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Song lyrics

Biju talking/jutsu

Biju thinking

*scene change/song solo/song breaks*

Of Rock Music and Demon Foxes

It was a beautiful day in Konohagakure no Sato, or Hidden Leaf Village to some, the birds were singing, the flowers were blooming, on a day like this a small blond haired, whiskered marked child of six years old was running like hell.

The child is named Naruto Uzumaki, an orphan at birth, who had just recently been kicked out of the orphanage for no apparent reason, and also today was October 10th which was his birthday. Why was he running, one might ask? The answer came in the form of the angry mob chasing after the poor boy.

It's the same damn shit every year with these guys. Naruto commented as he ducked and weaved in and out of alleyways, while dodging thrown bottles and other things from the angry mob, with the occasional curse of "Demon Brat" or "Dirty Fox" and the rare "Bastard" all targeted at the boy. I get that they hate this day for the Kyuubi attacking the village, but are these guys so stupid that they think I am the Fox? Naruto mentally sighed, it wasn't hard for Naruto to figure that out, what with everyone in the village either directly or indirectly making these comments either to his face, especially on his birthday, or usually behind his back when they thought he was not listening.

Taking a sharp right turn down one of the alleyways, Naruto soon realized his mistake and a pit fell into his stomach. "A dead end." Naruto vocally addressed his mistake as he heard chuckling from the entrance of the alleyway.

"Well, well, well, looks like it's the end of the line for you Demon Brat." One of the nameless villagers said with a dark gleam in his eyes.

Crap! Was all Naruto could think before the villagers descended on the poor, untrained, not even academy aged boy. For the next few hours the poor boy was just the villagers punching bag. And by the time they were done the boy had fractured ribs, broken bones in his legs and arms, and several cuts all over his body, luckily he had passed out after the initial hits so he really didn't register the pain.

*Inside Naruto's mind aka Mindscape*

"Ugh….wa...where am I?" Naruto groggily asked no one, more to himself. "Did they throw me down a sewer or something?" Naruto asked, as he took in his surroundings to find what looked to be a sewer, that he was currently laying in.

Come this way! Follow my voice! A deep, rattling voice called out to Naruto, but Naruto could tell while powerful there was an odd sense of compassion coming from the mysterious voice. Naruto slowly got up and started to walk in the direction he thought the voice was coming from.

"DEAR SWEET KAMI!" Naruto exclaimed as eventually the sewer opened into a giant room with a large red cage with a piece of paper with the symbol for "Seal" on it, and behind it a giant reddish orange fox with nine tails. "Th-The Kyuubi!"

Calm down Kit, I can't do much to you even if I wanted to. Also the name's Kurama, you should use it. Kyuubi is more of a title if anything. The now identified Kurama growled slightly annoyed. Humans these days no fucking respect Kurama thought to himself.

"H-Hai Kurama-sama" Naruto skittishly replied.

Cut the sama crap Kit, that might work on humans with over inflated egos, but it does jack shit for me. Kurama snorted.

"O-Okay….Where are we by the way?" Naruto hesitantly asked, while rubbing his right arm upland down with his left, unsure of what to truly do in this situation.

We are currently in your head. Kurama curtly answered before continuing. The fuck sticks of your village did a number on you. My chakra is currently fixing the damage at a higher than human rate but it will take a while. You are stuck here till it's done. Kurama explained in as little detail as possible.

"My Mind? But wait if this is my mind why are you here?" Naruto asked out loud.

Knew that question was coming. Kurama mentally sighed before replying. It's a tale that can be summed up as a collection of fuck ups and schemes gone awry, that no less involved a Yami Damned Uchiha, a fuck boy with admittedly good ninja skills, and perhaps one of a few humans I actually respect, Yami bless her fiery soul. Kurama said with a slight hint of nostalgia at the end.

"Who?" was Naruto's eloquent six year old replay.

A Uchiha claiming to be Madara Uchha attacked Kushina Uzumaki and her husband Minato Namikaze, who I refer to as fuck boy, while Kushina was giving birth six years ago today. Kushina was my previous host and well long story short I got released then mind controlled by the damn Uchiha and Kushina and fuck boy died not before resealing me inside you. Kurama bluntly explained.

"The Fourth Hokage?!" Naruto exclaimed. Wait a minute, Why would the Fourth and his wife who had just given birth, seal Kurama inside me? And didn't he just say it was six years ago today? I share a birthday with the Fourth's child, but I don't think I have ever heard of them being around….No, no, it couldn't be? Could it? Naruto's mind was racing.

Seems the gears are finally turning. Can I hazard to guess what you just figured out? Kurama chuckled as he looked over the child, clearly seeing the look of thought on the child's face.

"I'm...I'm the son of the Fourth Hokage aren't I?" Naruto eventually stuttered out, not really sure he wanted the answer.

That you are Kit, that you are. Kurama confirmed.

Naruto was stunned to say the least, and did not speak for a few minutes. Feeling slightly concerned for his host, Kurama called out. Are you doing okay there Kit? I know it's a Bijuu Bomb to drop on someone, but come on are you okay?

"I am still coming to terms." Naruto replied with a distant look in his eyes, clearly not all there but still there enough to answer the question.

