All stories that had a start also has an end, at least that is what most people say.

Many would say, "It is not about the destination, but the journey that brought you there.". However, those people are not facing the same situation as they facing right now… As they are about to disappear into a black hole that is taking then in. That is the reality that Shirou, Saber, Sakura, Rider, Rin and Luvia are facing right now.

But how did this all happen?

It all began a few days ago, in what appeared to be a simple mission ended in their group facing a group of dead apostles.

For Shirou and the girls, England was supposed to be a new beginning, away from the memories of the Holy Grail War. For Saber, it was a return to home and even if the houses and buildings that she knew were long gone, she could feel the warm welcome of her once kingdom. And every free time that they had was an adventure exploring London and the near cities.

They somehow manage to get to the Clock Tower without trouble. Saber got in as Rin's apprentice to hide her status as a servant, surprising Saber was actually very good at the basics, something to be expected considering who was her mentor, the same goes for Rider that got in as Sakura's apprentice. For Shirou, lest just say that surviving a grail war has some benefits.

Unfortunately, having to find a place to house five persons in London wasn't something cheap, and fortune isn't in their favor. That is when they meet Luvia, actually it was Shirou the one that meet her by accident in the Clock Tower and somehow she ended taking a liking on him.

Something that the others girls were not too happy about, Rin in particular because for some reason they seem to not like each other.

The fact that they were living in a small building that Luvia owned, and is rented to them at a very low price, do not help Rin's ego.

However, even with that place to live Shirou, Saber and Rider, sometime take small jobs as enforcers to get some extra cash.

It was in one of those jobs that caused this situation.

All happened when Luvia requested a little job from Shirou. It seemed that someone broke and stole an old family relic from one of Luvia's family security boxes and she requested Shirou's help to find and recover that relic.

When Rin and the others heard about the mission they also joined, there is no way that they would allow Shirou to be close to that woman alone.

So using a tracking spell that Luvia's family put on all their valuable treasures so they can find them in the case of an emergency. They manage to find the relic in an abandoned castle in somewhere near the borders of England. What was supposed to be an easy mission become a fight for their lives.

When the three thieves turned to be Dead Apostles, everything turned for the worse. Normally with two servants on their side the battle should have been equal, but with the Grail War over, they completely dependent to Sakura and Rin. In the case of Rin she needed to use around over sixty percent her power to keep Saber on this world and even with this, Saber can't use even the half of her true power. With Sakura and Rider, there should not be any trouble considering the huge magic power that Sakura has, but in order to avoid losing control over her power she has to seal a big deal of it, and consequently she and Rider are in the same situation as Saber and Rin.

That left only Shirou and Luvia able to fight at their full power. But even with this, the battle was hard, and forced Shirou to use his Unlimited Blade Works, much to Luvia's surprise.

That move manages to level the battleground in their favor, but at the same time also forced the Dead Apostles to open the relic and try to use its power.

Then something happens as the relic began to react and after a moment, it releases its power in the form of a black hole. Because the death apostles were closer to that relic, they did not have time to react and were adsorbed first.

And now the black hole is in the process to also absorb them as well but Shirou trace the [Chains of Enkidu] as he holds the girls while he secures the chains around a column hoping that it will hold long enough to save their lives, but sadly the column began to crack and it seen that it will break at any moment.

"It seems that this is it." said Shirou as he sees how the column is about to break.

"Maybe if I broke my seal I will have the power to save us?" said Sakura.

"It will take too long to release your seal, and try to force it will only kill you before you have the chance to do anything" said Rin worried for her sister, even in this moment.

"I am sorry, I never expect that things would turn to be so bad, this is all my fault…" said Luvia.

"Yes, you are right." answer Rin in the moment. "But that does not matter, we never imagine that this could happen and with the luck that our group has I am surprise that we lived this long."

"I am grateful to have the chance to life my second live with all of you, now I can meet my end without any regrets and I hope that we meet again in the other side" said Saber.

"If we do, I am sure that we will get into a lot of trouble but that will be fun" said Rider.

"Thank you for everything, I love every moment that I spend with you" said Shirou as the column finally collapsed, and they were adsorbed by that black hole, leaving no trace.

