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Chapter 2

Drip ... Drip ... Drip

A screeching sound came hurtling towards the venue, ambulances had turned up as well as the police and fire brigade. As the emergency services came closer some guests started to awake.

"Can anyone hear me?" Maria whimpered

"Maria is that you? Michelle replied quietly putting her hand up against a cut on her head.

"Yeah, what happened?" Maria questioned

"I don't know but whatever it was it was something big. Are you ok?" Michelle struggled with the seatbelt as she made her way out of it.

"I think I might have broken my arm but apart from that, I think I am alright. Are you?" Maria explained

"I've got a cut on my head but I think I'll be ok," Michelle said until panic suddenly set in, "Wait, Carla, Carla, can you hear me?"

After about a minute of Carla not responding Michelle turned to Maria who were both now untangled from their seatbelts.

"Maria, can you go and see if anyone can come and help or if anyone is awake, Carla's 6 months pregnant and it might of affected the baby."

"Oh my god, I'm sure its fine, I'll go and try and find someone now," Maria tried to reassure the raven haired women.

Maria tried to step out of the limo and dodge the glass, by the time she got out paramedics were shouting from the large window were the limo had came speeding through less than an hour ago. As she began to walk towards them dodging the sharp objects and glass on the floor she heard the dripping coming from under the car. She picked up the pace and when she finally got to paramedics she practically screamed at the top of her voice about the dripping of what she believed to be petrol under the car and Carla being unconscious in the limo pregnant. One of the paramedics took Maria to get checked over as another 12 went inside the building to help everyone they could.

"Paramedics are here, is anyone awake and in need of help," One paramedic called out.

"Hello, I need help over here!" Steve shouted waking up and seeing Rob lay next to him stuck half under the chandelier and half under the limo.

3 paramedics rushed over to see Rob and ask Steve if he knew who he was, "Hi my name is Chelsea, this is Mark and Lily. Do you know his name?"

"Hi, yeah its Rob Donovan, he's got a sister Carla Connor but she was in the limo with her bridesmaid and maid of honour, my girlfriend, I am not sure where they are," Steve raced nervously.

"Ok as soon as we can we are going to get him lifted out and taken to hospital, are you ok?"

"Yes I think so but when I woke up and I was waiting I heard dripping coming from underneath the limo, I think it might be petrol," Steve stated.

"Yes don't worry we are aware and are going to get everyone out and to safety as quick as possible. If you make your way over to the window where the flashing lights are coming from and we can get you checked over properly, are you ok to stand and walk?" Chelsea asked.

"Aha, please make sure Carla and Michelle are safe," Steve begged.

"We will try out best, try and make your way out as safe and quick as you can," Chelsea replied as Steve made his way over to the window where the emergency services were parked outside.

Meanwhile, Michelle was still trying wake Carla up and after about 5 minutes of trying Carla suddenly arose with loud cry.

"Carla, sweetheart can you hear me?" Michelle questioned grabbing her best friends hand.

"Chelle, it hurts," Carla cried looking at Michelle.

"Where?" but Carla didn't answer she just cried, "Carla I need to know where."

"The ... baby," Carla sobbed struggling to breathe.

"Alright Carla someone is going to come ok, just keep breathing," Michelle replied jumping up and making her way out the limo.

"I need some help!" Michelle shouted as 2 paramedics came rushing over.

"What's wrong?" The paramedic asked.

"It's my friend she's 25 weeks pregnant and she is in loads of pain," Michelle explained to the paramedics as they followed her to where Carla was lay.

"What's her name?"

"Carla," Michelle replied going to Carla side and kissing her head, "Its all going to be ok darling, the paramedics are here now."

"Hello Carla I hear your pregnant, do you know what you are having?" the paramedic asked softly.

"No, as long ... as its s ... safe I don't c ... care," Carla struggled clenching onto Michelle's hand as pain swiped through her body.

"Ok, well I'm Sarah and this is Lucy, is it ok if I have a look at the baby?" She asked calmly as Carla nodded her head.

"Ok so I can definitely say that you are in labour and are quite far along so it shouldn't be a long process," Lucy said as Sarah wrote some notes down.

"Is it going to be ok its really early," Carla fretted.

"It should be fine it's obviously premature but once the baby is here we will get you both to the hospital, we will try to be as quick as possible so try not to worry."

"Chelle, I want peter, where is he?" Carla cried as she pulled Michelle close.

"I don't know babe but right now you just focus on that beautiful baby of yours. Everything will be just fine," Michelle reassured Carla pushing the hair out of her face.

Carla let out a ear piercing scream as another contraction swept through her body.

"Come on Carla it's nearly here!" Sarah called as tears started pouring down Carla's stressed face.

"Do you have any names Car?" Michelle tried to distract her friend and wiped Carla's tears with her spare hand.

"Erm .. I haven't had much time to think about ... it but erm ... I like C ... Coby for a little boy," Carla replied breathing heavy.

"That's lovely, what about a little girl?"

"I like K ... Keeva," Carla said gripping on tighter to Michelle's hand.

