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When it comes to good behavior Santana Lopez isn't exactly familiar with the concept. So when her lawyer approached her with the prospect that it might help with shaving off some time left to be served, she nearly fired him on the spot for suggesting something so ridiculous. She's a Lopez after all and that kind of behavior doesn't really run in the family, especially with the line of work they're associated with.

Is it an honest living? Hell no.

Did she care? Not really.

Heists are Santana's thing. She's good at this – actually no – she's fucking amazing at this. No one can pull off a heist like she can, it's an artform. There's this kind of euphoric high she gets from coming up with these intricate schemes and that feeling only intensifies as they become more elaborate.

The feeling can't be replicated by doing anything mediocre. She tried it once – the whole going straight thing – but it didn't last long.

In more ways than one, really.

The mundane life just never interested her. She couldn't imagine doing anything legit like becoming a doctor or something and settling down somewhere in the 'burbs. How could she when the life of crime was so much better?

At least, it was until that kind of thinking got her landed in jail. She blames being distracted by a pretty face and sex, but really…she doesn't know if that was the case at all.

Because said face? Yeah, she's seen prettier. And the sex? She's had better.

On the night of Santana's arrest, everything happened rather quickly. One moment she was living her best life, pulling off a scam she had done several times before, then the next she was being handcuffed and hauled down to the station.

Most knew of her family's reputation – especially her father's – so she knew the odds were already against her when it came to sentencing, even if she was framed. There was no way she was going to reveal the truth for less time, no matter how unfair the circumstances. She would do her time in a dignified manner – all seven years of them – because daddy didn't raise a snitch.

Santana was resourceful though and she knew how to keep herself occupied in jail. There were side hustles – of course – but nothing she did on the inside was satisfying that familiar craving. Smuggling in contraband was child's play, she needed to be doing something way bigger.

That's when it all started to come together, her greatest plan yet. This plan, it was going to put all of her other ones to shame which is saying something because she thinks up nothing but the best. If heists were at artform to Santana, this was going to be her masterpiece.

Suddenly, Santana's time in jail had a deeper meaning. She found her purpose again. Soon she became so wrapped up in the delicate intricacies of this new heist and she wasn't going to waste one more precious second. She vowed that by the time she got out, this plan would be foolproof.

Someone up top must've been looking out for her because just as she perfected the plan, in came her lawyer uttering the words good behavior and early release.

Never in her life has Santana's behavior ever been described as good but she wasn't going to argue it now. Her luck was starting to change.

That, or the bribes she organized were finally starting to pay off.

Again, everything happened rather quickly. One moment she was sitting in solitary confinement rocking her bright orange overalls and the next she was being handed a bag of her belongings and a change of clothes.

After five years in Nichols Women's Prison, Santana walked out into the world as a free woman.


On the other side of town, Santana's former partner-in-crime leaned on the iron railing and admired the work being done below. There were several people pouring clear liquid through funnels into empty vodka bottles before passing it on to others who would screw on a cap and load it up into a crate. Stacks of these crates began to line the far side of the room, preparing for the next pick up.

The woman smiled proudly at the process that ran like clockwork then began to descend the metal stairs, her expensive, studded boots clanking with every step. She walked with such swagger, the way she commanded attention was different compared to her former partner. She didn't rely on any intimidation factors or vicious words like Santana, her methods were a bit trickier, sneakier even. This woman could completely demolish someone with such swift word play that they wouldn't even catch it. In fact, they'd probably think she was paying them the biggest of compliments.

There was this warmth about her too that was so alluring and the confidence she possessed helped her talk her way out of any situation, but there was a hidden side to her. She was cunning and just as witty as Santana but only off-handedly, never up-front. That combined with her signature, mega-watt smile that was both disarming and infectious, and no one was safe.

At first glance, she was often disregarded and she used that to her advantage.

She had everyone fooled – well, until she met Santana.

Brittany S. Pierce was the smoothest criminal Santana knew – other than herself, of course – and when they began running jobs together it was like a match made in heaven.

For years, they ran con after con. First starting off slow and moving their way up to the bigger and better. And they were good too, like really good. They became so in sync that they could practically figure what the other was thinking before anything was even said. Other partners-in-crime dreamed of a dynamic like theirs but never came close.

