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"Shokugeki"- Speech

'Shokugeki'- Thoughts

Shokugeki- Flashback

Nakiri Senzaemon, director of the Totsuki Culinary Academy- one of the most elite culinary institutions not only in Japan but in the whole world. As one of the most highly regarded figures in the culinary world, Senzaemon is treated with the utmost respect from those in the industry. He holds an iron-clad philosophy in regards to culinary arts with the strict policy that his academy is infamous for. He has high expectations for his students and does not tolerate failure. He highly values tenacity, spirit, and courage, especially those who display such mettle in the face of adversity.

Many years ago, Senzaemon built a fearsome reputation as the "Food's Demon King", becoming a famous and well-respected figurehead in the culinary industry. His efforts and accomplishments eventually led him to make Tōtsuki Culinary Academy what it is today, a place to build the perfect chefs for the industry, allowing students to hone their skills and become the best chefs in whatever their pursuits may be.

As the director of the most coveted culinary academy in the nation, he has little to no time to relax and enjoy for a bit. He has to walk on a tightrope every day to keep up with the workflow, management and not to mention, personally overseeing the progress of the future generations. Despite being more than healthy for his age, the mental exhaustion caused by the work and responsibilities is taxing enough for him to consider stepping down on various occasions. But right now, he was experiencing one of those rare occasions where he wouldn't give up his position for the world.

Laying in front of him was a list consisting of various names of the 92nd generation of the Totsuki academy. Nakiri Erina, Nakiri Alice, Arato Hisako, Kurokiba Ryo, Hayama Akira, Takumi Aldini, Isami Aldini, Tadokoro Megumi and many more. The 'generation of prodigies' as he dearly termed them. And then, of course, there was the wildest of wild cards, Yukihira Soma, within whom lay a dormant talent, unlike any the world has ever seen which might one day surpass his father's even. Though it was too early to say that, after all, the unpredictable boy was still a diamond in the rough who needs rigorous polishing.

This was the list of people who successfully completed their tasks in friendship and rapport training camp which also goes by the name 'Hell camp'. The students present in this list are scheduled to leave the Totsuki resort tomorrow morning. Senzaemon is a loving family man and is particularly fond of his maternal granddaughter, Erina Nakiri as he wasted no time to foster her extraordinary ability, God's Tongue. He has a solid bond with his paternal granddaughter Alice Nakiri as well. However, he is not biased by their familial relationship as he overruled Erina's decision to deny Sōma entrance into Totsuki. But that didn't mean he wouldn't try and embarrass his granddaughters by making an overly grand congratulatory gesture upon their arrival. Well, he was pretty sure only Erina would be embarrassed by it and Alice wouldn't see through the act and happily savour the moment. Just as he was about to think of a plan for that, he heard a knock on his office doors.

"Senzaemon-dono. There an unscheduled visitor here requesting to meet you. But he seems to carry a signed letter from you with instructions to meet you upon arrival." The person outside spoke through the door, one of the administrative agents, in a very uncertain and quivering tone. Nobody would blame him though. After all, the timing of his visitor couldn't have been worse. It was 5:34 PM now, right in the middle of Senzaemon's only peaceful part of a day. 5-6 PM was the hour where Senzaemon would usually sit in his office and go through some documents and paperwork. This was the only time of the day he isn't surrounded by his assistants, hounding him with tasks and responsibilities. Nobody ever even dared to imagine disrupting him at this time.

'Hmm...? A signed letter with instructions?' Senzaemon thought for a second, trying to remember when did he sign a letter with such instructions. The Nakiri patriarch thought before sighing in resignation. He didn't want to spend too much time raking his brain over such trivial thoughts. The good news that his granddaughters cleared the 'hell camp' without much trouble put him in a good mood which played a pivotal role in considering this abrupt appointment. He cleared his throat before speaking loud enough for his voice to reach past the wooden doors.

