Chapter 2-1

I've known for a long time that you were Black Cat, the Bringer of Bad Luck. I didn't know it at first but ever since we kissed at the funeral, the funeral of Barton The Goblin, I knew it was you. The familiar aura of the kiss alone was enough to make me realize that you were Black Cat this entire time. I am honored to have discovered your identity before you discovered mine.

David sneaks a peek at Felica.

And to keep this a secret from your Dad, who is a police captain. Talk about playing things pretty close to the chest.

After they've ordered their food, they sat in silence. David dug into his medium-rare steak and took sips of his soda without feeling shame. Felicia was being modest and trying not to make a mess as she took careful bites of her corn and salad.

About an hour later, they decided that it was time to go and they packed up what food they were taking in a to-go bag before standing up and leaving the restaurant. They stepped outside the front door and into the parking lot in the dead of night where cars were driving left and right in a slow manner to find parking spaces.

Now comes the moment of improvising. On dates, if the boy has a car then he is supposed to drive the girl home. I don't have a car and I don't want to reveal my alter-ego to my dashing and dazzling kitty cat just yet so I'm going to have to figure out an excuse.

He contemplates.

"Thanks, Spider."

David snapped towards Felicia, who was looking away with her head angled downward. As much as he enjoyed looking at the back of her head, he couldn't help but realize that she called him 'Spider', which was Black Cat's term of endearment for his alter-ego.

"What?" David asked nervously.

Felica looked back at him and put her phone in her pocket. "My father was in a car accident."

David feigned shock.

You don't say…

"Is he going to be alright?"

"Spider-Man saved his life."

He inwardly smirked.

You mean I saved his life.

"Makes you all the more grateful for the web-slinger, right," David said with a smirk.

"Spider-Man saves my father's life twice and I guarantee that he'll still want Spider-Man behind bars."

David put a hand on Felicia's shoulder. "What is your personal opinion on Spider-Man?"

Felica cringed at the touch but didn't pull her hand away. She looked down almost as if feeling guilty about something. "He's…"

She doesn't know that David and Spidey are one and the same. When she's in her costume, she is her true self but when she's Felica Hardy, like me, she has to put on a facade. She chose the tough girl facade so she'll most likely go for the tough-girl answer.

"I don't know what to think of him," she said, "He kills people but at the same time, he saves people's lives."

And not to mention that you're in a relationship with him.

"I would like to know who is under that mask," she said, "I find him to be kinda alluring." She faces him, "Just like how you are," she purred.

David's index finger twitched slightly.

Have I underestimated her? Does she know that David and Spider-Man are one and the same? Is it possible that she knows but like me, is keeping it a secret for herself? If only I could read minds then everything would be so much easier.

"What's wrong, Davey?"

"You called me alluring," he smiled, "That's a compliment, one which I humbly accept."

She grinned at him. "You're sly, you know that, Davey?"

"If I didn't know that, then I would be called 'Davey', would I?"

She chuckled.

Wow, I actually made her laugh… I'm winning. Pretty soon, she'll be my girlfriend. I will officially have two girlfriends. I'll have Felica Hardy and Black Cat and the best part is that they are both one and the same. It's a win-win for David Dante and Spider-Man.

He tucked his left hand in his pocket. "So, do you want me to drive you home, or do you want to take a cab?"

She looked at him. "You're not the chivalrous type. I already told my parents that I'm out with my friends and not on a date. I'll take a cab home."

"The whole point of this date was so we look normal to your cop father."

"True, but I wanted to have you all to myself without any parents to worry about us."

David's eyes went wide and so did his smile.

Wow, Party-Hardy has been amped up to eleven.

"The compliments just keep on coming and I thank you for it."

He suddenly remembers.

She said that she told her parents that she was hanging out with her friends. Her mother dropped her off so she would expect Felica to get dropped off in a cab. This works out perfectly for me because now I don't have to come up with an excuse as to why I don't have my car and how I got here walking.

He checked his wristwatch.

"It's getting late so we better get going." He grabs her shoulder again. "There's still one thing I need to do."

He pulls her in and presses his lips to hers.

Not as iconic as our upside-down kiss in the rain moment but I guess this will do.

Both kissers had their eyes closed and just let their instincts do the work for them. Felicia grabbed David's cheek and pulled him in harder, the taste of his lips making her shudder.

David thrust his tongue into her mouth, tasting the insides of her mouth before shuddering.

She's wearing lipstick, cherry lipstick.

He slowly pulls away from her and sighs heavily. He opens his eyes and looks down at her, towering over her by a foot and he likes it. He smirked before diving in for another kiss.

This is the real Felicia Hardy, Black Cat.


David was swinging home in his Spider-Man outfit. He swung over the bridge leading back to the Manhattan island and when he was back in his territory, he decided to take a quick stop. He jumped onto the edge of a building about twenty stories high and he moved over to the edge.

He sat down with his feet dangling over and sighed deeply.

What did Felica/Black Cat mean when she said that there is a new threat that I might not be able to take on? I defeated the Green Goblin. Could that FBI guy, Otto Octavius be the threat she mentioned? If so, I don't see how he's a threat. If the poh-lice can't catch me then the fibee can't catch me.

He rests his chin on his hand as he contemplates.

However, Felicia's kindergarten brother did mention that one FBI agent has a plan to capture Spider-Man. Granted, I don't know what it is. I should still take precautions. If I make one mistake then it is all over for me. All it takes is one tiny error and then it's the end for me.

Spidey stands up.

I got to find a way to keep track of the police and the FBI. I've already made direct contact with agents from both organizations so I need to come up with a plan to get information. If I can keep track of their investigation, I can stay one step ahead of Octavius's plan.

He jumps outwards and swings.

I may be a tactician but when it comes to computers, I'm no technician. I don't know how to hack into computers and I've never been to the police precinct before. I never wanted to visit the place of the people who were chasing me.

He clings to a wall.

I could probably use Felicia since she shares a direct connection to both the police and the FBI. I could probably try and get her to hack into her father's computer or leak information to me. However, to Felicia, Spider-Man does not know that Black Cat and Felica Hardy are the same person and David Dante does not know that Felicia is Black Cat. If David or Spider-Man asks Black Cat/Felicia to leak me information about the police investigation then she'll know that David Dante is Spider-Man for sure. Only David Dante could know that she is directly connected to the police force and the FBI.

He leaps off the wall.

I want to keep the fact that I know Felicia's biggest secret all to myself. She's someone hiding behind a mask every day such as I do except she has to live a double life while I have to live a triple life.

He swings in-between cars stuck in traffic.

Think, how do I keep track of the investigation? How am I supposed to get confidential police and FBI information?

An idea comes to his mind.

Of course, I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before.



David is in Manhattan and he walks over to a payphone. He plugs into two quarters into the slot and dials a familiar house phone number.

He listens to the sound of the ringtone impatiently before tapping his index finger against the bar.


David put on a smile even as he spoke through the phone.

"Eddie," he said, "How's my good friend doing?"

"This is the first time I've heard you call in a while man," he said, "And why are you calling from an unlisted number."

"I'm using a payphone," he said, "My phone is dead."

And I just got back from smacking dead two criminals.

"How have you been?" Eddie asked.

"Pretty good," David answered, "I was just calling to say that I know how much of a big fan you are of Spider-Man."

"I'm not a fan," Eddie rebutted, "I'm a supporter; There's a big difference. The police say that he is a murderer but that's not true. He's actually bringing justice to this city, the kind of justice that the law system couldn't enforce on its own."

