Chapter 1 New world


"Character Talking"

'Character Thinking'

"How are my two favorite girls feeling today?" Taiyang Xiao Long worryingly asked his pregnant wife Summer Rose, and his daughter Yang Xiao Long.

"Tai we're just fine, aren't we Yang." Summer passed the question onto his two year old daughter.

"Y-Yah, dad I feel great." His little princess declared to him.

"Well I'm going to head out for groceries right now, and Yang do you remember who to call in case anything happens to mom?" He asked her.

"Yup I call uncle Qrow and let him know that I'm a big sister now." She beamed with her smile.

"Not exactly the first person you call but sure, lets start with that."

"It's fine honey if the baby comes, I know Yang will remember who to call, now why don't you run along while Yang and I bake you a cake for all the hard work you've done." His loving wife told him.

"Alright I'm just nervous that's all, I'll be seeing you two later." He gave them both the infectious Xiao Long smile and left.

"Super mom what kinda cake are we making?" Yang asked her Step mom.

"Oh, it's you and your fathers favorite, carrot cake." Summer happily answered to her daughter.

"Really?!" Yang saw her shake her head yes and exploded with excitement running towards the kitchen.

"Oh my it seems as if I've unleashed a monster." Summer giggled to herself as she watched Yang sprint into the kitchen.

Meanwhile in another universe.

"HHHAAAA, this is so much fun Enter~prise." Purifier α laughed while she was "playing" with the Eagle Union's finest ship.

"Get back here with the Black Wisdom Cube!" Enterprise demanded from behind Purifier.

Enterprise knew that the damned Siren wouldn't listen, but it was the thought that counted.

"Oh and delay project Orochi as if I'd do that even to play with you Enter~prise. But if you can catch me, maybe I'll let you have it." The Siren called out, while she summoned more mass production ships.

Enterprise decided that she needed to end this chase, instead of allowing her to get away and activate this project Orochi.

'Whatever this project Orochi is, it doesn't sound good.' So with her mind made up she continued chasing the Siren.

"Sis wait you ne-." Her sister Hornet called out to her but she was too far away to hear the rest.

'Sorry Hornet, but I know you guys can handle some mass production ships, while I take care of Purifier.'

With that she chased down Purifier not knowing that it would be the last time she would see her little sister.

Back with Summer and Yang.

"Hey mom do you think I could ask you something?" Yang embarrassingly asked her step mom.

"Sure thing Yang, what is it?"

"Am I going to have a little sister or brother?" Yang asked while licking some of the icing that summer had given her.

"Oh, wait didn't we already tell you?" Summer coyly responded.

"Yah, but I sorta forgot." She nervously scratched the back of her bright yellow head.

"I guess it can't be helped. Your going to have a little sister." She smiled at her little ball of sunshine.

"That means we can share the same room right?" Yang happily smiled at the thought of having a little sister.

"Yes, you two will be sleeping together." She confirmed to the little girl.

'Even though your father just spent the last few weeks learning carpentry, and just turned the attic into a spare room. Sadly that was before we found out we had a little girl. Though on the plus side now when Qrow comes to visit he has somewhere to sleep.'

Meanwhile with Enterprise.

Purifier was a lot faster than she had given her credit for, though her ability to fly might have something to do with it. Even with her top speed she was still no contest to Purifier's which seemed to be somewhere around that of a destroyer.

'If I can't catch her while on the water then that mean I should take to the skies.' Enterprise thought to herself.

"Is this all the great Enter~prise can muster and here I thought I'd have to try." Purifier taunted.

But to Purifiers surprise she didn't see Enterprise when she turned around.

'That's disappointing it seems she gave up, augh and here I was getting excited.' Then she heard the distinct sound of a Devastator torpedo bomber's engine.

There atop the plane was Enterprise.

"Your just full of surprises aren't you Enter~prise." She ecstatically announced at the idea that she could continue to have fun with this ship.

"You aren't going to escape with that cube no matter what." Her bow was ready and her torpedo squadron were closing in on the Siren.

