Aikyo 愛 (Ai) means "Love, Affection", and 敬 (Kyo) means "Respect" in this surname

Miyoko 美夜子 ("美") is beauty. "夜" is night. "子" is a word that comes after a woman's name, child.

She remembers it as clearly as it was yesterday. When she was about eight one of her childhood best friends asked her to kiss him. They were but children, and as such it wasn't related to anything romantic, on the contrary, it was about friendship.

"You have to help me, Micchan, you are my only hope." The boy begged her, crying. It wasn't common for Izuko to cry like that. It was true that the boy was prone to tearing up, but that was different – Izuko wasn't a sad child, just a sensitive one. Miyoko had only seen him really cry once, and it had been when they were five and Katsuki had started calling him Deku.

"Has Kacchan been mean to you again? I'll tell his mom," Miyoko assured him, her dark eyes watching him carefully, searching a physical injury that wasn't there on his body. All of Izuko's injuries were on the mind.

"No, no, of course not, he's just – he's Kacchan, " he kept talking when he saw her opening her mouth to speak again, "Just do this for me? I need to know … "

Miyoko didn't want him to suffer but at the same time she didn't want to disappoint him. She already knew the outcome of this and deep down she was sure Izuko knew as well.

Izuko was eight and planning to be a hero, but how could he really?

Miyoko took a deep breath and leaned slightly down to press her lips to Izuko's for a second, then pulled away.

The two friends stood still for a long moment, looking deeply in each other's eyes. Izuko broke the silence, "You don't feel anything, do you?"

The girl's eyebrows furrowed, scrambling for an answer that wouldn't break his friend's heart but finding none she just shook her head and looked at her own feet.

Aikyo Miyoko couldn't copy Midoryia Izuko's quirk. He had none.

She stood very still, not looking at her friend as he sobbed, dropping on his knees before her.

She had never understood Izuko's passion for heroes, much less his desire to be one. Heroes don't exist, you don't need to be called a hero just because you did the right thing, and you certainly don't need to make it a profession and get payed. And yet, as she tried to come up with something to say to make her friend stop despairing, she thought, Oh, a hero would know what to do.

Years later she will still wonder, what caused that thought. Why did that eight-year-old girl who didn't believe in heroes needed one in that moment?

She feels, in retrospect, that was the moment she decided she needed to be that hero. For Izuko. For those who can't.


Infinite potential – that's what teachers and peers alike say about her. Miyoko still wonders, is she really special?

They say she has not one, but two quirks, but that's not especially true. She has one quirk, that just so happens to be a combination of her parents' quirks. Her mother can copy the quirks of people who love her and she loves back (she cringes whenever she considers it), it's very simple and it last for as long as she wants but can only use one at a time. Her father's quirk on the other hand is called hard disk – he can store in his mind whatever piece of information he cares to and never forget about it, but there is a limit to the capacity of his memory. He can only use his quirk for about one hour a day before getting literally nauseous with information.

They met in the college library her father worked in when they were still studying and they simply never let go of one another. So, this is how Miyoko's quirk comes into the picture.

She can copy the quirk of people she kisses, but the level of efficiency of the quirk she copies relies on how much 'love' is shared between her and the other person. She has copied the quirks of all her family and can use them as if they were her own, they are forever ingrained in her blood, but she has never tried to copy the quirk of someone with whom she has no relationship. That's basically how her mother's quirk works. You love somebody, they love you back, they lend you their quirks.

The problem with Miyoko is that there is no 'returning' – once she copies a quirk, it is stored in her hard disk and it simply becomes hers to use whenever she wants. The price is just a kiss. And if there is a limit to the capacity of her har disk she does not know it – just how many quirks can she make a backup copy of?

Funnily enough, the first quirk she ever copies does not belong to any of her relatives, rather to a smug child with crimson eyes and increasingly bad attitude.

It happens when they are five, during a silly theater spectacle in which they are playing. It's so silly she barely even remembers a thing except that she was a princess and Kacchan was a prince and at the end of the story they were meant to kiss each other on the cheek but his dumb friends had dared him to really kiss her.

And he did, in front of everyone, the night of the show. A second later she had blown him away.

She remembers the look on his face, the startled, frowny, wondering look on his face. And the pretty, pretty sparkles in her hands.

