The beginnings of a new life

Chapter 35th

"Jethro, you really are something for when it comes to your lies and trying to hide them." Loreile had to say with anger.

He turned to face her with his hands on his hips."What the hell are you talking about lies and hiding them? Maria wasn't a lie I just didn't wish to tell you since she wasn't all that important to me back then. She asked too much of me that I wasn't able to give with the death of Shannon and Kelly. And then the divorces with Diane and the others when I was so vulnerable Loreile."

"When are you ever going to grow up with hiding your feelings deep inside? It's why you're been hurt too many times and letting your emotions getting in the way for when it comes to Hernandez."

"You don't know what you're talking about Loreile. Just because your wife doesn't mean that you can own me and tell me what the hell to do." He cried out at his wife shaking her head.

"Oh really! So what you're telling me is the fact is that I am nothing but a sex toy for you and that's it along with being a mother to Shane. One thing I must say that your mind is warp with the way you're thinking. Maybe being tortured too many times by Hernandez has changed you too much. You're not the same man I fell in love with at the Celebration, beach and etc!" She responded with extreme anger and wanted to get out of the bed to punch him out to give him some sense.

"I am still the same man I just need to get something or remove it from my life before I am able to move on." He replied with turning to sit down for a few minutes to catch his breath.

"Why is it Jethro that you always have to bring up the bastard Jose Juan Hernandez?" She was again pushing his buttons with Doctor Grace telling her that he needs to get the truth out of the way in regard to his inner pain.

"Are you kidding Loreile?" He stood up slightly wobbly with his head spinning a little.

"Yeah I am not kidding Jethro. You have been hiding from yourself for awhile now ever since the last trip to Paraguay and no doubt you're going to be going again once the DOD gathers all of the Intel on Hernandez and his regime along with his weapons and drugs."

"And what makes you think that Director Leon Vance is going to let me go in the first place?" Gibbs said strongly...

"You forget that I am a long time friend of Leon as well and he will be letting you go no matter what to find and kill Hernandez or he will try to kill you for the final time with his revenge."

"I am not going to let him get the upper hand on me Loreile. I won't! I can't!" He played with his right hand rubbing his fingers already twisting up slightly from the tension of the conversation along with his right knee swelling.


Meanwhile in the senator chambers for the DOD. Senator Steven Hill and another senator had come back from a meeting at the Pentagon discussing the different options about Paraguay. I great deal of money had been spent using monies from a special account from ex Secretary of Navy Kynn Crawford now in prison with help from Gibbs and his team to put him there as with CIA Clarke killed in Gibbs house.

Senator Hill was currently waiting for one of his undercover agents Gordy Garcia working in Paraguay during the past few years. He had volunteered to work on the undercover operation. He was able to get into Hernandez regime and everyone one in awhile he was able to break away like now in the jungle to use his special phone to contact the states and the DOD Senator Hill.

He dialed the number as quickly as possible not knowing on whether he was being tailed. Waiting for the connection to go on through. Senator Hill's cell-phone was ringing having left it on his desk with the other senator going out for a break. He answered it right away showing the international number of his agent.

"Gordy it's about time you're call me with any type of Intel. So what's on your mind?" He said with rubbing his chin with needing a shave with a five o' clock shadow.

"Hernandez is moving in more of his regime into the compound base along with the weapons and drugs coming in a few days. And He's not going to be leaving any time soon like the last time Senator." He said with swiping away a bug in his face and with flying away into a different direction.

"Very well Gordy I will contact the rest of the DOD members and NCIS for a new mission. I will probably be contacting the Quantico base to have the marines involved as well. Please be sure to take care of yourself Gordy. Over and out." Senator Hill had to say to his agent before moving into his next move.

And in the meantime Gordy turned around to face Jose Juan Hernandez for when he hands Gordy an enveloped filled with $100.00 dollar bills for helping him out. "Thank you, You're a real god send. I will be sure to set up my last and final trap against Special Agent Gibbs for when he gets here. And then I will be able to slice him to pieces." He said with taking a puff out of his cuba cigar...

Afterwards heading in the large truck they headed back to the base camp with a possible chance a squab might be hitting the region with a bad storm quickly.


Sometime later Director Leon Vance was notified at his home with the call from Senator Hill. Leon Vance wasn't liking the idea of this happening now to have Gibbs leave now and the prospects of another divorce in the process once he's gone.

"Is there problem Director Vance with the mission? We have the funds available right now and take as much time to search for Hernandez in Somalia and his regime. Understand the orders Leon?"

"I do. I will contact everyone Senator. When does the transport plane leaves with the marines? He had said over the phone.

"12 hours and make sure everyone is there before it takes off at the airfield." Senator Hill hangs up in discuss with leaving hie chambers to head on home to his own family and all of the dirt of his job.

Meanwhile Director Vance started with the first call to Special Agent Gibbs no doubt visiting his wife in the hospital. Pulling up the number on the screen and pressing the send button he waited...

Gibbs was sitting inside his wife's room quiet for the moment after the fight they had earlier. He heard his phone going off in his jacket and with answering and telling her it's Vance...

She knew it had to be the news for which everyone had been waiting... "Leon what's the word?" He asked...

"It's a go for 12hrs and don't be late or else the pilots of the transport plane will leave with the marines. I am staying behind while I contact the team and Doctor Taft to go along in case of a death."

"Who are you talking about Leon?" He had to know just what he was talking about.

"Yours. Just be sure you tell Loreile in the long run and prepared her for the worse." He replied with the following look from Gibbs wife in the hospital bed.

"I will on both accounts and the end of the best damn thing I had in my life. I will go home to change and gather my things for the trip." He hung up the phone. He turned to face Loreile...

"Go already Gibbs. It's what you wanted all along." She announced to him with a sadness that was killing him inside.

Gibbs walked out with kissing her goodbye and the end of their marriage.