"Sorry, but I'm not nearly as easy a target as Akagi was." With that her equipment came to life and started shooting at Enterprise.

'How did her speed increase again?' Enterprise thought in disbelief at the insane speed her opponent was going at.

'At this rate I might not even be able to catch her, unless...' She contemplated whether she should use "that" power.

Even though Purifier was a Siren, Enterprise still was too afraid of it since the last time she used it.

Summer Rose.

"There all done, now I'll just put this in the fridge, and like that we have dessert for tonight."

"Man, Super mom I still find it hard to believe that you and dad are Huntsmen sometimes." She laughed a little at Yang's nickname for her.

"Well, what in particular do you find hard to believe about that." She humored Yang

Yang was still only two so she doubted, that she would know the inner workings about being a huntsmen.

"I just don't see you guys being the type of people who can throw scythes and such willy nilly, especially dad."

"It's not the ability to throw a scythe around or in your dad's case punching stuff, that makes you a huntsman Yang. It's about having the power to do the right thing and acting upon it. Throwing a scythe around is just a nice perk of the job." She added on to get Yang excited.

"So what would you do if I became a better huntress than you someday mom?" Yang ecstatically questioned her.

"Hmm, I guess I'd have to celebrate that with an extra large carrot cake for you." She then picked up Yang and started tickling her.

Back with Enterprise.

"As much fun as this has been I have to stop playing with you for now and return what you stole from us." She disappointingly declared before opening a portal in front of her to escape.

Enterprise knew it, she needed to stop Purifier now or whatever project Orochi is could have disastrous consequences. So she started to use her new found powers to hopefully stop the Siren from leaving. In doing so she accidentally created a mirror sea. Closing Purifier off from her portal.

"What! How can you create a mirror sea. I thought Observer told me that only Sirens could make it?" Purifier was stunned in amazement.

But the only response she got was Enterprise preparing to fire her bow. She was about to fire when a random portal opened beneath her feet sucking her in almost instantly.

"Oh well, so what if you could do that stuff. Enjoy wherever you end up Enter-." She was rude fully interrupted when the last Devastator rammed into her, sending the Black Wisdom Cube directly into the portal she had just opened.

After that the portal closed before she could give chase, and the mirror sea dissipated. Her hand that held the Cube tightened into a fist. To say Purifier was both impressed and absolutely furious at the same time would be an understatement.

"At least I knocked the Wisdom cube away from her." Enterprise thought as she slowly began losing consciousness from over exerting herself.

The cube and her continued to free fall together until Enterprise's newfound powers opened another portal that only swallowed her up this time, while the cube continued to spiral towards the planet below.

Summer and Yang.

Yang had fallen asleep from all of the tickling and was now sleeping peacefully on the couch next to her step mom, as she was trying to relax and rest a little before doing anything else. When she suddenly heard a quiet but clearly audible crash from outside.

"Now I wonder what that could be." Summer carefully got up so as to not awaken Yang.

She walked out the front door expecting to find a Grimm outside bashing on a tree or something, but instead she spotted a shining black cube that was pulsating every now and then. When she was right on top of it her body was screaming at her to leave it alone, but the raw power the cube exuded was just hypnotizing.

"What are you some kind of disco cube?" Summer mused to herself.

She wanted to know where it came from and what it was, but to do either of those thing she needed to bring it to a workshop for a closer examination. She put her hand over it to check and see if the cube exuded any heat, but it seemed to be perfectly safe to touch. After all the grass and flowers touching it seemed to be okay, hell a butterfly landed on it and only left when it noticed that it was being observed a little too closely for it's liking. So she picked it up deciding that it was ultimately harmless. What happened next completely surprised her, it started to shine a brilliant purple. Summer's stomach started to feel really weird, like something was being pulled out, her motherly instincts told her that it was trying to hurt her baby. She desperately attempted dropping it, chucking it, and even bashing it, but anything she tried just seemed to make it stick harder. Finally it finished whatever it was doing, then proceeded to start levitating and spinning, with it increasing even more in brightness until all Summer could see was purple.

Taiyang Pov.