Now, it's roughly nine years later and she can use the quirk explosion whenever she wants, can do anything Katuski can and to say it riles him up is belittling it.

"You, shitty copycat!" the spiky blonde usually calls her, which frankly, mood.

Today is no different, yelling at her as he stomps furiously to catch up, he seems even more pissed off than usual which could be related to the fact that Izuku is walking beside you. It's her fault, she didn't wait for him as she usually does, but what could she have done? Katsuki and Izuko are like ice and fire and they simply don't get along. Oh, Izuko tries being cordial, but Katsuki hates politeness and empty words and would very much prefer if Izuko just ignored him. Miyoko is pretty sure her friends care for each other, as a matter of fact they both still have the photos they took together when they were kids, no matter how much they try to deny it. She has one of them in her room, they were cute babies.

The green haired boy has already gone stiff beside her and is bound to start stuttering as soon as he opens his mouth. Miyoko rolls her eyes.

"K-kacchan –"

"Shut up, you shit-nerd!"

A sigh. "Katuski, good morning." He's always so loud and energetic, even so early in the morning, that Miyoko had been sure up until age ten that being full of energy at seven in the morning was some kind of secondary quirk. No, as she later found out he was and still is just some nerd who goes to sleep at 9 pm and wakes at five am because it's healthy. He even drinks green tea in the morning. It certainly doesn't do anything for his temper.

"You shitty copycat! Why are you walking to school with this nerd?! I told you shouldn't bother!" he thunders, as if it's something I've never done. Why do they need to have this conversation again?

She winces at his loud tone once again as Izuko tries to make himself small behind her, "Could you stop bitching at me at," she glances at her wristwatch, "07:34 in the morning? Have some mercy."

"MERCY IS FOR THE WEAK!" he growls, looking ready to bite her head off, and shifting his crimson eyes to Izuko, who gulps, "C-calm down, Kacchan, we are all going to school, a-aren't we?"

Now Katsuki looks ready to explode, literally. His hands are sparkling. Before it's too late, Miyoko grabs Katsuki's right hand with her left, starting to drag him along with her – direction: Tatooin Station. Katsuki growls but doesn't wriggle out of her grip. Miyoko wants to smile. Fucking chihuahua.

"Come on, don't be like that," she says as he screams dramatically into her ear about blowing her to outer space, "let's just have a peaceful walk to school together. It's our last year in Junior High."

Katsuki tsks, calming down "You should be happy about leaving this shitty school behind."

She playfully shoves him, letting go of his hand, "You have friends in that school."

"They are side characters at best! What do I care about them when I'm going to be the greatest hero?" he grumbles, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"It's exactly because you are going to be the greatest hero that you should care about them, oh great explosion boy," she answers drily. Honestly, he's always been kind of amusing. "And how are you going to be the number one when I'll be attending U.A. with you? I'll steal all your thunder."

"AH, you wish, you shitty copycat," he makes that weird smirk-frown that means he's getting hyped up. Miyoko can't help but grin too, until she remembers that Izuko is right beside her and she has seemingly forgotten. She wips her head towards the green haired boy but there's no one at her right side.

"He already went ahead," Katuski says, looking pleased with himself. What a goddamn nerd.

Miyoko rolls her eyes to hide the painful clench in her stomach. Why is she so stupid? Talking about going to U.A. with Katsuki while completely ignoring her quirkless friend.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asks instead.

Katuski is now leering, "It's not my fault that as soon as we talk about U.A. you forget about that fucking Deku."

You know he can't be a hero, is what he's saying. No, no, of course he can't. That's why she is going to be one in his place.

"Katsuski," she says slowly, "will you ever tell me what has Izuko done to you?" She has never understood – why the animosity?

But Katsuki is enraged by the mere thought, he bristles, "Fuck you, you shitty copycat, that Deku could never do anything to me."

Before she can reply, he stalks off. "YOU, BAKU-BITCH! Wait for me!" she yells at him. She has never said she is more mature than him.

"I'll kill you if you call me that again!"

"Stop saying you'll kill me!"

Something tells her it's going to be a horrible day.


The first day of their last year in junior high, Katsuki and Miyoko arrive in class 3-A barely on time, they missed their usual train because there seemed to be had a scuffle with a villain with an augmentation quirk at Tatooin Station. When they got there all trains were delayed but there were no more heroes around and only a handful of journalists.