With the black hole growing more and more, things seem to be out of control until suddenly stopped and just like began it was over, the dark crystal that caused this, hit the ground and broken in pieces.

In that moment an old man walked into the room looking at the destruction that has just happened.

"Just as expected, now a new story begins. I can't wait to see what will happen with those troublemakers in their New World." said the old man as he steps over the piece of the crystal that caused all this to later disappears.

Naruto Universe.

We see how a group of people was advancing at a little peace. They seem tired and hungry, but they still want to keep walking because they believe that they will arrive to a place where they can be safe from this madness.

Who they are?

A group of refuges that were escaping from war destroyed land, people that has lost everything, and leading this group we see a red haired girl.

"Are you ok, Minami?" asked the red head.

"I am fine Kushina, I'm just pregnant, not disabled. Anyway, I still have a couple of months, so take it easy Kushina." said the one named Minami.

"I know but you are my cousin, that will make me an aunt." – Kushina.

"Talking about babies, when are you going to marry that cute blonde boy and had your own?" said Minami with a jockeying smile.


"Did someone call me?" said a blond boy with blue eyes.

"KYAAAA!" scream a surprise Kushina. "Minato, since when were you listening?"

"I just arrived, did something happen?" asked Minato.

"We were just talking about my baby." said Minami.

"I see, I must admit that I was surprised to find out that Kushina's uncle and cousin were with the refuges that we were ordered to escort back to Konoha." said Minato.

"By the way, why were you with that group? Why didn't you come to Konoha after Uzu was destroyed?" asked Kushina.

"That was my choice." Said a man that is walking behind them.

"Uncle Sato?"

"After Uzu was destroyed I made the choice to go to my wife's home land, because it was a small fishing village. I was hoping that more of our clansmen will follow as we agreed to make that place a meeting point in case of emergency but now one came. After a while I decided to stay there with my wife that still have relatives, that place become a home for people that were running away from Uzu. Then we were attacked, I lost my wife and Minami lost her husband that day."

"I am really sorry that this happened, hopefully you will have a better life in Konoha."

"I really hope so…" said Sato

"By the way, I was wondering what name you will give the baby?" asked Kushina.

"Because this baby will be an Uzumaki born in Konoha, I was thinking in naming it Mito if is a girl. And if is a boy I was thinking about Shirou."

"Both are nice names." said Kushina.

Soon they moved to other topics as they keep walking until the big gates of Konoha could be seen at the distance.

Time skip, five years.

"Come on Shirou-chan, we still need to do more shopping." Said Minami as she was walking with a little Shirou holding his hand.

"Yes Oka-san."

There were in Konoha marked and they were trying to get some groceries son they can get the dinner ready.

Over the years Minami has made her own live in Konoha, thanks to her cousin Kushina, things were easier for her and her father, but more important, for her little Shirou.

He was her little treasure, Shirou Uzumaki, and by kami she really loves her little boy, he was so gentle and always wanted to help her.

Over the years they have made the old Uzumaki Marked Temple their new home, mostly because it was the only Uzumaki owned building in the village and all that they need to do was fix it.

Her father Sato was a master of seals, so he also creates his workshop in the back side of the temple and because seals master is a rare find he has always a lot of work to do, because he specialize in putting seals on objects besides scrolls.

Minami for her part become an active shinobi for the village, like her cousin.

Talking about her cousin.

"Look who we have here!" said a voice from behind.

"Kushina-obachan" said a little Shirou as he greets her. "You are big." said as he pointed at her stomach.

"That is because I have a baby in there" answered Kushina.

"How had you been?" asked Minami to her cousin.

"I am fine, the doctors said that the delivery day will be in three weeks from here" answered Kushina.

"And had you taken the proper precautions?" asked a worry Minami.

Kushina knew what she means and answered.

"Yes, Minato-kun made preparations and he will be there with me."

"If possible I would like to be there as well, having two seals master can't hurt in this situation."

"I will tell Minato, but I do not think that there should be any trouble" said Kushina as she turns to Shirou. "You know Shirou, this baby will be your cousin, just like your mom and I. And I really hope that you can be as close as we are because you have to remember that the family is the real treasure of life."

"Yes Kushina Obachan" said the little Shirou.

