DJ Tanner was starving! Having not eaten for three days, she didn't realize how hungry she really was. DJ had been trying to lose weight in order to fit into a bathing suit for her best friend, Kimmy Gibbler's, birthday party. Instead of eating sensibly, she decided to not eat anything until the party. She told her family that she was having breakfast and dinner at Kimmy's, and as far as lunch went, she gave it to Kimmy. She told Kimmy that she ate breakfast and dinner, but skipped lunch. Kimmy never did know that DJ was starving herself.

DJ made her sister, Stephanie, pinky swear not to tell anybody when she was caught giving her sandwich to their Golden Retriever, Comet. The family went to the gym to work out. DJ ended up overdoing it, making herself dizzy, and falling to the floor. This caused Stephanie to take action.

That night, while preparing for dinner, DJ said she was going to eat at Kimmy's, and this is when Stephanie told Danny about DJ starving herself. She didn't want DJ to be mad at her, but she also didn't want her to develop an eating disorder. Luckily, Danny's talk had convinced DJ that she was just fine the way she was. She was a good person with a good heart. Not only was Danny right about that, but he was being one hundred percent honest when he told DJ she was beautiful. He meant that. They went downstairs to dinner, where DJ decided she would have salad, dressing on the side, one roll with no butter, and only one helping of the chicken.

"Are you okay, DJ," asked Joey Gladstone, who was fixing up plates for everybody.

"I'm fine," DJ said, with a smile. "I'm sorry if I scared all of you. Is dinner ready?"

"Right here," Joey replied, happily, sitting a plate of food in front of DJ.

Everyone looked happy as they watched DJ eat.

"I'm sorry for telling on you, DJ," Stephanie said.

"No, don't be, Steph. You did the right thing. Thank you."

The sisters smiled at each other, and went on with their meal.

One week later, DJ went to Kimmy's pool party and had a wonderful time with her friends.