Speaking of close, they were that too and that might've been Brittany's favorite part about working with Santana. Sure the heists were great and all and yeah they made bank, but the sex...mind-blowing. It was like the thrill of the con coupled with their undeniable chemistry created this explosion of sexual tension.

It was the perfect life – At least, that's what Brittany thought. No one was more shocked than she was the day Santana left on account of creative differences, whatever that means.

It has been years though and they've long since squashed any beef between them. In fact, Brittany's kept contact with Santana the entire time she's been away so there's no hard feelings…not really.


"Where are we at?" Brittany asks the man standing off to the side as she nears the bottom steps.

"Six minutes away," He replies with a glance at his watch.

"Awesome," Brittany grins and turns back to watch her employees swiftly fill the rest of the bottles. She eyes their work carefully, checking that everything is being done properly.

Faking top shelf liquor isn't rocket science and it definitely isn't Brittany's best work, but it's an easy con and that's the kind of work she's use to now. She tried coming up with something on her own and even working with someone else, but nothing quite compares to Santana's work.

So this is her life now until she comes across something better, but she doesn't mind that all too much. She isn't usually the one to take the reigns when it comes to the cons, she doesn't really like the responsibility and the stress that always comes with it so she's fine with this for now.

Speaking of which – Brittany feels her phone in her pocket vibrate with an incoming text. She figures it's her buyer alerting her of their ETA but at second glance she's pleasantly surprised that it isn't him at all.


Santana waits patiently in the shade with her recently acquired suitcase full of expensive clothes that she may or may not have acquired thanks to an old trick she use to pull back in the day when she was broke as hell. She feels so much better now that she's dressed in new designer threads, it almost makes waiting on the side of the road for a ride feel a lot more glamorous than it actually is.

It isn't a long wait though and soon a blacked out Range Rover comes rolling to a stop in front of her. The passenger side window winds down slowly to reveal a familiar face smiling back.

"What up, Jailbird!" Brittany teases through a bright smile, "Going my way?"

"Funny," Santana says flatly although she can't help but mirror Brittany with a smirk as she reaches for the back door to stow her suitcase.

She's barely in the passenger seat before Brittany's leaning over the middle console to wrap Santana up in a tight hug. Kisses are over-enthusiastically pressed against Santana's cheek and the brunette fakes a groan as she squirms in her former partner's embrace.

"Quit it," Santana grumbles through a chuckle, "I'm a hardened criminal now!"

"That's right. How could I forget?" Brittany snorts as she pulls away and eyes the brunette from afar.

Santana would be lying if she said she didn't miss this, the way Brittany could so unashamedly check her out. Brittany and subtly were never a thing and Santana kind of loved that about her. It was in the way blue eyes would linger on Santana's lips or her cleavage depending on the top she was wearing that made Santana feel warm all over.

The attraction was obvious, even after so many years of being apart.

Santana cleared her throat and Brittany's eyes shot back up to meet hers, a mischievous smirk slowly spreading across her lips.

"What?" Brittany asks innocently, "You clean up good for someone who just go out."

"Please. I always clean up good," Santana says smugly.

"True," Brittany chuckles before moving to shift out of park.


They're barely fifteen minutes into the drive when Santana forgoes answering Brittany's questions about how she's been and asks about the credit line request instead. It was something Santana hinted to Brittany awhile ago but the brunette was being too cryptic for Brittany's liking at the time so she never followed up.

She doesn't have to admit that to Santana aloud though, it's written all over her face.

"Britt…" Santana pouts, "You were supposed to take care of that weeks ago."

Brittany already feels her stance quivering just by the sound of Santana's voice so she decides to pull over in order to focus. Santana's use to Brittany just going along with her master plans, but things are different this time because last time Santana got caught and she ended up in jail for five years.

Brittany doesn't want to go to jail and she sure doesn't want Santana to go back either, so if she has to be the voice of reason for once in her life then so be it.

"What do you need it for? Down payment on a house? New car?" Brittany asks but she can tell by the twitch of Santana's upper lip that it's exactly what she suspected – another heist. The look makes Brittany shake her head and sigh, "Santana…"

"What?" Santana feigning innocence.

"Already?" Brittany gives her a knowing look, "You've been out for how long and you've already go something in the works? I thought jail was supposed to teach you a lesson or rehabilitate you or something?"

"Yeah, you've clearly never been before," Santana snorts but her smile falters when she sees Brittany still staring at her with an unamused expression. She sighs and tries again, "I used my time very wisely."

