Summary: After his death and killing Madara, Naruto was given a second chance and reborn into a new world. Now, Naruto or Nathaniel vi Britannia shall become Zero and is determined to eradicate the world's corruption, no matter is within Britannia, Japan, China, or the EU. Zero will see it through and have the world in peace.

Rated M for Mature


Naruto or Nathan will be different as Zero like Optimus Prime & Batman personals and yes few other main villains will be Zero's Megatron to his Optimus.

More victories over Cornelia which prompts some of the knights of rounds too early appearance.

Better relationship with Black Knights as Nathan (Naruto) doesn't treat them as tools. They trust and are very loyal to him.

Nunnally will take an active role with the magical doll Nemo and gets Mark Nemo.

Suzaku Bashing, yes he will be Nathan/Zero Megatron.

Crossover: Naruto, Code Geass, Some Gundam, and few Transformers Elements


Chapter 1 Rebirth of a Hero

Yakudou - Maaya Sakamoto: Opening Theme

"Are you ready, Naruto?" An old man asked.

"I am ready," The hero of the Fourth Great Ninja War said.

"Very well but remember. This new life will be unlike anything you ever expected. Where you seek happiness, a dark cloud will threaten it. This world is trapped within a cycle of hatred and only you can end it," The Sage of the Six Paths said before a flash of white light hits the blonde and start his new/second life.

Naruto took their words to heart but didn't fully believe it, most of it that are. He understands the old man giving him the warning as this new world might be very dangerous but he won't push people away as he believes that true strength comes from protecting those you care about.

Naruto closed his eyes as a white flash blast him and sends him to a new world, a new adventure awaits.

Years Later in the New World

A pair of mix colored eyes open up from an odd and yet familiar dream again. His eyes had two different colors, the upper is ocean or sky blue and the lower is sapphire purple. His hair was sun-kissed blonde with some black streaks as the night in it, not much but some to be noticed at the close. He wore a white shirt and black boxer shorts for the night but now it's time to wake up. He had the body of a train olympian runner and someone that might have been in war. This was Nathaniel Lamperouge or a long time ago Nathaniel vi Britannia, or Nathan for short.

Nathan sighed as he rubbed his eyes and get up for another day at school. He went to the bathroom while grabbing his clean uniform for the academy and start his shower up.

As the hot water hit his skin and washing up, Nathan started to remember everything that happened to him in this new life and his long-ago past.

Nathan knows at one life he was Naruto Uzumaki the holder of the Nine Tail Beast and hero of the Great Ninja War to many other titles. It seems after dying of old age, the Sage of the Six Paths offered the blonde a chance of a new life and he took it without a second thought. Why? A good question and the young man still wonder about that question but matters not now as he chooses to live for both things.

Nathan choice to live in the past and live for the future. He will learn from the mistakes of his past to make and live for a future he and others can be happy in.

This life was very interesting.

Nathan was born as the firstborn son of Empress Marianne vi Britannia who is the Knight of Six or later becomes the Knight of Two and Emperor Charles zi Britannia.

Nathan is a very interesting child very being smart and many saw great things within him for his young age as he shows great interest in certain things. He will often play chess which showed his genius, study Knightmare to either build or pilot them which got some attention on that, battle strategy and swordsmanship.

Again, an interesting child but Nathan is not your normal day kid growing up.

Nathan had great bonds with his family, some of them were good while the others were mixed or not close.

Nathan could remember the day he held his baby sister in his arms, Nunnally, and vowed to protect that smile she showed to him.

The mix-haired teen even meets a few of his half-siblings and one of them was Euphiema which reminds her personality to remind him of Hinata's to a degree. And later form a great with his older half-sister Cornelia as well.

Nathan and Nunnally were raised well by their loving mother who always felt at peace and happy with her children, her pride, and joy in life.

However good and happiness don't last forever as Nathan learns the hard way when his mother was killed and sister crippled/blinded by an assassin that got past the guards.

To this day, Nathan is still finding hard to believe that someone got in and had a few days but push that aside and focus on what matters now.

Nathan trun the shower off after getting clean up and dry himself off. He sighed, pushing any bad memories away and did his best to remember the good ones.

Nathan always wonders why he felt at peace and his soul close to someone every time he thinks about that faithful day. It always becomes replaced with the strong feelings to protect his sister and memories of his mother flashes to him. He wonders about that, nothing bad but a good thing and will remember it.

Nathan remembers when the time came when both he and Nunnally was sent to Japan as bragging chips while having their rank and title being stripped away. They haven't done anything wrong but this made a new level of hate towards the bastard that sent them away.

Nathan and Nunnally meet new people in Japan which wasn't all bad. Nunnally became friends with a girl close to her age and both bonds very well. Nathan had a friend but not so anymore and moving on. He did later meet a great teacher who taught him well and more swordsmanship skills to master now.

