Sugar let's out a dramatic sigh as she stares longingly out of the front window. She's surrounded by the others – minus Rachel, Santana and Brittany – and they've been doing their best to keep themselves busy.

Quinn considers it a nice break before she has to return to her boring life in the 'burbs and has been catching up on some reading. So lame, Sugar thinks.

Emma's busy scribbling new designs inspired by the heist in her sketchbook like non-stop and Sugar's sure that Santana would confiscate it if she knew what the so-called designer was coming up with. Sugar's not going to tell though, she's no snitch bitch.

Mercedes is up to something shady for sure. Sugar thinks she has an online gambling addiction, but like…do you, boo. She considers asking if Mercedes would hook her up with an account too, because she thinks she'd probably be good at scamming people online. Afterall, she's an ace doing it in real life! Maybe that's her next venture?

Tina's trying her hand at Tinder and failing miserably. Sugar's tried to help, but Tina's got such questionable taste in men that she loses interest.

So now, Sugar just stares longingly out of the window waiting for the day Santana finally gives them the okay that it's safe to come out of hiding. She lets out another dramatic sigh and this time Quinn gives her a pointed look from over the top of her book. The bossy blonde really has that mom-glare thing down pact, but Sugar's seen worse.

"I'm so bored," Sugar grumbles and knocks her head against the window to rest there.

"It's been two days," Quinn points out as she turns the page.

"That's so long," Sugar pouts, "I hate it."

"Me too," Tina pipes in from the couch, "I didn't know we'd be stuck in this musty old loft after everything."

"Mercedes?" Sugar calls out as she turns away from the window, "Can you put on Run Joey?"

Mercedes pokes her head out from behind her laptop where she sits at the poker table and her brow is raised high, "Hell no."

Sugar frowns, "But it's so good."

"It really isn't," Mercedes replies.

"Speaking of Run Joey, I've been thinking…" Tina wonders aloud, "How come Rachel gets to leave while the rest of us are stuck on house arrest?"

"Because she can't draw attention to us by skipping out on her previous engagements," Quinn responds, "She has to continue with her life as normal."

"What about Santana and Brittany then?" Sugar questions.

Quinn rolls her eyes and shuts the book in her hands in favor of sitting up from where she was lounging near Tina. She can feel the other's eyes on her, she knows they're also curious as to why the rules don't apply to Santana and Brittany too.

"They're doing a lot more than you know," Quinn replies and she makes a point to glance at everyone, "This job didn't just end at the Gala like it did for all of you. There's still working being done in order for us all to get paid and stay out of jail. They've both got a lot on their plates so be grateful all you have to do now is lay low."

That seems to shut Sugar up for the moment.

Quinn's quite pleased with herself for that so she rests back and reaches for her wine glass before opening up her book again.

"Besides," She says in a calmer voice, "Being in here isn't so bad, it's kind of peaceful."

Tina eyes her as she takes a sip, "You just day drink and read all day."

"And it's amazing when you have a kid at home and a husband who sometimes acts like a kid too," Quinn replies before she's lost in her book again.

"I like it too," Emma speaks up from her work station. She smiles with a little shrug, "I've been so inspired by all of this and all of you. I've been using this time to sketch out designs. I'm thinking about using my share to open up my own place."

Everyone nods and starts to wonder what they'll do with their share after all of this too.


A moment later, Brittany's pulling open the heavy loft door with Santana close behind her. They're holding hands – which is new – and talking excitedly about something until they realize that everyone but Quinn is staring at them.

Santana frowns, "What? You all look like we just walked in on you talking shit about us."

No one speaks. Quinn she keeps her eyes on the page she's reading but there's a hint of a smirk there that Santana notices. The brunette narrows her eyes at the others.

"Wait, were you?" She questions and there's a slight edge in her voice.

"No," Tina says a little too eagerly, "We were just talking about how much we appreciate having this little break while you two are out there doing…whatever it is that you're doing."

