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Bijū talking/jutsu

Bijū thinking

Song lyrics

*scene change*

Onward to new beginnings

The first thing Naruto notices as he starts to stir is the tell tale beeping of a heart monitor. I guess Kurama was right, someone did bring me to a hospital. Naruto thought as he slowly lifted his head.

"Wow, slow down there kid, you have had a rough day." A female voice called out to him as he was about to fully remove his head from the pillow it lied upon. Turning his head in the direction he thought the voice came from, Naruto spotted a female with fair skin, who he guessed was no older than a teenager going by physical appearance and dressed in the typical ANBU uniform with a Hebi (snake) mask on, standing near the window with her arms crossed. All he could see that was defining was her violet hair done into a small fanning ponytail.

"What hap-" Naruto started before Hebi interrupted with "What happened? Is that what you are going to ask?" She finished for him.

Naruto decided to just nod, not sure if the ANBU agent wanted him to talk or not.

"Want the long or short answer?" She questioned.

"Short is fine, I can probably guess the long." Naruto said bluntly.

"For a six year old you are very mature, you know that." Hebi commented before continuing. "Anyway, me, Neko (cat) and Inu (dog), were doing our patrol of the village when we saw the tail end of your beating. Neko, the commander of our squad, ordered Inu to hunt down your attackers and for me to first stabilize then transport you to the hospital. While she reported the incident to the Hokage."

Knowing jiji, he will show up soon. Naruto silently sighed to himself. "If I may ask: Why are you still here? Not that I don't mind, just wondering, seems like your orders where to drop me off." Asked Naruto to his savior.

"Many reasons, but mainly I didn't trust the docs here to do their job as they should. Seriously I had to threaten them with a visit to T&I just to get you admitted. Fucking pricks." Hebi started to say calmly before descending into full on anger.

Maybe I should say something to calm her down, but what? Naruto asked himself as he noticed the ANBU agent before him was seemingly getting angry. To be honest, I never knew ANBU could show emotion. "Are you okay? You seem to be getting a bit worked up." Naruto eventually spoke up after his internal debate.

"I'm fine kid, just drop it." Hebi sighed, clearly not wanting to discuss the cause of her anger.

The two descended into silence, neither knowing what to say. The silence didn't last, as the door to the room opened up, reveling three people, two of which were ANBU. One with gravity defying silver hair and a dog mask, with a frame that looked to be male, and roughly same height as Hebi. The other was female with purple hair and a cat mask, who was around the height of the Hokage. And finally the very old Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, dressed in his usual Hokage attire. Naruto and Hebi both took not that the Hokage lacked his usual pipe and had a look in his eyes that seemed to scream righteous fury but that fury was not directed towards either of them.

"Hebi report." Hiruzen ordered with a twinge of anger in his voice.

"Mission complete, Uzumaki Naruto has received medical treatment and appears to be on the road to full recovery." Hebi replied.

"You know I am awake and can hear you, right?" Naruto asked. Did they not notice or is it part of the job to do stuff like that. The young boy contemplated.

Turning to the boy, Hiruzen let out a sigh before recomposing himself. "I apologize Naruto, I had just received Neko's report. And to say I was angry is an understatement." The old man admitted. "Though, Inu reported success in identifying and locating your attackers and the rest of the ANBU are currently in the process of rounding them up and sending them to Ibiki for punishment."

"That's….good." Naruto commented with some hesitance, not actually sure if this would be a good thing in the long run or not.

"Ah, I see you are worried for potential reprisal." Hiruzen sighed. "I am starting to think the people of this village might be dumber than I think they are."

"Really? You're only just now realizing this?" Naruto raised an eyebrow at this.

"I had hoped they would wake up but clearly that was wishful thinking." Hiruzen admitted. "Anyway, I think it is long past time to teach you some form of self defense."

"Really? But I thought self defense was not taught until someone got into the academy, which is 6 years away from me." Naruto commented.

