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Chapter begins. Magical girl power in Konoha.

It was a strange place, completely covered with mist, it looks to be in a forest but that was not as important as the figure of six girls standing in the middle of that place.

"What is this place and why I am here?" said Rin as she looks around here. The last thing that she remembers is that she went to sleep in her bedroom and now she was here.

"Rin?" asked Sakura as she step out from the mist following the vice that she recognizes.

"Sakura? What is happening here?" - Rin.

"That is what I want to know?" – said Illya as she also step out from the mist but was not the only one.

"This is strange"- Rider.

"Do you think that this could be a genjutsu?" Saber.

"I do not think so"- Luvia.

"What I want to know is what is going on" Rin.

"I believe that I can answer that," said a new voice that none of them had heard before.

All the girls turn to see a woman standing there, they were surprised because they could not feel her presence but even more was that this woman looks a lot like Illya.

You could say that she has the appearance of an adult Illya with a strange white outfit.

Illya for her part was sure that she has never seen that woman before in her life, in special because she knew the truth about her origin as she was told about how she was the result of the experiments of a criminal named Orochimaru, just before she was admitted in the academy. While she was surprised for some reason that did not affect her, in special because Sakura was next to her saying that that does not change who she is.

However, for some reason, she could feel a connection between them.

"It is good to see you all, in special you Illya"- Iris.

"How are you? Why do you look like me"- Illya.

"And what is this place?" Rin

"It is a long story, but I can tell you that this place is inside your dreams and that you are safe"- Iris.

"How is that possible? Is this some kind of Ninjutsu?"- Luvia

"You can say that this is magic" – Iris.

"Magic? Is that how they can jutsus from where you are from?"- Rider.

"No, magic is different to what you call Justus but you do not have to worry because all of you will be able to use magic again, just like you did in the past" – Iris.

"What are you talking about, we had never heard of this magic before" – Rin.

"Well, I can stay here and explain to you everything or I can return to you what something that you lose and you are going to need if you want to survive in the future"- Iris.

"Something that we lost? What are you talking about?" – Saber.

"I am talking about your memories," said Iris, as her rise her hands in a praying position as a radiance come from her body.

The girls froze when they saw that and took defensive positions as they were expecting an attack. However, that never come as memories from another time and place began to appear in their mind.

In a few seconds, they experience an entire life.

The grail war.

The servants.


Finally, their death.

When that was over, Illya run to her mother.


"My little Illya, I am so happy to see you again"

"MOM, I am so happy, this means that we will live together again?" –Illya.

"I am sorry my little Illya, but that is not possible, I become one with the grail and the time that I can spend here is limited" – Iris.

Hearing this Illya lowered her face to hide the tears that began to form in her eyes.

"Don't be sad, because this proves that loves ones can still find each other's, even in another world, and in the future, hopefully, many years in the future after you and your friends had the opportunity to lives your lives and create your own families, we will meet again. But now you needed your powers and skill that you had before to face a danger that also comes here from your old world"- Iris.

"The death apostles," said Rin and Luvia at the same time.

"Three of them arrive at this world, and had been wandering around for years now, they had kept a low profile as they need time to recover and there is also the number of powerful warriors that live in this world that could represent a danger for them, but once they recover their old powers they will move against the people of this new place"

"This is bad" – Saber.

"You need to overcome this situation so you can enjoy your second life and while you are doing that please take care of that little son of mine that has a hero complex"- Iris.

"Where is Shirou? Why he is not here?" asked Saber.

"Shirou is not here because there was no need for him to be here," said Iris.

"What do you mean? We need Shirou's power to face those death apostles," said Luvia.

"This dream was meant to help you to recover your past life's memories, and considering that he has already recovered his memories there is no need to also bring him here."

"Sempai already recovered his memories?" asked a surprised Sakura.

"Could it be that he has just recovered his memories and didn't have time to contact us?"- Rider.

"Actually it had been around two weeks since he recover his memories, in fact, he had them when he attack that prison to rescue those people and his aunt," said Iris with an innocent smile.

"That idiot! But I guess that he didn't have a choice since we couldn't help him without our memories and power" – Rin.