"Alright I got everything on the list and I'm almost home, so that's good." He nervously checked while driving back home.

Then he spotted what appeared to be a bright purple light shoot down from the sky.

'Huh that's not something you see every day, I hope it didn't hit anything." He continued to drive on the road at the same pace, thinking nothing of it.

Shortly afterwards he noticed what looked to be an explosion of purple light. He started to increase the pace at which he drove, worried that his house just exploded, with Yang and Summer inside. When he got home, he noticed there was now a crater where he planed on making a shed.

"At least it doesn't seem to have hit anyone." He sighed with relief.

He was walking towards the front door when Yang practically flew into him.

"Hey princess what's gotten into you?"

"Dad I'm a big sister now!" She ecstatically cheered.

"Wait, your mother really had the baby while I was gone? Did you remember which number to call Yang?!" He desperately asked.

"Yup she had it while I was asleep, Mom then told me to call uncle Qrow." She cheerily beamed.

"Your uncle and not the hospital?" His face was frozen with fright.

"Oh how are you honey?" Summer asked acting as if nothing had happened.

"Great how are you?" He quickly asked.

"I'm just great and sorry I had to send the attack dog after you. She's been dying to tell you the second she woke up." She softly asked him.

She walked towards him with their darling baby in her arms. However his body told him something was off, he quickly ignored it and observed the latest member of his family. The baby had awfully pale skin which seemed to melt into summers cape, and her eye's were closed most likely from just being born. Though from what he remembered when Yang was born she was apparently a pretty big for a baby at 22lbs. This baby though she looked tiny and was probably at what 15lbs at the very least.

"Now that your here how about we celebrate on having little Ruby join us, what do you think of that dear?" Summer kindly inquired from the baby.

Taiyang couldn't have been happier, he had one beautiful daughter already, a loving kickass wife, and now an adorably small baby. Then he realized something. Summer stomach has exactly like it was before the pregnancy, he knew that Raven didn't shrink after that. He was a little suspicious, but he just summed it up to different people different bodies. Their little baby party for little Ruby was fun and Yang practically flew with her little sister. All the while Summer seemed surprisingly quiet, every now and then he would catch her nervously eyeing Ruby, as if a monster would pop out of her any second. Plus she never mentioned what that big purple explosion was.

Summer Rose Pov.

"Excuse me, lady Yang and Ruby I must talk with Tai for a second." She curtsied them both and then proceeded to drag Tai upstairs.

She didn't know what to say. Hell what do you say when a purple cube falls out of the sky and just up and pops your baby out of it.

'Hey honey not to alarm you but our baby just popped out of a purple cube.' She talked to herself.

Oh what she wouldn't have given to have Qrow be here right now. Sure he wasn't her real brother, but he still treated her like a little sister despite the fact that their team had basically died when Raven up and ditched Tai and Yang for no good reason. Her silver eyes could do a great many things, but making someone less of a bitch was defiantly not one of them.

"So what did you wanna talk about honey?" Tia asked as if he had been oblivious to everything.

"Well you see it has something to do with Ruby..." Summer began.

Summer knew she had to say this delicately.

" see while you were gone this purple cube fell from the sky, and when I went to go check it out iii-ii-it drew me towards it and when I touched it I felt "off"."

"What do you mean by off, and does this have anything to do with the purple explosion I saw while driving home?"

'Oh gods how do I put this?'

"The explosion came after it started levitating, whatever it did it ttt-tooo-..." She desperately tried to say the right words, but they failed to come.

"What'd it do?" Tai asked while looking like the world was going to end.

"It took Ruby, and then it started levitating and the next thing I knew in my arms was our baby, I don't know what it did or why it did it. But I know that it took Ruby from me and did something to her."

"What did it do?" The anger rose in his voice at the though of anyone hurting his family.

"It turned her eye's yellow, and I don't mean a normal yellow I mean they literally glow in darkness." She told him, but she knew he didn't know the true severity of what she was saying.

"I, I don't get it why is her eye's turning yellow a bad thing, beside the whole portable nightlight part." He honestly inquired.