"Normally you would be correct. However I see that doing nothing and praying for the best is clearly not working." Hiruzen stated before continuing. "Which is why I am assigning Hebi to teach you how to defend yourself."

"Wouldn't Inu be a better choice, sir?" Hebi asked, clearly not too thrilled at the prospect of teaching.

"Normally you would be correct. However Inu, unfortunately, has a mission coming up soon and will be unavailable." Hiruzen answered, before addressing Neko. "With Inu on mission and Hebi reassigned, you will be reassigned to a new squad."

"Understood Lord Hokage." Neko said with a slight tilt of her head in confirmation.

"Hebi, continue to guard and monitor Naruto, then wait a day after he is released from the hospital to begin his training." Hiruzen ordered.

"It will be done." Hebi snapped to attention.

"Inu with me, we have to prepare for your upcoming mission. Neko you are dismissed." Hiruzen stated before heading to the door. "Naruto, get better soon." He said as he left the room, with Inu right behind him. Neko had used the body flicker technique to leave at some point leaving only Naruto and Hebi in the room.

"Well, I say rest up kid. Once you are all better, I can promise you this: training with me is going to be hell." Hebi stated looking Naruto straight in the eyes, or at least tried to with the mask on. "Anyway I am going to patrol the hospital, and make sure no one tries anything." Hebi stated before disappearing in a body flicker of her own.

Now what. I got nothing to do till they let me out. Naruto thought to himself.

I say you take the ANBU's advice and get some rest. Kurama finally spoke up.

Kurama! Why did you wait this long to say something? Naruto questioned.

Seemed like an important conversation and didn't want to distract you. Plus I was trying to remember how to get to your parent's compound from here. I might be a Bijū but even my memory has its limits. Kurama explained.

So, do you know how to get there from here, or will we need to walk around a bit to get you oriented? Naruto questioned.

I can get us there, it just might be longer that I initially expected. Kurama admitted.

Well, better than being completely lost. Naruto sighed before making himself comfortable. How long do you think I will have to stay in the hospital?

Hum….. I say about two days at max. With me healing you, and the ANBU breathing down the doctors' necks, you should be out in two days. Now get some rest, it looks like you will be busy in the future. Kurama advised.

* two days later *

Kurama's prediction proved true, Naruto stayed in the hospital for two days. In those two days, Hebi had stopped by during her patrols to talk and check over the machines just to make certain there was no funny business. In that time, Naruto spoke to Kurama about how and when to go to his parent's compound and whether or not to risk Hebi seeing him go there. They agreed that if it could be avoided then that would be that, but if fate or whatever decided that Hebi saw him go there then they would cross that bridge when they got there.

Okay Kurama, I am out of the hospital, where do I go? Naruto asked.

Okay, Let me think, not sure but head the opposite way from the main road till you see the stadium. Kurama said clearly going by memory.

Okay, looking for the stadium. Naruto thought as he made his way from the entrance of the hospital, heading in the direction of the stadium. While the distance between the two locations didn't seem far if one were to look on a map, it still took about a few minutes to get from the hospital proper to the stadium proper.

I see the stadium, it's coming up. Naruto thought to Kurama.

Okay, you are going to pass the stadium till you get to the next intersection. Also I know you probably can't sense her yet, but Hebi is on the roof of the stadium looking at you. Guess she is curious as to why you aren't heading to that shitty apartment on the other side of the village. Kurama directed while also letting lose that piece of information.

Should I be worried? Naruto inquired as he continued down the road to the next intersection, luckily not running into anyone as it seemed there were little to no people down this road at this time.

I will keep you apprised of the situation if need be. Anyway, at the next intersection, take a left and head towards the outer wall. I will tell you when to stop and turn. Kurama explained.

Naruto continued his trek at a walking pace, not wanting to give Hebi any reason to potentially stop him from reaching his destination. Naruto made note that he was passing by the Sarutobi quarters and the Uchiha Senbei. All the while, Hebi was watching from the rooftops, trying to figure out where the hell her charge was going.