"By coming up with a con?"

"It's not like our usual stuff. This is a good one, B," Santana says 's old nickname sparks up the nostalgia as it falls easily from her and it makes Santana bite her lip.

"They always are," Brittany replies, "But at what cost? You were away for five years, Santana. That's five years too many. Whatever it is, I don't think we should do it. It's too big of a risk."

Brittany watches the hope drain from Santana's face and she hates that she's the cause of that. It's for her own good though, but there's a voice at the back of her head begging for her to hear what Santana has to say. It's been a long time since she's done anything that comes close to Santana's brilliance, but she can't cave this quickly.

If Santana wants her, she's going to have to beg for it.

"Don't you want to at least hear me out?" Santana asks and Brittany swears the girl bats her eyelashes, like actually bats them. God, why does she have to be like this?

Brittany shakes her head though; as if Santana doesn't know by now that she knows all of her tricks. Does it mean she won't fall for them? Of course not, Brittany's only human and there's just some things that Santana does that even she isn't immune to.

Brittany puts her foot down for the moment though and gives Santana a firm, "Nope."

Unfortunately for Brittany, Santana is relentless and she's known to play dirty especially when she wants something really, really bad. Brittany's had first-hand experience there.

"Don't you remember all those heists the two of us use to pull back in the day?" Santana asks with her voice all low and raspy. She twists a little in her seat so that she's fully facing Brittany. She has this determined look in her eye mixed with something else and it makes her look even sexier than usual, "Remember how exciting it was?"

Brittany gulps and suddenly the temperature in the cabin skyrockets.

Santana's voice dips a little lower, "Remember how good it felt?"

Brittany's entire mouth feels like she has gargled sand and she knows exactly what Santana is doing, but it doesn't make her any less of a sucker for it. She feels herself unconsciously leaning forward, enticed by Santana's whole demeanor. That thing between them, it's magnetic. It always has been and apparently it always will be.

"You," Santana continues before pausing for a well-placed lip bite, "And me."

Brittany's mind goes through all of the memories they made together years ago and Santana's kind of right. Together, they were a force but apart? Well, Santana got arrested so that should say something.

She's curious to see where Santana's going with this though, there's no denying that.

Santana must know that too as she smirks, "When it comes to partners in crime, B, you and I both now I'm the best you've ever had."

Damn her for always knowing the right thing say, because does her mind go somewhere it isn't supposed? Duh!

It's like a game to Santana, the way she pokes and prods, but Brittany isn't falling for her tricks this time around. Even if she's struggling to fight off Santana's sexual magnetism, Brittany's standing her ground.

At least, for now.

"See, this is what you do!" Brittany groans after shaking away the lust clouding her judgement, "You act all hot and mysterious with the talks and the looks which you know always gets me worked up so then I'm interested obviously…but it's not going to work this time."

"But Britt-Britt," Santana says sweetly, "Don't you want to do things you're interested in?"

Brittany's eyes dip down from Santana's to the softest, most kissable, pouty lips and watch as they curl into a devilish smirk. Santana's a pro and she knows exactly what she's doing. Hell, she knows that Brittany knows exactly what she's doing and she still isn't deterred.

It's in that moment that Brittany realizes whatever Santana has up her sleeve, she's bound to get roped into it eventually.

When Brittany sees Santana's tongue poke out and run tantalizingly slow along her bottom lip, she almost caves. She can remember a time long ago when those same pouty lips use to call out her name between breathless moans. And that tongue? That glorious, glorious tongue of hers was known for turning Brittany into a writhing mess on more occasions than one.

The memories makes Brittany smirk and she fills with a new sense of confidence as she glances back up to meet Santana's darkened eyes again. She wonders just how far Santana's willing to go to convince her to do this.

"I'm interested in doing a lot of things, Santana, doesn't mean it's always a good idea to do them," Brittany says with finality.

It's definitely not the answer Santana was hoping for judging by the way she lets out a huff and slumps back in her seat looking somewhat defeated.

"Says the bootlegger," She grumbles.

"I prefer professional dilutionist," Brittany quips, "Bootlegger makes me sound like a pirate. Super cool, but very misleading."

"Ugh, whatever."

"Nice try though," She compliments and gives Santana a loving pat on the thigh, "Seems you're a bit rusty with the convincing."

"Just means I need to up my game."

