Chapter 3 Future Knights Part 1

Who We Are (Red)

We still see our hero, now wearing black armor, and awaken the power that was given to him by an unknown woman but not so much. Nathan had met her during his childhood and remembers now thanks to her breaking the memory seal on his memories.

Nathan could remember one time waking up late at night for a drink of water and saw his mother talking to a stranger he never meets before which he found out later. His mother did introduce him to her friend name C.C. which was an odd name and meant something to him now as back then was hard to figure out.

The mix-haired teen had hung out with C.C. who at first wasn't sure but a certain knight pushes forward and finding it cute much to the lime-haired woman's torture. But they got along and things were great.

However, Nathan narrowed his eyes and see why he didn't remember C.C. at first to the feelings he felt. Before leaving Britannia to Japan, Emperor Charles had met him and done something to him. He couldn't recall it but remember the emperor's eyes shining red and memory command to forget about the Code Bearer.

And yes, now Nathan knows the nature of his supernatural powers to who this woman is due to his mother telling him on a faithful night and how she was going to help her friend. He too promises that too on the same night as well.

Nathan walked over to C.C., seeing her wounds were healing and alive. Out cold from the drugs and forming a contract with him, but alive and well. He reached down and pick her up carefully in his arms. He wasn't going to leave her here, no and now it was time to act. It is time to act and fight back now. In the name of freedom, he will take the battle to them now and make them pay for the crimes they have done in the ghetto.

Soon enough a large crash could be heard which caused Nathan to take cover with C.C. in his arms and hide behind a stone pillar for cover as he a Knightmare bursting in. From the looks of it, a Sutherland which is 5th Gen Knightmare that is on the mainline mass production of Knightmare Britannia's military forces.

This could work in the masked teen's favor.

In the Sutherland, Villetta Nu, a member of the Purebloods and was on the lookout. She looked through the ruined building and saw a lot of bodies but not the ones that cause the death of the guards.

Then all of a sudden, a black cloth-covered her face camera and Sutherland's face which blacked her screens in total darkness. Villetta grunted at this which she gets out of her Knightmare to remove the cloth herself as using the Knightmare's arms could risk hitting her own head and start the ejection seats.

Once, Villetta got out of the Suthlander and become shocked by the armored person standing on her Knightmare. She pulled out her pistol but knock out of her hands by the masked person with a slap to her hands.

Nathan narrowed his eyes at the Pureblood soldier in front of him and command his cape's blade whips to wrap around her throat, starting to choke her before pulling her towards him. He hummed in thought, wondering if he should kill her or not as saw no harm in not killing her but the risk later down the road.

"Screw it, I will deal with it when the time comes. Let's see if this works," Nathan thought, having his mind made up and want to test something out.

Nathan's right hand reach up and touched the soldier's cheeks, surprising her, and felt the whips around her neck was lessening up around her throat.

At first, Villetta felt cold and sacred but now feels surprisingly warm at this touch and then saw a red flash before her world went dark.

Nathan had used one of his Geass abilities, that something within him told to do. He sends a command through thoughts and told the Pureblood soldier a few commands. To sleep, wake up with no memory of ever meeting him and only to find her Knightmare stolen after she went out to check on the dead guards.

Nathan won't kill her but incapacitate her for the time being. He had a feeling that this might come back and bite him in the ass but he will deal with it when the time comes. But first thing first.

Nathan watched Villetta in his arms before jumping off the Sutherland and place her down. He then went back to get C.C. who he placed around the corner for safety and took her with him in Sutherland. He was lucky that he studies and knows how to pilot Knightmares. His teachers and mother would be proud of him for not letting his skills go rusty.

Nathan hummed in thought, thinking about his next plan of action and what to do next. He will have to contact the terrorist cell that brought him here unknown and is fighting for the people's freedom in this ghetto. He had a few ideas and would do them when the time comes.

As soon, the black knight rested his arm on the controls, sparks of lightning shock him all of a sudden. Not harming him but surprising him and wonder what was that.

Again that feeling within Nathan told him to relax and touch the controls again but this time image the ideal Knightmare for him to use and battle against his enemies. And he did that.

Nathan's hands were covered in red lightning and rune marks while his blade whips from his back attach themself to the Knightmare with the same red marks. The whole Sutherland was covered in red markings, changing and becoming something new for its new master to pilot.

And it was done.

The Sutherland now was completely black as night with upgrades. The shoulder pads were given better armor with sharp blades, armor hands/legs with that of a samurai/knight hybrid, chest armor was a knight-like with the same Geass symbol on it and sharp claws for the fingers. His battle rifle didn't change.

Nathan was impressed with this ability and could tell that his Geass has a great number of abilities. His Geass not only gives him armor and inhuman abilities but also thought commands and control/changing any objects to his will.

"Hmm, I wonder," Nathan said out loud as he piloted the arms of his Knightmare to reach out and grabbed a metal rod that was laying around.

The metal rod soon was covered in red markings and changed to a weapon of the Black Knight's choosing. It was now a katana with a holder and was perfect for our young knight to wield. He then placed the holder on his left hip and get moving. He has the battle to win and make his fallen brother pay for the crime he has done.


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