"Yeah," David replied, "That's what I wanted to talk to you about." He tapped his index finger against the phone. "I was just calling to let you know that I discovered something interesting about Spider-Man."


I've got his interest.

"I hooked up with Felicia a few weeks back," he said, "I got to meet her parents, wonderful people."

"Okay," Eddie said, indicating that he was still listening but the tone he used was long and drawn out.

"Guess what, her father, Walter Hardy, is the captain of the police force chasing down Spider-Man. Not only that, but there's an FBI agent called Otto Octavius that is helping him out."

"Wait a second," Eddie suddenly said, "Otto Octavius, as in the Otto Octavius? Esteemed FBI agent who not only solved but captured some of the worst criminals in the Northeastern United States?"

If Eddie has heard of him then he must be more of a big shot then I thought.

"He's going to try and arrest Spider-Man," Eddie pieces the rest together.

"Yeah," David nodded, "I met him, seems like a nice guy."

"He's trying to get in Spider-Man's way. If Spider-Man is caught then they'll sentence him to death for sure. He's made New York a safer place. Sure, he kills criminals but only violent criminals during active crimes. He also saves people's lives in a time of crisis, regardless of whether they're a civilian or cop."

Eddie Brock really is my biggest supporter.

"You called me just to tell me that FBI agent Otto Octavius is chasing Spider-Man?"

"Not only that but he has a plan to capture and arrest Spider-Man. He described this case as the golden achievement, saying that Spider-Man is the ultimate criminal for him to defeat."

Eddie groaned over the phone. "I just wish that the police force would look at it from the other side. New York is in a statewide debate on whether Spider-Man should be caught or pardoned."

"What do you want to do?"

Eddie already had an answer. "I have to warn Spidey."

David smirked. "But shouldn't you know what the plan is before you jump head-in on telling Spidey a plan you have no idea of?"

Eddie sighed. "Good point. I'll do a little investigation. Thanks for letting me know."

No, thank you.

"Anything for you, Eddie."

He hangs up on the payphone.

Eddie Brock will pretty much do anything for Spider-Man. He's my biggest supporter, 'fanatical' one could say but he does have skills. He wants to be a reporter when he grows up and reporters break the law for a story. This can be viewed as practice for him becoming an investigative reporter.


It has been about a week since he trailed him. Eddie was watching Special Agent Otto Octavius's like crazy, stalking him to get to know his schedule. Eddie was sixteen so he had a driver's license and he was using a car that his family dragged along with them to his new place. It was old, rusting, but better than nothing. He takes a bite out of a bag of chips that he brought with him as he opens his notepad and starts jotting down notes.

It was seven-forty-five in the morning on Sunday and Day 6 since Eddie started tailing Octavius. He watched Octavius exit his driveway wearing a heavy trench coat before getting into his car and driving off. Eddie put his head down and waited for the car to off. When he looked up, he saw the empty driveway and knew that it was his cue to go.

He steps out of his car, putting on a pair of latex gloves, and casually walks over to the front door of Octavius's small house. He takes out a bobby pin from his sweater pocket and sticks it in the door.

The door opened seconds later and he cringed with every crack the door made when he slowly pushed it open.

"No one's home," he muttered to himself, "Octavius lives in Brooklyn, this is his temporary residence."

He enters his home, stepping onto a welcome mat before he shuts the door behind him carefully. As a precaution, he locks it before turning around.

Octavius's lifestyle could be described as simple. The wall wasn't painted, the table was spotless, and the kitchen counter had only a single coffee mug and there wasn't even a drop of water in the coffee mug.

He carefully scopes out the place, making sure not to step on anything or that there are no security cameras before he walks into the lounge.

There was a white desk sitting in the corner by a window with a single computer that was turned off. There were also drawers underneath the desk that had a key in the lock. He moves over to the drawers and uses the key to open them up.

There were about a dozen manilla folders sorted alphabetically in each desk so he picked out a file labeled 'S' for 'Spider-Man'.

When he looked through the files, it reminded him of the fact that what he wasn't doing, stalking, breaking-and-entering, stealing, were crimes that he would be punished big time.

"It's for Spider-Man," he kept telling himself.

He didn't find any papers on Spider-Man so he put the folder back. When he picked up a random folder that was labeled as 'O', a piece of paper fell out. He retrieved it from the ground before something on the paper caught his eye.

He held up the piece of paper in his gloved hand up to his face so he could see and make sure he was not crazy when he saw drawings of a human with eight limbs.

He turned to the computer after getting an idea and turned it on. There was no password to get into the computer and he sighed in relief. He opened up his desktop and went to recent files that were open in the last week. There was one file that struck him, which was labeled as 'Appendages'.

When he opened the file, he saw several video clips with Octavius in the thumbnail. He quickly presses on a random video.

His reaction was: Wide eyes and wide mouth.

He quickly took out a flash drive and stuck it into the computer. As if he was on a time schedule, he quickly downloaded the file onto his flash drive before snatching it out, putting the files back in the order in which they were found before he got the hell out of dodge. He still had hours to spare but the footage in that video made him cringe.

He locked the door as he left and jogged over to his car. He climbed in the driver's seat and drove off, putting several blocks between himself and Octavius's house before he drove off.

Traffic was his worst enemy in a time like this so he pulled over to the nearest McDonald's he could find and he sat in the back corner and used their free WiFi.

He plugged in the flash drive before plugging in earbuds.

The files he copied were uploaded to his computer. He opens the files and scans through the seven files carefully, checking the dates that were automatically listed to them. He clicks on the one uploaded the earliest.

He gets comfy in his chair as he watches the video.


"Thank you for joining us," Octavius announced in front of a group of people as a camera was suddenly turned on, "Fellow police officers and FBI agents, thank you all for coming."

"Our pleasure," an officer said.

The camera was aimed at Octavius, who was standing in some kind of classroom since there was a whiteboard beside him. The officers were out of sight and standing behind the camera.

"My name is Otto Octavius," he said into the camera, "I am fifty-one, I've worked with the police force for eight years before I became promoted to the FBI, where I worked for twenty years. I've tackled some of the most difficult cases such as the Triple T Murder Case, the Whitman Kidnapping, and so much more. But today is not about what I've achieved, it's about what I am going to achieve."

Octavius walks offscreen, the camera following him like an unwanted younger brother. The camera now shifts focus to Octavius standing in front of a sheet laying on top of something just at Octavius's waist. Octavius's back was turned towards the camera as he pulled off the sheet. One laid under the sheet was a set of long and stiff mechanical objects resting on a cart with a four-foot-tall pole in the center where the metal objects were resting.

Octavius turns and faces the camera.

"With the help of the mechanical engineering department of ESU, I am now able to even the odds with Spider-Man." He looks to his right to someone offscreen and nods.

The mechanical objects suddenly shift on the cark, slightly shifting like a baby responding to stimuli.

Octavius spreads his arms out as far as he could like he was waiting for a hug. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes as he prepares for what happens next.

A harness the size of a hula hoop wrapped itself around Octavius's waist like a belt.

What happened next was out of the camera's angle but Octavius was wincing like he was in pain, like someone was stabbing him in the back with needles.

Even the cameraman cringed, evidence by the camera slightly recoiling.

Octavius opened his eyes and looked into the camera as if staring into the eyes of someone watching. His eyes nod upwards and he cranes. He opens his mouth and lets out a sigh of air.

The four stiff and mechanical objects on the cart began shifting more, becoming more mobile instead of inanimate objects responding to stimuli.

Octavius rose up his already spread arms and the four mechanical objects were mobiles completely. They raised from the cart and stood upwards, giving the camera a good view as to what they were.