"Can't wait to see what that entails," Brittany chuckles as she shifts out of park and continues to drive again. She knows this isn't the end of Santana's persuasive ways, but she'll take the win for now.

Santana just shakes her head and turns to stare out of the window for the rest of the ride.


When they get inside Brittany's loft, Santana is surprised by how unchanged everything is. It's still a complete mess with a random assortment of unfinished projects are spread out across the lower level. There are piles of vinyl records on top of the poker table and Santana remembers a time when she too was in a similar position years ago. The thought has her starting to feel flushed so she quickly looks elsewhere as she makes her way through the common area with her suitcase in hand.

Brittany's heads to the fridge in the opposite direction where she pulls out a beer and smoothly pops off the cap. From there, she watches Santana take in the familiar surroundings. It's a little strange to see her in this space again after so long, but it's a welcome change. She kind of missed sharing the huge place with someone else, even if this is only temporary.

As Santana nears the stairs leading up to the bedrooms, a flash of shiny metal catches her eye and it makes her pause.

"Oh my God," She mutters when she realizes what it is and turns to find Brittany sauntering over. Santana juts her thumb over to the motorbike propped up and quirks her brow, "You still have that death trap?"

Brittany lifts the beer bottle to her lips but her smile can be seen poking out from the sides of it as she mumbles, "You still call it that?"

Santana shakes her head and turns back to walk up the stairs, "Why can't you drive a car like a normal person?"

"Are you forgetting what I picked you up in?" Brittany chuckles as she follows Santana up. She enjoys the view a little too much and goes to take another sip to distract herself from saying something she shouldn't.

"Those things are super dangerous," Santana continues to argue half-heartedly while searching for the emptiest room, "Nothing is stopping you from being smushed by an 18-wheeler."

"I wear a helmet," Brittany replies with a shrug and waits for the scowl Santana is bound to give her.

"Seriously?" Santana scowls over her shoulder then turns back to poking her head into the various rooms she passes, "Like that's going to help?"

Brittany lets out a tired sigh.

They've had this same argument for years now and neither of their stances have wavered and it doesn't look like it's going to anytime soon. Brittany never really got why Santana had such strong beliefs when it came to one of Brittany's favorite hobbies, but that didn't stop her from teasing.

"You know," Brittany says a moment later, "For someone who supposedly lives life on the edge you're kind of a scaredy cat."

Santana is quick to whirl on her looking as offended as ever, "What? I am not. I just don't want to ruin all this by getting road rash or something."

"Road rash?" Brittany challenges with a giggle, "That only happens if you fall off and you wouldn't."

Santana scoffs, "How can you be so sure?"

"Because I wouldn't let you?" Brittany tells her like it's obvious.

Santana just let out a laugh, "Yeah okay."

"You know how I like to ride," Brittany says smoothly, "I'm very experienced. You wouldn't get hurt if you were with me."

Santana trips over her own two feet as she finally comes to a room she's happy with. She tries her hardest to play it off, but she knows Brittany saw. When she turns to the blonde, she's hiding her smirk with the bottle again and dark blue eyes are clouded with something Santana was once too familiar with.

Santana takes a step closer to Brittany, nearly closing the distance as she reaches up to tenderly caress the blonde's cheek. Brittany almost instantly leans into the softness of her touch and it makes Santana's smile grow wickedly.

"Keep dreaming, B."

When Santana's words are followed by a soft pat against Brittany's cheek, the trance is broken and it leaves Brittany glaring behind her grin.

"I'll change your mind one of these days," Brittany waves off as Santana turns away.

Santana snorts and enters the room.

Brittany just leans against the doorframe and watches Santana throw her suitcase up on the bed. She's waiting for a some kind of snarky response, but surprisingly all she get is silence. Nothing too heavy, but Brittany can tell Santana's mind has drifted somewhere.

Where? She's not too sure, but she has seen it a couple times before and recognizes the shift in the air.

"I've kept all of your stuff," Brittany says, wanting to fill the silence, "It's in the closet down the hall, the bigger one."

Santana nods without looking up and unzips the suitcase, "Thanks Britt."

"All good," Brittany nods too then pushes away from the doorframe to perch herself on the edge of Santana's bed, "So you want to do anything tonight? Should we celebrate you getting out or something?"

"I've got plans," Santana tells her as she carries a stack of clothes from the suitcase to the dresser across from the bed. She doesn't miss the way Brittany stiffens with curiosity.

