Hello guys and thanks for waiting. I've returned from my trip just last night so it wasn't easy to rush this chapter. And to makes things easier, I'm going to say the way Ash travels throughout Kanto is just like how we as Red travel Kanto in the games except the areas are rather shaped like the anime rather than in the games to create that balance. Anyways, there will be some ideas I also thought of on my own in this chapter so feel free to review your thoughts on them. Without further ado, let the story commence!

As Ash and Serena continued through Kanto, they made a quick pit-stop at Pewter City to grab some lunch which consisted of a healthy salad for vitamins and a ham and cheese sandwich for a good source of protein. But knowing that time was of the essence, they departed the city and headed for Route 3 where they saw multiple trainers either lying around or battling each other for fun. But because they were all preoccupied, they didn't bother to ask Ash or Serena for a battle. Finally the couple managed to arrive at Mt. Moon. Heading inside the mysterious cave, Ash found it be much darker than when he came here over 6 years ago only to remember it was because of Team Rocket putting up those lights that the cave was bright in the first place. Speaking of the trio, Ash wondered what happened to them. Though they were a nuisance at best, Ash could sense that they weren't truly evil like most of the grunts he faced in the past and could tell they simply had no other option since they were essentially homeless and broke. He was now thinking of a way to help the trio in the future but his thoughts were cut short when he noticed multiple fungi growing on the cave walls.

Serena noticed this too and asked Ash, "Hey Ash, why are there fungi on the walls?"

Ash, jogging his memory a bit then remembering, replied, "Well, if my memory serves correct, Mt. Moon serves as a home to many Paras and the occasional Parasect. The latter place small fungi grown from their own fungi on their back on the cave walls which allow their pre-evolved forms to have a good diet."

Serena nodded and soon she and Ash noted a Paras trying to grab a certain set of fungi. Unfortunately, the fungi was placed quite high on the walls and no matter what the Mushroom Pokemon did, he was unable to climb all the way to his meal. Feeling sorry for it, Ash reached up and grabbed the fungi and gave it to the small Pokemon. The Mushroom Pokemon looked up at Ash in gratitude and soon started nibbling on its meal. Soon the couple left but the Paras, after finishing its meal, noticed the two leaving and feeling curious, started following them discreetly.

Soon the couple arrived in the largest part of the cave and they saw a bunch of Clefairy and Clefable running around carrying pieces of moonstone. Soon they heard a voice shouting and Ash recognized that voice even though its been a long time since he heard it. Out of the darkness, came a young man wearing a white coat with brown hair and wide glasses. Ash then called out, "Seymour!"

The now-named Seymour heard his name being called and soon turned to the occupant. Even though he was much older, Seymour easily recognized the person. With a huge smile he came over. "Ash, my good friend, it is great to see you again. It's been many years."

Ash returned the smile with one of his own and replied, "You too Seymour. I can see you and the Clefairy and Clefable have been busy."

Seymore puffed up with pride, "Indeed we have, after years of research, we've been able to discover more on the origins of the Clefairy family. We are slowly rebuilding the cave into an excavation site where travelers can excavate Moon Stones for their liking. As for thieves, the Clefable were able to enhance the walls with a sense of awareness so that should any person with bad intentions intend to excavate, they will find nothing."

The couple nodded intrigued by such an idea and then soon a lone Clefairy went up to the group holding a Moon Stone in her hands. It offered it to the couple and Ash took it thanking the Fairy-type Pokemon for its generosity. It blushed out of modesty but then realized the two nice humans were trainers. It then pointed to Serena and the others was puzzled.

"Excuse me, Mr. Seymour. Would you be able to tell me why this Clefairy is pointing at me?" asked Serena.

"Well, young lady, I think it's perhaps your pure heart has attracted young Clefairy here. She is known to be one of the shyest and rarely opens up to people other than me or her fellow kind. Perhaps she saw something and wants to join you." Seymour explained with a smile.

Serena was shocked but then looked down at Clefairy. The performer then pulled out a Pokeball and asked, "Do you want to join me Clefairy?" Clefairy nodded with a smile and a few seconds later Serena was able to catch the Fairy Pokemon adding another new member to her team. Ash smiled glad that Serena was now getting the chance to expand her roster since she only caught 3 back in Kalos. As the two bid farewell to Seymour, Ash then heard small steps behind them and turning around was surprised to see the same Paras he helped a while back.

"Hey Paras, what brings you here?"

Paras just stared at the couple and then Ash was able to tell what it wanted.

"You want to join me don't you?" Ash discerned.

Paras nodded but then braced itself.

"But you want to prove yourself to me. Well then Paras I accept your challenge." Ash replied as he called out none other than Butterfree who seeing his opponent got into battle-ready stance.

Paras started off the fight by letting its claws glow white and lunged at Butterfree who was able to dodge by flying out of the way.

"That was X-Scissor. This little guy's got big potential. Now let's see what else it's got." Ash thought as he said, "Butterfree fire off an Air Slash." Butterfree nodded and flapped its wings hard sending out multiple blades of air which struck the Mushroom Pokemon causing it to cry out in pain. But despite the major damage, it stood strong with a firm expression and soon started shaking its body releasing a green mist. As it neared Butterfree, he started to feel slow and numb and Ash immediately recognized the move.