"Car, they are both lovely."

"Ok Carla baby is nearly here, just a little longer," Lucy explained.

Another contraction went over Carla body as she let a loud scream. Suddenly a small baby was placed on her chest a loud whimper coming from its mouth which melted Carla's heart instantly.

"Well done Carla you've got a little girl," Sarah grinned at the mother and daughter.

"Congratulations Car, you're going to be a great mum to that gorgeous girl!" Michelle exclaimed looking at the mother and daughter scene in awe.

"Right we are going to get you and your daughter out as quick as we can as it is an emergency, so Lucy is going to take your daughter but she will be completely fine, is that ok?" Sarah asked as Carla nodded tearfully.

"Michelle isn't it?" Sarah asked while Lucy picked the little girl up off Carla's chest.

"Yeah it is," Michelle replied smiling at the paramedic.

"Would it be ok if you made your way outside if you feel ok to do that, just while we get Carla on the stretcher then we will bring her out."

"Yeah that's fine, I'll see you outside darling, ok?" She said turning to Carla and kissing her head before making her way outside.

As she got outside she saw Peter and Steve standing next to most of the other guests. She made her way quickly over to Steve and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Are you ok Chelle?" Steve asked his girlfriend holding her close.

"Yeah I am now, erm Peter I need you to know something so you don't freak out when she comes," Michelle began turning to Peter who was stood next to them, "Carla was 25 weeks pregnant she was going to tell you today after the ceremony as a gift. The only reason she hadn't told you sooner is because she only found out yesterday. When she woke up in the limo she was in loads of pain, the paramedics came and it turned out due too the impact of the crash she was in labour. So she gave birth and everything is fine, obviously the baby is early but everything looks good. They are just about to bring Carla and the baby out." Michelle explained watching Peter's expression change immediately.

"You mean I'm a dad?" He questioned as Michelle nodded grinning, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

"A gorgeous little girl."

"Oh wow, I can't believe it!"

"Where's Rob?" Michelle asked turning around looking for him.

"He's in that ambulance," Sean pointed towards the an ambulance.

"What's wrong is he alright?" Michelle exclaimed turning towards Steve.

"They are trying their best to get him to come round but the chandelier fell on him when it came crashing down," Steve explained holding Michelle close as she let out little cries ever so quietly.

About 1 minute later, Carla came out of the building on a stretcher with her little girl in the paramedics arms. She was rushed to the ambulance but just as she was about to get in the ambulance paramedics and firefighters came running out the building shouting for everyone to get back.

Seconds later, bang! Flames came charging from the open window where the limo had crashed through, glass shattering and flying everywhere. Peter and Michelle rushed over to the ambulance where Carla had been hurried into when the venue exploded.

"Only one of you can come," The paramedic explained.

"You go, I'll go with Rob," Michelle said turning to Peter and then rushing over to the ambulance Rob was in as firefighters tackled the some flames which were still lingering about after the explosion.

"Rob, what's happened to Rob?" Carla fretted taking the oxygen mask off.

"Put that back on love, he's fine I promise," Peter explained smiling at Carla, "I here I have got a beautiful daughter."

"Yeah you have," Carla smiled softly, "Are you ok with it?"

"Ok with it, baby I'm over the moon!"

"Are you ok?" He asked holding her hand.

"It was a shock but I couldn't be happier!" She exclaimed.

Once at the hospital, Carla got checked over and was then put in a room on one of the wards, Peter by her side.

"Do you recon Rob is ok?" Carla asked Peter holding his hand as she sat up slightly in bed.

"I think he-" But he was interrupted by Michelle knocking on the door.

"Hiya babe, how are you?"

"I'm alright, how's Rob?" Carla asked gripping Peter's hand.

"Well it's good news, he's came round!"

"Oh thank god!"

"He must be a fighter like his big sis!" Michelle grinned going to sit the other side of Carla, "So how is she?"

"Well she can't come home until she can breathe on her own obviously but considering she is premature she is doing really well apparently, which is really good!" Carla exclaimed grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"I'm so pleased Car, so does my little niece have a name?" Michelle asked impatiently.

"Yes, we both liked the name Keeva so..." Carla paused dramatically making Michelle chuckle, "Her full name is Keeva Michelle Barlow."

"Oh Car, you didn't have too!" Michelle said tearfully.

"Chelle you are my best friend and I don't know what I'd have done these last couple of years. We might have our ups and downs but I love you so much, you aren't just a best friend to me, your my sister and I wouldn't want our little princess to have any other name!" Carla replied as the two friends hugged both tearful.

About an hour later Michelle left to go home and said she would be back in the morning with some clothes for Carla. Pater was lay with Carla on the bed holding her close when Carla spoke up.

"Well I guess it starts here doesn't it?"

"Yeah it does baby, and you are going to be the best mum to Keeva, I know you are!"

"And you will make the best dad, we are going to be a right little family aren't we?"

"That we are sweetheart, I love you Carla Barlow!"

"I love you too Peter Barlow!"