Well, while you're doing that, mind if I sing? Kurama inquired.

"wha….Wait, you sing? You like music?" Naruto was shocked out of his current frame of mind.

Before getting sealed the first time, I found music to be one of the few tolerable things you humans can make. Then while sealed in Kushina, I gained a taste for what was called "Rock and Roll," she and fuck boy actaully dabbled in rock music from time to time. They were pretty good all things considered. Kurama reminisced. Those were the good times.

"Do you have to keep calling my dad, "fuck boy", it's kind of disrepectul." Naruto commented.

I do, because he was. Kurama said in an almost sage like manner.

"Okay….So what song were you thinking of singing?" Naruto decided to ask.

Well not so much sing as make the memory of how it sounded play for us. Kurama admitted.

"You can do that?" Naruto asked with shock.

Kit you are the third person I have been sealed in. I have learned what I can and can't do from within the seal over the years. Kurama grinned. Now if there are no more questions, I have thought of a great song to share with you.

Naruto stayed quiet as Kurama opened his mouth wide, after a few moments of silence, sound started to fill the room they were in. To Naruto it sounded like what some would call gothic music, with the sounds of thunder, a woman screaming and a horse braying mixed in, eventually the music faded into a drum solo till a guitar was heard then the singer started to sing.

When purgatory's waiting

The girl immaculate

The highest of commandments, dictates to copulate

No grave is animated

You're buried all alone

So let her work a wonder

And wake your flesh and bone

Resurrection by erection

Raise your phallus to the sky

And you'll never die

It's resurrection by erection

Raise your bone up to the sky and you're never gonna die

Hallelujah Resurrection

*small bridge in song*

The funeral is calling

The mortuary blow

Between my legs I'm waking

I rise from down below

Why do you think Believer

God gave you carnal lust?

So pray to get a hard-on

Before we turn to dust

Resurrection by erection

Raise your phallus to the sky

And you'll never die

It's resurrection by erection

When you wake up from the dead and the angels give a head

Hallelujah Resurrection

*small bridge in song*

Res Sur Rection

*small bridge in song*

Res Sur Rection

*small bridge in song*

Res Sur Rection


I want my resurrection All my life for resurrection

All I want is resurrection


*small bridge in song*

Res Sur Rection

*slightly longer instrumental bridge*

The Devil and The Maiden

Prepare for going wild

The new messiah calling

The purgatory child

Before my flesh is fading

The virgin has a turn

The third of days we're climbing

The point of no return

RRRRRRResurrection by erection

Raise your phallus to the sky

And you'll never die

It's resurrection by erection

Raise your bone up to the sky and you're never gonna die

Hallelujah Resurrection

As the song ended, Naruto just stared blankly for a few moments before shouting out. "Holy Shit! That was totally wicked!"

This got a laugh out of Kurama, once he calmed down he said. Glad you liked it Kit.

"The music was good, but to be honest not sure what they were singing about." Naruto admitted.

I'll explain when you are older, for now just be glad you found a song you like. Kurama sweatdropped. I forgot he is only six years old, he probably doesn't even understand half of what was being implied in that song. Kushina would kill me if she found out I introduced that song to her son.

"Got any more songs?" Naruto innocently asked, unaware of the terrified thoughts that had just run though Kurama's mind moments prior.

No more for today, I can feel that you are almost fully healed, though I could have sworn someone picked you up from the alley we were in. Perhaps those Anbu that usually guard you finally decided to do their jobs today and have brought you to a hospital. Kurama said matter of factly.

"Wait, you can feel what's going on outside?" Naruto inquired.

I can, it's usually easier after the first meetings like this, I can feel and if I focus I can see and hear, but usually I just skim over recent memories of my host to just keep up to date on things. Kurama shrugged as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Oh… So you know?" Naruto halfheartedly said.

Yeah… That orphanage matron was a bitch. But this is a blessing in disguise. Kurama started to say.

"How so?" Naruto interrupted.

I happen to remember where the compound your parent's lived in and how to get in without anyone knowing or seeing you do it. Kurama said with a grin.

"Really? Thank you thank you!" Naruto happily replied while starting to jump in place.

Alright, alright. I am glad you are happy Kit. But first you need to wake up, figure out what happened while you were out, then we can focus on what to do next. Kurama tried to calm the bundle of pent up energy

"Okay, Okay…. I am good." Naruto said as he calmed down, which probably wouldn't last long. "Will I be able to talk to you when I wake up or is it only here?" Naruto then asked.

Considering I could do so after the first initial meetings with Kushina and the one before her, I say chances are good for you as well. Kurama thoughtfully replied.

"So...Do I just wait or should I walk somewhere?" Naruto asked as he was not sure how to leave his mindscape.

From what I am feeling, You should just phase out from here, much like you would do from waking from a dream. But if not I can give you a push till you can do it on your own. Kurama stated as he rubbed his chin in thought with his front right paw.

As Kurama finished that statement, Naruto's form within the mindscape started to fade, but not before the boy called out one last time. "Talk to you later Kurama!"

As Naruto faded from the mindscape, Kurama thought to himself. Well, this should be interesting, I wonder what will happen now.