Brittany's brows rise, "Oh? What kind of plans?"

Santana shrugs and plays coy, "Just seeing a friend."

"I'm a friend?"

"This is a different kind of friend."

"So like a special friend?" Brittany eyes her curiously.

"Why? You jealous?" Santana is quick to show Brittany a smirk. It has been years since they've done this, but they fall into the same rhythm of teasing so easily that it's as if no time has passed at all.

Brittany's a little caught off guard by the question and she feels her face starting to flush the longer Santana stares. When Brittany doesn't answer right away, Santana's smirk deepens and she turns back to putting away her clothes.

"You look good in green," Santana says.

Brittany looks down at her dark blue blazer and matching slacks, "But I'm not –"

That's when it clicks for her and it cause her frown to deepen.

Brittany isn't the jealous type. At least, she doesn't think she is but the prospect of Santana ditching her on their first night together for some other friend does a number on her ego.

Is it someone she knows? Are they even good-looking? What are they going to do? Is it like a date? Is it just dinner? What's this friend got that she doesn't? Brittany has to know!

Instead she just rolls her eyes at the brunette and all the questions that begin to swarm her; she's falling right into her trap again. Brittany stands then downs the rest of her beer, "I'm going downstairs."

"Okay Britt," Santana chuckles and watches the blonde sulk into the hall. If only getting Brittany to agree to her amazing heist was as easy as making her jealous…


A couple hours later, Santana slowly makes her way down to the common area where Brittany is casually lounging on the sofa. There's a fashion magazine in her hand that's covering most of her face but as soon as the top of Santana's head comes into her peripheral, Brittany sets it down. Her eyes drag up the brunette's frame – again, with the obvious leering – and take in the snug dress that hugs each and every one of Santana's curves oh so perfectly.

The girl is gorgeous, everyone with eyes knows that. It's something that Santana knows all too well and she often plays that to her advantage. She was given these amazing assets, might as well use them like the good Lord intended.

"Lookin' good," Brittany says with a dopy smirk. She must've just remembered she's kind of mad at her right now for the whole ditching thing, so she loses the smirk and lifts her shoulder in a shrug, "I mean, if you're into beautiful brunettes with bangin' bods which I am not...obviously."

"Obviously," Santana mimics with a laugh as she comes closer, "Must be a new development."

"It is," Brittany agrees and goes back to perusing her magazine, "Totally immune now."

"Really? So…if I were to do this," Santana knocks down one of Brittany's legs which she had propped up on the coffee table. It falls from the edge with a stomp and Santana moves to trap it between her legs.

Brittany's brow arches at the newfound closeness and how Santana is practically straddling her thigh, but she keeps the magazine opened between them as if it's going to protect her.

"And this," Santana continues as her knee comes to rest on the couch just between Brittany's thighs. If Santana were to lean just a little further in, she'd be pressed flush against Brittany's center. Instead though, Santana's hands some to grip the back of the couch on either side of the blonde. Her long dark hair curtains them on one side and Brittany's eyes beg to admire the expanse of skin along her exposed neck.

Brittany tries to keep her breathing even though and bites her lip.

"And maybe lean in a little like this," Santana's voice dips into this sexy huskiness as she starts to lower herself, coming close to Brittany's ear. When she licks her lips, she swears she can hear the girl beneath her let out a whimper. The sound stokes her ego and she moves to test her skill even further.

"So you don't feel anything?" Santana questions but it comes out as a whisper, her lips brushing against the shell of Brittany's ear.

Brittany swallows dryly and fights the shiver. If it weren't for the magazine beginning to crinkle in her grip, she'd have Santana on her back in seconds. The dress would be pulled over her head or ripped off depending on which is faster and she'd be two fingers deep in no time. She would have Santana calling out her name in the way she use to and that would show her how she felt about the teasing.

Fortunately though, Brittany knows this game very well. In fact, this is exactly what she suspected Santana would do judging by how she acted earlier in the car and upstairs. Sometimes she can be a formidable opponent – especially when a little bit of jealousy is thrown into the mix.

So Brittany just smiles back sweetly, "Nope, this isn't doing anything for me at all."

"Good to know," Santana sighs and Brittany can her just a hint of disappointment in her tone as she pulls away to look for her shoes.

