Wolffe kisses you. Wolffe wants you, he wants you to be safe, to be happy–

Your mind whirls as you lose yourself in his touch. The earlier urgency to your actions had faded into slower, longer caresses as you explore each other, your hands mapping out each other's bodies as you haven't been able to pull your mouth from his for longer than to take a breath. It was like once he'd started, once he finally was allowed to have you, he wasn't able to stop. Your head has gone fuzzy from his affection and you're sure you're drifting somewhere in a daydream, because your heart feels as if it is about to burst through your chest, and everything is so perfect, but he's really here and with you–

Air. That was probably a good idea. You let out a cross between a sigh and a whine as you draw away, and it turns into a laugh as Wolffe chases after your lips instinctively. You stop him by pressing your fingertips to his swollen lips, which he bestows a soft kiss upon as you both recover with heaving chests.

"Hi," you say shyly, gazing up at him through hooded eyelids.

He appears just as dazed as you and hums as he pulls you closer against him in response. "Are you alright?" He asks, one hand stroking up and down your back as you sink into his warmth. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Never been better," you promise, trying to snuggle even closer to him despite the fact that your entire front is already touching him and your legs are tangled together.

"Good," he says, and you can hear the smile in his voice without even having to look up. "That's good. I'm glad."

You're content to just stay here forever, never leaving the safe haven that you've created with him in your room, but a tingling at the back of your mind quickly snaps you out of that fantasy. The sensation is one you're used to after feeling it for the many years of your training, and yet Plo's tug on your bond now is even more startling than the first time he'd done it so long ago. It reminds you of the reality of your situation, and you hurriedly try to pry yourself away from Wolffe and get out of the bed, because you can now feel that your master is right outside your door–

"Hey, hey," Wolffe immediately is sitting up next to you, his hands on your upper arms to try and cease your motions. "You gotta take it easy, you're still healing."

You know he's right. The pain lancing across your side at how suddenly you'd moved is a stark reminder of that, but your mind is still panicking. "But Wolffe, it's Master Plo! He's just outside, in the hallway."

Wolffe's face goes slack but you can see his resolve set in after only a moment of consideration. "It'll be alright," he says, running his hands up and down your arms to help calm you. "I won't let anything happen to you again."

It takes a moment for what he's said to actually register in your mind, but he's already up and moving across the room by then. "No, Wolffe, wait!"

But it's no use. The door is already sliding open, and Wolffe falls into a respectful parade rest as he stands aside. "General."

"Commander." Master Plo's voice is filled with amusement as he enters the room and first turns to you. "Padawan-mine, how are you feeling?"

You've shifted to sit up and move to stand, but he holds a taloned hand up placatingly. "Please, relax. It is alright."

"No, Master," you try and explain, but your thoughts are all jumbled by the adrenaline rush. "Wolffe did nothing wrong, I take full responsibility!"

You can feel Master Plo send a pulse through your bond, but you're too worked up to focus on it. "Calm yourself, young one. No one is in any trouble." He slips both hands into his draped robe sleeves as he continues. "I was merely concerned, given your flight from the medbay... and since Wolffe missed his shift on the bridge."

Wolffe jerks as if he's been struck. "General, I apologize–"

"No need," Master Plo reassures him. "You've had more important matters to tend to."

Wolffe pulls his shoulders back and tilts his chin up confidently and defiantly. "Yes sir, I did."

"Good." You can feel Master Plo's masked gaze turns back towards you. "I will not make you return to the medbay, but you know better than I how important it is for you to rest and heal." You can't help but nod in agreement. "If I leave you under the care of the Commander, will you agree to remain here and call Medic Heat if you need further care?" He looks down after you nod in acceptance, and you find yourself following his gaze. You feel your cheeks heat up when you realize the parts of your lightsaber are still all in a neat pile beside your bed.

"My kyber crystal helps me meditate when I have it with me," you offer weakly as an explanation.

"Do not be ashamed if it helps you, padawan," your master says gently, resting a hand on top of your head. "These are dark times. Anything that helps keep us whole is something to be cherished."

You know he isn't talking about your crystal anymore. "Thank you, Master."

"Of course, young one." His voice is cheery, and this time your response to his mental nudge against your bond. "I'll leave you to rest. Commander." He stops beside Wolffe, and a silent conversation must pass between the two men, given the intensity that falls over them. Wolffe merely nods in response before your master leaves the room, the door sliding shut after him.

"Wolffe?" You find yourself reaching out to him without even realizing, and he's at your side in an instant. He remains still as you lean towards him and wrap your arms around his waist, letting your head come forward to rest against his abdomen.

"What is it, cyare?" He asks softly, his voice rumbling in his chest as he strokes your hair.

You were loath to break the peaceful silence that has settled around you, but you need to get your words out before sleep reclaims you once again. "I love you," you say sheepishly, hiding your face against his body. "That's all I wanted to say."

You would've been content to fall into a healing trance then and there, knowing you'd been fully honest with him and that he was here with you.

But his hands gently push you away from him and he crouches down to cup your face in his warm hands, his eyes searching your face for something. He must find what he's looking for, because you can see the moment that his brow softens just before he guides you forward so your forehead presses against his. You let out a content sigh, your hands coming up to link your fingers behind his neck and hold him to you.

"Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum," he murmurs back. "I love you, too." He shifts a bit so his lips can brush against yours. "Now rest, cyare. I'll be here when you wake up."

He is.