Four mechanical appendages with hooks on the end that moves with Octavius's human arms.

He looked like a human with eight arms, like a spider, or, as his name rhymes with, octopus.

The cameraman staggered back backed on the camera pulling back as Octavius walked forward.

"No need to be afraid," he said, "I am in control of these arms."

"How?" someone offscreen asked.

A second person offscreen answered. "Those four mechanical arms were designed for the sole purpose of moving with agility without going out of control. We designed a chip in the back of the arms…"

Octavius turned around to reveal what had become of his spine: The root of the four mechanical arms was welded onto his body via needles and at the back of his neck was a glowing blue light.

"This inhibitor chip," the second man continues, "Reads into the brainwaves that the human sends to the human arms and transfers it into the arms. Meaning that he can control the mechanical arms, no different than us humans controlling our four limbs."


"Is everything alright?"

Eddie quickly exited out of the clip and stared at the man in front of him. The manager of the McDonald's restaurant.

"Everything is fine here," he said nervously, "Could I get a refill of Dr. Pepper?"

The manager took his empty cup. "Of course, sir."

While the manager was distracted, Eddie turned towards the video clip to open it up. However, when he pushed the play button, the screen suddenly froze with the play button in the center, indicating that the video ended.

"Here you go sir," the manager said as he dropped Eddie's cup off.

"Thank you," Eddie nods.

"Have a good stay, sir," the manager said politely.

"I will," Eddie smirks.

The manager leaves and Eddie vents out some hidden feelings by rubbing the back of his head anxiously, his heart beating over the fact that someone could've caught him watching top-secret videos of Otto Octavius.

He took a sip of ice-cold Dr. Pepper before he played the second clip.


The camera was set up so it was in some kind of location with a warehouse-like background. There were large metal pipes that could be seen on the ceiling, tall shelves like the kind you find at Costco, and piles of large boxes stacked upon each other like shipping products.

Octavius walked into view with the four mechanical arms still attached.

"Detective," someone asked offscreen, "Will you be able to take off those arms?"

Octavius paused and looked at this person offscreen. "I'm glad you asked." He pointed to the base of his spine, which was covered by some kind of metallic spine that supported all four of his arms, "The spine of the arms is what binds them all together. As long as I'm wearing this spine, I'm in control of the arms, obviously. If I want to take off the arms…"

A second person spoke, the same one who was explaining the arms from earlier. "When we were doing early tests, we found that these metal arms kept coming off against the user's will so we created the spinal column with needles to be pierced into the user's back. If the arms are ripped from his back against his will, he will be temporarily paralyzed."

"That is correct," Octavius said, "The only way to remove these arms is to slowly but carefully remove each needle, one by one, like a surgeon performing surgery."


Eddie nodded at the video, sighing as he took another sip from his soda. "I got to tell Spidey." The second clip came to an end and he played the third one.


Like before, they were still in the warehouse setting except Octavius was once again in front of the camera, standing in-between four crates.

"Let's see these arms in action," Octavius said.

The upper right mechanical arm moved over to one of the crates and wrapped around the crate like a tentacle. Octavius lifts his right arm, which causes the mechanical arm to rise up.

The crate creaked as it was lifted off the ground, held on tightly by the mechanical arm.

Octavius looks to his left and raises his left arm. The upper left arm wraps around a second crate and lifts it off the ground.

All that was left were the two lower mechanical arms and two crates. Octavius's back arches and the lower back arms reach out for the last two crates and pick them up off the ground.

With all four crates off the ground, Octavius's human arms rise higher as do his mechanical arms, racing all the way up into the air until they could no longer stretch.

"These four mechanical arms are capable of lifting approximately four times their weight," Octavius said, "And they are heavy." He sets the crates down and retracts his tentacles from the boxes.

"This is all to catch Spider-Man?" a man offscreen asked.

"Yes," the FBI agent answered, "These things may not seem like much but imagine what the human could do with eight limbs instead of four limbs. It's like having two sets of hands and feet, twice the punches and kicks the normal human can give and more chances to block punches or other kinds of attacks. Not only that but these mechanical arms are heavy and strong, making them nearly impossible to carry unless you're the user and they give you a grain of superhuman strength."

The crowd offscreen clapped for Octavius, cheering for him.


Eddie clicked on the next video.


"With this, we're going to catch Spider-Man and bring him to justice," someone said.

"I hate how he always gets away with his crimes," another said, "We're out there, putting our lives on the line and he swoops in and kills a criminal he has no right to."

"I understand your frustration," Octavius said, "That is why I'm doing this. This is why I'm bringing Spider-Man to justice. Sure he's been saving people and killing violent criminals only during active crimes, his profile suggests that he is not killing out of justice, only for self-serving reasons. It's only a matter of time before he kills someone innocent."

"We'll catch Spider-Man and bring him to justice. He'll be sentenced to death."

"That would be the most likely outcome," he said, "There's always a chance that he could argue for insanity."

"We'll get the best prosecutor in town to see that he is sentenced to death."

The mechanical arms made a sound that resembled a hiss. The arms retracted until they rested along his back like a backpack.

"We shouldn't be wishing death upon Spider-Man," Octavius said, "No matter how many people he has killed, he is still a human being like us. That is why we'll give him a fair trial. If he escapes justice, we'll keep on catching him until Spider-Man is no more."


Eddie has decided that he has seen enough. He closes up the laptop, finishes his soda, and gets in his car, and drives off.

Chapter 2-2

Sometimes, when I'm alone, I like to imagine myself floating. Not like I'm smoking ecstasy or anything but I want to feel like I'm floating just to be free, weightless. It may seem like a ridiculous wish but even ridiculous wishes can come true.

Spidey swung from the night sky before landing onto a building's window high up in the air. He clings onto the glass and moves across like the spider he is. He moves upwards, staying close to the glass as possible. After climbing a few stories up, he stops. He angles his head straight so he can get a glimpse of the sight in front of him.

Black Cat was committing a heist.

By my logic, she is guilty and deserves to be webbed to the wall but she is mine. I mean, I can always web her to the wall if she pisses me off and whatnot but right now… I like seeing Black Cat in action. In a way, we complement each other; We're bad guys: I kill violent criminals, she steals from rich people who can afford it. We're not so one-dimensional.

Black Cat puts a diamond necklace inside the front pocket of her catsuit before she looks up at the disabled camera. She winks at the camera before it starts crackling with sparks. The camera loosened as if it became too heavy to carry and crashed into the ground, which was riddled by a field of laser beams. It not only broken upon impact, but it also broke the beams and set off the alarm.

She used her powers known as probability manipulation. She can affect the probability field around her and cause 'bad luck' to happen. Whether it be on an inanimate object or living person. The uses of her powers can be like those domino effects in Final Destination. If it's extremely difficult, but not impossible, then she can make it happen.

Spidey moves along the windows.

Jammed web-shooters have happened. Web-shooters collapsing mid-swing, definitely. Falling into a pool while chasing after her on our first date, never going to speak of it again.

Black Cat crawls out a circular hole she carved into one of the windows. Once the upper-half of her body is out the window, Spidey, a few feet above her, surprises her.

"That's it," Spidey said in mock hurt, "I paid a fortune to see Black Cat and she only shows me tricks I've already seen before, you're not fun, Cat."

"I think you're misunderstood, Spider," she said, "This is a new trick." She opens her eyes wider and smirks.

Is she using her bad luck powers?

His danger radar went off.

The windows?

He leaps off the window just before it shattered. Black Cat had already jumped out the window. They fall at the same pace as Spidey pieces what happens in his head.