Brittany feels like she can finally breathe again now that there's some distance between them, but she can't say that she's happy about it. It doesn't matter though because Santana is choosing to spend her night elsewhere so Brittany goes back to trying to read her magazine.

She tries to keep her attention focused there, but she can't help them from drifting as Santana bends over to slide on her high heeled boots. It's the way her back arches and the muscles in her legs flex that has Brittany watching her every move.

When Santana catches her staring, Brittany quickly looks back to the magazine.

"Must be some friend if you're breaking out the Valentino's," Brittany comments casually, trying to mask the obvious leering. She has the upper hand at the moment, she can't slip up now.

"This jealousy thing," Santana jokes, "Kind of hot."

"I don't get jealous," Brittany scoffs and turns the page of her magazine, "I think it's just a little rude that you rather hang out with someone else even though I was the one who picked you up and I was the one who offered you a place to stay…"

Santana softens and her movements pause, "I'll make it up to you."

"I know you will," Brittany smirks but keeps her eyes focused on the magazine.

"You know how I feel about first impressions," Santana says and goes back to slowly gliding the zipper along her toned calf. Brittany tries not watch as Santana moves on to do the same with the other boot, "They're very important."

Brittany just nods, trying to look anywhere else but the newly revealed sliver of skin that pokes out from beneath the edge of Santana's dress hiking up. It's only been a few hours together and Santana's already trying to kill her.

It really is only a matter of time, Brittany thinks, before one of them is caving.

"Well I'm off," Santana straightens up to smooth out her dress before reaching for her coat.

"Have fun," Brittany calls out to her although she hopes she doesn't. In fact, she hopes Santana has a horrible time doing whatever it is that she's up to.

"I always do," Santana smirks and then she's gone.


As Santana enters the art gallery, she's instantly surprised by the amount of people there. She navigates through the crowd, keeping an eye out for the one she's here to see. It doesn't take long for her to weed out her target though, she can hear the overly-confident boasting a mile away. Santana hasn't even made contact yet and she already wants to hit someone.

She keeps her cool though and follows the sound of arrogance, waiting for the right moment to reveal herself to her ex-girlfriend.

The same ex-girlfriend who framed her.

When their eyes meet, Santana sees the color drain from the woman's face. Soon the ex is trying to push past the people in order to reach the brunette. There's this look of surprise mixed in with a little horror and Santana loves every minute of it.

She hopes the woman is scared shitless, she should be.

Santana rounds the corner and successfully cuts the woman off. Now they're standing face to face and Santana watches as her ex scrambles to put on an excited face.

"Hey baby!" Dani greets over-enthusiastically.

Santana scrunches her nose in disgust at the girl's audacity. She always hated being called that, especially when the person calling her that was Dani.

"Are you serious?" Santana gawks, "Don't hey baby me."

Dani gulps, "Y – You look really great."

"Yeah, five years in jail can do that to a person," Santana quips and begins to back Dani into a corner. Her eyes are narrowed but the smug grin on her face leaves Dani feeling confused, "Oh sorry, you wouldn't know. You've never been."

"I'm sor – "

"Don't," Santana stops her and nods to her ex's hair, "Also blue is so not your warmest color You look ridiculous."

Dani takes the insult in stride but looks around nervously to see if anyone's noticed them, "What are you doing here, Santana?"

"Just wanted to stop by," Santana shrugs nonchalantly and glances around too, "Looks like you're doing pretty well for yourself. Would be a shame if someone like me were to cause a scene."

"Whatever you're thinking of doing, don't."

"And what exactly am I thinking, Dani?" She questions, "You scared?

Dani's breath comes out shakier and shakier, "N – No."

Santana's brow arches and she stealthily pulls out a toothbrush with its handle melted down to a point. She presses it against Dani's side and applies a little pressure, "Know what this is?"

Dani instantly freezes and it's like she's trying to phase through the wall with how she struggles to back away from Santana.

It makes the brunette smirk.

"It's a shiv," Santana informs her proudly and presses a little more, "One of the girl's on the inside made it for me. They can make them out of almost anything. Thought about getting one made of Jolly Ranchers – you know – just for that splash of color. I know how artsy you are."

"Stop it," Dani urges lowly, "I'll call the police."

Santana lets out a laugh, "Of course you'd snitch. Some things never do change, huh?"

Dani remains frozen, watching out for her every move.

"Calm down," Santana groans, "I'm not going to shank you. Too messy."