Right she still hadn't told him everything taught to her by Ozpin about silver eyed people.

"You see, when someone with silver eyes has a kid. The kid is guarantied to have silver eyes regardless of whether they've used them or not. Basically it means that genetically speaking it's considered a dominant gene." She observed him more closely now, and saw brief moments of aha here and there.

"So what your saying is that she should have your silver eyes, but when you looked into her eyes they were yellow." Tai pieced it together.

"Yes. And what's worse is I don't even know what the cube did exactly." She confirmed for him.

"Well I'm sure Ozpin or someone must know something about this. Even if we never find someone who does. I'm sure she'll be fine after all, she's got a great mother looking after her." He optimistically comforted her.

Ozpin Pov.

Ozpin had been getting up earlier and earlier at Beacon recently in fact far earlier than he'd certainly prefer. He summed it up to being nervousness at the fact that Salem hadn't done anything at all for the past year. His scroll suddenly vibrated violently when it received a new text message.

"Hey Ozpin it's me Summer I wanted to let you know that the baby's been born." She texted him from her scroll.

"That's good to hear, how do you feel?" He texted back

"Well I feel the exact same as I did before I got pregnant."

"Isn't that a good thing?" The now puzzled old man responded.

Why wouldn't that be a good thing he'd known from experience with previous huntsmen teams that is would be considered a god sent.

"It's because something happened to the Baby, and are you free for me to call you" She quickly responded.

He quickly glanced at his schedule. It appears aside from chatting with the counsel at one in the afternoon about the current state of Beacons financial debacle after a majority of the money was pored into preserving the relics in the Emerald forest, that he was 'free' for a call from Summer. In fact today he was uncharacteristically free, he'd probably look into that later.

"Yes I'm free for you to call me." He texted her.

Almost instantly he received her call.

"Is there anyone else with you in the room?" She quietly whispered to him.

"No, I'm the only one here Miss Rose." He politely told her.

"Good, good, could you please help me with something?"

"Yes, but what happened and are you all okay?" He cautiously inquired.

"Well I just had some purple cube fall out of the sky, and when I touched it. The thing started levitating and growing brighter and brighter until there in my arms was baby Ruby. But instead of having skin similar to mine or Tai's, she's got pale skin, and her eyes literally glow yellow."

This news was certainly concerning, a random purple cube falling out of the sky that can change someone's genetics to the degree, that the baby had completely different eyes than both of it's parents, and it's skin was pale white. Just like Salem, was this some kind of experiment from her? It doesn't sound like anything she'd done before, so it possibly couldn't be. But then again she's the only other person he knew besides the Brothers themselves who could use this level of magic.

"Just stay calm, I'm sure that Ruby will be perfectly fine. At best, she'll now has a portable nightlight for when she's growing up." He attempted to reassure her with some humor.

"Ya, I certainly didn't think of that. Even if there aren't any side effects I'm still worried that she might be bullied and well..." She rambled on.

"Summer if any bullying happens you can always just have her homeschooled, in fact I'll even pay for the books out of my own pocket."

"Yes, but still what do I do after that. Every time Tai or me approach her, our bodies scream at us to runaway or worse hurt her. Yet when we asked Yang last night how she felt she said that she felt pumped about finally having a little sister."

'Hmm so for whatever reason little Ruby Rose seems to trigger a flight or fight response to her parents, but not her older sister. How very peculiar.'

"Well Miss Rose tomorrow I'll help you set up a "special" doctors appointment so as to not draw to much attention to you or little Ruby, if you would like."

"I think I'll sit on it for now. Anyway it's always nice to hear your voice Ozpin, and I hope nothing goes wrong for you."

"As do I you Miss Rose." With that she hung up the phone.

"Great now I have Miss Rose's safety to worry about, well at least there's been a record braking low number of major dust accidents in the school this year." After saying that he felt what appeared to be a magnitude one earthquake from a dust experiment gone horribly wrong.

'Well at least my schedule now includes cleaning up a dust mixing test from exhausted students at five in the morning.' He pleasantly thought to himself

2 Years later.

Pyrrha Nikos Pov.