She uses her bad luck powers to cause the windows to shatter into glass. Boring if you ask me.

The glass of every window they pasted shattered into glass, one after the other without missing a beat for each floor.

She's using her bad luck powers to shatter every window that we pass by when we fall. Now that is interesting.

He reached out and caught her by the hands.

Spidey was falling from the night sky. He had catapulted himself as high as he could into the air and allowed himself to fall. Black Cat was his passenger in toll.

She had her hands wrapped tightly around him and clinging on him, daring not to let go.

Spidey kisses her on the cheek through the mask.

He casts his arm out and swings.

He took Black Cat on a swing throughout the city and didn't miss a beat. He had no destination in mind, only to swing Black Cat wherever she desired.

He shoots a web at a building and thrusts his feet forward and launches onto the top of a building. He lands flat on his feet.

He sets Black Cat down.

"Thanks for the ride, Spider," she said as she detached herself from him. "We're on a rooftop again."

"Where else could we spend the time?" Spidey sounded like he had a smirk under his mask. He leaps onto the edge of the building and perches. He looks out into the city, noticing the bright lights that came from the buildings.

As Spider-Man, I can float endlessly throughout the city… as long as I remember to catch myself with a web.

Black Cat sets herself down on the edge beside him.

"You know, I never asked this before but how come you only steal from rich people or those who 'deserve' it?"

She looked at him, narrowing her eyes. "Since when did you care about justice."

Spidey looks away, shrugging. "Just curious."

"It was curiosity that killed the cat they say," she purrs.

"If I'm curiosity, then you're the cat I killed," he chuckled.

She slid a clawed finger across his shoulder, tickling him but he resisted the urge to laugh. "Why not? If I'm going to steal from someone, better it is from someone who can buy another."

"Same for me when I'm killing someone. If I'm going to kill someone, why not kill someone who society would say deserves it?"

He suddenly remembered.

Spidey didn't face her as he asked, "A couple of nights ago, you asked where I saw myself in the years to come." He continued when he sensed her looking at him. "In the years to come, I see myself as being accepted by New York, and even the police department, as the hero of New York City."

"Things will probably get worse," Black Cat said, "If the police force accepts you as a symbol of hope, which they never will, then violent crimes will become more strategic. Pretty soon, bank robbers will be sending in proxies, mobsters will use innocent people at hitmen, innocent people will be blackmailed into carrying out a violent crime."

So, it's like that now.

"What difference would that make?" Spidey asked, "I mean, last time I checked, innocent people already get wrongfully convicted and some even get sentenced to death."

She cocked her head. "If I remember correctly, you told me that you are killing people for a self-serving reason. You trust me with that much information so I know that you don't care about justice."

"Honestly, when I first told you my primary motive, I thought you would want to stay away from me permanently. But the fact that you're sticking with me makes me question why you really stay with me."

She snuggled her head against his shoulder. "No need to worry about that, Spider. My heart belongs to you."

Someone suffers from 'serial killer fangirl' syndrome.

"Flattering," Spidey chuckled as he rubbed Cat's hair, "If you are just as messed up as I am then I understand."

"I'm not messed up; I'm not a psychopath."

Spidey laughs. "That's the thing with fiction: They exaggerate psychopaths. In real life, psychopaths are not necessarily serial killers. Psychopaths are just people who feel things differently than most people. I can't feel emotions, remorse, or guilt. I have no conscience. I feel nothing, like a hollow shell of a human just trying to survive amongst the human race." He kissed her on her head through the mask.

"You're a good person," she said, "That's what I choose to believe."

She sounds just like Mom, how disgusting. This is so uncharacteristic of Black Cat and I can't understand why. I can't understand emotions; Damn David the emotionless.

"Are you still worried for me, about the threat that you warned me about?"

She lifts her head off his shoulder to face him. "I guess in a way, I'm still worried."

Spidey looks at her worried face, smirking under the mask.

What a cute face… she is my kitty cat after all.

"You're so cute when you're worried," he said, pinching her cheek lightly. "It's been almost five weeks, I think I'm safe. Your threat you warned me about is nothing. You got worried for nothing." He pointed a thumb at himself, "Spidey ain't going nowhere."

And besides, I'm already one step ahead of you, Felicia. I have my companion, Eddie, investigating Otto Octavius.

"Don't get cocky, Spider," she warned, "Tread lightly." She suddenly purred and straddled him. He falls onto his back with Black Cat on top of him.

Where did this new attitude come from?

"What a nice transition, from terrified cat to a sexy feline," he said.

She grabbed him by the jaw. "Spider, I know you are a smart person but you're cocky; That's one of your flaws. I will admit, I like being bad, especially with you, but if you get put in jail, then I'm going to kick your ass." She lightly slaps him across the cheek.

Spidey tilts his head. "You like being bad with me? Well, all the more reason not to get caught."

I hate being dominated.

He wraps his legs around her waist and flips her over. She falls on her back with him on top of her. He thrusts his hands into Black Cat's arms and pins them against the ground.

He leans in, nearing his masked face inches away from hers.

She smiles as if her worries had suddenly disappeared. "You're fun to play with, Spider."

"I would hate to be a cardboard cutout."

She lifts his mask up and exposes his mouth.

Spidey dives in and kisses her on the lips.

She's wearing the same lipstick. I like the flavor, cherry.

He reaches to the chest of her catsuit, never breaking away from the kiss. He doesn't go for fondling her breasts but he pulls out where he remembered she put the diamond necklace. He snatches it out of her catsuit and twirls it around his index and middle finger like a yoyo.

"I can't help but ask but I have to know," he said before stopping the twirling, "I understand stealing from people who can buy another, but what do you do with the valuables after you've stolen them? Is it for money?"

She freed her right hand and took the necklace and held it away from his hand. "Not everything is about money, my motive is similar to yours."

"I kill people for a self-serving purpose but I target violent criminals," he said.

"I steal things for a self-serving purpose but I target things that can be afforded by that person."

"It's not about money," he said, "Just like me, killing criminals is not about justice."

"You kill criminals because you care about killing, I steal because I like stealing. The thrill excites me."

Another reason we are so alike. I like it, we are kindred spirits. I am a psycho at heart, she is a cat burglar at heart. I kill because I want to, she steals because she wants to but we both set standards.

He gots off of her. She flips herself into a standing position. He looks at her as she begins walking away and towards the edge.

I guess she's had enough for one night. But there is one thing I want to know…

"Your bad luck powers," he yelled, "How did you get them?"

She pauses at the very edge of the building, her back turned to him as he says, "I'll tell you some other time. See you around, Spider."

She leaps off the build and out of sight.

Spidey smiles.


It's been days since Octavius attached the mechanical limbs to his spinal cord. The weight of the arms took a toll on his physical performance. He was moving slower than usual and his back was straining. He had a rough time sleeping because he had to sleep on his side and he never slept on his side. He would've taken off the arms but he wasn't going to take off the arms until he got home.

He submitted his paperwork in to the office before he left the police department. He walked to his car in the parking garage, climbed up the set of stairs, and made his way to his car. He pressed the alarm button to honk the car and found it hiding in the darkness.

He wasted no time in getting to his car. He steps up to the driver's door before he suddenly stops.

His ears pick up on something behind him.

He felt a strange feeling in his chest. He had never felt this kind of aura before. He calms himself down before looking over his shoulder. When he looked, the barrel of a gun was aimed at his face.

The man holding the gun was not wearing a police uniform but a pair of old clothes that anyone could find from the dumpster.

Octavius stared into the barrel of the gun like he was doing a staring contest, not blinking, never leaving sight of the gun, even when three other men showed up behind the gunman.