"Well, you see, he chooses to not try to find a way to recover your memories because he wanted to not only protect you but make sure that you can live your lives as you want" Iris.

When the girls hear that, all of them had a single idea cruising their minds.


"Please do something about that troublesome son of mine and do not forget a very important thing," said iris with a serious look.

All the girls look at her expecting to hear what is so important that she make that face.

"Do not forget to give me a lot of grandkids!" said Iris.

All the girls fell when they hear that and the next thing that they knew was that they were awake in their bedrooms, remembering all that they learned in that dream, in the case of Rin and Luvia they activate their magic circuits to see if all this was real.

Sakura, has a hard time processing her past with her new life.

Saber and Rider could feel the power and energy they use to have as servants but realize that there is a limit to what they could do with their current bodies.

All the while Illya looked outside the window of her bedroom. "Thank you mom".

But when the shock was over and they had processed what has just happened, they all had one thing in mind.

"That idiot."

Luvia was the first one to act as she activate her telepathy spell and contact the others.

"We need to talk, in special if we are going to conform Shirou about what he just did".

"In the park in two hours?" offer Sakura.

"Agree," said the others girls.

At that moment in the Uzumaki mask temple, Shirou feels chills running in his back. However, he ignore it, as he was getting ready to make some breakfast.

Back with the girls two hours later.

The girls were in a remote part of the part while they were talking. For all the people that could look at them and knew that they were friends, this was seen as pretty normal, a group of friends spending their time together. However, the reality is that what they were talking about will affect the future of the elemental nations.

"I still can believe that we ended in another world" – Sakura.

"I like the fact that no one here knew about my legend"- Saber.

"The same goes for me"- Rider.

"I know that we had been living in this world for years now, but to just receive our past life memories, it feels strange" – Illya.

"I know what you mean, in our old world the magus had to hide their powers, but here the ninjas are using it in the open"- Luvia.

"All this seen as a dream, but now we need to deal with two biggest problems, the death apostles and my clan," said Rin.

"You clan?"- Saber.

"After Shirou not only rescue members of my clan but also cure their eyes, those action has attracted the attention of a lot of people in my clan" – Rin.

"So you too?" said Luvia not as a question but as a confirmation.

"What do you mean?" Illya.

"For the Hyuga and Uchiha clan, the power of their eyes is very important, you can say that their position and prestige come from their eyes, and as consequence, their biggest fear is to lose them or to damage them."- Luvia.

"But now that they know that even in the worst-case scenario of them losing their eyes, there is someone that can fix their eyes, no matter the damage that they receive, that is a great advantage"- Rin.

"I do not understand, will they try to do something to sempai?"- Sakura.

"My clan asked me to seduce him"- Luvia

"My clan do the same" – Rin.

Illya, Sakura, Saber, and Rider look at them believing that they were joking but for their looks, it is seen that they are serious.

"He may have good intentions but now he is the focus on the attention and all the people in the village and it is only a matter of time before the people of other villages learn about him and try to do something" – Rin.

"There is no way in hell that I will allow them to do as they please with my oni-chan!"- Illya.

"That's right," said Sakura, Saber, and Rider.

"That is why we need to protect him, even from himself" – Rin.

"That will be difficult, we all know Shirou's personality and how he is a magnet for troubles" – Saber.

"For good and bad that is also part of his charm" – Rider.

"But how are we going to protect him?" - Sakura.

"The first thing that we must do is to keep all the girls that will come after him now; they ignore him because he was part of the Uzumaki clan, and now they will try to get close to him because he turns out to be famous, we can not allow them to get close to him if they only care for things like that" – Rider.

"By the way, did any of you know why they hated the Uzumaki's? " – Illya.

"I don't know, I hear the elder from my clan saying that both the Uzumaki and Uchiha clan suffered because of Danzo, so I am guessing that the village also blames them for the Kyubi attack" – Luvia.

"I can't believe that we live in a world where creatures like the Kyubi exist" - Sakura.

"I would love to had the chance to study one, but back to the main topic, we need to decide what we will do from now on" – Rin.