The little Amazonian redhead was currently having trouble sleeping because she was having nightmares about something horrible happening to her parents. The dream was so horrid that the little four year old couldn't sleep anymore. She instinctively checked the clock right next to her which read as being a 2 o, clock in the morning. She knew that her parents were either still busy or, worse just falling asleep. She suddenly heard a massive splash come from the room right next to her's.

The little girl hurriedly got out of bed to check and see what made the splash that came from the indoor pool next to her room. When she got there she saw that there was someone just floating in the water unconscious. The woman had beautifully long white hair, and was wearing a sleeveless white uniform, that ended in a skirt, she also had a very baggy navy blue jacket and a white cap. They both seemed to be riddled with holes though. She quickly noticed that the woman also had a something on her, and a terribly damaged bow laying beside her on the water. Circling above her was what looked to be a rare Vale eagle.

"Hey are you okay?" Little Pyrrha asked the unconscious woman.

While the woman was unconscious the eagle eyed Pyrrha and ultimately decided she wasn't a threat to Enterprise so it landed across from Pyrrha hoping that he would be able to clean his feathers in peace. Pyrrha then proceeded to rush to the family butler's room and knocked on his door awaiting a response.

"Hello, who is it that I'm speaking to?" He groggily demanded.

"Um it's me sir, Pyrrha." She shyly answered him.

Immediately she heard him jump out of bed and get his clothes on with a speed she never thought possible. When he was done he said that she may come in.

"Ah hello, Miss Nikos what are you doing up at this time of night?" He cheerily asked her.

"Well you see I was having a nightmare so I couldn't fall asleep, and then I heard a big splash in the pool. I went to investigate and laying there in the middle of the pool was an unconscious woman with a pet eagle." She tried to exaggerate to him using her arms, but they were too sleepy.

"You found someone unconscious in the pool hmm, then that means they're probably a thief. But don't you worry miss Pyrrha I'll go and get her out of the pool." He dusted off his old huntsmen Javelin and proceeded with Pyrrha to the pool.

Enterprise Pov.

Enterprise knew she had screwed up. She had abandoned the base and her sisters when they needed her help. Now she was stuck in, well if Purifier was to be believed a completely random place along with the black wisdom cube. The only positive she could see was that the Sirens didn't have the wisdom cube, at the same time though she didn't have the wisdom cube. She also felt different or at least her clothes did, she seemed to be in a bed, her arms and legs were heavy almost as if they were being held down.

"Oh she's waking up." She heard a small girl cry out.

'Oh I can already tell this'll be good.' She sarcastically thought to herself.

When she opened her eyes, she quickly assessed that there were only two humans in the room. A little girl with bright red hair, she wore a simple blue dress, and perched atop her head was her sister's pet eagle.

'If he trusts her then that means either, their not a threat or they fed him a mouse.' She mused in her head.

Standing next to the little girl appeared to be a butler if what Yorktown had told her about them was true. He had white hair on his head and had a matching mustache. His outfit was a plain black suit and matching pants with a red handkerchief in his suit pocket. Enterprise attempted to move around a little, but couldn't budge her arms or legs underneath the extremely heavy blanket .

"Now that your here with us..." He began looking her over to make sure that she wouldn't try to do anything.

"...may I please ask what you were doing in our pool last night?" His tone was serious, but his face practically yelled at her that he was exhausted.

If she had to guess he might've been up all night making sure that she didn't do anything wrong. She knew that she couldn't tell them about the black wisdom cube, since it was still top secret information or whatever. She just didn't want to be yelled at for giving away top secret information to random people, civilians especially. She knew they had to have seen her rigging so she couldn't pass herself off as a normal human, great. That meant she needed to try and find out as much about what part of the world she was in, as quickly as possible, which meant she needed to play dumb to figure out what part of the world she was on.

"I don't know, I don't even remember how I got here." She half lied to them.

"You really expect me to believe that you don't know. How you got to the Nikos house hold, How you ended up getting through our security system, and to top it all off how you got into a locked door without having the slightest idea of how you got there." He elegantly and clearly stated.