"You're Otto Octavius," the man with the gun said.

"Special Agent Otto Octavius," the FBI agent responded, "Do you have a complaint? If so, file it."

"You're the one who put my brother behind bars," the gunman said, "Because of you, he was sentenced to death."

"For the murder of twelve people," Octavius countered, "I will not apologize for making this world a better place by locking up your brother. If he got the death sentence then that's on him."

The gunman pulled back the hammer. "You bastard."

Octavius summoned the mechanical arms. He moved his right hand upward, feigning going for the gun when the upper right mechanical arm grabbed the gunman by the hand with the pistol and lifted him into the air, suspending him high above the ground.

The other three arms broke out from Octavius's trench coat, ripping a hole in the back to free themselves.

One of the accomplices made a run for it. The upper left arm grabbed him by his leg and picked him up, dangling him upside-down.

The lower left arm shot itself forward and hit the second accomplice in the face, sending him flying back into the passenger door of a car and caused the alarm to trigger.

The third and final accomplice pulled out a gun. He aimed it for Octavius's head by the same arm that hit the second accomplice went flying for him.

The man fired two shots into the mechanical arm but it did not slow them down, not even by a split-second. He didn't even have time to react when the hand grabbed him by the face.

With the three would-be killers suspended in the air, the mechanical arms waved them around like ragdolls. They were screaming not from pain but from terror, the terror of being torn apart by a cyborg's mechanical arms.

The first two, the ones caught by the hand and leg were slammed into each other, their heads colliding and they went out instantly. The mechanical arms dropped them to the ground before they moved over to the last one, the last one that was being held on by the face.

His eyes peeked through the 'fingers' of the mechanical arms and he saw not two but three other mechanical arms coming for him.

The first two mechanical arms hit him in the stomach while the last one swiveled around the man and hit him in the back of the head, rendering him unconscious.

The mechanical arms dropped the last unconscious body before they retracted back. Octavus winces in pain at the sudden weight being put on his back before he ignores it. He looks down at the four unconscious men before looking back at his arms.

"What amazing creatures," he said to the arms, "You guys are fast and you respond to my every command, even when in a time of crisis."

The upper right arm moves and positions itself in front of his face, almost as if the arm was looking at him directly with eyes of its own.

The other mechanical arms were moving from side to side, as if saying, 'We will follow you'.

A short while passes before Octavius finally arrives home. He parks in the driveway, the same as always before he gets out. His tentacle arms were tucked into his trench coat, despite it being ripped, and he made a beeline for the front door.

He grabbed the handle.


His eyes widened.

He unlocked the doors with his keys before opening. There was a welcome mat that he looked down upon and stepped over.

He locked the front door behind him before he went to his lounge area. He put his hand on the handle.


He didn't widen his eyes this time.

He walked in and immediately went for the filing cabinet drawers. He pulled out several manila folders before grabbing the folders with the appendages experiment.

"Someone has been in my room," he mumbled to himself.

He took out a tape recorder from his back pocket and spoke.

"Special Agent Otto Octavius here. I'm making a note that someone was in my house while I was gone for the day. Before I leave, I always adjust the door handle so it sits in a horizontal position. If I get home and the handle isn't straight, then I can be sure that someone was in my house. The same can be said for the door to my lounge. Not only that but the welcome mat, I always step over it whenever I leave or enter. When I came in, there was a single set of footprints left behind, indicating that someone was indeed in my house and in my lounge area."

He sinks down into his chair. "That, and I put a special kind of mark on the bottom of my manilla folders. They're a sticker that tapes a piece of paper to the inside of the folder but it comes off with very little ease. If I open the folder gingerly and the paper is still stuck to the sticker, then I can be sure that the files were safe. If the opposite is true, and the paper is disconnected from the inside of the folder, then I'm more than sure that someone was rifling through my documents. All security systems put in place prove that someone was in my house. They didn't steal anything, only information."

He turns on the computer. He speaks into the tape recorder once again. "I should check the folders that I've downloaded onto my hard drive. One of the boys down at the station created an app that records the date in which a flash drive was used to download files from the computer."

He pulls up a tab in the center of his screen.

He reads: Seven files downloaded at 7:49 AM this morning.

He speaks into the tape recorder. "Someone downloaded seven files from my computer onto a flash drive." He pulls up the seven files opened recently, videos of him during his appendage experiment. Videos of him receiving four new arms.

"And this person downloaded files of when the mechanical arms became one with me." He contemplates. He summons one of the arms. The upper right arm slithered around and stopped in front of his face, hissing.

"Someone broke into my house to steal information on my plan to capture Spider-Man, but who?" The mechanical arm hissed. "Someone who knew that I had a plan. There are over one hundred and fifty-two NYPD officers and FBI agents combined that know of my plan. Anyone of them could've told their friends and family outside the police force of my plan. But then again, my plan was kept top-secret and we were all sworn to secrecy. But then again, just because someone stole my files doesn't' necessarily mean they were aware of my plan. It's possible that they were breaking into my house to look for confidential information and came across the mechanical arms."

He summons his upper left mechanical arm. It hisses.

"Whoever broke into my house is an amateur but he did know how to pick my lock and he broke in when he knew I would be gone. This could only mean that I have a stalker."

The other two arms come into action. "I'll worry about the stalker later, Spider-Man is the priority. Besides, the files that were stolen only showed the arms attached to me, not what my actual plan is to capture Spider-Man." He paused. "In hindsight, given that he only downloaded one file instead of all my files, just prove that my stalker lacks experience and he is an amateur. Threat level: Zero."


One Week Later

David wakes up from his slumber and stretches.

Sunday, the one day of the week where this is no mail, some places are closed, and some TV shows like 'The Walking Dead' air. Sunday is probably the most scheduled day of the week, but Spider-Man has no schedule. He just swings around on a web around Manhattan until he finds someone worthy of dying.

He heads out of his room and into the kitchen. His mother wasn't anywhere to be seen so he whipped himself some breakfast.

He stood at the stove and cracked some eggs into a pan.

Gotta keep up my strength and eat, even if Mom isn't here to cook.

He flips the eggs on the stove and begins stirring.

"You're up early."

David turns around and gazes into the eyes of his mother, Misa Dante.

I was planning on eating two eggs but I guess I can spare one.

"I was cooking you breakfast, Mom," he said, "I know how much you like eggs."

She chuckled before sitting down at the table. "I am grateful for that."

David finished cooking up the eggs before putting in two pieces of bread in a toaster. Once he was finished with cooking, he served his mom and himself a sunny-side-up egg with a side of toast.

They eat at the table in silence.

It was silent until Misa broke the ice.

"How's school?" she asked.

"Good," he said nonchalantly, "Boring, nothing interesting happening."

"What about your date with Felicia, from last week?"

"We have a splendid time together," he said, not taking his eyes off the toast, "You can ask her yourself."

"I do have one question to ask."

David shrugs. "Shoot."

"Are you Spider-Man?"

He paused with a piece of bread halfway to his mouth. His eyes went wide and his skin turned cold. His right index finger twitched.

What? What did she say?

He slowly turned to her, a bead of sweat running down his cheek next to his ear.

"What did you say?"

"I said are you free today," she said, "I was asking if you were free today."

His right foot twitches slightly.

What the hell, I thought she was asking if I was Spider-Man. I must be hearing things if I'm seriously hallucinating that Mom is asking if I'm Spider-Man. Even so, does she really know I am Spider-Man, or suspect I am Spider-Man? Either way, it's impossible to tell because I'm not a mind reader and if I ask her if she thought I was Spider-Man then she would start asking questions. I don't want her to ask questions. It's safe to just assume that she really was asking if I was free today and later, I'll do my own investigation to see if she knows.

