Hiya, Well, after Will and Sonny has left Salem for Arizona, I got the idea to write, A New Beginning.

This story dos not follow the curent or any specific story lines, from DOOL, and I don´t own any of the characters in this fic, and ect... and I do apologise in advance for any grammar and spelling errors, I do hope you will bear with me, as english is not my first language.

Hope you enjoy this Wilson story, as I do know, a lot of people already miss them on Days ( incl. Myself ;-) But do wish the boys all the best, this is not goodbye forever this is goodbye...for now.

Here we go...

Chapter 1.

Will looked to his side, to his two loves, Sonny who with his natural eager told Ari about what they saw on their way.

Will´ eyes had looked at the new surroundings going by outside the window of Alex car, Alex had picked them up at the airport, and now they were on their way to their home...their new home, in Arizona.

Will took a deep breath and felt the warm spread inside, he felt Sonny tight his grib on his hand and flashed his million dollar smile at him, God how he loved this man, loved his little family, and he would do anything to protect them.

" You okay ? Sonny asked as he leaned over to place a soft kiss to Will´s lips, Will closed his eyes, as he felt Sonny´s lips on his, allthough the kiss was sweet and brief, it still made Will bubbly inside.

" Will ? " Sonny asked again.

" Yes " Will said, " I am more than okay, I can´t wait to see our new home, and … " He was interrupted by Ari, who had a hard time sitting still, and kept asking when they were gonna be there.

" daddy you did put my swimsuit in my bag, didn´t you ? Ari asked, not taking her eyes from looking outside the window, at the world passing by.

Sonny lauged, as his arm squeezed around Ari´s shoulders.

" Yes, my sweetpea, your swimsuit is the first thing you will find when you look in your bag. " he said, as he and Will shared a smile.

" Thank you pappa, because, I can not wait to see cousin Jamie, Matty, Lily and Kiki, she said in one breath, as she finally took her eyes of the road and looked to her daddies, who sat beside her, her ponytale almost hitting Sonny in the face, as she turned her head fast, making Will chuckle, which earned a smile from Sonny.

" ooh we know sweetheart! " Will said, with a chuckle. Refering to, that she had been talking them an ear off, the whole day, telling them how much she missed her cousins, and couldn´t wait to see them and jump in the pool...like nonstop.

" believe me, we all know ! " Alex joined in, with a smile in his voice, from behind the wheel.

" And let me just tell you, that uncle Vic, is gonna be there too, with aunt Michelle, Ashley too, and Matty and Kiki, and they all look forward to see you too, and that counts for jamie and Lily to, they both have not been sleeping much last night, because they are so looking forward to you guys moving here, so they can see you all the time. "

Ari squealed in her seat and clapped her hands, and told her uncle Alex, that she too was so happy they were moving here.

After a quick lunch, Sonny and Will took of with Alex and Vic,they had had offered to help them with the moving, while Michelle and Ashley would stay there with the kids. They would help with the heavy furniture, which was not many, since they wanted to buy some new stuff for their new home later on.

Ari, we will be back in a few hours okay ? Will said to Ari, which did not seem to hear him, as she and her cousins were busy jumping into the pool, time and time again. Sonny and Will hadn´t mention to Ari that she now had a pool of her own, they wanted her to see it with her own eyes.

" Arianna ! " Will said a bit louder, hope he now would get through to his daugther.

" YES, Daddyy ! But can´t I stay here, if Uncle Alex and Aunti Ashley says it´s okay ? "

" You don´t want to see your new home, your new room ? " Will asked.

" Yes, but I can see it tomorrow...ooh daddy please say yes ! "

Will looked at Sonny and then to Ashley.

He said in a low voice, that Ari could not her, not that she probably would anyway, she and her cousins were having so much fun, playing around in the pool.

" Listen, don´t worry, we will be back in a few hours, and then... "

he was interrupted by ashley, who said.

" Listen Will, it´s okay, she is a joy to have here, and she has been missed, if it´s okay with you and Sonny, she can stay the night . "

Will smiled, looked to Sonny, waiting for him to have his saying. Sonny smiled at him, nodding his answer.

" okay, but only If it´s no problem for you, then I know she would be thrilled to hang with you guys, and then Sonny and I can get all the things in and in place. "

" pefect ! " Ashley said.

" call us, if theres´any problems ! " Both Sonny and Will said.

" Will do, " Ashley said, and leaned forward giving Will a hug.

" she will be fine, and you are just around the corner, I love this, finally have you guys here ! She hugged him tight, then turned to Sonny, giving him a big hug too, which Sonny returned and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

" Thank you, just call us, if she needs anything, okay ?! "

" will do, now go, I can see Alex and Vic are about to drag you out, if you don´t get a move on " she laughed.

They walked in front of the house, since it was basically just around the corner, there was no need to take the car. The moving van, just pulled up at the driveway at the same time they arrived.