"Yes." She slowly answered.

'Either they believe me and just send me on my way, or they don't and have me locked up in jail, if I haven't already been sitting in a jail.' She optimistically thought.

Judging by the butler's reaction, he didn't believe her at all. At this point she needed a miracle.

"Wait, what if her semblance is the ability to teleport, and while she was fighting some Grimm she thought of some place safe, so it had her land in our pool." The little girl suddenly came to her rescue.

'Wait what's a semblance, you know what I'll just play along.' The tired warship assessed.

"Miss Pyrrha, what did I say about letting me talk?" He tiredly asked.

"But, she's kinda right my "semblance"..." She still didn't have the faintest idea of whatever that is.

"... activated while I was fighting a someone, who was trying to steal something, from me when my semblance activated."

"Really, then why don't you show me your semblance, just so I could see a teleportation semblance in person. It shouldn't be that hard, if what you say is true." He barely hid the fact that he saw right through her ruse.

The little girl she now knew as Pyrrha didn't realize he was being sarcastic so she got excited over the idea of seeing her 'semblance'.

'Great now what. Maybe I could attempt to use those powers, but then could I actually use it whenever I want? It does seem to only activate when I'm in a fight, so can I actually use it on command?' She contemplated the conundrum she was in.

'Oh well if it works it works, if not I might have to break out of a jail.' With that hers eyes started to glow yellow.

She tried to remember the feeling it gave off when she used it against Akagi and Purifier. The feeling of the power still was almost unquantifiable, nay the sheer power was still maddening to suddenly tap into. She paused for awhile trying to wrap her head around actually utilizing whatever this power was that she unlocked by touching the black wisdom cube. She still didn't fully understand how that even worked, but she had it now and now she needed to use it to hopefully learn more about where on Earth she ended up.

'Open a portal above their pool.' She commanded.

Nothing happened. So she closed her eye's and attempted to focus more on the maddening power.

'Open a portal above their pool!' She yet again commanded.

Suddenly a small purple portal appeared in front of the bed she was sitting in. The portal didn't go unnoticed by either Pyrrha nor the Butler. Both of whom were pleasantly surprised to see that the portal that she made did actually open above the pool and that they could see everything in the room clearly from the portal.

"Wow that so cool, isn't it Mr. Rosso?" Pyrrha excitedly cried out.

"Well I'll say it is quite rare to see it, but it does seem you (partially) were telling the truth after all madam. Sorry for having my doubts" He apologized to her.

Enterprise was relieved that nothing had gotten out out hand using her powers, she really didn't want to recreate whatever had happened after she fought Akagi.

"While I do question the validity of your story, I will allow you to rest up here for the time being." The butler relayed to her

"Oh, don't worry I'll be leaving soon anyway, I have something I need to go check on my sister." She attempted to reassure him.

"I may be a retired huntsman, but even I know that your still in no condition to leave anytime soon. As such I'll make sure that your equipment is taken into a shop and properly taken care of tomorrow, as well as make sure that you leave once your properly nourished." Rosso sharply told her, and judging by his tone it wasn't a question.

If only her luck with maids and butlers had run out then he probably have let her go... Unfortunately she was Enterprise destroyer of Sirens, constantly being forced to do whatever anyone in a maid and butler uniform commanded.

"But, if you wish to send a message to your sisters I'll gladly take care of that for you. I just need the number on their scroll." He politely asked her.

"Umm, how can a scroll call people? I thought those were made out of paper?" She accidentally questioned aloud.

"Are you making fun of me mam, despite my age I do know how to work current technology." Rosso inquired.

"No, no I just thought that scrolls were made of paper and that you call people with radios, or phones." She quickly added on.

Judging by the reactions on his face he had no idea what a phone was. Granted she never used them, well when she was younger she used to, but definitely not right now. Besides she was pretty sure she'd get in trouble if she had civilians calling a top secret naval base. Okay, so more trouble than what she was already in for, since she left the base to chase after Purifier instead of protecting it.