"I said that we also need to teach him a lesson for trying to keep us away from remembering our past" – Illya.

"Is that necessary? He tried to protect us" – Sakura.

"I know how you feel, but unless we do something he will keep this path of keeping us away every time that there is danger" – Saber.

"And with the death apostles out there, that could be very dangerous" – Rider.

"Ok, now that we had decided what to do about Shirou, we need to decide how we will keep those girls from getting close to him, we know that Shirou will be gentle with them even if he has no intention to get close to them and that will only give them hope to those girls, so the question is, how do we kill the hope of those girls" – Rin.

"You sounded like a villain" – Sakura.

"Do you prefer that those girls keep trying to seduce him every day at any available moment?" – Rin.

A dark aura that began to form around Sakura was all the answer that they need.

"But what can we do?" - Illya.

"I can become his girlfriend" – Luvia.

"NOOOO" was all the girl's reply.

"Why not?"- Luvia.

"Because that is not right!"- Illya.

"Can you explain to me why is not right?" – said Luvia in a joking tone.

"Because Sempai, I mean .." – Sakura.

"Because all of you love him?" said Luvia in a serious tone.

"This is not a joke." – Rin.

"I am not joking, after all, I am a woman that already died once" – said Luvia as she look at the others.

"Back in our old world, I saw how close you were with Shirou, but I accepted that because you had known him for the most time, but you never tell him your feelings and for that reason, you died without being able to know if he loves you in the same way and without know if you could build a future together".

Luvia saw how they remained silent.

"At this moment we all have the same circumstances, we all receive a second chance and I will not waste mine, I will make my love become a reality this time" – Luvia.

Rin wanted to say something but she could not find the right words.

"Sakura?" asked Rider.

"Yes?" said Sakura as she reflected on Luvia's words.

"Do you want to team up with me to become Shirou's wives" – Rider.

"WHAT!?" said all the girls including Luvia.

"In old Greece, it was normal for a great man to have many women and I like and respect Shirou and I would mind sharing him with any of you because you are my closest friends, even more than the ones that I had in the era of the gods. Luvia is right and this is the third time that Saber and I had been brought back and I will not miss my chance this time" – Rider

None of the others girls knew what to say and remained in silence for a moment.

"So, how are we going to punish Shirou for doing something so dangerous and try to keep us away?" Said Saber trying to move on the conversation.

"I am open to suggestions," said Illya.

"How about this," said Rin as she look at the others with an evil smile on her face. "The next class day all the students had to show the progress that we had made, so what do you think if that day we do this"

When Sakura, Saber, Illya, Rider, and Luvia hear what Rin has in mind they all smile.

In the Uzumaki complex, Shirou is training in the garden to give Naruto and Kushina the time alone that they need to get to know each other, in special with what has happened in the last few days.

But then again, chills run in his back.

"Again? I hope I don't catch a cold".

The next day, in the academy.

Shirou was walking in the halls of the academy while he keeps wondering why the others students are looking at him in that way.

In the past, they always look at him as if he was a monster just because he was an Uzumaki, it was after he recover his memories of his past life that he found out that his little brother has the nine tail demon fox inside him and he could finally understand why his family was treated so badly.

Over the next days, he has the chance to study that seal and he knew that it was beyond his capacities, if only Rin and Luvia could recover their memories he was sure that they would be able to see if his little brother is in danger.

However, he knew that that was not possible and that he need to accept the fact that while they are here, things will never be the same as they were in the past because they do not remember their past lives and all that they experienced together.

Moreover, he was fine with that because now they will be able to have a chance to be happy.

Besides he had been learning a lot over the years with his grandpa Sato and now that his aunt Kushina has returned, that means that he will be learning from two seals masters and that they will be there to help Naruto if something happens.

If Luvia and Rin were the same he knew they would do all that they could to convince his aunt to teach them. "Come on I had to stop thinking like that, they had their new lives and they deserve to be happy this time," thought Shirou.

He was so focused on his thoughts that he forgot about the looks that the others students were giving to him. Again, it could be a habit, after all these students were looking down on him just one week ago and he has learned to ignore them.