Kit, once you pass that Senbei, head towards the bridge, but don't cross it, you will want to take a right. Follow the road that runs parallel to the river. Kurama spoke up as they got close to the Senbei.

On it. Naruto replied, while keeping an outward appearance of aloofness but on the inside was very excited.

Look at the wall to your right, notice anything odd. Kurama said as they passed the Senbei.

No, it's just a plain old wall. Naruto commented as he glanced at the wall.

Okay, now look to your left, what do you see. Kurama instructed.

I see the Uchiha compound. Naruto answered, still not getting it.

Now look back at the wall, ask yourself why there is just a plain old wall here. Kurama again instructed.

What are you getting at? Why wouldn't….. OH! I get it now. There's a genjutsu on the wall to make people not notice it at all. Not sure what they call it but it's basically a you-will-not-notice-me sort of deal here. Naruto worked out what was going on.

That's right Kit. Your parents were paranoid, same with the rest of the Uzumaki clan. They rigged the perimeter of the entire compound with seals that function as a perception filter, only some one of Uzumaki blood and fuck boy could notice it and work it out. Else even if you brought it to someone's attention they still would not notice. Damn scary your clan was. True monsters with those fuinjutsu skills of theirs. Kurama explained.

So, what's the trick here, smear blood or some sort of hand signs? Naruto asked.

You need the main entrance, hang a right before the bridge and follow the wall for a quarter mile. The Uzumaki members that built this place made sure the main entrance was not in the same place as everyone else. They figured if they went with the flow, if someone figured out a weakness in one compound, they could find it in all, since there are some similar design choices that were made in the making of most of the compounds here in Konoha. Kurama reasoned.

Can I ask why you refer to my dad as "fuck boy", I have been meaning to ask. Naruto asked as he had nothing to do other than walk at the moment.

I refer to your dad as "fuck boy," simply because everything came easy to him. He rarely had to work for anything, and nothing seemed to challenge or phase him. He also had this nonchalant attitude that grind my gears. Also no matter what Kushina may have said, he was not good enough for her. She could have done much better in my opinion. If this were a fanfiction I swear, with the exception of him dying, he was a Gary Stu. Kurama ranted.

Am I detecting some unrequited love for my mother there, Kurama. Naruto didn't so much ask but stated in a questioning manner, as he made the previously explained turn.

I...I have no comment. Kurama stuttered out Damn Kit couldn't have figured that out could he. Kurama thought to himself

I didn't hear a 'no'. Naruto grinned.

Damn it Kit! Kurama exclaimed, before saying Anyway see the pole there, about five meters from that is the part of the wall that has the hidden seals that are used for entering the compound. Once you open it the first time, it should no longer be hidden from you.

And Hebi? Naruto asked.

She might see the unfiltered entrance for a few minutes but then it should go back to what she was originally seeing. Though to be honest, I am not certain. I may be older than most civilizations but that clan of yours, when it came to seals, were practically gods. Kurama shrugged.

So, your saying I have a lot to live up too. Well, no pressure, right? Naruto commented as he was just about to pass the specified pole.

You'll do fine, also stop right here. Kurama said as Naruto was about to pass the specified point.

Okay, what now? Naruto asked as he faced the wall.

Bite your thumb, draw that swirl you see on the ninja vests on the wall with your blood. Then place your hand on the swirl. Normally you would channel chakra into it but since you don't know how to do that just yet, I will help out in that regard. Kurama instructed.

Following the instructions he was given, Naruto proceeded to bite his thumb and drew in blood the swirl he has always noticed on the vests of higher ranking ninja. We're all set, Kurama. Naruto said as he finished the swirl and placed his hand on it.

Got it Kit. This should do it. Kurama said as he pushed some chakra into Naruto effectively pushing Naruto's normal chakra towards the swirl.

