I woke up, laying down on the ground. I got up looking around. I remember nothing. I saw trees, grass, a cave, but the strangest thing I saw was the hearts and corn dogs at the bottom of my vision.

I was thinking, "what are those things", when i saw something move behind me. I slowly creped there to find a dog! He looked so cute! Maybe I can tame him and name him.

Speaking of names, what's mine? I thought, as started thinking. Maybe mortis? Nah, to not my style. Maybe colbert? Nah, too weird. How about... kolb! So, I somehow made myself a name.

So, what next?"I guess I need wood", I assumed. I knew hitting the tree with my fist was going to hurt, but surprisingly, it didn't. But the strange thing was, the cracks disappeared as fast as they appeared!

I tried punching it again and again, thinking I could knock it down before the cracks could disappear. It worked! The log came out, but the rest of the tree didn't. When I went to pick up the cube, it disappeared.

I looked around, trying to find it again, when I noticed a cube in the bottom of my fusion. I tried taking it out, and I placed it down. I had to break it again. I imagined it splitting, and I made planks. "Cool", i thought.

I wanted to make an axe or something, when I heard sounds like talking. I went to investigate(like a detective) and I saw something great. I saw another person

I figured you wouldn't care, but there's the cliff hanger. Hope you like the story so far