But this time the reason for their looks were different.

"They said that he kill some of Danzo guards"

"I hear that he rescue many"

"My cousin said the cure some of the injures"

"How is possible that he is so strong?"

"Do you think that all that is a lie?"

"My neighbor was one of the people he rescued"

All those talks could be heard in the entire academy as the students make room so Shirou could pass, the reason for that is that now they know that the kid that they look down on all the time is strong enough to kill adult shinobis and now they do not want to get on his bad side.

Finally, Shirou arrives at his classroom where he sees how Sakura, Rin, Illya, Luvia, Saber, and Rider were waiting for him on his desk.

"Hello Shirou, how are you? Did you enjoy the last few days?" said Rin in a friendly tone that make Shirou remember when they were high school students in their old world, and she always used that tone when she was mad, bringing his mind to the present again, looking at his friends.

Now, this is strange because the last time he saw Rin she was happy and thankful that he remove the cage bird seal from the brand family members and for healing her mom, the same for Luvia when he cure her big brother Itachi.

Now they are mad and he did not know why.

"Hello?" said Shirou without understanding the situation. True be told if knew that the girls have just regained their memories and are mad at him for doing something so dangerous and because he made the choice for them and do not try to help them recover their memories. He would run for the hills and pray to Kami that they could forgive him.

"We were just wondering if you had something to tell us?"- Illya.

"Something, like what?" asked a confused Shirou.

"Like something that you shouldn't do it, but you do it anyway" Sakura.

"If you are talking about the incident in the prison I didn't have another choice." – Shirou.

"We are not talking about that"- Saber.

"You don't?" asked Shirou. That confused Shirou even more, what else he could have done that make them mad at him.

However, he did not have time to think about this situation as the academy principal entered the classroom with a new teacher.

"Hello students, today I come here to introduce you to your new teacher Iruka, until now he was an active chunning that chose to become a teacher" - Principal.

"But what happen to Hiroshi-sensei?" asked one of the students.

"For personals reasons, he chose to leave the academy." Said the principal, never mentioning that their previous teacher was one of Danzo men that send him information about promising students for his root program. Now he is under arrest.

"We will keep the schedule of activities?" asked Rin, wondering if this new change will affect their plans to teach Shirou a lesson.

"The schedule remains the same," said Iruka to his new students.

"Excellent," said Luvia.

"I see that you are very motivated for the demonstration day," said the principal.

"You can be sure of that," said Illya as she and the others look at Shirou that now looks worried.

"Well I leave you with Iruka-sensei," said the principal as he leave the classroom.

"Well, lest start with the class," said Iruka.

For the first part of the class, while Iruka was giving the lecture, Shirou could not help but wonder what he could do to get the girls so mad at him, but he will not have to wait too long as he is about to find out.

"Well, now that the lecture is over, we will go to the training area to see if you really practice in your free time" – Iruka.

Once they arrive there, he asks.

"Ok, who wants to be the first one?"

One by one the other students get in front of the class and use either a new Jutsu that they had learned or a Taijutsu or Kenjutsu form that was the case of Shirou as he decide to do something simple as he has already attracted too much attention.

It was a form simple but elegant and but the students and Iruka were impressed.

"Ok. Who is next?" – Iruka.

"I would like to go next, sensei" – said Saber as she stop in front of the class. Then just like Shirou she began to make a Kenjutsu form.

But unlike the one of Shirou, Saber form was something else, something majestic, every move was perfect, beautiful, and precise. Iruka and the students could see that Saber was at a high level of mastery with the sword.

But for Shirou, this demonstration was something else, because that was the same form that she had used to teach him the basics of the swordplay back when they were in the dojo of his old home, back in Japan.

When Saber finish her form, she returned to where the other students were, and she walked next to Shirou, she give him a look that for a moment made Shirou see her with a white shirt and blue skirt.

"Excellent work Saber"

"What is going on?" – Thought Shirou.