* Hebi's frame of reference *

I have been following this brat since he got out of the hospital. Where the hell is he going? Hebi thought as she followed her charge. Wait, why do I get the feeling I should know something about where he might be headed. Hebi contemplated as she noticed her charge head towards the Uchiha compound.

When she noticed that Naruto had turned down the road running parallel to the river, shock was the only thing she felt. No way! How! How can he know where this is? Could it be the Fox? Is he talking to the Fox somehow? Hebi's mind was running a mile a minute.

As she witnessed Naruto begin to draw the Uzumaki Swirl on the wall, Hebi wondered to herself. Shit! Think Anko, think. What to do? Clearly The Hokage needs to know about this. He did say no knowledge of this place was to be kept from everyone except ANBU personnel and himself. However this is Naruto's birthright, thus it does belong to him legally. Shit kid, you are getting me into a lot of trouble here. Hebi, now identified as Anko, mulled over what to do.

Holy Shit! He actually opened it. Anko exclaimed to herself as she witnessed the perception filter fall and the compound's entrance, similar to most other compounds' entrances, appear with the Uzumaki Swirl painted large on the face of the compound's large front gate. Shit! If the rumors about this place are true I am going to have to get in there now, else I will lose track of him and there is no telling when he might come out. Anko thought as she bolted through the gate, which had been opened when Naruto stepped inside.

* Naruto's frame of reference, Inside Uzumaki compound *

"Oh wow!" Naruto exclaimed as he looked at the compound from the front gate. From what he could see the main building was three floors tall, and done in a similar way as every other building in the village, though the top most floor was the smallest part of the building and the bottom floor was the largest in terms of area. Connected to the Main building was cover walkways that connected to other buildings on either side and if he looked through the gaps in the walkway's pillars he could see more covered walkways which could lead to more single story buildings, if he had to guess. The walkways were paved and the grass that grew next to it, seemed to have been cut, despite years of going unattended. There must be seals taking care of the grounds. Naruto thought as he noticed the grass and other plants seemingly having not overgrown in the absence of humans.

"Yeah, no kidding. Just wow!" Hebi had to agree.

"Well, guess we should look around." Naruto said.

"Before that, how did you know how to find this place?" Hebi questioned.

Damn, I had hoped she wouldn't ask that. Kurama what should I say? Naruto asked his inner demon.

In this case, honesty is the best option, however do not mention my name. I would prefer to have as few people know my name as possible. Kurama said.

If you are sure. Naruto thought before saying "The Kyūbi told me, and before you ask, I have only just recently been able to talk to him."

"How recently?" Hebi asked curiously.

"Since the beating that sent me to the hospital two days ago." Naruto replied evenly.

"So, relatively recent. I will have to inform the Hokage of this development." Hebi said. "But for now, since I have the feeling you will be spending most of your time here, we might as well take a look around."

"Yeah, might as well. Let's check the main building first." Naruto said as he walked toward the building.

"Right behind you." Hebi concurred.

A few moments later and the two were at the front door. In Naruto's opinion it was the typical size and style of most clan main building entrances, large and wholly unnecessary. Why can't clan buildings have regular sized doors, seems like a waste of resources to me. Naruto thought as he pulled open one side of the twin doors. Once inside, and closed the door, the duo made notice of the interior.

"So, this is the main hallway. No offense but it is kind of bland. Not sure what I was expecting but bland was not it." Hebi commented. Naruto silently agreed. The main hallway was devoid of furniture, the main thing about it was it was spacious but not overly so, the walls on both sides only had two doors each and the walls extended to practically the other side of the building and had a partially obscured by a wall stairwell that went up to the next floor. The ceiling had electric lights that Naruto noticed had turned on as they had walked in.

"I agree, it's very bland. To be honest I am more interested in where the lights got the power to turn on from and how they turned on as we walked in." Naruto voiced his thoughts

"I think there might be a chakra battery in the basement, that might be being used to convert chakra to electricity to power this place." Hebi commented.

"How do you know there is a basement?" Naruto questioned.