"Let him in." Senzaemon's replied. The doors opened swiftly and entering his office was a young boy, barely 16 years old, with an executive chef's case slung over his shoulder. He was a slim, pale youth with a pair of silver eyes and soft yet sharp facial features. He had long black hair that was tied up to a ponytail and bangs that passed his chin. He was wearing a navy blue trousers paired with a white button-down shirt and a grey poncho. He was tall for a 16-year-old, standing at almost 5'9" already, an indication to his roots. He walked in and stood in front of Senzaemon's table before bowing his head in a traditional Japanese greeting. He had a stoic look on his face, which coupled with his Tsuri eyes was sure to attract a lot of female attention. He's what the youth these days call an exotic bishonen. He also possessed an air of mystery which resonated well with the rumours Senzaemon heard about him.

"Good evening, Nakiri-dono. My name is-" The boy started to talk with an intention to introduce himself when he was rather abruptly cut off.

"You are Artier Leif, son of Aksel Leif, the current head of Cordon Bleu group and the favourite grandson of Mathias Leif, my closest friend since our middle school days. I know about you Leif-kun. Your grandfather asked me to enrol you in here last year. But you never showed up. Care to explain?" Senzaemon asked but the look in eyes made sure to convey that it wasn't much of a question as much as a demand.

Nakiri Senzaemon was quite surprised by Artier's sudden appearance. Now of all times. He didn't understand why this boy is reaching out to him after turning down to join Totsuki twice now. 4 years ago, when Senzaemon was visiting Paris as a judge to a gourmet cooking competition, he dropped by Cordon Bleu estate in Versailles to meet Mathias. That was the first time he saw Artier, a boy with eyes as cold as the arctic breezes. When he asked Artier if he was interested in joining junior high at Totsuki, he was turned down almost immediately. He didn't mind it that time, thinking his offer was tossed away because the boy wasn't aware of Totsuki's reputation. Turns out the boy didn't care knowing fully how good Totsuki was.

The second time was when Mathias requested Senzaemon enrol Artier as a transfer student last year. Artier supposedly reached Japan a couple of days before the opening ceremony for the 91st graduating class of Totsuki. But he never showed up. Up until a few minutes ago, that is. He didn't even know Artier was in Japan all these days. Nobody ignored Totsuki academy as he did. It was clear he had no intention of pursuing a culinary education with them. Then what did he want?

Artier had a blank look on his face for a few moments. "Well, that was my first time coming to Japan so I just roamed around the country for a bit. Sorry." He replied, rubbing the back of his head with a sheepish smile. He seemed like a completely different person from a second ago. Gone was the indomitable youth who meant business with every breath he took. The poise and dexterity he exuded faded in an instant. He looked like an incompetent nincompoop.

Though he didn't show it, Senzaemon's mood faltered after hearing that reply. His eyes twitched for a fleeting second as non-existent crickets chirped in the background. 'Roaming around? For over a year?' He heard that the boy was a little eccentric and tends to be a little goofy but this was taking it to a whole new level. Senzaemon sighed again. He never had to sigh twice in such a short interval but the boy standing in front of him with a dopey grin was something of an enigma.

"So what brings you here, Leif-kun?"

Artier blinked his eyes a few times and stared back the ageing man. "I'm here to attend classes as a student, of course," He replied as a matter of factly.

He heard a lot about the boy standing in front of him. Mathias bragged a lot about his grandson's talent in the kitchen for the past 10 years. He even went as far as to challenge the 'God's Tongue', saying the boy could one up Erina of all people. He, of course, laughed it off but he knew better than disregarding Mathias's words when it's something related to cooking. After all, Mathias was the only one who stood on equal footing with him back in the day. So if this boy standing before was anything close to what his childhood friend was claiming to be, it didn't matter if he was eccentric or a goof. He already a few of them running around his academy. What more can another do to make it worse, right? He needed to know if this guy had what it takes to survive Totsuki. That's when an idea struck him. He would get all answers in one question. If he can't answer this question properly, there's no point if he possessed talent or not, he's not made for Totsuki.

"Why do you want to join Totsuki?" Yes. This question which seemed simple on the surface is more significant than it lets on. An important quality any chef who's aiming for greatness needs to have is a solid purpose behind his aspirations. What is he/she cooking for? Why does he want to be the best?

Artier's answer left the food's demon king speechless and if not for his rigid and almost inhuman resistance towards all things eccentric, thanks to people like Mathias Leif, Joichiro Saiba and Yukihira Soma, he would've been left gaping like a fish out of water.