Santana doesn't know if she believes her or not, but she doesn't really care at the moment. She's still high on how great of a day she's had with Brittany. She was intending to attend these auctions alone just so she can observe their hired actresses at work, but Brittany offered to keep her company and Santana figured who is she to deny her girlfriend of that? In fact, it kind of worked out in her favor because if Brittany hadn't come then she would've had to eat lunch alone and there would've never been a quickie in the car between auctions.

Even though they were technically working, it was nice to be out and about together as an actual couple. This whole hand-holding thing is also pretty awesome too!

"Well good," Santana responds with a smile, "As a matter of fact, I have some news that you might like."

The others perk up and gather around Santana while Brittany takes a seat next to Quinn.

"Our merry band of lovely old ladies that we've hired are making great progress with selling off the pieces of the Toussaint," Santana explains, "Sales should be finalized tonight so once everything's deposited in Dani's account then we'll be golden."

"Wait. Dani's account?" Tina asks.

"What are we getting paid with then?" Emma asks too. The others look around at each other confused and begin to talk amongst themselves.

Santana catches Brittany's proud little grin and matches it before turning back to the others, "You'll get your money, don't you worry about that. Just have a little patience."


It's late in the morning the next day when Brittany gently wakes Santana with kisses all over her face. Santana blinks away the sleepiness with a content smile while Brittany hovers over her whispering, "Good morning."

"Morning," Santana mumbles back. This little cocoon of warmth that's a combination of being wrapped up in the comforter and Brittany's arms is the perfect place to spend all day, but she knows she can't. At least, not today.

"What time's your meeting?" Brittany asks as she dances her fingers along Santana's hip.

"Two," Santana replies with a sigh. When she glances over at the clock on her nightstand, she groans at the time there, "I should be getting ready."

"Yeah you should," Brittany says but she only holds her closer.

Santana nods, "A few more minutes."


So Santana cuddles further against Brittany for a few more minutes. Leaving this bed is the last thing she wants to do, but there's a lot riding on this meeting and she knows it needs to be done. She knows there's not much to worry about, she knows what she's doing, but she's still nervous about it.

"You sure you don't want me to go with you?" Brittany asks like she's inside Santana's head.

"I'm sure."


A moment later Santana's tilting her head up to kiss the hinge of Brittany's jaw. There's a little flinch and Santana smiles at how Brittany so easily fell back asleep, "I have to get up, Britt."

"Yeah okay," Brittany nods a little sleepily.

Santana smirks as she plays with Brittany's hair, "You can stay. I just need to shower."

"No, no. I'll get up too," Brittany says as she begins to stretch her tired limbs, "A hot shower sounds like a good idea."

"Sounds like a great idea to me," Santana agrees and plants one more kiss to her lips before she's going to get the water started.

They're a little sluggish as they strip down and step in to the shower. It's a stark contrast to the chill in the air, but it helps ease them both out of their slumber.

But it's not the temperature of the water or the freezing air of the loft that Santana focuses on. It's how Brittany offers to wash Santana's hair for her, how they take turns standing under the warmth of the spray to wash off, how the wet kisses pressed to bare shoulders elicit moans, how hands disappear between slick thighs, how whispers of I love you can't help but leave their lips as if they're the only words they can remember.

Before they became a couple, showers involved hot, dirty sex. There was a common goal of getting off and making the other person come just as hard. Knees would ache from kneeling on hard tiles and there was always that threat of someone slipping and busting their ass. It was always quick, always rough in the best possible way, and sometimes it's still like that, but most of the time it's not. Now it's softer, gentler, and there's this care…this love they share and it's like they've reached a whole new level.

Don't get them wrong, they're still always down for some hot, dirty shower sex but they've also realized that with feelings it's so much better too.


Once they finish with their shower, Brittany slips into her trusty overalls and heads downstairs to see who else is up while Santana continues to get ready. Thankfully, Quinn's made a fresh pot of coffee and together they sit at the poker table just chatting about nothing too important. Quinn reads the morning paper because she likes the nostalgia of it and hands Brittany the comic strips because she knows they're her guilty pleasure.

