Darren let out a breath as he made his way through the forest at a slow pace, leaning more on the hiking stick as he walked. Coming to the ridge of the hill though he started to speed up, hearing the bumping and clanking of his backpack. He crested over the hill and stopped for a moment to take in the sight in front of him.

There were trees stretched out as far as the eye could see, painting the landscape green in contrast to the blue, cloudless sky. Clearings in the area were sparse, but the few that were there added to the sight of the forest rather than take it away. In the distance, Darren could see a river flowing down from a mountain much further than where he was. Most people would probably describe the scene as magical or breathtaking.


Those same people would also say that Darren Miller wasn't like most in that sense. In fact, they would describe him as pretty much next to clueless when it came to things like this.

Standing at 6 feet and an inch tall, the 18-year-old Chinese man stood at the ridge of the hill with a light sheen of sweat on his brow. From the people who knew him, it would be unusual to hear, much less witness, that Darren would willingly spend his vacation camping in the wilderness. It would be much more likely to find him in his natural habitat, behind a computer playing some games or reading.

Darren brushed a hand through his short black hair as he thought of the one thing that drove him to do this. A force that could move mountains and bring rain to the deserts. It brought about the rise and fall of the great empires of the past and continued to shape the modern world with its power. Something that great men and women before him could only hope to weather before succumbing under its immense pressure.

Constant parental nagging.

"You're in the prime of your life!" they would say. "You should enjoy the chance to go outside before you lose it!" And while Darren did agree with it on some level, it was still a lot more comfortable to be somewhere he was familiar with rather than travel. This time though was different.

School was out and the summer weather was well underway in recent days. He had taken trips out camping before with family and friends along with hiking whenever his family felt like it. So when his parents suggested that he go camping by himself this time, he didn't have much of an excuse to say no.

Darren had watched a few videos to refresh his memory on what he needed such as food, water, a flashlight, some first-aid supplies, a swiss army knife, and duct tape because you never knew when you would need it. Along with those things were a small tent, a sleeping bag, and, of course, his phone. It wasn't like he would be completely disconnected from the world after all.

He shook his head and started to make his way down the hill toward one of the clearings, hiking stick in hand. Thinking about the past was just stalling this trip he put himself in and that wouldn't do him good. Darren still needed to unpack and settle himself for the next three days. He would have time to think later.

For a good portion of the day, Darren would walk until midafternoon where he would make camp in a clearing near a stream of a river. Finding some nearby tinder and a few good pieces of wood, he started a small fire for warmth and cracked open a can of lukewarm ravioli with his swiss army knife. Once the sky turned black and the stars came out, Darren killed the fire and went into the tent he had set up earlier along with his sleeping bag, soon dead to the world.

Hours later a freak storm would roll through the forest shocking many at the unexpectedness of its arrival. The Miller family, worried for their son who didn't call after the storm calmed, would inform the local authorities of his whereabouts. Soon enough, days would turn to weeks then months as the missing status increased for one Darren Miller.


Darren awoke with a yawn and stretched as he slipped out of the sleeping bag. It had been quiet when he slept, something that Darren thought was fortunate for his first night out. He went to look at the time on his phone as he started to check his boots for any insects hiding in them. It was early enough in the morning to get his bearings and after a few shakes of the boots, Darren was satisfied and put them on. He felt a chill as a cold breeze went through the tent and pulled his jacket around himself tighter. Giving one more check to make sure he didn't miss anything, he began to pack the sleeping bag and stepped outside.

The first thing that told Darren that something was wrong the moment he stepped foot outside the tent was how flat everything was. No natural piece of ground was perfectly flat, something was always out of place. The second thing was the clearing he was in. He was pretty sure that he had made camp somewhere else and the fireplace he had made was also missing as well. The third piece of evidence was the trees. Darren was very sure that trees didn't grow with sharp edges like rectangles, and if they did then someone's been lying to him for a very long time.

He could feel panic begin to set in, but he stopped himself and started to rationalize what he was seeing. "I'm dreaming," Darren said to himself shakily. "I have to be. If I'm not then I'm crazy. Now, where's that stream…"

Darren shook his head and started to make his way to the nearby stream. Looking around himself as he walked, he started to take in what he was seeing. The forest floor was unnaturally flat like he noticed before and was dotted with flowers and grass that waved in the light breeze. The trees, now that he focused a little more, were symmetrical in shape and stature with no real difference anywhere.

He came upon the stream and kneeled on the bank. Dipping a hand into the water, Darren swished his hand around and felt the cool temperature. "This has got to be one of the most lucid dreams I've ever had," he mumbled softly. "If I didn't know better, I'd say that I'm in Minecraft now."


Darren's head shot up towards the noise. Just down the stream, he saw some movement. He squinted at the ripples in the water trying to make out what was there moments ago.

Then something brushed by his hand.

"What the hell!?" Darren yelled out in a totally calm manner as he pulled his hand out of the water. He checked over the limb to see if everything was still there and after letting out a sigh of relief, looked in the water in front of him.

A fish swam by where his hand was a second ago. And it was rectangular.

Darren stood up and stared into the distance. After this shock, there was only one thing to do.



Darren staggered for a moment, swaying as he recovered from slapping himself. He looked around and saw that nothing changed. The trees were still blocky, the ground was still abnormally flat, and the rectangles still swam.

That does it, Darren thought to himself. I'm actually in Minecraft. Now, all I have to do is calm down, go back to the camp, and-

"What the fu-!"

Or completely lose it, that works too.

A/N: This is an experiment so I'm curious about how this should be made.

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