He looks at Misa suspiciously.

I like Mom in my own way and I do wonder what she would think if I was actually Spider-Man.

"It's just a simple question," Misa said, "No need to stare off into space."

"I am free today," he answered, "We going shopping or something?"

"Do you remember when you were little, around four or something, and you and I used to go to that ice cream shop around the pier?"

He nodded.

"Do you want to go to the ice cream shop? My treat."

"I don't see the harm in it."

That reminds me, Eddie hasn't tried to call Spider-Man in a while. I thought Eddie would have gathered information on Otto Octavius and the police department at this point. Maybe he's taking his sweet time; Octavius is an FBI agent after all. Maybe this will take my mind off of waiting.

"This is uncharacteristic of you, Mom," he said, "Why do you want to rehash the past?"

"It's been a while since I spent time with you."

What? We spend time together all the time; We live in the same apartment building.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know what it is you've been doing to take out your urges and it's making me anxious," she said, "I understand that you don't have control over it and that it is something you were born with, but…" she trailed, "I just wanted to spend time with you."


"You're taking your urges out on something and I don't know what it is and it's making me anxious. I keep thinking the worst in my head that you might be killing someone or something and I don't want to think that. You're almost never here and when you are, you just hang out in your room and it makes me anxious. I know you may not understand this but I want to spend time with you as my son."

Why is she saying this? What is going on? Is it possible that she is dying, or that she has been diagnosed with a terminal disease? If only I could understand human emotion then it would make my life that much easier.

David reached out and did what he thought he was supposed to: Grab her hand. "I would love to spend time with you, Mom."

She looked at him. "'Love'?"

He turned away awkwardly. "Yes, I would 'love' to spend time with you."

She gave a heart-warming smile. Then, she suddenly went in and hugged him. To say that David was shocked would be an understatement.

"Mom, why are you getting so emotional all of a sudden?"

Is it that time of the month?

"It's nothing," she said, "You wouldn't understand it."

"Try me."

She pulled away from the hug.

She patted him on the shoulder. "I know what you are."

David shrugged awkwardly.

And what is that supposed to mean?

"Yeah, I'm a psychopath," he said, "I was born this way."

"I know that you are Spider-Man."

David's eyes went wide.


"David, my son, you. Are. Spider. Man."

His heart pounded in his chest.

She does know, my own mother knows that I'm Spider-Man. That question from earlier, it wasn't a hallucination, no hallucination at all.

His index finger twitched and he tapped his foot against the ground.

My mother knows that her son, David Dante, is Spider-Man.

Chapter 2-3

The Daily Bugle

"Well, what do you know," Jameson said to Robbie Robertson as he lifted his feet onto his desk, "Looks like the police are finally going to do something about this mess."

"You must be excited," Robbie said.

"Of course I am," Jameson said proudly, "That web-swinging menace is finally going to be brought to justice." He picks up his phone. "Leeds!"

"Yes," Ned Leeds, who was standing in his office, spoke up.

Jameson looked confused. "Call Eddie and tell him that I need him to get pictures. The New York Police department is holding a press conference tomorrow and I want our best photographer taking pictures of the true heroes of our city."

On cue, Betty Brant walked in, Eddie behind him.

"Or Breckner will be here already," Jameson said, "Where have you been?"

"I have a personal life of my own, sir," Eddie said.

"Tomorrow, you don't. Captain Hardy is holding a press conference on the capture and arrest of Spider-Man and I need you there, get as many pictures as you can."

"But Spider-Man won't be there," Eddie said.

"But when Captain Hardy brings in that filthy menace then he'll make the front page. I want to make sure I have exclusive Daily Bugle photos."


"Why are you still here, Brecker, shoo."

"It's Brock, sir."



There was no point in denying it. My mother, Misa Dante, knew that I was Spider-Man. There is someone other than me who knows my secret identity. The last person to figure out my identity, the Green Goblin, I killed him. But my mother, I can't kill my Mom, she's innocent and I would be in an orphanage had it not been for her or sentenced to a psych ward until I was deemed 'sane', something I'm never going to be.

David and Misa did go to the ice cream shop around the pier where the Statue of Liberty could be seen, as well as ferry rides to and from Liberty Island. The mother and son sat at a table with an umbrella opened and they both enjoyed their handpicked ice cream without saying a single word to each other.

He licked his ice cream cone.

Now that someone has figured out my identity when I didn't want them to makes the world suddenly feel different. I feel like since one person knows my identity then everybody knows my identity.

He stares off into space and spots a couple taking side-glances at the mother and son.

David looks away nervously.

I'm just imagining things.

Even the person at the ice cream stand was looking at David for a split second before turning away.

He tapped his foot against the ground and his index finger twitched.

He looked at his mother, who was staring back at him.

No time to panic, calm down, and relax; She is my mother which means she loves me unconditionally. But the fact that she knows that I'm a serial killer, will it change her perspective of me? Can't hurt to ask.

"How long have you known?" he asked.

"Two weeks," she answered, "I've known your secret for about two weeks."

"When did you figure it out?"

"On your date with Felica," she said, "But I've had my suspicions for a long time, ever since you told me that you take out your urges by having sex with Felicia. It struck me as odd as I've known for the longest time that putting down animals was the one and the only thing to satisfy your urges and since you haven't done that in a long time then there must be something else. Sex can satisfy some urges but not homicidal urges."

She's smart, I'll give her that.

"I suppose that you're going to scold me on why I shouldn't be doing what I am doing, telling me how it is wrong to 'take out' the 'trash' of society." He puts his ice cream cone done before leaning forward in his chair. "Would you rather me take out my urges randomly or on violent criminals? Like the ones that killed Dad?"

"I don't approve of what you're doing, son," she said, "But I understand. I understand that you take out these urges on violent criminals."

"So you're going to tell me to stop?"

She looks at him hard.

"Even if I told you to stop, I don't think that you would. I know you, David, I raised you ever since you were a child. An infant."

"So, you know that I won't stop so what are you going to do? Punish me?"

She looked at him. "I love you, David," she said, "Never forget that. Even if you can't feel or understand love itself, just remember that I will always be there for you. I will love you, even if you are…" she whispered after remembering that there are people around, "Spider-Man."

"But you never said what you would do," he pointed out.

She sighed. "It's better on violent criminals then innocent people," she finally said, "if I had to choose, I'd rather you kill violent criminals then innocent people."

"I save innocent people," David said as if he was justifying himself.

"David, we all have a sense of justice, even psychopaths. Justice is subjective but I do know how your mind works."

He looks at her, tilting his head in confusion.

Really, want a bet?

"Try me."

"When you were younger, maybe around your early teen years, you said that there are four types of people in this world. There are innocent people, people who need to be saved, guilty people, and people who need to be put down. Your idea of justice is black-and-white because based on this, you think that violent criminals all deserve to be put down and anyone who breaks the law is guilty. But, you saw your father and I as innocent people."

Wow, I underestimated her.

"I do not approve of you killing violent criminals, but I am proud of you for saving innocent people."

David nodded. "I figured you would say something like that. I understand that you and Dad are good people and you wanted the best for me. Would you believe me if I said that this is the best way for me?"

She didn't answer right away. She hesitated, almost as if needing time to answer. In this case, it would be understandable.

I could only guess what goes through a mother's head when they find out that their son is swinging around on artificial webs, killing criminals. She's probably thinking of whether she should lock me up or something. Nah, she wouldn't do that, I'm still her son and she loves me. She won't take me to jail.