"Can I see that after you?" Sugar asks when she peeks over Brittany's shoulder to see what she's reading.

"Totally," Brittany smiles and reaches for her coffee cup, "Almost done."

"Morning all," Emma greets cheerfully as she finally steps away from her desk to top up her tea.

"Morning," Quinn and Brittany say in unison while Sugar's got her mouth full of donut holes.

They make a little small talk while Emma waits for her tea to steep and in that time, Tina and Mercedes wander over.

"Sup y'all," Mercedes says with a head nod before heading to the coffee pot. She notices how much is left and looks to Tina, "You want some?"

"I think I'll have tea today," Tina answers politely and goes to sit with Brittany and Quinn at the poker table, "You mind if look at the real estate ads?"

Quinn quirks her brow and hands them over, "Thinking of buying yourself a place?"

Tina nods, "I love my family but I can't stand living with them. It's time for a little space of my own, especially if I'm still single. Mom's the worst matchmaker of all time."

They all laugh at that and fall into this comfortable lapse of chatting about nothing in particular again. Brittany takes the moment to appreciate this; how just a few weeks ago they were all strangers to each other strung together by a common goal and now look at them. She doesn't know if she'd go as far as saying they're all friends, but they do make a pretty good team.

And for a moment, Brittany feels a little sad that it's all going to end soon. They're going to get paid and go their separate ways and continue on with their lives. Maybe she won't hear from them ever again – aside from Quinn – or maybe they'll keep it in touch? Maybe someone will devise a master plan of their own and try to rope her and Santana into just like they did to them?

Who knows, but for now she just enjoys the company.

"Where's Santana?" Emma asks before she sips at her tea.

The others look around for her too then look to Brittany for an answer.

"She's getting dressed. She's got a big day ahead of her," Brittany replies. She doesn't want to give too much away just incase this plan happens to fall through and they need to devise another one.

Quinn looks to her curiously though like she's trying to connect the dots on her own. She probably can and that's what's great about their friendship. Quinn just gets it most of the time and they don't need to do much explaining.

The others on the other hand look around at each other like they're trying to understand Brittany's cryptic words. Surprisingly enough though, no one asks Brittany to elaborate. Instead, they get whatever they need from the kitchen and disperse.

Brittany's brows rise at that, "I thought I was going to be interrogated."

Quinn just chuckles, "They know better now."

Brittany looks impressed but doesn't ask. She just downs the rest of her coffee before passing off the comics to Sugar then heads to the garage to keep herself occupied.


Upstairs, Santana spends a little longer on making herself look presentable. Not that she has to try very hard – she always looks presentable – but today's going to be different and maybe she needs the extra confidence boost that comes with looking smoking hot. Her hair falls over her shoulders in perfect waves, her make up is on point, her outfit hugs her curves perfectly; she's like a damn superhero and looking this damn good was her superpower!

She gives herself one last glance in the mirror before she's grabbing her purse and heading downstairs. It's no surprise that everyone's spread out in the common area and Quinn's already got a wine glass in her hand and it's barely half past noon. She can't really judge her though, she'd totally do the same if she was in her shoes.

"Going somewhere fancy?" Quinn questions as Santana appears by the poker table.

She just shrugs casually, "Not really. I just needed this."

"You look like you're on a mission," Quinn nods.

"I am," Santana smiles proudly and looks around, "Where's – "


"Of course," Santana chuckles, "Later Fabray."


In the garage, Brittany's crouched beside her motorbike looking over something when she hears the door close behind her. She turns to find Santana standing there and her jaw drops.

"Woah," Brittany breathes out as she slowly rises. A little chuckle escapes her as Santana saunters over, hips swaying rhythmically, "Now this is a look."

"I try," Santana smirks although a warmth rushes over her.

Brittany's eyes drag up and down Santana's frame and it's like she's seeing her for the first time all over again. Her heart swells and beats hard in her chest because she loves this woman, this beautiful, beautiful woman, and crazy thing is…she loves her too.

