The Invitation

It was the middle of the day. Adyson and Katie were practicing their singing and Isabella was in the next room scrubbing the floor.

The doorbell rang and she went to open the door.

"A letter from the Palace Madam." A messenger said. She took the letter after saying thank you.

Isabella brought the letter to her stepmother.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!" Adyson yelled.

"A letter from the palace."

"Oooo! The Palace! Let me see!" Katie said running to Isabella.

"No give it to me", Adyson said fighting with her sister.

"Girls Calm down." Linda said as she took the note.

You're Invited

The King is hosting a royal ball. Everyone in the Kingdom is invited. The prince will be looking for a bride.

"THE PRINCE!" The sisters shouted.

"Oh Girls this is amazing! Isabella Get their best dressesand do their hair." Linda said.

"But it said Everyone was allowed. Why can't I go?" Isabella asked.

"Well... if you can get all your chores done and find a dress then you may go to the ball."

"Yes! Oh thank you Stepmother!" Isabella said running to get her step sisters dresses ready.