You were so still.

Even as you floated gently in the bacta tank, your hair haloing your head ethereally, he couldn't get over how lifeless you looked.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be. You were a healer, a Jedi. You were supposed to be safe.

You were supposed to be safe the farthest away from him.

And yet the minute you'd stepped near him, you'd nearly died.

Still was time for that to happen, a part of him darkly whispered. Even if you made it out of the bacta tank, you'd only be hurt again if you got too close to him. Your death was inevitable near him.

"They called out for you, y'know."

Wolffe tried not to flinch as Comet's voice came from over his shoulder without any warning. He waited for his brother to stop and stand next to him before speaking. "What?"

Comet sighed. "On the LAAT/i. They called out for you… when I tried to distract from the pain, I think they thought I was you for a moment." He fell into silence for a moment. "They called for you despite thinking you hate them."

"I don't—" Wolffe began, but his words caught in his throat at what a blatant lie it'd be. He'd seen how many of his brothers avoided you solely because he did so. He'd never mentioned it was to selfishly try and protect you, and had silently allowed the ostracization to continue.

He was a kriffing coward.

"You karked up," Comet clipped shortly. Wolffe could tell he was angry— angry at him, at the situation, at feeling helpless to do anything for you. You'd grown closest with Comet, followed by Boost and Sinker. He knew it was mostly due to them being bold enough to ignore Wolffe's unspoken order.

"Doesn't matter now," Wolffe muttered after a moment, his eyes drifting back to your face. He wondered if you always looked so peaceful when you were asleep, and felt a twinge of guilt at the realization he was probably the cause of much of the stress that was ever-present in your waking expressions. "They might not wake up."

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see his brother wince at his statement, and yet Comet still nudged his arm in a show of support. "Heat said he didn't know when they'd wake up. Not if."

Wolffe bit his tongue to keep his mouth shut. He'd known what the Wolfpack's chief medic had said. He also knew what your official charts said. One of them had been biased to give his brothers hope, and it wasn't the charts.

"Has the General been updated?" He settled on asking instead. He could focus on his professional duties. Those were safe waters.

"He's been conferring with the Council and contacting the Jedi healers at the Temple to see if their Force exhaustion may be hindering their healing."

Wolffe shut his eyes, not able to look at your limp body any longer after the reminder of what you'd told him just before you'd been shot. You'd known you were weaker than normal, and yet you'd risked trading your life for his.

Your life for a clone's.

He needed to get out of the medbay. Even though you were still clinging to life, your ghost was already haunting him here.

"I'll go give him my report then," Wolffe said curtly, shoving his helmet back on before spinning on his heel to make his way out of the sterile, white room. Not for the first time, he was grateful for the plastoid that shielded his face— it kept him from explaining his expressions to others… or himself.


He paused mid-step as Comet called after him and waited silently to hear what he had to say.

"When they wake up, you need to fix this. They didn't deserve any of this."

Wolffe's shoulders tensed at the heavy weight that dropped onto his conscience. He knew you didn't. It's why he'd chosen the lesser of two evils by building a wall between you and him. He hadn't expected it to crumble on top of you.

It was best he keep his distance. Hopefully then you'd have a chance at surviving.

"Keep an eye on them, vod'ika," he muttered before he strode away, leaving you behind.

Comet stared after his brother with growing frustration. Wolffe wasn't normally one to run from an obstacle, and yet here he was, doing just that.

He turned back towards your bacta tank and rested his hand against the transperisteel with a sigh. "He cares, I promise. He's just going about it the wrong way." He gave a half-hearted grin. "We'll get through to him, alor'ika. It's the least we can do for you."

For a moment, he thought he could feel your fingers playfully ruffling his hair before the feeling faded into the aether.