Yukihira Soma was feeling good. He was quite satisfied with how the 'Hell camp' went. Though he never intended to challenge someone to a Shokugeki there, especially someone like Shinomiya Kojiro, a former 1st seat of the 'Elite Ten' or having to serve 200 customers in a gap of 30 minutes to survive, he was extremely pleased to have such experiences which only went to consolidate his resolutions further. He learnt a lot in the past few days and realized there was more to Totsuki than he initially thought. Well, all things said and done, he was more eager than ever to look forward to his days here.

The car he was travelling in came to a halt in front of the Polar Star dormitory. He turned right to face his co-passenger for the last time today, probably. "Thank you, Nakiri. See you soon." He waved with a wide grin as he stepped out of the car.

"Don't thank me, baka. I did not help you. I was forced to travel with you. If I had a choice, I would've left there." Erina shot back in embarrassment and annoyance. For whatever reason, the very presence of Yukihira Soma felt like a thorn in Erina's mind. To top it off, they somehow managed to cross paths more than often, much to her annoyance. It felt the more she tried to put distance between them, the closer they find themselves.

Soma just grinned in response. 'Nakiri is funny. But she needs to calm down a little. Being that frantic all the time won't do her any good. Well, guess I'll tell her that next time I see her,' he thought as the black limousine sped away from him. He turned around and looked at the dormitory building and his grin grew. 'I missed this. Guess it's time to meet Isshiki-senpai, Fumio-san and the others. Let's have fun for today. Yosh!'

He entered the dorm's main hall and a strange aroma hit his nose. He picked up scents of soy sauce, garlic and eggs but it somehow smelled very mellow and sweet. It made no sense. 'Is Isshiki senpai testing a new recipe or something? This might be a good chance to see him cooking. I want to see how good a member of the 'Elite Ten' is.' He immediately started to make his way towards the dorm kitchen, excited to see his senior in action. As he travelled towards the kitchen, the fragrances seemed to become more pronounced and intense yet maintaining their delicate nature. Upon entering the kitchen, Soma noticed 3 things. First, Satoshi and Fumio were seated in the far end of the kitchen, like they were waiting to be served. Second, some strange black-haired boy was the one cooking and the third, Everyone was entranced by the waves of aroma spreading all over the place.

Artier had a satisfied smile on his face as he finished plating up his dish. He carried 2 plates, each in one hand towards the waiting Isshiki and Fumio and placed them on the table in front of them. "Please enjoy it." He said and walked 2 paces back and folded his hand over his chest. Fumio and Isshiki took a deep breath to inhale all the aroma and let out a pleased sigh, their lips curling up and cheeks flushing pink.

On a pasta plate was shining golden spaghetti with a creamy sauce and 2 leaves of basil on top of it. It was a rather simple dish but it looked it came straight out of a star restaurant. Then there was the complex aroma it was emanating. Soma realised that there was more to this dish than what meets the eye.

Satoshi and Fumio took a fork each, dug it into the centre of the dish, gave it a few twirls before bringing the forks to their mouths. Both of them let out orgasmic gasps as they ate the contents. They were far too busy enjoying the food and forgot everything around them and let their uninhibited selves out. They went for second and third bites immediately and before they realised, the plates were empty. They revelled in the after taste for quite a few moments before re-opening their eyes. That's when the surroundings started to sink into their minds once again. All the while, Artier was smiling, looking pleased with their reactions.

Satoshi was the first one to speak while Fumio looked a little embarrassed for getting carried away like that in front of a crowd. "Artier-kun, that was a very exquisitely crafted dish. The dish really brought out the true flavours of the ingredients and every element in there was complementing each other perfectly."

Fumio nodded in response to Satoshi's praise. "Indeed, your dish was like an artisan's melody. I felt I entered a new world when I took my first bite. That is some 1st class avant-garde gourmet cooking right there."

"Wow. Such high praise." Sakaki Ryoko and Yoshino Yuki exclaimed.

"Even Isshiki-senpai was impressed by that." Marui Zenji said in awe as Ibusaki Shun nodded in agreement.

"I'm drooling just by listening to them praise the dish." Aoki Daigo and Sato Shoji said as they rubbed their mouths with the back of their hands.

"Who would've thought of using Abalone in a Spaghetti! It really was an inventive dish. To think he made it in 30 minutes, it's almost unbelievable." Tadokoro Megumi said, more to herself than anyone else.