"There is a door on that wall that obscures the stairwell. I might not know much about architecture, but most doors like that usually lead to basements." Hebi answered with a shrug.

"And the chakra battery?" Naruto raised the question.

"Most buildings in Konoha have one as back ups and the Village has a large one to power every building. What most people don't know is it was Mito Uzumaki's great great grandfather that came up with the idea and it was she that first put it into practice. So I highly doubt any self respecting Uzumaki would build a place without one of those in there somewhere at least." Hebi lectured.

She's right Kit, I myself saw all this through Mito when she first put it into practice, and again when Kushina was helping fuck boy build this place. Kushina actually asked me to place some chakra into the batteries of this place, by my estimate, the amount put in should keep this place going for decades if not centuries. Kurama stated.

"We'll have to check that later just to be sure. But for now let's continue this tour." Naruto said as he made his way to the first door on the left. As the duo entered the room, Naruto said out loud. "Wow, whichever Uzumaki made this place took the concept of 'go big or go home' literally."

"Indeed they did, never seen a dining room with an open kitchen take up literally half a floor." Hebi commented.

The room they were in, was indeed a dining room with a long rectangular table in the middle with rows of chairs, all of which ran parallel to the wall which housed the door they entered in, opposite the entrance, and from their line of sight behind the table was a wall that was basically just a bay view window with curtains, with a door leading to the outside before it transitioned to the kitchen, the floor was hard wood.

"This seems more like a banquet hall than a dining room." Hebi off handily commented, as she and Naruto walked to the other half of the room, which was outlined by a counter-top that extended haft way into the room perpendicular to the walls of the room, the floor of the other half they noted was tiled and not wood as the dinning portion of the room was.

"This kitchen looks like one you would find in a restaurant." Naruto commented as he looked around the kitchen. I mean really, who needs two refrigerators, three sinks, an island in the middle that has a stove top oven, which is big enough to cook multiple items at once. Naruto listed off the items he was viewing as he looked around. He could see that the kitchen had its own dedicated entrance. That must be the other door on the left side we saw in the main hallway then. "Hebi, I think this door here leads back to the main hall. Lets see the other side now." Getting a nod, the two left out the kitchen door back into the main hall, and proceeded to walk to the door that was conveniently right across from them.

"Wonder what could be in this room?" Naruto thought out loud.

"No clue, could be anything." Hebi shrugged as they entered the room. The first thing they noticed about this room was the size, it was at least half the size of the kitchen, it also had two regular non bay windows on the wall directly across from the entrance. It was also carpeted in a tan colored carpet, it had bookcases that framed the windows. The room had reclining chairs spread out across the room and a few small tables here and there.

"So, is this like a library or something?" Naruto asked out loud.

"I think it might be more of a reading room or study." Hebi commented.

"Well let's head to the last room on this floor, though if I had to guess it will be a living room, maybe over large but a living room if nothing else." Naruto commented as he started to head to the last room left to look over on this floor. Hebi merely nodded and followed her charge.

It took the duo less than a minute to reach the final door. After opening and entering the duo looked upon a spacious room, with a few evenly spaced bay view windows that circled the room, at least not on the wall that housed the door to the main hallway, on the wall that bordered the reading room wall, there was a large white sofa that faced into the room. A few feet from that, into the room, was a small rectangular glass top table. Both of which were placed upon a smaller than the width of the room oriental style carpet. Directly in front of the entrance to the room, but still far enough away that it would not cause issues was an L shaped red couch that had the opening face the door and another small oval glass top table, though these were directly placed on the hard wood of the floor. Finally beyond all that nearly reaching the opposite wall from where they had begun, where two billiard tables, parallel to each other, the spacing between each and the walls have enough room for the potential to have two full groups play at once.

"So… a combination of the game room and living room I guess." Naruto commented on what they were seeing, he also took note of the outside entrance door being behind the red couch and between two of the bay windows.

"So it would appear." Hebi commented.

"So, basement or next floor?" Naruto asked.