With that, Kushina joined Shirou and Minami in her chopping, maybe because she saw that they had all the ingredients to make ramen and she will not mist the chance to have a good bowl of ramen.

While this is happening in the other side of the market.

"Hello Keitaro." said Inoichi as he saw a man walking with a blond girl holding his hand.

"Hello Inoichi, how are you?"

"I am fine but more important I want to know how is my favorite niece Luvia-chan."

"But I am your only niece, uncle Inoichi."

"Even more reason for me to want to know how you are."

"She is fine and with a lot of energy and getting smarter everyday" said the proud father.

"By the way are you sure that you do not need anything? You know that you can always depend on us." - Inoichi.

"Thanks, I am really thankful for your and Fugaku-nisan helps, and I know that I can count on you."

The normal talk has a deep meaning for these two man that the little Luvia do not understand, the reason is that Keitaro Uchiha married Inoichi's older sister Lina Yamanaka, but sadly she died because childbirth complications.

However, thanks to Inoichi and his brother Fugaku he has the support that he need to rise his little daughter.

Talking about his little Luvia, you can say that she is the more original in the Uchiha complex, not only because she is friendly and has blond hair. However, because her name, when Lina said that if the baby that they were waiting is a girl she wanted to give her an original name and the name of Luvia keep appearing in her dreams, Keitaro wasn't too sure about that and in the end said that they will made a choice after the baby is born, sadly they never had the chance to have that talk, so Keitaro chose to honor his wife wish and named their child Luvia.

So the two old friends keep talking about their families, work and everything, sadly this will be the last time that Inoichi will talk with his brother in law.

In another part of the village, we see how a group of members of the Hyuuga clan were walking heading towards the Hokage tower.

"Mom, are we going to meet Otou-san?" asked a little girl that was holding the hand of her mother.

"Yes Rin-chan, the meeting is about to end and lather we can have a lunch in the restaurant that you want." Said Akane.

"Mommy, when the baby is going to be born? I already want to know if I going to have a little brother or sister." asked Rin.

"Soon sweetie, just a couple more weeks and you will be a big sister."

"I promise that I will be the best big sister in the world!" when she little girls saw her dad coming out of the tower, she run towards him. Normally that is something that the people do not expect from a Hyuuga, but when it comes to Rin, nothing is normal.

When Hyashi saw his daughter, he receives her with a hug and rise her up in his arms as he walks towards his wife, after they greet each other's they leave the place.

In another part of the village.

"When will Anko-onechan come out of her room?" asked a purple haired girl.

"She need some time to recover." said her mother with concerns.

"Is she hurt?" asked the little girl.

"Something like that Rider, a person that she trust and believed in did something very bad to her and if it wasn't for the fourth Hokage she could have died." said the mother.

Like in the other case, she picks up the name from a dream and somehow she ended choosing it for her new baby.

"Is there something that I can do to help her?" asked Rider.

"Just be there when she needs you. After all that is what family is for." said her mother.

In the Senju complex.

"Sakura, where are you?" asked an old lady.

"I am here grandma Iory." said a little girl that was watering the flower of her garden.

"You sure like these plants." asked the old lady.

"Yes! I wanted to make them as big as the stories that you told me about Hashirama-sama." said Sakura.

"You know, maybe one day you will be the one that helps to restore the Senju clan to its former glory." said the old lady.

"But what about Tsunade-sama?" asked Sakura. But saw how her grandmother lower her face.

"You know that she is my cousin, but she abandoned us when we need her. I know that pain that she suffers when she loses her brother, because he was part of my family and I lost my sister as well. And in the same way that she lost her lover, I lost my husband as well. But she chose to face that pain alone and run away, and by doing it abandoned the rest of us. Sakura, I can't promise you that you will never had to face something like that because that is the reality of this world, but you have to remember that instead of facing that pain alone you can receive the help and support of the people that love you and care for you."

"I will grandma and I will support my friends that are in pain."- Sakura.

"You are a sweet girl, by the way where is Illya?".

"She was here a moment ago." said Sakura.

The little Illya was a delicate topic in the Senju clan.

All began that tragic night when the Hokage found that his prize student Orochimaru was the responsible for all the missing and death people that has been happening in the village the last year.