"My sisters only really like it if I call them, so I'll do that once I can." She attempted to get out of this conversation and luckily for her he did also.

"Well if that is all madam, then I'll be leaving miss Pyrrha to care for you. I'm sure she'll have several questions for you anyways." With that he took his leave.

"What's it like being a huntress?" Pyrrha wasted no time in asking.

'Oh, great more words that they use with completely different meanings. Unless she's asking me how it is to hunt dear and ducks, in which case I wouldn't know.' She happily mused.

"Umm, how do you know if I'm a huntress or not?" Since it was just the little girl playing dumb could work to getting stuff answered for her.

"Because of your weapons over there..." She pointed to Enterprise's bow and rigging that were lying on the wall.

"...only a huntress could possibly make weapons like that, plus with the adventure you told me about I just know your a huntress."

"Um could you unlock me? Then I'll show you how those weapons work. Would you like that?" Enterprise earnestly asked.

"I don't need to unlock you that was just Mr Rosso's semblance. But you have to be careful not to disturb my parents."

She quickly realized that the bed was several times lighter.

"Okay, I'll make sure to be quiet."

"Hey, why are you so interested in huntresses?" Enterprise innocently quizzed her.

"Well you see I wanna become a huntress because all of the stories about them talk about how they always are saving people." That's a pretty simple reason, though she did just realize she was expecting more from a, she wanted to guess five year old.

As Enterprise started to rise she noted the new outfit she was in, or rather someone's pajamas she was in. If she had to guess they changed her into these so as to make sure she wouldn't get sick from being soaking wet, and cold, or they didn't want to ruin one of their beds. It was the thought that counted. She looked around the room to try and spot her clothes, but they were nowhere to be found.

"Oh ya I forgot to tell you, your clothes are in the wash so Mr. Rosso had you changed into some pajamas my mom used to wear." Pyrrha helpfully explained.

"That's nice of him."

When it came time to checking out her rigging she started wondering how on earth did he manage to take it off of her and bring it up here, oh well just another question for later. She decided instead of taking it with her she would show off her equipment a little. It was the least she could do for Pyrrha who even gave her the idea inadvertently to say that opening portals was her semblance. She also did always enjoy the overdramatic way her equipment equipped itself to her.

"Hey Pyrrha do you want to see something cool?" She knew the answer already, but asking never hurt anyone.

"Wait are you going to show me some of your huntress skills?" Pyrrha excitingly asked, while pretending to use a bow.

"I don't see how it would hurt to divulge some huntress secrets." Enterprise soon regretted saying those words because now Pyrrha was a locomotive, with only one thing in mind.

Getting to see a huntress in action.

Pyrrha Nikos Pov.

Pyrrha was finally going to see a real huntress in action. If she had anymore excitement than she'd already would've exploded. Pyrrha realize she'd forgotten to ask the huntress lady what her name was.

"Excuse me, but what is your name?" She shyly inquired.

"Oh it's Enterprise." Her newly named friend embarrassingly told her.

"Oh, does your pet Eagle have a name?" Pyrrha asked while petting the birds head.

"Well he doesn't have a name at all, plus he's really more of my sisters 'pet' if anything." Enterprise told her.

"Well then I'm going to name him Grim, what do you think Grim." She asked the bird that sat atop her head.

The newly name Eagle seemed to take the name with stride; he even extended out his wings to show off his great wingspan.

"Show off." Pyrrha though she heard Enterprise mutter.

As they continued to walk. Pyrrha was just dying to see the cool equipment of Miss Enterprise as her mother would say. Thinking about it Miss Enterprise is a lot easier to talk to than her mom.

Eventually they reached the beach front on her family's large property.

"So are you sure your ready to see something cool!" Miss Enterprise excitingly asked her.

"Yes!" Pyrrha shouted.

Suddenly a bunch of blue cubes came flying out of the window of the tower Enterprise was in. They all flew down and formed the largest boat Pyrrha had ever seen. While she was initially amazed by the size of the boat, Pyrrha quickly noted the state of disrepair it was in. There looked to be holes on the top of the boat, the side looked as though the sea was constantly attempting to reach for one of the holes blown into the side of the ship. Is this

"Wh-what kind of boat is that Miss Enterprise?" She asked in complete awe.