Izuko might have assisted, given that he went ahead without them. She will ask him later.

Miyoko sits herself at her own desk and exchanges polite greetings with some of her classmates – it's not like she has no friends, she gets along with everyone but she is not the kind of person who finds it easy to open herself up to others. She has Katsuki and Izuko and she is already so busy with them she scarcely believes anyone could really be friend with more than two people at once, how do they find the time?

Izuko is behind her and Katsuki on her right, slumped over his chair like the school delinquent he is. She won't reprimand him, it would be a waste of time, but she has no qualms turning around and slapping a hand over Izuko's mumbling mouth. He's writing in his hero journal again, the nerd.

He wilts once he sees her darkened expression, "S-sorry, have I been muttering again?"

He dares give me the puppy eyes! Miyoko scoffs. "Yes." Rolling her eyes, she probs him, "What did I tell you?"

If anything he looks even worse like a scolded puppy dog, "Mornings are made for coffee and contemplation?"

"So you do understand me when I talk."

Izuko sweatdrops.

Katsuki snorts, his hands on the pocket of his trousers, legs thrown over his desk, "What is it with your bullshit philosophy so early in the morning?"

"You don't get to shit-talk me, green tea." Miyoko snarks, seriously she might be the kid's best (only?) friend but he needs to shut up about her beloved coffee.

Their classmates are suspiciously silent throughout the whole exchange – they know better than to intervene when the two explosive kids are talking.

Katsuki suddenly is on his feet, a scowl on his face and hands sparkling as he raises them up as if to intimidate her. Ah, nice try.

"Green Tea," she deliberately mocks him, watching him fuming. He's so easy to rile up, she thinks in delight.

"You wanna go, uhhh?"

Before she can reply, the classroom door slides open, revealing their homeroom teacher, Saito Reo.

Saito-san, thank God! Izuko and the other classmates silently cheer.

After saluting them, going over their summer holidays and other polite greetings that have Miyoko's brain rot out of her ears, he finally switches to an interesting subject.

"As third-year students it is time you start thinking seriously about your future and what you want to do with your lives." He says, "I could hand out a few attitude test but," he pauses dramatically to snatch up from his desk a handful of sheets, "why bother?" He throws them in the air, twirling extravagantly. Miyoko wants to see him picking them up from the floor later, because she sure as hell is not going to, class president or not.

"I know you all want to get in a hero course!" he laughs. Is he on something? Miyoko wonders as the class explodes in joyful shouts and illegal use of their quirks. Izuko and Katsuki are both silent, but for very different reasons.

"Yes, yes, you all have wonderful quirks but know quirk usage allowed in school," he reminds them merrily while still egging them on. "Get a hold of yourselves."

"Hey sensei," interrupts him Katsuki with a smirk on his face. Oh boy, here we go again. "Don't lump me in with this bunch of losers, I'm the real deal, but these guys are lucky will be lucky to end up as sidekicks to some lameass!"

Instantly, the other students shout at him with indignation, "What the hell, Katsuki?! You think you are so much better than us?"


Saito-sensei hums, considering the blond boy, "Oh, yes, if I remember correctly, you are aiming for U.A, aren't you Bakugou?"

Once again, the classroom is filled with chaos, only this time the students are in awe. Idiots, broods Miyoko, their little, empty heads seem to have forgotten how Katsuki insulted them a few minutes earlier.

Katsuki cackles cheekily as their classmates gasp.

"U.A? The national school? Holy shit, Katsuki!"

"No way!"

"Their level of acceptance is ridiculously low!"

Katsuki seem to get even more fired up and he literally jumps on his desk, looking down at them like a sadist emperor, "You guys are just extras!" he yells, " I aced the mock tests! I'm the only one in this pathetic school who stands a chance at getting into U.A! I'll surpass even All Mi-"

"You should drink more green tea in the morning, Katsuki! Jeez, get off the desk, will you?" Miyoko cuts him off before he can degenerate in a monologue about his greatness. She has already heard all this bullshit.

"AHH! Don't fucking interrupt me while I'm talking!" he yells back at her, "I'll kill you, you shitty copycat!"

As Miyoko rolls her eyes, Saito-sensei nods, "Right! You also want to get into U.A, right Aikyo?"