"Stun Spore! This Paras really has great moves up its sleeves. Better end this quick!" Ash thought again. "Butterfree blow away the powder with a gust." Butterfree nodded and started flapping its wings again blowing away the powder. "Now end this fight with a Bug Buzz!" Butterfree's wings then glowed red and flapping them one more time, releasing red soundwaves which hit the Mushroom Pokemon head on causing it to finally faint as it was already weakened from the Air Slash.

Ash then saw his chance and threw a Pokeball at the downed opponent. Paras got sucked in and soon the ball started shaking slightly but in the end, it dinged signifying a successful capture. Ash picked up the device and smiled as he put Paras's Pokebal now shrunk on his belt. Turning to Serena, he said, "Let's go." She nodded at her boyfriend and the two headed out of the cave and onto Route 4. There the couple ran into a young lass.

"Hi the name's Crissy, I noticed that you two just came out of Mt. Moon. If you don't mind, would one of you have a battle with me?" she asked.

Ash then said, "Sure, I'll accept your challenge. I actually caught this guy not too long ago and I can already tell he's itching for a fight. Durant, it's time to let it rip!" as he called out the Steel Ant Pokemon. He immediately got into a battle ready position and was ready to prove its worth.

"A Unova Pokemon, now that's a definite rarity. Well then I choose this guy!" the lass said as she called out a Parasect who stood its ground. When the two bug-types saw each other, they both grinned or at least the closest thing you could get to one with their mouths signifying their mutual respect of each other's strengths.

"I'll call the first move, Parasect launch an Energy Ball!" The Mushroom Pokemon obeyed and sent a sphere of green energy flying towards it opponent.

"Durant, dodge it at use Hone Claws!" Durant nodded and using it's unique speed for a steel-type was able to easily avoid the attack before its pincers began glowing red. Durant then cried out its name as an orange glow surrounded its body upping its attack and accuracy.

"Now blitz in and use X-Scissor full power!" Durant did as he was told and once again using its speed, dashed in close to Parasect and using its pincers glowed white and crunched them together causing major pain to his opponent.

"Parasect, endure it and use Bug-Buzz!" cried out Crissy.

Parasect's eyes narrowed and soon started emitting a red buzz out of its mushroom which caused Durant to wince in pain as it backed away. After the buzz ended both Bug-types were still standing but clearly exhausted.

"Parasect, we got to end this now, Solar Beam!" said Crissy as Parasect soon started charging up the energy in its mushroom.

"Durant, let's show the two what we can really do. Charge in with an all-or-nothing Iron Head!" Ash said as Durant forehead turned a silver and charged. As Durant came in close, Parasect also launched the Solar Beam just as Durant bashed Parasect with Iron Head causing a major explosion of smoke. When the smoke cleared, both Pokemon were standing but on their last legs. They stared at each other before finally Parasect groaned and fell to the ground with swirls in its eyes.

Serena who was acting as referee announced, "Parasect is unable to battle! The winner is Durant!"

Both trainers returned their Pokemon and then went up to each other.

"Well Ash, your Durant is clearly a powerhouse especially if it's true you caught it only recently. As a Bug-type trainer, I can see it becoming one of the best of its kind and typing." complimented Crissy.

"Thanks for the compliment Crissy. Truth is Durant actually belonged to a poacher but when it lost a battle, the scum abandoned it so after we arrested him, I gave Durant an offer to join me so now I'm intending to train the guy to regain its self confidence and worth." explained Ash.

"I can see now. Scum like poachers are definitely one to abandon their own at the first opportunity especially since Bug-types are sadly known to have a poor reputatation." said Crissy.

"That is true, but there are plenty of trainers out there who prove that theory wrong. We obviously got us two, then there's Bugsy from Johto, Aaron from Sinnoh, Burgh from Unova, Viola from Kalos and let's not forget all those Bug Catchers. I've battled my share of them and I saw in their eyes a passion to make theirs stronger." replied Ash.

"Well Ash, I wish you luck on your journey. I'm going to stay here and continue my training." Crissy said as the couple bid farewell to the lass and headed towards a city Ash really didn't want to go to. Cerulean City, home of one of the traitors.

And that's a wrap. So when writing this chapter, I realized that when I was creating this arc of reunions, it didn't have to be always old Pokemon. I mean Ash made plenty of human friends so that's why I brought back Seymour for this chapter. For Serena catching Clefairy, I mean come on, a cute Pokemon deserves to be with a trainer like her. And I had to give Ash at least one Pokemon too but Brock already had a Crobat and Geodude and Sandshrew was an option but I've planning a story arc for one in the future. So Paras was the last option and I do plan for it to have some development here and thereas the story goes on. Finally Crissy. She's actually based off the lass you can battle on Route 4 near Cerulean Cave. Her name is even Crissy so I kept that the same. Anyways,, that's all folks from me and keep your sticks on the ice amigos!