Now, only one of you guys actually showed any interest in this when I asked about it on The Overboss, but Imma write it anyway since I've already started. Here. Don't worry, this is just a teaser, so future chapters will be longer. This is going to be a lot tamer than my other stuff, hence the T rating, so if that's not your style, that's fine. You're under no obligation to read this.

Samma walked along the street of this new city, not many people paying attention to them. It surprised Emma, as they had yet to find any clothes to replace their suit, though SAM remained indifferent. The message they had received from the Ones told them to bring more sacrifices, though they weren't sure how. It would take a lot of work to reach Saturn, and they did not know how long it would take.

As they walked, Emma spotted an ATM of an unorthodox design, and SAM knew he could do something with it. At the same time, Emma knew as well, as they were both one and the same. She approached the device and rested her hand on the keypad, and within moments, SAM had full control over it, turning what little visible circuitry there was a vile green and brown, though leaving the outer parts unscathed. The screen began glitching heavily before calming and displaying an eye, the icon of SAM, as he dispensed some currency, plastic cards the machine's limited database called Lien, and she stored it in her pocket. The name piqued their curiosity, as there weren't any countries that called their currency by that name.

"We will need it." They said, Emma aloud and SAM within her mind. They looked around briefly before spotting a clothing store. The name was irrelevant, as they had the funds for a basic set of clothes. She entered, and the store clerk gave her a funny look, undoubtedly noticing her orange jumpsuit.

"Hey, can I help you with anything?" He asked, but she ignored him and walked into the aisles, looking for something inconspicuous. After some looking, they settled on a black t-shirt, jeans and a black hoodie. Something normal. She walked up to the clerk and set the neatly folded bundle of clothes.

"We'd like to purchase these." They spoke. Though he was weirded out by her, he figured she probably just had some sort of mental disorder, so he didn't bother her about it. He scanned them and the price came up.

"That's, uh, 30 Lien." Samma dropped the money on the counter, not needing to count it as SAM already knew it was the perfect amount, picked up the clothes and entered the changing room. As Samma changed, they exchanged a single line.

"We must learn where we are." They said to each other, Samma leaving the space suit on the floor. They needn't say any more, as they knew what to do. Once they had finished changing, they looked in the mirror at their outfit.

"It will do." They said. They then left, leaving behind the suit and exiting the store. They walked down the street once again, this time searching for a source of information. If they could find a device connected to the Internet, SAM could gather all knowledge at once, consequentially learning their location. As they walked aimlessly, they would look into alleys to see if there was anyone isolated they could use as their first victim. Eventually, they found a library, and entered to find it largely unoccupied, though that worked in their favor. They ignored the librarian's greeting, and instead made their way to the public computers. When they arrived, another curiosity made itself known. The computers here were far more technologically advanced than the ones they had used. Even the ones aboard the Observation had been leagues below these. SAM had a hypothesis, but they could not confirm it just yet.

Finding an empty seat, Samma sat down and booted up the computer. It came to a login screen, but it was inconsequential to the gift the Masters had gifted SAM with. They looked around to see if anybody was watching them, but the only soul in sight was an unconscious, bedraggled man slumped over at a computer. Emma could sense alcohol in his system, a gift for her. While SAM's gift was technological, her's was biological, though they didn't quite know the extent of her powers yet.

They placed their hand on the screen and SAM immediately took control. This time, there were no exposed wires, so the corruption wasn't immediately clear, but the screen still glitched all the same. SAM began the almost instantaneous process of sifting through all data on the internet, absorbing anything and everything not behind a firewall of some sort. He could handle it just fine, as he had been bolstered by the power of the Ones, but Emma didn't fare so well. Her weak human mind was having trouble keeping up with the sudden influx of information, and if anyone had been looking at her, they'd have assumed she was having a seizure. They wouldn't have been wrong.

SAM was astounded. He searched through everything more and more rapidly, taking every byte of information he could find at almost light speed. He saw everything, from Grimm records to historical events to even recent tragedies. EVerything was at his figurative fingertips. And as Emma's mind failed her and she began to fall unconscious, there was only one thought, shared only by SAM.

"This isn't Earth."

So! What did you think? I doubt many of you have actually played the game, and if you haven't, I strongly implore you to go do so. It's only, like, $30 on Steam, and I loved every minute of it. Anyway, let me know if you enjoyed it or not, and I'll, hopefully, see you lads next chapter. Take it easy, and have a good night.