The reactions of her classmates are more subtle this time, "Yes, sounds about right."

"I bet she'll get in!"

"But if she did, would they also take Bakugou? Two students from Aldera seems a bit too much."

Katuski scowls, "Shut up you losers! They'll take both of us! She has my quirk after all!"

It kind of makes her smile, the way Katsuki has no doubt that they will get into U.A together but at the same time it sounds annoying, the way he phrased it. Is his quirk the only reason he believes in her?

"And so does Midoriya!" adds their teacher, with a thoughtful gleam in his eyes.

"What?" the whole class starts laughing, "You can't get into the hero course just by studying you nerd!"

Miyoko winces. Why has he said that? Saito-sensei has been unsufferable this morning and it's barely 9 am. Has he still not learnt to keep his mouth shut? Not only he is putting Izuko in an embarrassing situation but what has been his playful mocking until now is bound to end very quickly.

Katsuki explodes. That's the problem with him, he literally explodes.

He spins around and slam his hands on Izuko's desk, effectively scorching it, and backing up Izuko against the wall.

"Oi, fucking Deku! You are even worse than these worthless rejects, you quirkless wannabe! You really think they'd have someone like you when they could have me?" he barks at him, looking at him with a grin that is positively murderous. Miyoko stands up too, unable to stop herself, "Katsuki, that's enough!" she thunders.

She knows that it is not a good idea to put herself between those two, it got nothing to do with her, this animosity they have. But she can't help it. Sometimes she swears Izuko is terrified of Katsuki and it makes it hard for her swallow her worry. At the same time whenever she takes Izuko's side, the look Katsuki gives her is chilling.

People are under the impression that Katsuki is the way he is because he's just angry all the time. That's not it. The way he talks and moves is aggressive and bold, and he yells more than anyone she knows but that's just a part of his behavior. He's as loud and explosive as his quirk.

When he's really angry he actually becomes very quiet, and cold.

Katuski is rarely so angry – it happens almost always because of Izuko, because she defends him.

Miyoko doesn't understand it, but he seems to take it as a betrayal.

That's why she tries not to get involved, but sometimes Katsuki makes it so hard to be unaffected.

Why? She wants to ask – she has asked a thousand times. Why do you resent him so much?

Katsuki freezes and slowly turns around, his lips pressed tightly together. When their eyes meet, she has to look away. She can't bare it.

Fortunately, that is the moment Saito-sensei gets to his senses and takes back control of the classroom.

Useless idiot couldn't do it two minutes ago? She wants to slap him.

Katsuki goes back to his desk without looking back at her.

Miyoko forces a smile for Izuko and helps him back to his feet, "Your desk is still usable, just a bit bruised."

Izuko sighs, "Micchan, I'm sorry."

She moves to her desk, "It's not your fault." She sits and looks at Katsuki with the corner of her eyes. He's still quiet.


School ends early that day as it is the first of the year and Miyoko doesn't stand around to wait for Katsuki, she doesn't even wait for Izuko. She says goodbye to a couple of classmates and is out of the door.

When she has this kind of non-fight with Katsuki she needs time for herself, furthermore she has no doubt that the spikey boy is still mad at her. He holds a grudge like no one.

Near Tatooin Station there's a shopping centre, so that's where she goes to eat. She sits at a table with a giant hamburger and a side of French fries and broods.

Why is it so difficult for Katuski and Izuko to get alone?

It's not really because Izuko is quirkless, Katsuki would just ignore him. And why does Izuko stil tries to be Katsuki's friend? It makes literally no sense, considering how the green-haired boy is also terrified of him.

Sometimes they make it so hard for Miyoko to believe the two care for each other.


Miyoko leaves a tip for the waitress with one hand while the other grabs her phone. She taps on it and opens up Katsuki's number before dialing.

One ring, two, three. Seven, eight.

Katsuki picks up after eleven rings, the little shit.

"The fuck do you want?" he barks.

She rolls her eyes, "Where are you? Let's catch the train together."

"You have some nerve asking for shit after ignoring me for hours." He doesn't sound angry, which means he is really fucking furious.

Miyoko shoves back a twinge of guilt, "Katsuki, come on, I wasn't ignoring you. You were giving me the cold shoulder, what was I supposed to do?"