The next one to stand up was Illya that faced the target practice. Illya proceed to move her hands through her hair, then in the middle of the air two big kunai make out of something similar to lines made of light appears out of nowhere levitating in the air next to Illya, and a moment later they flew and hit the targets that were on the other side of the training area.

"That was amazing Illya-san"- Said Iruka, for a moment he wanted to ask what was that but in a Shinobi village he knew that each clan has its secrets and that it is not polite to ask about them.

Just like Saber, when Illya was walking to where the other students were, she stop before Shirou and give him an intense look.

"That was magic! How could she use magic, unless.." thought Shirou as he began to feel panic.

The next one was Sakura.

Even if she is a member of the Senju clan, many considered Sakura too sweet and that could be a danger for a Ninja, but she has shown the determination to become stronger.

Now standing in the same place where Illya, when she uses her magic, Sakura looks at the targets, and from her shadow, something black with red lines began to emerge, a second later sakura tree petals began to emerge from her shadow and flew around her, but these petals were different from the one that you see on normal sakura tress because instead of their pink color, these ones were black as the night and the border was red as the blood.

A moment later Sakura point her hand in a direction and the petals flew and hit the practice target, destroying it in a second. (Just imagine the Bankai of Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach, with black petals and red lines on the borders in minor scale).

Following Saber and Illya's example, she steps in front of Shirou. Instead of a look, she just said one word.


"By the root!". It was clear beyond doubt that they remember their past lives and that they are mad at him.

The next one to stand up was Rider.

"Sensei is there a problem if I use the Kuchiyose no Jutsu?" asked Rider.

"There is no problem if you already know how to control the snakes," said Iruka, believing that her sister Anko just taught her how to use that jutsu to summon snakes.

"Actually I do not have the snake's contract, I had something else." - Rider and without waiting for confirmation she makes the hand signals and said.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" the truth is that Rider does not need to use hand signals, but she uses them to make the others believe that what they are about to see is a Jutsu.

White smoke appeared when Rider put her hand on the ground and a moment later, a creature that no one has ever seen in the Shinobi world was before the class.

A beautiful white horse with wings was standing next to Rider. Without wasting time, Rider jumped over it and a second later, that winged horse was a couple of meters above the ground.

"What kind of creature is that, I had never seen anything like that." Said Iruka.

"I do not know, I was practicing the hand signals one day and one moment later he appeared, but I call him Pegasus," said Rider as she patted the head of her noble phantom, while she told them the excuse that she had planned for this occasion. After a moment, Rider landed and dispel her Pegasus.

"I am so dead right now," thought Shirou as he see the look that Rider give him.

"Sensei, it will be a problem if Luvia and I had a taijutsu match? We want to try some new moves"- Rin.

"No problem" - Iruka.

"Oh no!" Shirou thought as he realize what they were trying to do, they had shown him that they remember their past lives by using some of their past powers while making clear that they are mad at him, so now he has to wait until they catch him and there is nothing scarier than waiting for the punishment. Even worse, he has an idea about what is going to happen now in the match between Luvia and Rin as the memories of what happened in London were still present in his mind.

"It will be just like London, right miss gorilla?" – Luvia.

"What did you say?!"- Rin

While this was happening, two old friends were walking outside the academy.

"Kakashi, I challenge you to a contest!" - said Gai in his nice Guy pose.

"Did you say something?" was Kakashi replied as he keep reading his book.

"Dam you Kakashi for being so cool" – Gai.


At that moment, they could hear a big sound coming from inside the academy; they do not need to look at each other's as they jumped over the wall to see what is happening, what they saw surprised them.

"I had to say that the course of Taijutsu seen to be better than in our days" – Said Kakashi as he saw two students having a match.

"Those two girls had the fire of young" – said an excited Gai.

Why? Because they saw how Rin and Luvia were having a rematch from the fight that they had in London.

With every strike and every kick they exchange, more cracks appear in the ground.

Rin and Luvia were extraordinary fighters in their past lives, but now that they incorporate the training that they receive from their new clans, they become even better.

And the scary thing is that neither of them had activated their blood limits, the Sharingan or the Byakugan.

"Please stop, you are going to destroy the training ground!"- Cry Iruka as he didn't want to explain to the principal how the training ground was destroyed on his first day on the job.