Then came the war that Britannia launched onto Japan which later became Area 11 and was a long road to go by.

The pain, bloodshed being spilled, gory of seeing people being killed too men, women, & children, and so much hate.

Nathan shook his head, pushing those troubling thoughts away and remember his sister which made him smile as he got in his school uniform for school, Ashford Academy.

The Ashford family were once a noble family but were taken down by other nobles for supporting Nathan's mother and almost the whole family was gone. But not quite as it was thanks to the current head of the family who is in charge of the academy and another who is the mix-haired teen's childhood/best friend.

Nathan was soon all dress up for school while having an orange scarf wrap around his neck, standing out from the rest and many know that. A gift that his sisters Nunnally and Euphie made for him on his birthday which he never took it off and almost keep it close to him.

Once getting his school bag and books, Nathan then walks out of his room and gets ready for another day while not knowing that the next following days will change. The change will come and the young man will need to be ready for the storm. He must be ready to command it and be ready to act as soon he has can as he will change the world one day.

The power to change the world was coming and will soon arrive for our hero.


Naruto/Nathan's Bio

"Freedom is the right for all life, that means everyone." In one of Zero's speaks.

Nathaniel vi Britannia


Naruto Uzumaki (First Life/Former)

Nathaniel Lamperouge (Cover-up but birth name)

Nathan (By his family and friends)

Big Brother (By Nunnally)


The Masked Knight of Justice, The Voice/Soul of Freedom, The Masked Man of Miracles, Best Knightmare Pilot, The Ace, The Black Flash, The Black Knight of Justice, and The Black King (As Zero)

Son of the Flash

Age: 17 (R1). 18 (R2)

Hair Color: Blonde with some black

Eye Color: Upper Blue & Lower Purple (Normal). Red (Geass)

Family Relatives:

Naruto Uzumaki (Past Life but was given a second chance at life)

Charles zi Britannia (Father)

Marianne vi Britannia (Mother)

Nunnally vi Britannia (Younger-Sister)

V.V. (Uncle)

Imperial Royal Family

Powers and Abilities:

Peak Human Condition: Nathan trained for years to make sure his mental and physical were high to be ready for the wars/battles coming.

Master of Martial Arts: Trained by Toddoh and later on Sayako.

Master Stealth

Master Swordsman


Expert Pilot

Geass: Absolute Density Shift (Nightmare Nunnally)


Zero Uniform: Some areas bulletproof and helmet with different tech to help Nathan on the field.


Ninja Tools

Knightmares/Gundams: Inspired by his mother to become a great Knightmare pilot and received training from her before her death, Nathan is an ace that could rival the Knights of the Round and showing that he is the Son of the Flash. He even had training at a young age from not only his mother but some members of Round like the Knight of One and Nonette and few others.


"If the King doesn't lead, then how he can expect his followers to follow him."

"One shall stand, one shall fall."

"Let's roll!"

"I never wanted war. You are wrong!"

"There's more then meets the eye."

"Not all Britannia is evil. Some don't even know what's going on and don't mind the corruption. Our fight will focus on corruption which is not in Japan but also the whole world and one day have all of them together to face cancer that is holding us back to our future unfold. There are people out there, much like ourselves who are fighting the corruption or afraid to fight back and have much to learn, but I have seen good in them. Freedom is everyone's right."

"With Britannia growing every day, our battles will get even harder now. While I don't believe in fate but it has yielded its reward and give us the things we are fighting for. Hope and a new home for us all. We fight for the will and freedom of the people of those who don't want the corruption or nobles around anymore. We will protect them and together strive for our future without cancer holding us back. I have witnessed my allies and others' capacity for courage. Though we are worlds apart, like us, there's more to them then meets the eye. I am Zero and I send this message to any surviving or growing rebels that are fighting for the same future. We are here, we are waiting."

"Within those memories, we live on."

"Time to find out...You didn't betray me...You betray yourself."

"In any war, there are calms between storms. There will be days when we lose faith, days when our allies turn against us, but the day will never come that I forsake my ideals, anyone I care about or the place that we fought for."

Theme Songs:

The Touch

Till All Are One

The Reckoning

Left Outside Alone




Naruto/Nathan x Harem: CC, Milly, Euphemia, Cornelia, Shirley, Kallen, Kaguya, Lacus (Euphie's twin), Lalah Sune (Rakshata test pilot), Cagalli Yula Athha (Leader of the EU), Jeanne Rowe, and All-Female Knights of the Round.

Rest TBA, up to ideas for any girls in Code Geass and any Gundam Series. Need reasons how they fall Naruto, rather than just say they are hot.

Other Pairings TBA