Misa looks at him.

I hope.

"At least it is not innocent people you are killing," she said, "I've read all about Spider-Man, how he only kills violent criminals during active crimes, meaning you're not hunting criminals, only killing them when they're actively committing a crime. And, deep down, I guess I'm okay with what you're doing. I will turn a blind eye to the killing, but I'll always be proud of you for saving good people, even if you're not doing it for any heroic reason."

Wow, I have underestimated her. Mom and Dad, despite knowing that I am a monster, have always believed that there was good in me. I've disappointed them many times for them to know there is no good in me and they still believe it.

The tingling feeling went off in the back of his skull.

The danger radar, it's sensing danger on the radar. There is a ferry heading to Liberty Island that's been hijacked.

He looks to his left to see the ferry drifting off the island with the Statue of Liberty. He turned to his mother with a smirk.

"I have to go, Mom," he said.

She looked at him. "Why?"

"Justice is calling for me," he said, "I have a sixth sense, I can sense danger from all directions and my dang-ar is telling me that there is a ferry being hijacked."

"'Dang-ar', that's a ridiculous name but it is true?"

"Yes," he said, "But, my sixth sense never lies." He stood up from his chair and looked at the ferry that was drifting out to sea.

If I hurry this along then I should be able to catapult myself onto the ferry. Who knows, I might be able to kill some people.

He turns back to his mother. "I really do have to go, Mom. I promise to be back soon."

She nodded. "Just come back in one piece."

He smiled. "Always."

He ran off the pier, running as fast as he could before the ferry took off. It was already setting course but he had to catapult himself onto the boat as quickly as possible or he would miss his chance.

He ran into an alleyway.

Spidey jumped onto the edge of a roof just one block away from the water.

He runs to the back of the building and jumps off. He lands on the roof of a smaller building before shooting two artificial webs into two buildings. He yanks himself backward, stepping and stomping back until he was reaching the web's limit.


He catapults himself forward. He flies through the air, doing a few frontflips and backflips while he was at it before he landed on the very top of the ferry in a yoga pose before it got away.

That was fun. Now then, let's get started, shall we?

The spray of the ocean breeze was refreshing against the tightness of his costume and he relished the feeling of his standing at the top of a ferry heading to Liberty Island.

He climbed the wall down and onto the second floor of the ferry. When he peeked through the window, he saw seven men armed with shotguns holding the entire floor hostage with each man and woman sitting down having gags in their mouths and hands zip-tied.

Die, die.

Spidey kicks his feet through the window and lands in the center of the room. He looks up at the seven gunmen.

"Hey, stowaways," he said slyly.

His danger radar went off.


The gunmen pointed their shotguns at Spidey.

I can't believe it!

"FBI," one of them shouted, "You're under arrest, Spider-Man."

The civilian hostages that were gagged in zip-tied moved their hands to take out pistols and they aimed at Spidey.

This isn't a hostage situation, it's a set-up. The FBI, they staged a crime to lure me here! Oh shit.

The fake hostages and hostage-takers were shouting commands at Spider-Man that he was under arrest for murder. Spidey was backing away slowly.

Because they're federal agents just doing their job, I can't kill them. That doesn't mean I can kick their ass and make them have a bad day.

He counts how many agents filled the room.

Twenty-seven FBI agents and given the fact that I'm on a ferry and far away from any buildings, I can't swing away. Smart, but neither can they run away.

Spidey fired two webs at two FBI agents in their faces. He dives forward just as the FBI agents shoot. He had the advantage of his danger radar to help him navigate through the gunfire. He leaps forward and punches an FBI agent in the jaw, knocking him out instantly. He throws a flying roundhouse kick to another agent, hitting him square in the face and sending him into unconsciousness. He swung from one of the room to the other, punching his way through the FBI agents.

These FBI agents, while just regular people are quite the challenge.

Spidey disarms an agent of his shotgun and throws it like a rock at another agent's face. He then kicked the agent he disarmed in the stomach and sent him flying into the wall. Both agents were unconscious.

The challenge is that I have to knock out over two dozen men who are aiming guns at me without killing any of them.

Spidey leaped onto the wall and he fired two webs at an agent and yanked him into the ceiling and webbed him there.

My heart is pounding, I relish this feeling I will admit.

He shot his web at a gun and yanked it away before swinging it at an agent.

The feeling of doing something different for a change.

He webs an agent to the wall like nothing.

I've always been a very methodical person. I always follow a very scheduled life. I go to school, work, home, sleep, repeat. I'm only Spider-Man when the time calls for it and despite being Spider-Man at random hours, my Spidey schedule is still predictable. I'm always out, fighting bad guys who are violent criminals and while my urges are satisfied, it does get somewhat boring. I've now been offered something new and different. I am forever grateful that I was lured into this trap. I now know there are different challenges out there aside from regular violent criminals. When I was battling the Green Goblin, I got a kick out of it. The game of cat-and-mouse excited me and now it looks like I'm playing a game of cat-and-mouse with the FBI. I hold no animosity against the FBI but if you're going to challenge me, Federal Bureau of Investigation, then I humbly accept this challenge.

All FBI agents were defeated.

Spidey stood victorious amongst the crowd of unconscious FBI agents on the floor and FBI agents that have been webbed to the walls and ceiling.

Is that all, I was expecting a little more.

His danger radar went off.

What? There's a mechanical arm punching for me from behind and it's about to hit me in the head? Man, I guess even my danger radar has a sense of h-

A blunt force object hit Spidey in the back of the head and he went tumbling down.

Spidey rolled onto his back, his head throbbing with pain, causing him to wince under his mask.

He opened his eyes and saw four mechanical arms towering above him, making screeching sounds that sounded like hisses.

What the hell? There really are four mechanical arms; My danger radar isn't a liar after all.

One of the four mechanical arms grabbed Spidey by his arms and lifted him. Spidey was tangling several feet above the ground before he was dangling face to face with a familiar person.

"Spider-Man," Otto Octavius said, "You're under arrest."

"Can I be above arrest?"

Spidey's eyes trailed the four mechanical arms and discovered that all four lead back Otto Octavius.

These four mechanical arms, they're coming from his back like a cyborg. They're kinda creepy, repulsive, even. He's like an octopus with these four mechanical arms.

The other two mechanical arms clamped down around Spidey's head.

He's actually going for it, he's going to try and crush my head. Either that or crush my head until I pass out from the pain. Have to get out of here.

His eyes move from left to right, trying to see if there was an opening.

"Who are you behind the mask?" Octavius asked.

Octavius's left human arm grabbed Spidey by the bottom of his mask in his neck area.

Oh no, he's going to unmask me. Once he sees my identity, then it's all-

An idea comes to mind.

That's it!

Octavius slowly but surely pulls the mask from Spidey's head. His mask was one-quarter of the way off and the skin on his neck was exposed.

Just a little more.

Spidey's mouth was exposed.


A line of webbing fires from Spidey's exposed mouth and into Octavius's face. The FBI agent grunted and recoiled, letting go of Spidey's mask.

Spidey yanked his arms out of the mechanical arm's grip and kicked Octavius in the sternum. He backflips as far as he could until he reaches the end of the room. Almost half of his face was exposed and he quickly pulled down the mask, becoming completely anonymous once more.

This is one of the times where the organic webbing comes in useful. I remember, when that spider bit me, not only was I able to climb and leap like a spider, I could also shoot organic webbing from my mouth. There's a sack of webbing in my stomach and the organic webbing is ten times stronger than my artificial webs. The only drawback to the organic webbing is that a mask interferes since I can only fire organic webbings from my mouth. It would be awkward if Spidey was swinging building to building on his mouth so that's why he came up with the web-shooter idea.