Soma's curiosity was bursting out at this point. He really wanted to taste the dish which elicited such a reaction from everyone. He was excited to meet this new guy and know how he built this dish. As if God has granted him a free wish, Artier started to speak.

"As you saw, the first step was to work on Abalone slices which acted as the base for the dish. Bring a large pot of water to boil. Then rinse and scrub the Abalone with salt to remove dark residue. Then I proceeded to blanch Abalone in boiling water for 30 seconds and immediately submerge in it ice water bath until chilled. This makes sure the Abalone isn't overcooked by any residual heat present from within. I separated the livers from the Abalone and placed the livers in a heat-proof bowl with a little Sake and Kombu and steamed them for 8 minutes. Then slice the Abalone into paper-thin slices, place in a large bowl and cover."

"Then we move onto the Abalone sauce. Drain the steamed livers from Sake and Kombu and pass them through a chinois into a large bowl. I added egg yolks, garlic and lemon juice and whisked them to combine. Then slowly stream in the oil while whisking to emulsify. Whisk in soy, at last, to finish it off, creating a light yet flavour rich sauce."

"The last step was to add cooked spaghetti in a hot saucepan over medium-high heat. Add oil and garlic, quickly saute, and scrape the contents into a large warm bowl. Deglaze pan with sake, add butter, dashi, and 2 tablespoons of the Abalone sauce and quickly mix until combined. Then add the pasta, toss the pan to combine the contents, coating pasta with the sauce. Add pasta to the bowl with the garlic, tossing to combine them which brings the flavours together."

"Then take a pasta plate, add the sliced abalone in a circular pattern at the bottom. Then add a tablespoon of salmon roe on them before covering them up with the spaghetti. Pour the remaining Abalone sauce over the spaghetti and finish it off with a couple of basil leaves on top. That's it. I call this dish, 'Not bound by traditions'." Artier concluded his recipe with a smile.

"I see. A truly exotic fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisines."

Satoshi appreciatively regarded with a smile on his face. "The Abalone slices had a mellow and sweet taste which was complemented by the saltiness of the Salmon roe. The Abalone sauce was perfect. It was a great idea to add sake to your sauce, making sure that both Kombu and Abalone's combined sweetness doesn't go overboard. The texture of the sauce was thick yet light, thanks to the lemon's acidity. The balance was impeccable."

"Indeed. I thought the garlic would overpower the dish's flavour, seeing how you took a Japanese approach to make this dish. Garlic doesn't usually go well with traditional Japanese cooking, due to its intense flavour which can take away the main ingredient's natural flavour. I'm surprised you managed it pull it off so well." Fumio said, still looking dazed and savouring the aftertaste.

"It was thanks to the secret ingredient I used. Mesquite flour." Artier replied, the smile never fading. He looked quite pleased to see the surprised and confused looks on the people's faces.

"Mesquite...flour?" Marui Zenji gasped.

"What's that?" Soma chimed in obliviously.

"Soma-kun?! When did you come?" Megumi squeaked, looking flustered and nervous by everything that happening around. First, it was some new guy cooking in their kitchen. Next, it was the high praise he garnered for the dish he made. Now, Yukihira Soma, who didn't make it with them from the resort, scaring the crap out of her by silently sneaking behind her. Well, she was sure that Soma didn't sneak on her. I mean, the guy really wasn't the one for things like stealth and tact in any way. She was surprised to know that she and everyone else failed to realise his presence. Yukihira Soma's presence went unnoticed for god knows how long. It just went on to show how impactful Artier's cooking was.

"Ohh! Tadokoro...I was here right before that guy finished plating his dish." Soma replied with his usual grin. "It looks amazing. Wonder who he is." He continued, as he took a pensive pose, tapping his chin with his index finger.

"Mesquite flour is a special flour made from dried and ground pods of the mesquite, a tree that grows throughout Mexico and the southwestern US in arid and drought-prone climates," Marui explained as everyone around were raptly listening.