"That's just what you do," he continues, without giving sign that he has heard her, "things don't go the way you want so you pretend they don't exist, but I have some fucking news for you, they do exist."

He is royally pissed.

She tries to make him listen, "Katsuki, I don't –"

He interrupts her, "That Deku and I are never going to be fucking friends. Why can't you understand that?"

Her heart drops. He sounds serious and completely sure of himself. This is not the way the conversation was supposed to go. They never do this. Katsuki was just meant to yell at her for a couple of minutes and then make her pay sometime during the following week by making her do his laundry or something. That's how their fights about Izuko always go. Why is he suddenly so serious?

"I don't –"

"You don't – what? You don't understand? I know you fucking don't, but I'm telling you one last time: back off."

Miyoko stays silent for a moment, then asks, voice empty, "Where are you? The next train is in fifteen."

Katsuki grunts a reply and hangs up.



She meets him at the address he gave her, two streets down from where she was, and when she sees him, something about the way he immediately meets her gaze grounds her.

He is not angry anymore, her peaceful agreement to his demand must have calmed him down. Miyoko wants to shake him. Why is he like this. He makes her heart drop and thunder too easily.

"You bastard," she grumbles.

He snorts as he begins walking down the road, kicking the occasional empty can someone left there instead of throwing it away. "Stop frowning like that, doll face. You don't want to be any uglier, do you?"

She gasps at him – pretending she is not actually having fun, play-fighting with him, pretending she is not fucking relieved he is not angry at her anymore, "Excuse you, I'm not ugly! And have you seen your face, you scarecrow?"

He glares at her, "What the fuck. Don't call me that. You weirdo."

"I know, I know, you are my angry chihuahua." She sing-songs, once again delighted to see him slowly getting riled up. Honestly, he makes it so easy sometimes.

"AHH?" he yells, his red eyes widening, a pink hue warming his ears.

"Baby Pomeranian," she croons, stepping closer to him as if to pinch his cheeks.

"You crazy bitch, stay away from me!" he bellows, covering his face with his hands and stomping furiously away.

She beams, following after him and grabbing his shirt cheerily, "Katsuki-chan." She adds softly.


She bursts out laughing.

But then, when they are almost at the station, the mood shifts so suddenly she reels.

One moment she is holding Katsuki's shirt as they walk. They are teasing each other, Katsuki is smirking.

The next moment Katsuki's grin drops and he is pushing her away urgently," Miyoko, leave!"

And then a slime monster is engulfing him.


They say when adrenaline kicks in you react without even being conscious of it. As far as Miyoko's experience goes, this is not untrue. How come no one ever speaks about the white noise, tough?

Her brain is fuzzy. Where is this static noise coming from? She must be in shock, a far corner of her mind seems to rationalize, but the part of her that is present doesn't understand right away what is happening.

Katsuki is – he is trying to shake that slimy thing off, he is twitching, he is screaming, he seems to be in pain?

That's when she snaps out of it. The moment she sees it. Katsuki is screaming. He can't breathe.

Let him go.

Miyoko awakes with a horrified gasp. Then her horror transforms into furious panic.


She blasts towards what she finally realizes is a villain, screaming. People are beginning to notice something is happening.

Her hands are sweaty and hot when she activates Katsuki's quirk. She sends a blast towards the slime villain, and again and again – and it doesn't work. His body isn't scorched by her explosions, he is made of liquid, therefore he just recomposes after a few seconds. She can barely focus on the villain's body she's trying to destroy, too out of control by what she can vaguely see happening to Katsuki.

The villain is trying to suffocate him and take over his body.

"What a nice meat-cover you'll make," is what that thing is saying over and over.

"Let me go! I'll KILL YOU!" is what Katsuki yells.

Suddenly there is someone tugging her back, dragging her with a strength that makes her panic even more.

"MISS, YOU HAVE TO STOP!" big arms are tightening their grip on her, "YOU ARE DESTROYING THE SURROUNDING BUILDINGS!"

It is a big, muscular white-haired man shouting to get her attention, she recognizes him as Death Arms.

"My friend! Katsuki!" she is aware, on some level, that she's babbling now, her hands still sparking without control.