"Well first off its not a boat, its a ship which is just a Really Big boat." Enterprise expressed to her by having her arms stretched out.

"And second it's something called an Aircraft carrier. It well, carries planes and helicopters, (and maybe a jets if I had the right facilities for it)" Enterprise whispered.

"Oh, so why did you summon this really big boa,- Iii mean ship." Pyrrha hesitantly corrected herself.

"That's simple to answer, watch and see." Enterprise said before jumping atop the carrier.

Then Pyrrha heard Enterprise shout.

"Enterprise Engage."

Suddenly the ship started to crack and fragment into a lot of blue cubes, which all flew towards her and combined together to make a bow and what looked kinda like a runway.

"Wow that looks so cool, can you show me how to do that?" Pyrrha practically begged her.

"Um, I'm sorry, but that's something only I can do."

"Oh." was all Pyrrha could say.

'If this is something that Miss Enterprise could do, then that must mean anyone she teaches also learns that right. After all her semblance is teleporting.'

"Excuse me, Miss Enterprise..."

"You don't need the miss, Enterprise is just fine."

"Well, could you please teach me how to be a huntress?" Pyrrha pleaded.

"Wait, why do you want me to teach you how to become a huntress and not some school or whatever?" She inquired from the little girl.

"Well since you can do that cool thing with your weapon. I though why not try and learn that, since your semblance is the ability to teleport clearly that means I can learn that to right?"

"Well, you see teleporting isn't really my semblance that is." Enterprise nervously scratched the back of her head.

"Aww, but you can still teach me how to shoot a bow, right?" Pyrrha sadly asked.

"Yes, but only when your older I don't think you could even pull a bow back as is. Let alone something similar to mine."

"Really, then your really going to train me?!"

"What, I didn't sa..." But, before she could finish the little girl cheerily took off.

Later that night (Enterprise PoV)

Enterprise had been in her little room for quite some time with Grim postulating where on Earth they had ended up.

"So I don't think we're in a western country per say. Maybe somewhere in the Dutch East Indies?" She asked the bald eagle.

'Right he can't talk, oh well. Maybe I should just get some freash air? That sounded like a good idea.' She exaustingly thought to herself.

Today had been a Very long day for her and it was almost over, almost. She breathed in the clear air and took a look at where she was now. A far off land from where she knew and now she had to entertain a little girl. Yup she definitely did not expect today. Well at least the moon wa...

That was when she looked up at the Moon or to be more accurate what was left of it.

"What the hell happened to the Moon?" She almost shouted.

However her question fell on deaf ears.

Purifier Pov.

"So that's how I lost the final black wisdom cube for project Orochi." Purifier finished explaining to Observer α.

"Is that it?" Observer asked her.

"Um yes, I lost it to Enterprise and now I don't know where it is. Umm why don't you sound angry?"

"Oh I'm not angry at all, in fact I'm overjoyed."

"Your overjoyed? Does that mean your not going to do anything to me?"

"What no, I want you to simply remember the energy that the black wisdom cube emitted, then I want you to go and receive it."

"But that's just it I don't feel the wisdom cube at all."

"That must mean it was used as a summon."

"Wait it can be used like a normal wisdom cube?"

"I think so anyway, I don't think I've ever heard of it being done before."

"Then if it was used as one shouldn't we go find it now."

"What no, I don't think we have anything to worry about, because the summon will eventually gain more of it's stored power the longer it's around. The longer it's around, the easier it'll be to trace, so instead of searching frantically through every universe just to find one person. We wait for that person to attract us to them, then we can finally complete project Orochi."

'If it's the first time she's ever heard of it ever being done, how come she acts as if she knows exactly what's going to happen?'

End of chapter 1

I hope everyone enjoyed this and that it was a fun read, if there are any problems with it let me know so I can fix it. Also I couldn't not include Enterprises reaction to the moon being in pieces. (That's partially why it's so short.)