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Roads go ever on and on

Roads go ever on and on,
Under cloud and under star.
Yet feet that wandering have gone
Turn at last to home afar.

King Tillian stood at the base of the palace steps, with his tall son standing beside him, watching as the ship docked in the courtyard.

The ship that held his planet's, hell scrap that, the whole federation's hopes, and fates.

The ship that carried his daughter home to him at last.

Representatives from the armies and people of both Solaris and Antar crowded the courtyard, buzzing with excitement. The honour guard stood to attention as the doors of the ship opened and the steps were released. Tillian held his breath, although his son Callub had reassured him that Eowyn had said that she was well, he would not believe it until he saw her. Eowyn would say that she was well even if her arm was falling off. She was brave to a fault and would not have wanted to worry her family. Tillian' s brow creased as, instead of his daughter and her husband, General Rath emerged from the ship. Although he was pleased to see his son – in – law's personable best friend alive and well, this was not protocol. Royalty always emerged first when in friendly territory, unless … unless there was a threat. King Tirian saw his son pale at his side, as the same thought occurred to him.

Taking the steps quickly, General Rath made his way towards the King and his son Prince Callub. "Your Majesty" he said bowing. "Please excuse this break in protocol. I assure you there is a good reason. May I proceed?" At King Tillian's startled nod, Rath turned back toward the ship. Nodding at a figure just inside the door, Rath took his place behind Prince Callub, just beside Solaris's Prime Minister – Vellar. At Rath's signal, twenty of the ship's crew emerged from the door and marched into the courtyard, taking positions, seemingly at random in pairs throughout the crowd. Commander Larek made his way to General Rath's side after bowing to his Monarch. King Tillian's attention was brought back to the ship, by an excited buzz from the crowd. Eowyn and Zan had at last appeared at the doorway of the ship. Smiling down at the excited crowd beneath them. Tillian swallowed a lump in his throat. It was real, she was back. For the first time in over two years, Tillian allowed himself to believe it – his daughter was alive!

The crowd stilled, waiting for the King and Queen to speak. It was Eowyn who began, speaking to her country men and women of both planets. "Thank you all for your warm welcome" she started. "It is heartening to see the peoples of Antar and Solaris standing here united. There is much to be said and much to do now that we have returned. But we promise you this, we will not rest until Antar and its people are free and Kivar is dead!" At this the crowd let out a deafening cheer. When they had calmed somewhat, Zan held up his hand for silence. "We are confident that we can defeat the tyrant that killed us and who holds our world and our people" he said. "In fact, we have already begun the war and won the first battle." Tillian exchanged looks with his son, what was this? Looking up he saw that Zan had gestured to someone inside the ship. That person, a human, brought out an unconscious bound figure. The crowd subsided into stunned silence – it was the Skin General, Nicholas! At that moment, the ship's officers, who had been placed discretely throughout the crowd seized eight members of the army, all high - ranking officers, including the Prime Minister himself! Looking around at his Minister who was writhing in Rath and Larek's grasp, Tillian noticed a knife in Vellar's hand. The man had been within a hair's breadth of stabbing his King. The uproar in the crowd quickly stilled to a deathly silence as the ship's crew disarmed and disabled their targets. Shocked, the crowd looked to the King and Queen for explanation. A blue glow emanated from Eowyn's hand and travelled towards the struggling prisoners. As the glow reached each man and woman, their Skin peeled away, revealing that they were in fact all Skins!

Recovering from his shock, King Tirian turned to the Palace Guard. "Go to them, bring their Majesties to me." He said. "Form a ring of steel around them. Everyone one of your lives before harm even has a glimpse of them." Bowing with their hands to their hearts, the guards made their way to the ship's steps and escorted Eowyn and her husband to her father and brother, while the Skins were taken away by their captors.

Swallowing back the huge lump that had formed in her throat Eowyn approached her father and brother. She and Zan bowed before the King as was customary in his own court. Straightening from her bow, Eowyn at last allowed herself to look into her father's eyes. Unshed tears were shining there, as if a reflection of her own suddenly damp orbs. Zan watched as his wife suddenly flung herself into her father's welcoming arms and was enveloped in an embrace that seemed as if the King never wished to let her go again as he murmured incoherent words of welcome and affection to her. Grasping Prince Callub's hand, Zan too felt his eyes dampening. Placing his hand supportively on his wife's back as her brother entered the embrace, he suddenly found himself roughly pulled into the four - way hug as the crowd cheered joyously.