Octavius grabbed the organic webbing covering his eye and nose area, pulling at it with both human hands.

Another drawback is when I first discovered it, the only way to activate the organic webbing was to throw up. One year later, I'm able to control it but I still need some practice. I still need to learn how to properly fire because I had to muster up all the strength in my body just to upchuck the webs.

Octavius uses his tentacle arms to rip out the webbing, freeing his sight and he glared at Spidey.

"Looks like this is it," Spidey mocked, "The boss battle, don't choke."

Because I'm on a ferry drifting away from New York City and towards Liberty Island, I can't swing away. At the same time, he is nothing but a human with four tentacle arms so I should be able to take him out.

Spidey fires two webs at the wall behind Octavius and catapults himself towards the FBI agent.

He slams into Octavius like a missile and pummels him to the ground. He punches at the agent once, twice, three times, four-

A tentacle grabs Spidey by the back of the head and throws him off. Spidey slams into the wall, leaving a dent. He kips up and leaps onto the wall.

Octavius marches forward with the arms, launching them forward, aiming to hit Spidey on the wall.

Spidey dodges and moves out the way, wary not to get hit and when he's open, he fires a web, aiming to blind Octavius once more.

The web he fired was blocked by one of the tentacles. Octavius instructs the upper right tentacle to grab the chair beside him and he throws it at Spidey.

He missed but Spidey was left open because he had to jump off the ceiling and over Octavius's head.

A tentacle grabbed Spidey's leg mid-air and threw him out the window.

Spidey fired a web back into the ferry but not at Octavius. "This is what I called a 'chaired' experience.

The chair from earlier hammered into the back of Octavius's head and caused him to fall forward.

Spidey fell in the water.

I would stand no chance of swimming back to New York, not with Special Agent Octopus chasing after me. I'll swim to Liberty Island, take him down from there. But I got to admit, 'hands down,' he is more of a challenge then Green Goblin.

Spidey swam as fast as he could to Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty within sight and getting bigger and bigger as he got closer.

The ferry was catching up to him, almost as if the driver was intending on running him over.

Spidey climbed onto the dry land of Liberty Island near the ferry port. His suit was soaking wet and he was breathing heavily, not used to swimming in a long time.

The ferry made port and Octavius used his arms to climb out of the closest window and set foot on the port.

I'll trap him at the top of the Statue of Liberty and then I'll get back to the mainland. I think I'll steal a boat; No buildings for me to swing on.

Spidey made a run for it, leave a trail of wet footprints behind as he made his escape. Octavius was chasing after him on all eights, his mechanical arms helping him run faster.

Spidey leaps upward and lands onto the structure just below the Lady Liberty Statue and continued jumping like the jumping spider he was a part of.

He clung onto the green structure of the Statue of Liberty and started climbing.

I never pictured myself climbing Lady Liberty. At the very least, I never pictured climbing Lady Liberty while being chased by someone.

He made it to the very top of the Statue of Liberty on the crown.

He took a moment to catch his breath before he looked over the side, seeing if he could spot his FBI foe. He looked from one end of the statue before moving over to the other end. He checked all possible sides and saw nothing but the ground a good distance's away from him.

Where are you, Agent Kraken?

His danger radar went off.

He leaped into the air, doing a backflip and barely avoiding a strike from a tentacle from behind. He lands on one of the pointed tips of the crown in a perched position facing Octavius, who, in contrast to Spider-Man, was as dry as sand.

"I'm a dry animal who is wet and you're cephalopod, a sea creature, dry as a rock," Spidey commented.

"I'm taking you in," Octavius declared.

"On what charges?" Spidey said sarcastically, "Murder? Try and get me with something else."

"Interference with police business, resisting arrest, and assaulting over two dozen federal agents," he said, "Not to mention running from the police."

Spidey groans before leaping down onto the statue's crown, standing ten feet away from Octavius.

Spidey readied his webs.

Octavius readied his arms.

"Let's do this," Spidey goaded, "The Spider vs. The Octopus. A battle of eight-legged creatures."

"I have the advantage of eight limbs," Octavius said, "I have more hands to help me out."

Spidey nodded. "True, I guess."

The tentacles lunged for Spidey.

He leaped up and over them and flies over Octavius's head. He was heading straight to the ground before a tentacle grabbed his leg again and instead of throwing him out to sea, it threw him up into the air towards the sky.

The only place to go now was to go down and Spidey took advantage.

As he fell, he launched two webs at Octavius.

The tentacles shielded Octavius and yanked Spidey forward using the webs.

Spidey's legs slammed into Octavius's stomach like a bullet and they both tumbled over the edge.

Just as they were about to fall, two tentacles grabbed onto the edge and prevented the opponents from falling, but caught them when they were both upside-down.

Spidey had a tentacle wrapped around his waist and it was tossing him around like a ragdoll. He grabs the "fingers" of the tentacles and starts prying them open. It took all of his strength to just not pass out when the tentacle slammed him repeatedly against the statue's green wall and caused debris to fall from the place he hit.

These things will do anything to keep Octavius safe. I have to find a way to trap them but it's like he said: He has eight limbs in contrast to me having four limbs. However, two of those limbs are being used to stop him from falling, meaning I have only two tentacles to deal with.

When Spidey connected to the wall again, he grabbed at a handhold instead of just enduring the pain. The mechanical arm entrapped him realized what was going on and pulled harder to get Spidey to let go. Neither one refused to give up.

The other tentacle that was free decided to join and enlace itself around Spidey's waist.

Spidey yelled in pain as he felt the combined strength of the two tentacles start to pull him apart. He held on but the muscles in his fingers were throbbing, his body telling him to just give up and stop the suffering.

It feels like my lower half is going to disconnect from my body. I'll be shredded into like a sandwich. No, I will not become a Spider-Sandwich, I'm going to-

An idea came to mind.

That's it.

He looked up at the two tentacles holding Octavius to the edge. He discreetly holds out his right hand and fires two webs at the tentacles.

I've shot a web at both tentacles supporting Octavius and I'm holding the two webs in one hand. Once I lose my grip on the handhold but keep my grip on the web, then when I'm pulled from the statue, I should be taking the two tentacles with me.

It ended up being exactly how he predicted.

The tentacles finally ripped Spidey from the statue but in doing so, because Spidey was holding onto a tight grip on the tentacles supporting Octavius via the web, they two were yanked with him and both men fell towards the ground.

As they fell towards the ground, Spidey sucker-punched Octavius in the face.

I can't kill him. If I kill an FBI agent, then it'll only get worse for Spider-Man.

Spidey creates a funnel-web below their falling path before Spidey rips both tentacles from around his waist and launches a web out to the Statue of Liberty and swings off.

Octavius falls into the tunnel-web just several feet above the ground.

Gotta get out of here.

Spidey swings off the Statue of Liberty and touches down on the ground.

I've gotta get to a ferry and get out of here. I have no chance of swimming away, I'm too far to catapult myself, and there aren't any planes flying low enough for me to hitch a ride on; Ferry's my only option.

Spidey springs to a ferry terminal on the opposite side of the one he came on. When he spots a ferry taking off, he rushes. He sprints as fast as he could, going over his limit.

Gotta make it.

He makes it to the end of the terminal, where the ferry was almost one hundred feet away. He sprints for it, giving it his best, and jumps for it at the very end of the terminal, right off the bar and flying high into the air, taking off like an airplane.

I hate getting wet.