Iori knew Sarutobi from a long time and she knew that he must be very disappointed in Orochimaru actions but that do not excuse why he didn't kill him for what he has done.

Well at less, after this event and he chose to retire and name Minato as his successor, and that was something that she agrees in, especially because he was not only powerful and intelligent, but he also married an Uzumaki that are related to them.

Back to the topic of Illya, the night that they discovered the crimes of Orochimari and attack his lab, they manage to rescue a few people, between them a young kid that the Hokage named Yamato that if what they were told is true, he is able to use the Mokuton as consequence of that snake bastard experiment.

However, those experiments did not end with him, because in another room in the lab they found many chambers that has some kind of experiments, each pot has a small body inside, death.

Looking at the notes the old Hokage almost has a heart attack when he read that those small bodies were attends to clone his other student Tsunade, adding Hashirama cells, in order to see if is possible to create a Mokkuton user more powerful than Yamato, considering that Tsunade is a close relative.

It was in that moment that Minato found a secret chamber that has a single pot, but unlike the others pots, the body of the little girl that is inside was alive, according to the machine that were monitoring its state.

When the Senju clan learn about Yamato and the girl they demand custody over them, something that they get.

About how the name Illya was chose for the girl, you had to thank Minato for that. Because when he read the pot that contain the girl, it has a label that read "1ll74". Therefore, Minato have the great idea to change the number for letters and that is how the name Illya was chosen.

To be honest, she believes that Minato has a strange taste for names, if what Kushina said is true they will name their first baby after Ramen of all things.

However, in that moment that man was chose to be the next Hokage, so they do not want to offend him, so they accept the name Illya. That they had to admit it was a nice name.

"Did you call me?" asked a girl behind them.

She may be a clone of Tsunade but she could see that she has some difference from the original in the hair color and some facial structures, maybe because the snake bastard also mix some of Hashirama cells when he created her.

"We were about to have some tea and sweets and we want to ask you if you want some of them."

"Ok." said Illya in a polite way.

Iory do not know what to think about her polite attitude, for one part it is good that the kids are polite with their elders, but she could feel like if Illya was forcing herself to act that way, as if she has to earn a place in the clan and that is not the case, everyone see her and Yamato as the victims of a terrible crime. She can only hope that in the future she will open to them and become more honest.

In the training grounds of Konoha.

We see how Hayate Gekkō is looking at his little cousin Saber do her first training session with the sword. He still wondered what come into his uncle and aunt to choose that name, they said something about a dream.

But he had to admit that is a very original name, besides he is happy for his uncle and aunt. They had wanted a child on their own for so many years but it never happens, them when he lost his parents they took him in and welcome him into their family.

Then five years ago, they give him the big news that they are going to have a baby, which turned to be a girl. She has blond hair like her mom and even if they are cousins, he sees the little Saber as her little sister.

Also he has to admit that she seen to have a natural talent with the sword, but something is missing, if he has to guess based on his experience he would said that maybe the Katana was not her type or weapon, but he can't deny that she has talent.

"Ok, Saber, that is all for today, is time to leave." said Hayate.

"But I still want to practice more." said the little Saber.

"Really? That is a shame and I was thinking in inviting you to have launch in that restaurant that you like from the last time." In the same moment that Hayate said those words, In the blink of an eye Saber was already in from on him with a speed that only a ANBU could see.

"Come on big bro I am starving." said Saber as she took Hayate hand and began to lead him outside the training ground.

"Could it be that we are related to the Akimichi?" asked Hayate as he is lead by the little Saber.

All of those kids have a happy life, but soon that story will change and their past luck with catch them to open new moments of sadness, happiness, hate and love in a story that will change the events of the elemental nations.

End of the prologue.

Hello, this end the introduction to this story and I am sure that you already saw a few different things.

Shirou is an Uzumaki, that means that all the hate and discrimination that Naruto receive as a child will also be share by Shirou by been his cousin, that is something that goes well with his bad luck.

None of them remembers their past memories and it will need a special event that will force them to remember.

I will develop the story until they become Shinobis, after that I will jump to the more important parts, otherwise it will take forever to end this story.