandy

"There was a break in, we're going to need you to identify the missing items. Luckily the girls weren't hurt"

"What girls?" Ryan asked

The man looked down at the notepad again "a Marissa Cooper and Taylor Towensend" he said pointing at the open ambulance

Before anyone said anything Ryan and Seth had already run off to see them. "are you guys okay? what happened?" Ryan said stopping in front of them.

Marissa and Taylor shared a look before nodding "Someone attacked us. Tied us up in the pool house" Marissa said subconsciously touching the bandages around her wrists.

"yeah it took us forever to get out of those ropes"

Ryan hugged them both awkwardly "sorry i wasn't there"

"Wow so two girls tied up in the pool house. That only happens in my fantasies" Seth laughed

"See i told you!" Taylor laughed