"I say next floor." the ANBU agent suggested.

With a nod, Naruto headed back into the main hall. The duo then walked towards and ascended the stairwell. The two noted that the stairwell was what some might call an L shaped stairwell, as ti turned into the house after a good distance up. When they reached the top of the staircase, they were stunned by what they saw.

"H-Hebi, are you seeing what I am?" Naruto stuttered out.

"If you mean the seemingly endless rows of doors, which seems impossible since we saw that this floor is smaller than the previous floor. Then yes I am seeing it." Hebi answered with a hint of awe and fear, as the two gazed at what seemed to be endless line of doors.

"is….Is there a genjutsu here or something?" Naruto questioned.

"Not sure…. You said the Fox knew of this place, maybe it knows." Hebi stated after some thought.

"I will ask him then." Naruto said before mentally calling out. Hey Kurama, do you have any idea what's going on here?

Hum….. If I am remembering correctly, this is the main house sleeping floor. They used something called the Time And Relative Dimension In Space or TARDIS seal, to warp space to make what was large into something small. In other words, the floor is bigger on the inside than the outside. This is one of the seals that garnered the Uzumaki nickname of "Those crazy fuckers". Kurama lectured.

Thanks Kurama. "He says there is a seal on this floor that basically makes it bigger on the inside than the outside. TARDIS it is apparently called. They did this since this floor is full of bedrooms, and I guess they wanted the whole family or a majority of it to be here." Naruto summarized for the ANBU.

"I guess the rumors of the Uzumaki clan being able to manipulate reality were true then." Hebi whistled out in awe.

"Since he told me this is full of bedrooms basically want to head up to the next floor?" Naruto asked.

"I am curious if there is a bathroom or bathrooms on this floor since there are so many bedrooms." Hebi commented.

There are, five in total on this floor, marked with a plaque that reads bathroom, and all five have the stereotypical stuff you humans put in such rooms. Evenly spaced between all fifty of the bedrooms. Kurama stated.

"He says there are five in total and evenly spaced between the rooms and they are marked as bathrooms. He also mentioned that there are fifty bedrooms." Naruto repeated.

"Fifty-five rooms total huh, seems like there should be more." Hebi commented.

"I can see why, it does look like It goes on forever, maybe they designed it to look that way. For what reason I can't say." Naruto thought out loud.

"So next floor then?" Hebi asked.

"Yep, next floor." Naruto said before starting to walk to the next flight of stairs which were right next to the exit they just came out of. I wonder if they consider these types of stairwells to be spiral staircases, and why did my clan put them in. I mean sure there was probably a reasonable explanation for it. Or considering that the clan symbol is a spiral, maybe the Uzumaki clan just like spirals Naruto thought as they ascended to the top floor. A few moments later and the duo had reached the final steps of the stairs.

"Okay, so no TARDIS seal on this floor, or so it seems, and 4 rooms total if those doors are any indication." Naruto commented, as he looked into the hallway, which had 2 rooms on each side with their respective entrances spaced far apart from each other.

"It's hard to tell but I think there are metal plaques on the doors, you can see a little shine on them. Maybe they will give us a clue of whats in them." Hebi noted.

"So left side or right side first?" Naruto asked his companion.

"Left and loop back around to here again." Hebi answered.

"Sounds like a plan then." Naruto said as he headed to the first door. Taking a look at the plaque, it told him this was the main bedroom. Naruto opened the door and the duo looked into the room. The room was larger than most bedrooms should be and was carpeted with a gray carpet,, the opposite wall from the door had two windows, which were higher than they were wide, and had green drapes. Between the windows was what most in the village would probably call daimyo sized, from what they could see it's comforter and pillows were a tan-ish white. Next to the bed under the windows were two night stands. Facing the bed, to the left of it was a door. Either a closet or a built in bathroom, I will check it later. Naruto thought. Looking to the right of the bed, there was a vanity mirror/dresser combination that appeared to be big enough to accommodate two people.