She lunges again for the villain (Katsuki! He is in pain!), and arms anchor around her torso like iron shackles. "Let me go!" She shouts at the hero, twisting this and that way. "DO SOMETHING!"

She realizes suddenly that the are other heroes. One of them resembles a tree. He is helping to rescue the civilians who got caught in the fires she created. "Wood and fire don't mix well!" He admits unhelpfully.

Another one is a fucking yellow water hydrant. He is appeasing the fire with powerful jets of water. "I'm too busy here!"

A giant lady is trying to make way to the villain, but she is literally too big to fit in between the buildings on fire.

Are they excusing themselves from saving Katsuki?

They are all useless, she seethes internally as she is still trying to break free. "LET ME GO, YOU BASTARD! KASTUKI!" She yells at Death Arms and then tries to lunge at Katsuki.

The sounds she makes when she is unable to don't even feel like they are coming from her mouth, don't sound human.

"Stop, girl!" Death Arms shouts, "A hero will show up to save him!"

"YOU ARE A FUCKING HERO!" She thunders, swatting her hands backwards and sparkling small explosions that makes him yelp and release her for a split second. Not enough to jump at the villain.

Why is no one doing anything? No one is trying to save Katsuki!

Her face is wet. Is she crying?

Then, from the crowd of civilians gathered behind them a silhouette darts forward. It's a kid with green hair, throwing his school bag at the villain holding Katsuki, and clawing desperately at it.

It's Izuko.

Oh God, no please. She thinks, horrified.

She must scream something but her words turn into uncontrollable sobs.

Then All Might arrives.

Again, everything is so quick she barely follows what happens. What she understands is this. A hero has come to save them.

As the villain is swept away by the sheer force of All Might's punch, Miyoko is finally released and can finally reach her friends. They are both unconscious.

She takes their pulses. They are alive.


In the following days, journals would publish this photo: a sobbing girl holding a blonde boy close. They would refer them as the sludge villain victim and the girl who tried to save him.

They don't report what she hissed at them.

"You fucking shit heroes. You can't even save one kid. Useless idiots."

Not her best diplomatic moment, she has to admit. But they did not save Katsuki.

(No one mentions Izuko.)


Later, after she has called both hers and Katsuki's parents, after a doctor has declared they are both fine, after they both denied being in a state of shock (why do they keep putting this fucking blanket on me? wants to know Katsuki), after a lengthy discussion with her parents about the danger of throwing herself at a villain, Miyoko is in her room, when she hears a knock on her window.

Her house and Katsuki's are next to each other, separated only by a line of bushes and a single Japanese Silver Grass, a sturdy old tree that is bridge between Miyoko's room and Katsuki's. If they want to see each other all they have to do in hop on one of the tree's resilient branches and knock at the other's window.

They have been doing this since they were children.

As such, she is not surprised to see Katsuki behind her windowframe. Her heart for some reason is pounding in her chest. She is glad he has come, he saved her the trip.

She gets up from the bed and opens the window, letting him in.

He's on his pajamas. The one with the small explosions she has given him two Christmases ago. It's too small on him now.

She feels tears gather in the corner of her eyes. Katsuki walks away from the window until he's right in front of her. His eyes are red and warm.

Why? Why does it feel like he's trying to console her? She wasn't the one who was held hostage by a villain. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why is she crying?

Katsuki doesn't quite look at her, as he slowly takes her into his arms, his hold so gentle she is quivering, "Shitty Miyoko, why the hell are you crying?"

Oh, he's also calling her by name. She starts crying for real.

"How dare you?" she manages to say, between hiccups, "Almost getting yourself fucking killed in front of me? You, bastard."

He grunts, gently rubbing her back, "The hell? I had everything under control."

"I couldn't save you," she sobs. "No one could. Those shitty heroes. Fucking useless, the lot of them." She takes a breath, "I never want to be like them. I want to be a real hero."

"Stupid," he murmurs, his lips brushing her forehead. They are practically hugging now, he has his arms around her, his chest against her, as she grips him like a lifeline. "Then fucking train for it."

She reckons this is the wisest thing Bakugo Katsuki has ever said.


The next day she looks at herself in the mirror after bathing. Her dark, long hair are shining and healthy, her tanned skin is luminous and her thin lips are slightly red. She doesn't look any different, except for her eyes. Now they glow with awareness and purpose.