Chapter 6

Disclaimer: Apologies for the delay on this and 'Taking Time'. Now, let's get it on!

A Couple Years Later

Time, Detox, and a lot of Therapy thanks to her stint in Rehab had done Debra Morgan a world of good in the end. Alcohol had become something she drinked less of and had toned down her swearing thanks to Therapy helping her see that she didn't need to act like one of the guys or be foul mouthed just to fit in. Therapy had also helped her out a lot in dealing with her issues where Harry Morgan was concerned and no longer felt like she needed his validation despite his being dead. Even having gone to his grave to air out her grievances with her Therapist and Dexter nearby watching the whole thing in silent support. Now she could still easily kick ass with the best of them and not put up with anyone's shit. Of course she still wasn't a huge fan of Hannah's or Arlene's but out of respect for her brother, didn't try to start anything. It was also thanks to her Therapy that she wasn't seeking validation through relationships with men who weren't exactly good for her anymore either.

Now understandably, she still had some issues with Dexter being the Bay Harbor Butcher but for the most part had learned to deal with it. She also now had a fulfilling job of being a PI for Elway Investigations and this would be one reason why things concerning Dr. Evelyn Vogel and her whackjob of a son had been dealt with early on thanks in part to a concerned Hannah going to Debra and Elway about the woman. Vogel was also someone who pissed Debra off a great deal considering her involvement in what Dexter is today and it was agreed to never leave the two women in the same room together for any length of time. Hannah also wasn't a big fan of Vogel's either and that was one of the very few rare things the Blonde and the Brunette could agree on. Dexter's family was a busy but happy one, especially where Astor, Cody, Harrison, and Lily were concerned and while Debra envied her brother, she was glad to not be saddled down with kids.

Knowing it wasn't something she was ready for and likely ever wouldn't be but she got to be Auntie Deb and that's what mattered most to her. Though she still found it weird that Dexter and his Blonde Bitch had practically all but adopted Zach Hamilton into their family. Plus, the fact her 'Tard of a brother was basically teaching the kid 'The Code Of Harry' was several levels of fucked up in her view but for the most part stayed out of it save for a few choice comments. As it is, she'd been trying lately to get her brother to see a Therapist in a bid to try and see if one could undo the damage Vogel and Harry had done to him. But so far he wasn't budging much to her dismay but at least LaGuerta was no longer trying to get her to look into her brother. Mostly on account of going to Matthews about it and boy was that woman an unhappy camper in the end! Shit, who'd have thought me tryin' to fuck over the Blonde Bitch would see me in a much better place in the end? Not me, that's for damned sure.

And not much made her want to consider giving it all up either thanks to the happy place she was in now. But before she could get more contemplative, Debra caught sight of her latest target thanks to her job. "About damn time!"

Author's Notes: Hadn't ever intended for this to happen but I thought it was a good way to end the story. May folks have enjoyed!