That is how the demonstration ended.

Back in the classroom. Iruka was counting the minutes for his first days to end.

"By Kami, in what kind of trouble did I get? Half of my class is seen to be genius/little monsters that are stronger than me, I know that having one genius in each class is normal, but seven? I knew that I should had apply for the ANBU" thought Iruka.

"Iruka-sensei?" asked one girl. She was one of Shirou's fan girls, but she was too afraid of Rin and the others to make a move on him.

"Yes?" Iruka reply.

"I hear my neighbor talking yesterday with some of his friends that come to visit him, he was one of the people that Shirou help, and he was saying that the Uzumaki clan will return to his former prestige, what does that mean? Besides knowing that Shirou is part of that clan I know nothing about that"

Taking this opportunity to calm down a little, Iruka prepare his reply, considering that he has studied this topic before the scholar curriculum was changed he knew a little bit of the Uzumaki clan.

"Well, The Uzumaki clan was very close to the Senju clan by blood ties and they help them to build Konoha at the beginning, that is why we use the symbol of the Uzumaki clan on the back of our vest"- Iruka.

"Do you mean that Shirou and Sakura and I are related?" asked Ilya.

"Yes, like many clans they keep close relations to marrying into each other's clans, sometimes the Senju clan will send a woman to marry into the Uzumaki clan, and sometimes the Uzumaki clan will send a woman to marry into the Senju clan, in fact, the wife of the first Hokage was an Uzumaki, Mito Uzumaki."- Iruka.

"That means that Shirou and I are related, that means that I can call him Oni-chan" – said Illya.

"You are about three weeks older than him so that means that he is your Otōto" added Sakura, but then she looks at Shirou, "That means that following the tradition I may be sent to the Uzumaki clan as a bride," said Sakura with a cute smile.

"What about me, I could also be the one that is sent to marry Shirou" added Illya.

"Sensei, is there any more information that you can tell us about the Uzumaki clan?" said Luvia as she want to change the topic.

"Well as you now know Uzumaki Kushina, was the wife of the fourth Hokage, and like many Uzumaki's she is a seal master" - Iruka.

"Seal master?" asked one of the students.

"A seal master is one of the more powerful and useful specialties that I ninja can use, many said that Minato, the fourth Hokage was so strong because of his mastery of seals."

That attracted Luvia and Rin attention. The seals of this world were something that both want to learn but finding a seal master was very difficult.

"What can you tell us about Kushina-sama?" asked Rin.

"She was a legend, besides Tsunade-sama, and Mito-sama, she was the only woman to be a Kage level shinobi and as I just said, she is a seal master" answered Iruka.

"That is very interesting" – said Illya and Rin at the same time as they looked at Shirou with fire in their eyes.

Before they could keep asking questions, the bell of the academy indicate the end of the school day.

When Illya and the girls turn to see Shirou, he was already gone.

"The coward runs away," said Rin.

"It had been some time since I participate in a hunt" – Rider.

"Me too" – Saber.

"I know where he lives" – Rin.

"Lest the hunt begin" – Saber

At that moment, all of them leave using the Shunshin no Jutsu.

Seeing this Iruka could only say. "Maybe is not too late to apply for the AMBU".

In the road that leads to the Uzumaki mask temple, we see how a red-haired boy running as fast as he can.

"You had become faster in your new life" – said a voice that he knew to well.

"RIDER!" – scream Shirou.

"You should remember my speed, don't you? I wonder what makes you believe that you could outrun me" - Said Rider as she stop right in front of Shirou, forcing him to stop. At that moment, the other girls appeared before around him, cutting all possible escape routes.

"What are we going to do with you?" said Saber.

"We finally really reunite and the first thing that you do is try to escape"- Rider.

"That is not a way to treat a lady" – Luvia.

"Could it be that you do not want to see us?" – Sakura.

"It is seen that I need to teach my little brother a lesson" – Illya.

"That is why I am thinking." – Rin.

"Before you do what you are planning to do, can you please tell me what did I did that make you mad at me?" said Shirou accepting his fate.