Alex and Vic went to the van, as Will took Sonny´s hand, taking them up the few stairs to the front door, he then fished the keys out of his pocket, and before he could put the key into the lock, Sonny took them from his hand, putting the key in the lock, turned, and open the door, then turning to Will, bent his knees a little, bringing his arms around Will´s leg, lifting him up, taking Will by suprise. Will´s hands went insticktly around Sonny´s neck, while saying :

" Sonny, put me down, you are crazy, put me down...now ! " he said stern but still you could hear the smile in his voice.

" please baby, let me, carry you over the treshold, please, I have been dying to do this, please let me?! "

Will stilled in his arms, smiled at him, peck his sweet lips, and let Sonny carry him over, their new home, their new beginning.

It was a quarter to seven, when Will and Sonny closed the door, after thanking Vic and Alex for all their help.

Pizza, soda and beers still on the table, they were pretty happy that they had most of the furniture in place, the most important thing was, Ari´s bed and her stuff, now all packed up and put in place, ready for her to come home.

" Ari is so gonna love it here ! "

Sonny said after he closed the door after his brothers, joining Will on the couch, hand going behind Will´s neck, softly massaging him, leaning back, next to Will.

Will let out a soft sigh, closing his eyes, at the gentle touch, looking to his side, locking eyes with Sonny´s.

" yeah, I know she will, heck, she already does, and she practicly lives door to door with her cousins, she for sure is gonna love it here ! "

He smiled as he took Sonny´s hand, brushing his lips softly across his knockles, giving them serveral small kisses.

Sonny smiled, he sat up right, turned, so his legs were on the couch,and he was now facing Will.

" you still worried, ain´t you ? " he asked.

Will looked down and then turned to Sonny.

" yes, I guess I am, a little, you know. I am worried about Gabi, I am worried about you and Ari, these guys, what if they finds out that Ari is here, what if they find us, what if..."

Sonny interrupted him, " Listen Will, they won´t, they think Ari is with her family in Mexico, they have no idea, that she is here, thats the joy of having a private jet in the family, Sonny smile, leaning forward, capturing Will´s lips.

Will leanes into the kiss, into his embrace, letting Sonny deepening the kiss.

Will was the first to let go of Sonny´s lips, breathing heavy against his lips, leaning his forhead against Sonny´s.

" mmm..." Sonny said as he once again cought Will´s lips, and then softly and lazy kissed him, his arms tightening around Will´s waist, pulling him closer.

" come on baby, let´s go to bed. "

Sonny said while chasing Will´s lips, as Will leaned back.

He chuckled, " Let me just call Ashley, to hear how Ari is ..." he said, as he stood, to find his phone.

" ahhh! " Sonny complained, as he laned his head back against the pillows on the couch.

" patience ! " Will said as he put the phone to his ear, blinking at Sonny.

Which just make Sonny groan.

" Perfect, so she is all good ?... great, okat, thanks again, we´ll be there tomorrow morning...will do, see you, bye- "

Will put the phone down.

Sonny straightened up on the couch. Hands on his thighs,

" So she is good, everything went fine ? "

" yep, all good, they had so much fun, swimming, had pizza as well for dinner, and now they are all fast asleep. "

" okay, can we go upstars now then...please.. ? " Sonny said as he stood.

Will laughed his deep beautiful laugh, that makes Sonny´s heart beat a little faster, every time.

- God how, he loves that laugh.

Will put his hand forward for Sonny to take, Sonny looks at him, smile, let Will pull him to his feet.

" come on tiger, let´s go to our new bedroom " Will says as he leads the way.

Sonny let Will lead him, and as they go the the stairs, Sonny ask in a hopeful voice

" can I carry you to our bedroom ? "

Will turnd his head.

" not a chance, I want t you to save your strenght ! "

They both laugh as they race up the stairs.

They lay in eachothers arms, catching their breath, Sonny carresing Will´s arm, which is drapped over his middle, his breath thickle his ear, Their legs intwined.

" I love you so much, "

Will says softly into the semy dark room, the moon high on the sky.

Sonny turns his head, kisses Will´s forhead.

" I love you too ! "

" you happy we came here ? "

Sonny ask, and Will can hear the slight nervousness in his voice.

" Will moves closer, pulls his legs over Sonny´s, his hand goes to Sonny´s cheeks, makes him look at him, carresing his jaw, his lips.

" Yes, I am happy we moved here, are you ? "

Sonny kiss Will´s finger, that traces his lips.

" yes, yes baby, I am, and as long as I have you and Ai with me, I am happy where ever we are, as long as we are together. And nothing...nothing is ever gonna take you away from me again ! "

Will leanes forward and kiss his lips.

" God I love you so much Sonny, I never tought I could love you anymore than I already do, but every day, I love you more ! "

Sonny feels the warmth fills his entire body, his heart beat a littlle faster and he feels the tears in his eyes, and he can hear them in Will´s voice too.

" Ooh baby, me too, me too, I love you so so much ! "

They fall asleep in eachothers arms, as the night comes and the only sound there is, is their soft breaths in the dark.