"A little bit big, don't you think." Naruto said more out loud to himself.

"A bit." Hebi agreed.

"Next room then." Naruto said as he moved to close the door. Once closed, the duo moved down the hall to the next room. Reaching the next door, Naruto looked and the plaque, and his heart skipped a beat. The plaque read "Nursery/Child's room" reading that the shear weight of what could have been crashed down on him.

"We don't have to go into this room, if you don't want to." Hebi said with as much sympathy as she was allowed to show with her ANBU training, she had seen clearly the emotional distress Naruto was currently going through.

"I…I am not sure what I should do to be honest." Naruto confessed. Damn, Why am I hesitating? Naruto berated himself.

"You are hesitating because you are facing something you both are dreading but also expecting at the same time. You are unsure of how you will react thus are hesitating." Hebi commented as if she had read his mind. "In this situation, I would recommend moving on to something else, take your mind off it for now, and come back once you are certain you want the answers or in this case are more able to confront the what-could-have-beens and never-weres." She continued to advise.

She is right Kit, you don't have to confront this today. While it is true it is better to face things sooner rather than later. This is something you don't have to deal with at this moment. Kurama put his two cents in.

"Yeah, let's put a pin in this one." Naruto sighed out. I will face it another day, just not today. He thought as he turned around to head to the other side of the hall. The next door the duo found themselves in front of was much like the others on this floor, but what caught their eyes and curiosity was the name on the plaque. "Music Studio…. What is that?" Naruto read then asked.

"By definition or at the most basic of terms, its a location where you can record music in most cases." Hebi answered. "But why would one be on the third floor?" She asked mostly to herself.

"Weren't you saying earlier that the Uzumaki clan had a rep for being a bit weird and crazy? Maybe this is just one of those things." Naruto commented.

"Not my exact words, but now that I think of it, yeah this is inline with your clan." Hebi conceded to his point.

"Well lets see what's inside." Naruto said as he opened the door. Much like everywhere else in the building the lights turned on their own accord and the two noticed that they were in a smaller hallway with two doors facing towards them, they could see each had a plaque and both had a small rectangular window, allowing someone to look into the room. One door was marked "sound stage" the other was "recording booth."

"So far, seems the stereotypical music studio." Hebi commented as they went toward the right side door which was the recording booth. Opening that door, they saw a small rectangular room, the wall that separated the two rooms had a glass window to look into the sound stage and below the window what seemed to be an inclined table with nobs, switches, displays and sliders. It also had two padded stools near it.

"What is that?" Naruto asked.

"I think they call that the mixing table. I heard recording studios use it to manipulate the recorded music to make it better in some way. Not sure how it all works to be honest." Hebi stated.

"Cool, looks like we can see into the other room from here." Naruto said as he looked into the other room, or at least attempted to since he just barely was tall enough to see over the table.

"yeah and it looks like the lights turned on in that room when we entered this one. And it looks like there is a drum kit set up already, I see a rack for guitars and I assume some basses and it looks like an electric keyboard is also in there, and several mic stands as well." Hebi listed off. "The Uzumaki sure don't haft ass things."

"It all looks so cool, I am so going to have to learn to play something at some point." Naruto said out loud.

"If you ever want to learn guitar, I do dabble on my free time." Hebi offered.

"I will definitely take you up on that offer at some point." Naruto commented. "One last room on this floor." He said as the two walked back out into the main hall, closing the doors behind them as they went. A minute later they were in front of the last door on the floor, and like every other door a plaque told them what to expect.

"A library. Considering what is on this floor maybe I should not be surprised." Naruto commented.

Let it never be said that the Uzumaki clan did anything remotely normal. Kurama offhandedly remarked.

"Well, might as well see what is in there." Hebi sighed, most likely trying to prep her mind for what ever could be in there. They would get their answers once they opened the door. Stepping into the room the duo took stock of what they saw.

"Oh, Wow!" Naruto exclaimed looking into the room.

"Got that right." Hebi whistled.