Once they were able to compose themselves enough to move on, the Royals entered the palace with Rath, Ava, Larek and Captains Stevens and Aja in their wake. King Tillian gathered his daughter into his arms again, as if unable to believe that she was there unless he was touching her. "You're home" he murmured to her. "You're alive!" Eowyn hugged him back. "I'm back, I'm alive, I'm well" she reassured her father. Composing himself Tillian turned to his son – in – law and his entourage. "I am glad beyond words to see you all back safe and sound!" he said. "You must be weary … hungry. You should rest." Zan stepped forward. "If it please your Majesty, we would rather start planning our strategy to take back Antar." He said. "We meant what we said" agreed Eowyn from her father's arms. "We will not rest until our people and our planet are free. They have waited for two years and I would not have them wait another minute!" Tillian looked at his daughter and son – in – law proudly. "That is what I thought you would say" he admitted wryly. "I have asked the Generals and their staff to assemble in the planning room.

Walking in her father's wake to the planning room, Eowyn drew her brother aside. "How has father been, really?" she asked him. Callub looked at her, resigned to telling her the truth, she would find out anyway – she always did. "Eowyn, he was devastated by your death, he's been a shell of himself, drawn and worried for the last two years." Eowyn nodded, she had expected as much. But her father would be better – she would see to it now that she was back. Taking her brother's arm, she followed her father into the large conference room.

As Eowyn and Zan waked in, the men and women assembled in the room rose and bowed respectfully. All except one, that is. Eowyn saw her cousin, Faramod, sitting in the back corner of the room, a scowl marring his handsome features. Approaching him in the suddenly tense room, Eowyn smiled at her cousin. "What is the matter cousin" she asked him, puzzled. They had been close growing up, as close as siblings. Faramod looked up at her with a sneer, "What's the matter clone, annoyed that I don't bow and scrape to you and your clone husband like the others." The room erupted into angry exclamations and Eowyn felt rather than saw her husband approach, ready to rebuke her cousin, violently if need be. Raising her hand to stop them all, Eowyn tried again. "Faramod, you know we are not clones." She said gently. "You know the process brought us back heart and soul – it is me cousin." Faramod rose to his feet angrily. "Do not call me that!" he spat at her. "I do not believe it. You are merely a clone, programmed with memories that others gave you of my cousin. You are not Eowyn, Eowyn is dead!" Eowyn had had enough. If the words of his King and the scientists were not enough, if the easy way did not work with him – well, she would just have to try the hard way!

Moving back slightly from her enraged cousin, she engaged in a battle stance. "En Garde" she grated, looking Faramod in the eye challengingly. Faramod hesitated. "You don't want to do that girl" he warned, "you'll get hurt." "We'll see" answered Eowyn. The others in the room, who had watched this confrontation silently, drew back to give them space. Both Eowyn and Faramod were known for their skill in hand to hand combat. Zan watched proudly as his wife gave them a display of just what she was capable of. Faramod sweated as he tried to keep up with his cousin. At last, so quickly that you could almost have missed it, Eowyn flipped Faramod onto his back with an intricate move. Eowyn knelt above him her hand held in a killing move inches from his exposed neck. "How many times do I have to knock you on your back Fara?" she asked panting "Before you acknowledge that I am more skilled than you?" At this Faramod's face crumpled and he reached up to embrace his cousin, pulling her down on top of him murmuring to her "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry … I was so afraid … afraid I'd lost you. The stunned Generals looked on. "I thought that General Faramod had never been put on his back by anyone." Said one to the man standing beside him. Prince Callub smiled "Except by my sister" he explained. "She never told anyone so that Faramod could keep his pride." Zan was still glaring at Faramod. "A pride he no longer deserves" he growled.

As Eowyn pulled herself from her cousin's embrace she stood and looked around the room. This would not work if their men doubted them. They needed to trust them implicitly as they once had. Eowyn noticed that some of the Generals were looking at her and Zan with doubt in their eyes. In a way it was understandable. The last time they had seen their Monarchs, Zan and Eowyn had been thirty years of age, had been ruling for ten of those years, now they must seem like teenagers to their people. Eowyn took a deep breath, this must be addressed. Walking around the room she spoke to those assembled. "You may think that what you see before you are two eighteen - year olds from earth" she told them. "But you are wrong." Zan came and stood beside her as she continued. "What you see is your King and Queen, who have lived over forty – eight years, on three planets, over two life - times." We have suffered for our cause, fought for our cause, bled for our cause already … We are ready to lead you in the fight now, but you have to believe in us! Are you ready to fight with us?" The responding noise was deafening as the Generals and staff cheered their Monarchs, believing for the first time in two years that they could win this, that they would be going home.

King Tillian stood forward. "We have wasted enough time assuaging baseless fears" he said glowering at his nephew. "We should start to plan. Perhaps we should begin with your tale of events on earth?" Here he turned to Zan and Eowyn. And so, they began:

A tale of a crash

A tale of separation and loss

A tale of life on the run

A tale of capture and torture

A tale of triumph against the odds.