"On the contrary, is something that you didn't do that cause us to be mad at you" – Saber.

"Something that I didn't do?" – Shirou.

"You never try to return our memories to us" – Sakura.

"But I didn't know how" - Shirou.

"That may be true, but you never try in the first place" – Saber.

"With all the noble phantom that you can use, some of them could have the solution, maybe, maybe not, but the point is that you never try!" – Rin.

"But I thought that you will be happy this way, with your new life" – Shirou.

"And who gives you the right to make that choice for us?" – Luvia.

"If you had tried and fail, and then make that choice, that is something that we can accept, but you didn't even try" – Illya.

"You are always like this, you try to carry the entire burden alone, but guess what, you are not alone, not in this life and not on the past one" – Sakura.

"Guess what, we are here and we aren't going to leave you we need to teach you to stop taking those actions alone." - Luvia.

At that moment, they could hear someone clapping

"I couldn't have said it better"

"Aunt Kushina!" said Shirou, surprised to see his aunt here. "I can explain, we are only playing!"

"Really? For a moment I thought that you were talking about how you were magus in your past life in another world and how Saber-chan and Rider-chan were servants" - Said Kushina with a smile.

This time not only Shirou but also all the girls were also surprised. The only thing that come to their mind was to ask.


"How do I know all that, you can thank your mother for that Illya-chan" - Kushina

"My mom?"

"While I was in a coma in that capsule, my mind was awake, but I could not escape from that situation, no matter what I did, I feel that I could go crazy at any moment, but that is when Iris show up, at first I believe that she was an Illusion, but with time I realize that she was real, that is when we began to talk about our lives and she told me about your situation, that all of you are reincarnations".

The look of surprise was all that Kushina needs as confirmation.

"She also told me about that little problem that had with some death apostles" – Kushina.

"The death apostles? By Kami I had forgotten about them"- Shirou.

"Only you could forget about them, Shirou" – Rin

"Iris, she is really worried about all of you that is why in the time that we share together we train and teach each other's our specials skill, all of this with the goal to help you, she even gives me a magic crest" – Kushina.

"But that is impossible! A magic crest can only be passed on to members of the same family" – Illya.

"According to Iris, Gaia's interference is not as strong this world and for that reason, the only thing that she needed is that I was compatible with her."- Kushina.

"Do you mean that you can also use magic?" – Luvia.

"You can say that I am a magus ninja" – said Kushina with a big smile.

"That is amazing" – Illya.

"Don't be so surprised because after I am done with you, you will be the same" – said Kushina still smiling but this time you could say that her smile is the same as a kid that is about to make a prank.

"This is unbelievable, back in our old world it was almost impossible to find a master willing to teach others besides the heirs of their families." – Luvia.

"We are no longer in that world" – Illya.

"So, what do you say? Are you ready to become more powerful than what you were in your past lives?"- Kushina.

"But I wasn't a magus in the past and my talent with ninjutsu is average," said Saber.

"Me too" – Rider.

"That is no problem because I will teach you what you need to know and give you the experience of fighting a strong rival so you can improve" - Kushina. "I even will teach you a little trick so Rin and Luvia can get some jewels by a cheat price"

"Really!?" said Rin and Luvia at the same time.

"But that means that we will need to spend a lot of time together in the Uzumaki complex, together with Shirou, I hope that that is not a trouble"

"No, Kushina-sensei" said all the girls at the same time.

"Please call me mom when we are not training" – said Kushina surprising them.

"What do you mean?" asked a worried Shirou.

"You see after Shirou rescue me many people had been asking questions about how an academy student was able to do everything that he did that night when he fought against Danzo's forces. Thankfully the Uzumaki clan has a blood limit and I told them that Shirou is showing a variation of our blood limit and they believe it and for that, they stop making questions, after all, it will not be the first time that something like that happens" said Kushina.

Shirou is relieved that the adult no longer will be asking a question about him.