"Correct. Mesquite flour has a subtly sweet and a rich nutty flavour. The sweetness made sure not to disrupt the Abalone sauce's flavour while the nuttiness controlled the garlic's overpowering nature. I added it while making the Abalone sauce to ensure it is spread throughout the dish while not ruining the fresh Abalone slices and Salmon roe at the bottom." Artier said, supplying answers to everyone's unspoken questions. Fumio and Satoshi had an amused smile plastered to their faces while the rest of the Polar star dormitory members were amazed by the craftsmanship displayed.

"I apologise to the others," Artier continued while facing the members of 92nd generation of the Totsuki academy. " I didn't know you guys would be arriving. Had I known, I would've made sure to cook enough for everyone to enjoy."

It happened in a flash before anyone could've registered. Nobody saw him walk or even move for that matter. Artier was down on 1 knee, holding Sakaki Ryoko's hand and placing a soft kiss on the back of her palm. "Especially you, miss...?" he said as he gazed into the malt specialist's eyes and gave her a dreamy smile.

"Ryoko. Sakaki...Ryoko." She replied, entranced by the amorous greeting. Satoshi and Soma gave a hearty chuckle while the rest looked scandalized by the blatancy and expressiveness of the new guy.

"Sakaki Ryoko," Artier repeated, eyes closed and in a husky tone. "A beautiful name, though it doesn't do justice to the actual beauty in front of me." He said bringing his face dangerously close to hers, their noses inches apart. Ryoko's face blushed a deep crimson at his words and the sudden closing in the distance between them. She couldn't deny his charm, not by a long shot. Though it was a very frivolous approach which is preferred by flirts, she couldn't pull back her hand from his grasp nor move her face away from his. She just stood there, frozen to the core, turning various shades of red, darker as the time passed. She couldn't evade the allure of his admiring eyes or words. She tried to talk but her throat felt so constricted, no sound managed to escape for a while. She was left gaping like a fish.

"Uh...umm...I...eeeeeek" She suddenly pulled back her hands to cover her flushed face, only now realising the embarrassing position she was in. 'What...what just happen? He was saying all those embarrassing things and I couldn't say a word to make him stop. I was completely absorbed by his charisma. He's too dangerous. And irresistible.' Ryoko thought as she turned around and leaned into the nearby wall. Megumi walked up to her to ease up her ignominy.

"I'm sorry Mademoiselle. I didn't mean to embarrass you in front of a crowd. Your beauty was too inebriating, just like rice malts you make." Artier said, looking genuinely apologetic while maintaining the smile on his face.

"Oi oi. Who do you think you are?" Aoki Daigo and Sato Shoji barked in animated rage. "Have you no shame? Hitting on a total stranger like that?"

"Shame? Why? There's a saying from where I come. 'Beauty not admired is a sin'. Just like how a beautiful dish deserves appreciation, a beautiful person does too." Artier replied, his smile not wavering one bit, which only proved to agitate the duo further.

"You can't say things like to a girl in front of everyone. Why can't you think of her position, you...you jerk." Yoshino Yuki shot back at him, looking quite pissed despite the blush staining her cheeks.

"Then you'll have to forgive me twice because I find you just as beautiful, miss...?" Artier was back onto his knee again, repeating what he did with Ryoko a minute ago. "I can't refrain myself from admitting that I'm shot down by your charm, like a deer or a rabbit in the hands of a hunter."


"Aaaaaaaahhhhh!" Yuki cried out loud, going beet red from head to toe, body rigid from the unexpected proclamation. "B-b-baka. Wh-what are y-you d-d-doing? eeeeeep!" Ryoko was joined by a Tsundere Yuki not too long after.

"He did it again!" Marui screamed bloody murder, going deathly pale like his life force was being sucked out.

"He really is a deviant!" Daigo and Shoji yelled, holding their heads in distress.

Soma and Satoshi were thoroughly enjoying the show while Fumio just shook her head in exasperation. "Kids these days have no tact," She mumbled as she gathered herself to get back to work.

'Leif-kun. You're an interesting fellow. I'm sure it's going to be more fun with you around here in the Polar Star dorm.' Satoshi thought while looking at his juniors bickering among themselves.

Soma walked over to where Artier was there, the latter still smiling, all the while being berated by the inseparable duo. "You're a funny guy alright. By the way, I'm Yukihira Soma." He introduced himself, extending his hand.

"Ohhh. So you're Yukihira Soma, huh? Want to do a Shokugeki with me, Monsieur Yukihira?"

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