Authors Note: This is my new fic that I will be doing alongside "Until death do us part." This fic is set on the 29/11/13 (Carla's hen night.) Please tell me what you think and enjoy! x

Chapter 1

The bistro was booming, the hen night was in full swing and the drinks were flowing, well all except for Carla. She had had 2 drinks all night unlike the factory lot who had been taking advantage of the boss paying for the drinks. Carla hadn't been feeling great all day she had felt sick and really faint but refused to ruin her special night. Suddenly the roaring bistro was overthrown by a painful screeching which echoed throughout Carla's ears, her vision hazed and her head felt heavy like bricks were attached to her.

"Chell-" Was all Carla could whisper before collapsing onto the floor, spilling her drink all over.

"Carla!" Michelle shouted diving to the floor, picking her head up gently and laying it on her knee, "Carla can you here me sweetheart?"

"I don't think she has had that much, 2 glasses if that, she's been really quiet," Sean spoke up in shock looking at his boss lying on the floor.

Nick came over with a blanket which was kept in the office and lay it over her, "Do you want me to ring anyone?" He asked Michelle.

"Erm ... yeah can you get ... erm Peter and rob and call an ambulance," Michelle stuttered moving the hair out her best friends face.

"Ok," Nick replied walking away but as he picked the phone up Carla's eyelids fluttered open, she started mumbling something. Leanne came over with a glass of water which Michelle gratefully accepted.

"Don't speak sweetheart," Michelle put the glass of water on Carla's lips prompting her to take a drink, "An ambulance is on its way, someone will get Peter to meet us."

"No I'm fine, can we just go home, I don't want Peter knowing," Carla stressed.

"We don't have to tell Peter but we at least need to get you to the hospital," Michelle persuaded as Carla finally nodded her head and Nick made the phone call for the ambulance.

Carla slipped in and out of consciousness as the ambulance crew loaded her into the back with Michelle.

"What's her name and age?" The paramedic asked Michelle calmly.

"Erm ... Carla, Carla Connor she's 37," Michelle replied constantly staring at her friend.

At the hospital, Carla and Michelle were taken to a room where the Doctors did various tests and were waiting on the results.

"How you feeling now?" Michelle questioned Carla.

"Better, no one told Peter or Rob, did they?" Carla said anxiously.

"No I made sure to tell everyone not to tell anyone as we were leaving don't worry, Carla wh-" But Michelle was interrupted by the doctor coming in holding a clipboard.

"Well we have had a look at your results," The doctor started, "So we have found out the reason for your collapse is that you ar pregnant."

"What!" Carla exclaimed grabbing tightly onto Michelle's hand.

"Yes and you are quite far along, it is looking like 25 weeks. Obviously you are smaller than others when 6 months pregnant but I can reassure you nothing is wrong. I will leave you to digest the news and will be back later to transfer you to a midwife," The doctor added before walking out.

"Thanks." Carla called not able to muster up many words.

"Carla, how you feeling?" Michelle asked Carla who was in shock.

"I don't know I am happy cause I did want to start a family but worried ... I was drinking," Carla fretted turning to her best friends tears pooling in her eyes.

"Hey its going to be ok yeah, you can book a scan and the doctor would have said something if there was anything to worry about," Michelle rubbed Carla's hand starring at the women.

"Yeah, I am am actually happy hu. Do you think Peter will be ok, I mean we were talking about starting a family?" Carla asked.

"He will be fine and you will make great parents, I promise," Michelle reassured Carla.

"Thanks Chelle, I just wanna get home now," Carla breathed.

"Won't be long and then we can get you home and start preparing for tomorrow, you are going to have the best day. When are you going to tell him?" Michelle exclaimed excitably.

"Tomorrow I think after the ceremony, a nice little surprise to go with our special day," Carla smiled.

Carla had been up since 5 am which she couldn't tell whether it was due to nerves or excitement but when Maria arrived to do her makeup and hair pure happiness and delight took over her body.

"So what look are you wanting to go for Car?" Michelle questioned pouring two glasses of prosecco and one non-alcoholic glass of prosecco slyly without Maria noticing.

"Erm I think just a natural look and then I want my hair in tight curls, if that's ok with Maria?" She responded sipping at her drink as Maria lay everything out on Rovers back room table.

"Whatever the gorgeous bride wants the bride gets," Maria chimed making everyone giggle.

Once everyone's hair and make up was finished, it was time to get Carla in her dress.

"Come on then you time to get this dress on," Michelle smiled helping Carla of the couch.

"Ok," Carla grinned but suddenly her expression changed and let in closer to Michelle and whispered, "Chelle I think I am going to be sick."

"Ok that's fine babe, its normal. Can you get upstairs?" Michelle reassured her.

"Aha, cover for my with Maria please," Carla started gagging as she made her way upstairs as quick as she could.

"Where's Carla gone?" Maria asked Michelle coming out the kitchen.

"Oh just went to the little girls room before she gets that dress on," Michelle laughed slightly, "Do you wanna go and get her shoes, we left them in the car last night by accident?"

"Yeah sure and tell Carla to hurry up the cars going to be here soon."

As soon as Maria got outside, Michelle went to check on Carla. She reached the bathroom door and found her slumped against the seat of the toilet.

"Hey babe," Michelle crouched down next to her and moved her hair behind her ears, "How you feeling?"

"Sick and tired but better than I did 2 minutes ago," Carla admitted.

"That's good, you ok to stand up?" Michelle proposed as Carla nodded grabbing onto her friends hands for support.

After sorting her hair out, both women stepped out the bathroom and towards Michelle's bedroom to get ready. By the time the car arrived, Carla was looking a bit more alive and ready to go. All three women got in the car and began their journey to the venue where Peter and the guests were waiting, it wasn't a long journey to the venue of the wedding, only around 10 minutes. As the limo arrived in the gates, Carla's nerves heightened dramatically.

"Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening," Carla shrieked excitably.

"Well you des-"

Suddenly, the thick ice which was lying on the floor stopped the brakes from halting the limo and it crashed straight into the room which Carla and Peter ceremony was held in. The limo sped straight through the large window and straight into the room full of guests, the chandelier came plummeting from the ceiling and landed straight onto of the car. The room was dark and silent, only the slow drip of petrol from underneath the car could be heard...