"But now they want to place Shirou under the Clan Restauration Act," said a happy Kushina. Seeing that Shirou and the others are confused she began to explain. "When the last male of a clan that is of great importance for the village or a male that has a new blood limited that is considered of great value for the village, they are allowed to marry more than one girl to increase the number of people of that clan"

"What!?" said all of them.

"But you said no, that you will not allow that to happen, right aunt Kushina?" said a worried Shirou.

"But Shirou, I was the one that suggest the Clan Restauration Act," said Kushina, Shirou fell after he hear that.


"Because my promise to Iris-san, all that she ever wanted was to have a big and happy family but she died before that could happen. That is why I believe that part of the magic crest that she give me will allow her to experience the happiness that I would feel when more new family members been born into the clan" - Kushina.

"But I do not understand what all of that has to do with me?" - Shirou.

"You may not have seen her in person, but her soul looks after you and Illya all the time because to her you were her precious family" – Said Kushina with a serious face.

"My mom will feel happiness through you?" asked a Serious Illya.

"You can say that" - Kushina.

"Then I will do everything in my power to make her happy" – Ilya.

"That is the spirit, but do not worry, I make the rule that all the girls that want to be with Shirou must be approved by me" – said Kushina.

"But what about me? I don't have a right to say anything about this?" – Shirou.

"Sorry but no, that is the final decision of the clan head" – said Kushina with a smile. "Or could it be that you do not have feelings for them?"

All the girls turn to see Shirou with serious eyes.

"No, I mean yes, they are the more important people in my world, it is that they are too wonderful for someone like me" – Shirou.

"What do you mean by someone like you?" asked Kushina.

"I mean that they are too beautiful, intelligent, brave, and powerful with great talent, in London, they could choose any man that they wanted, but they still keep me by their sides and I do not know who to respond for all that they had done for me" - Shirou.

All the girls were silent after hearing Shirou's opinion about them.

"Senpai, you are foul, who said that you need to do something, all that I, what all of us want is to be by your side" – Sakura.

"And please, treasure more your life because we want you to share it with us." Saber.

Shirou look at the girls and see how serious they were, they began to feel guilty for his choice to keep them away from their memories.

"I am sorry"

"We will forgive you for the punishment that we were planning for you, but the next time, be sure that you will receive it with interest" – said Rin as she cross her arms.

"Well, it is time to go and paid a couple of visits" – Said Kushina with a mischievous smile.

"Where are you going? Sensei" asked Luvia.

"To your homes, of course, I had to inform your families that I had accepted all of you as my apprentice," said Kushina as she began to walk.

"But how do you know that they will accept?" asked Sakura.

"Just leave that part to me" – Kushina.

"By the way what about Naruto?" asked Shirou.

"He is at home with one of my clones" – reply Kushina.

"No, what I mean if you will also place him under the CRA (Clan Restauration Act)" - Shirou.

When Kushina hears that, she stops for a moment and then keeps walking.

"Happy and fun times are ahead of us," said Kushina without turning around.

Shirou and the girls look at her, not understanding what she means, but after a few moments, they began to follow her.

End of the chapter.

Now that was chapter 5.

We saw how Iris and Kushina team up and spend a couple of years together inside of Kushina mind, and Kurama was afraid of Iris.

How Kushina gets magic cress from Iris, and now she can use it to improve her blood limit, the chakra chains.

Kushina took the girls as appendices and put Shirou under the CRA.

The next chapter will be about Kushina training (torture) them.

Some explanation.

Some people asked me why I did not place Sakura with the Nara clan. that is because at that moment there was another active story that already had Sakura in the Nara clan and I wanted to use something different. I happened to be seeing some chapter of Bleach and that is how I got the idea of making Sakura use something like the Bankai of Byakuya Kuchiki, but with black and red color as a way to hide her magic.

Why make them show their powers in the academy. Because that is something normal in a world, where people have superpowers and they do not need to hide them.

Finally about Naruto. I had two options for Naruto.

One. Should Naruto be able to use Shirou power? That is something that I open the possibility when he was hurt by Danzo men and was rescued by Shirou.

Two. On the other hand, should Naruto only be able to use the chakra chain that will have some influence from the magic of Shirou?

What do you think? What will be the best option?