The library was circular in design, seemingly 50 meters in diameter from the door, with the wall covered in bookcases, which were filled with books and scrolls, the book cases were so tall that they extended upward to the point that the duo could not see the top, there were ladders that could be moved on a circular rail, above the ladders at multiple intervals ascending upward were rings that acted as another floor of the building, there were hatches that were underneath the rings that could be opened, and if the ladder was there could be climbed through.

"Definitely a TARDIS seal in this room." Naruto whistled out, still in awe of what he was seeing.

"I can only imagine what is in all these books and scrolls." Hebi could not help but comment. "A person could spend a life time and I don't think they be able to get through haft of this."

"No kidding." Naruto said as he walked into the center of the library and looked up. I wonder how high it goes.

The TARDIS seal, as far as I have seen has no clear limit to the size, while I am sure there is an end to this, its more due to you still need to actually build whatever you want the seal to warp the space around, so while it might look endless it probably is not. Kurama stated.

Good to know. Naruto replied, before looking at Hebi and saying. "So on to the rest of the compound then."

"Sure, but which way will we start?" Hebi shrugged and asked.

"I am thinking heading out the kitchen and looping back around to the living room. You know clockwise motion and all that." Naruto suggested as the two headed back out the door.

"Sounds good." Hebi agreed.

* Two hours later *

After getting down to the main floor and exiting through the kitchen, it had taken two hours to see the whole compound. The first building next to the main building on the kitchen side was a fairly standard dōjō and all the things that come with it.

Behind that they found another building but this one was seemingly for the production and/or testing of scrolls as it had the materials needed for such things, such as blank scrolls and ink and tables to work on said scrolls.

Behind the main house and to the right of the scroll building, was what the duo considered to be either a guest house or potentially a branch family house, since with the exception of it not having a third floor, it was a perfect carbon copy of the main house.

To the right of the branch house was the garden/training grounds, this location housed a green house surrounded by a flower bed and a hedge maze, and next to all that was a barren piece of dirt with target dummies, similar in orientation and makeup to what was at the academy, or so Hebi stated.

In front of the garden area was a small building, on the living room side of the main house, this building actually contained a man made hot spring, Hebi deduced that this clearly was meant to be a spa location and noticed it had both a men's and women's side, so it was clear it was meant of everyone in the compound to use. The duo, after seeing everything, decided to finally see the basement.

The basement of the main house was an interesting sight to behold. For the most part it was an empty space, nothing in it, except a large stone pillar with seals carved into it and other paper seals connected to it via wires that spread up and around it. Hebi correctly had called it, it was indeed a massive chakra battery, that apparently was continuously converting chakra into electricity and then having the electricity come back and through seal converted back to chakra. There was also a door labeled "security and maintenance," and in that room they found the scrolls and seals that controlled the main gate and perception seals but also maintained the grounds. After finding the ones that would allow Hebi to gain access to the compound and also update the scrolls to properly identify Naruto, the two exited the basement.

"So, Should I still call you Hebi?" Naruto asked. It had turned out in order to be a proper authorized person for the compound you needed to sign in blood your name and fingerprints, Hebi had commented it was similar to a Summoning Contract. The result being that Naruto now knew Hebi's true name, which could be seen as a security risk for the village.

"When I am on the job, yes you should, but since it might just be the two of us alone here, I will not fault you for using it." Hebi commented.

"Of course Anko, or do you prefer Miss Mitarashi?" Naruto asked.

"Anko is fine, Miss Mitarashi makes me feel old." Anko stated. Plus I am only like seven years older than you, so you really should not be calling me Miss. She thought to herself.

"So now what? We still have all day now." Naruto asked.

"Well, I was ordered to watch over and train you, might as well get started with that." Anko said as she started to head in the direction of the dōjō.

Naruto smirked and followed behind, thinking to himself. Looks like things are looking up for me.

Indeed they are Kit, indeed they are. Kurama chuckled, clearly having thought the same.

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