"Then why are you here?" Dani asks as she grows angry, "Just to humiliate me? To torment and intimidate me? What is it? What do you want?"

"You'll see," Santana smirks.

With that, she stows away the shiv and leaves Dani standing there quaking in her Docs.


When Santana returns to the loft, she finds Brittany hunched over her motorbike. She has changed out of the high-end trousers and blazer from earlier and is now dressed in a pair of baggy, ripped jeans and a dirty tank top. The look has Santana biting her lip as she closes the door behind her.

Brittany makes the hottest grease monkey on the planet.

The sounds of the door clanking shut has Brittany's head poking up from her tinkering and swiveling to the source. Her expression goes from surprise to excitement to smug as she pulls a baby blue rag from her back pocket to wipe off her hands.

"That was quick," Brittany comments with a smirk, "Clearly someone didn't do something right. Stamina – you know – not everyone has it."

"You would know, wouldn't you?" Santana just chuckles as she shrugs out of her coat.

"That's right," Brittany winks.

Santana can feel the blush beginning and goes to change the subject, "Don't you have a garage or something to do all that in?"

Brittany glances at her work then back to Santana, "I like working in here. Close to the fridge for snacks."

"Priorities," Santana giggles.

Brittany tucks her rag back into her pocket and leans a little against the motorbike as Santana comes closer. There's a smudge of grease on the blonde's cheek and more marks on her forearms but Santana's too preoccupied by the way the tank top stretches around Brittany's torso. The material is so thin that she can just barely make out the toned muscles hidden beneath. Of course Brittany still has those abs, Santana doesn't now why she ever thought she wouldn't.

This time, Brittany's the one in control and she knows it so she uses the hem of her top to wipe off the sweat gathering along the bridge of her nose. Two can play this game.

Santana sucks in a breath at the reveal and she wonders if this is pay back for what she did to Brittany earlier. If so, she probably should mess with her more often because what a view.

"Have you given that ride a second thought?" Brittany asks when she drops the hem of her tank. There's this smug grin on her face as she stares back at Santana.

It takes Santana a second to remember what ride she's talking about but then she glances at the bike and it all comes back to her.

She scoffs, "As I've told you a million times before. No chance in hell."

Brittany laughs, "I thought prison was supposed to toughen you up?"

"It did."

"I don't know about that…" Brittany smirks and pushes away from the bike and walks past Santana to the kitchen table where a pizza box lays open. She swipes a slice and gestures for Santana to help herself too, "So how was your date?"

"It wasn't a date," Santana says and goes for a slice too.

"Booty call?"

"Nope," Santana answers and takes a seat at the table, "I went to see Dani."

"Nasty," Brittany frowns and takes the seat opposite, "Why would you want to ruin your night like that?"

"Just wanted to scare the living crap out of her," Santana shrugs.

Brittany perks up a little and smiles, "Did you?"

Santana smirks and pulls out the shiv and tosses it on the table. Brittany's eyes go wide as she admires the handy work.

"Wow, you shanked her?" Brittany asks a little too happily, "Maybe prison really did toughen you up?"

"No, I didn't shank her," Santana chuckles around a bite, "I just – you know – poked her with it, real lightly. It wasn't nearly hard enough to break skin."

"That's hot," Brittany sneers and sets the shiv back down on the table, "She pass out?"

"Almost. You should've seen her face. You know she's blue now?"

"I would be too if I screwed up a relationship with someone like you," Brittany quips and takes a bite, "I never liked her."

Brittany's words make Santana pause and the shift in the air returns.

"Yeah, yeah…I know," Santana sighs and turns solemn, "I could've done better and blah blah blah."

Brittany pauses and watches the way Santana tries to avoid eye contact with her. She can't really help herself when she says, "Well it's true. You could've. You could've done so much better, Santana."

"So you've said," Santana mumbles and takes another bite.

Brittany sees the moment Santana starts clam up and quickly backs off. After doing this thing for so long, she's become pretty knowledgeable in the field of Santana Lopez. Some things she has nailed and some remain a mystery, but she knows for sure when she crosses a line.

"I wish I could've been there," Brittany adds in a lighter tone, doing her best to fix this. She even chuckles a little as she jokes, "She totally deserves it. Let me know if you plan to slash her tires or something. I want to come."

That seems to ease Santana's nerves as she finally looks up again, "I'll remember you said that."