When they had finished the room was so silent that a pin dropping could have been heard. Tears were in many eyes at what their Monarch's had had to endure, but also tears of pride that they had stayed true to each other and had prevailed against the odds. Eowyn went to her father and brother who were standing together, like statues against the wall, their eyes clouded with pain. Eowyn came closer to them forcing them to look at her. "You were supposed to be safe" her father said to her, his voice breaking. "You were supposed to be protected!" Eowyn embraced her father. "We were" she objected gesturing to Larek and Stevens. "And besides, the trials we had to face – they made us stronger." At this Larek's head turned to his Queen. "Yes" he said thoughtfully, "I meant to mention that Your Majesties. Every time I have felt Your Majesties use your powers since you were reunited it appears to be stronger than it was before, twice as strong in fact." "It's because they were parted" burst in Rath excitedly. He too had noticed and had been searching his mind for explanations and now he had it. "When a couple with powers first commit to each other it causes both their powers to increase." Everyone nodded, they knew this, it was one of the reasons that the marriage of Zan and Eowyn had been such a good power move. Both powerful to begin with, their increase in power once they bonded had been phenomenally strong. "Of course," Callub interrupted, "Because they were parted for so long, when they met again it was as if they bonded again and their powers increased once more!" The room buzzed with this information; the Generals filled with a new sense of confidence. With their Monarch's so powerful, they could not fail!

"So Kivar has unwittingly given us an advantage" mused Zan. "He had also given us information. When we interrogated Nicholas, he was most forthcoming, Eowyn?" He smiled at his wife. Eowyn came forward, unfurling a map of Antar she had taken from the wall. On it they showed everyone the location of Kivar, the controls for the Orbital shield, the Skin armies and the Antarian people who had not had the chance to be evacuated before the Skins put up the shield. "Eowyn was also able to obtain a valuable bit of information," Zan continued looking proudly at his wife "Because the shield absorbs energy from the ships that attempt to pass it, it is possible to breach the shield in small ships by turning off the thrusters and drifting through the barrier." Faramod came forward. "Will the Skins be able to detect these ships?" he asked. Zan looked at his wife's cousin. He had not yet forgiven him for his recent behaviour. "I can shield them" he replied shortly. Another General spoke up. "Will we have the numbers to storm the capital and reach the control to switch off the barrier so that the larger ships can get through with more troops" he asked anxiously. Zan paused, they didn't, that was the flaw in his plan, the one they had to overcome, overcome quickly before Eowyn …

"I can do it"

Too late … "No"

"I'm the only one who Kivar will let close enough to him to reach the control!"

"I knew you were thinking this – No!"

"It's the only way"


"Give me one reason why not Zan!"

Zan was desperate, she couldn't do this, he couldn't lose her again ... NO!"

Eowyn turned her back on him and faced the assembled crowd who had remained in rapt silence throughout this exchange. Avoiding looking at her father and brother, who she knew were staring at her in distress, she addressed the room. "You all know that this will work. Kivar expects Nicholas to bring me to him, expects me to believe his lies and abandon Zan. If we let them think their plan has worked. Mind warp Nicholas into bringing me to Antar. I can get to the control for the barrier and turn it off with very little blood shed"

"Except yours!" It was Rath, sworn to protect her – she should have known he would point this out. "If it was any other soldier, any other who could do this with so little risk, would you object?" He shook his head, unable to deny it. Eowyn turned back to gaze around the room, including her husband, father, and brother in her gaze. "Not one of you has the authority to deny me this. I will go to Kivar and turn of the shield. What you all need to decide, is how to support me in this!" Without another word, Eowyn swept out of the room, before anyone could see how terrified she was of this course of action and use it to try to talk her out of it.

Zan finally caught up to her in the private gardens adjoining their chambers. He stalked towards her an indecipherable expression on his face. "Leave us" he commanded the servants and guards without tearing his eyes away from her face. "Why did you run from me?" he demanded. Eowyn was incensed, run - she did not run! "I needed a moment alone" she replied evenly, making every effort not to let him see how his rancour affected her. "Zan" she pleaded "you know this will work, know it is the best way, the only way!" Eowyn took a step backwards, anything to put distance between them, anything to help her find her stability, to help her argue. She knew and he knew that hers was the only plan that would work. But she could not think with Zan so close. Zan gathered her in his arms, crushing her too him he brought his face down to her hair, inhaling her scent deeply as if afraid it might be the last time. "I know" he finally admitted. "I have told the men to prepare a plan of attack to support you. We leave tomorrow evening." Pulling her even further into him, so that not a millimetre of space separated them, Zan crushed his lips to hers, gasping for breath Eowyn kissed him back just as enthusiastically. Eowyn tilted her head back so that Zan could reach her neck. As he ran open mouthed kisses over her pulse point Zan carried her backwards into the bedroom, towards the bed, holding her tightly all the way. "Why does it feel like I'm kissing you Goodbye?" he asked. Eowyn had no answer for that, indeed Zan expected none as his kisses travelled lower and he started to peel her clothes deftly from her body. Gasping in pleasure, Eowyn hoped that her husband was not right, that this was not goodbye.

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with weary feet,
Until it joins some larger way,
Where many paths and errands meet