Brittany licks her lips and sighs, "You look beautiful, baby."

And that's what creates a crack in Santana's cockiness. She can be all big and bad and drop dead gorgeous, play the role of HBIC like no one else can and run a whole girl gang practically on her own…but whenever Brittany calls her baby it just does something to her. She feels like this giddy, silly love-sick girl and as much as she finds it a little embarrassing how one word can have her walls coming down, she also kind of loves it too.

"Thanks," Santana smiles before she's leaning in for a kiss. It feels like a sigh of relief and she does it again and again until Brittany's mumbling against her lips.

"I really can't get over how good you look," Brittany says a little dreamily before she teases, "Sucks you'll be wasting it on a meeting with someone trying to lock us all up."

Santana throws her head back with a laugh, "Please. You're the only one I dress up for."

Brittany quirks a brows as Santana draws even closer until her lips are brushing the shell of Brittany's ear.

"Wait until you see what I've got on underneath," Santana whispers huskily.

It sends a shiver down Brittany's spine and settles low between her thighs. She has to bite her lip to keep from smiling too big, but the anticipation just eats her up. She can't wait for Santana to come back and she hasn't even left yet.

Santana looks pretty pleased with herself as she watches Brittany's thoughts drift and her pretty blue eyes become darkened with lust.

"Such a tease," Brittany mumbles as she pulls herself back from drifting too far off. She wants to touch her but her hands are already a little greasy and she doesn't want to wreck Santana's dress – at least not until she comes back – so she twists her rag in her hands instead to keep them busy, "You positive you don't want me to go with?"

Santana smiles fondly, "Yes Britt, I can handle him on my own."

"I know you can. Just thought I'd go for like emotional support or something," Brittany replies with a shrug.

"I love you," Santana tells her, "But I got this."

"Alright," Brittany nods then glances over at her bike, "Need a ride then?"

"With this dress on?" Santana laughs, "Not on that thing."

"Fair enough," Brittany giggles and goes over to grab the keys to the Fastback before handing them over to Santana, "How about this one?"

Santana recognizes the keys and smiles, "You know me so well."

Brittany buffs her nails on her overalls and grins coyly, "Duh."

"Okay well, I'll be back later," Santana says, "Stay out of trouble."

"I'm not making any promises," Brittany winks as Santana walks the short distance over to the Fastback and gets in.

"Well in that case…," Santana smirks and beckons Brittany down to her level. The blonde obliges happily and leans on the frame of the door so she can be pulled in for a kiss.

"Good luck," Brittany mumbles against soft lips before she's pulling away and closing the door after Santana.

Santana only parrots back the words Brittany once said to her, "Don't need luck when you're this good."


The meeting place decided upon is some random diner Santana and Brittany have walked by countless times. When Santana pulls open the door, the bells above jingle and alert everyone of her entrance. She sees the double-takes from the older men lining the bar and curious glances from the waitstaff. She knows that all eyes are on her, she's the hottest bitch in the place so that's a given, but she's there for business and quickly glances around the place for the man she's meant to meet.

"Miss Lopez," Someone calls out to her and Santana turns towards the voice.

The insurance investigator smiles brightly and Santana has to fight the urge to roll her eyes as she makes her way over to him. She can already smell the hair product wafting off of him and the way he smiles at her just makes Santana want to punch him.

Blaine Anderson; just an overachieving, annoying little weasel that has somehow managed to climb ranks stupidly fast and has been breathing down the necks of her family for years. The Anderson and Lopez rivalry is a tale as old as time and here Santana is upholding that legacy.

"Good afternoon, Miss Lopez," Blaine greets politely once Santana's close enough and goes to shake her hand.

"Anderson," Santana nods and slides into the booth so that she sits across from him.

"Interesting place for a meeting," Blaine notes as he looks around, "Why not my office?"

Santana scrunches her nose, "And finally see what kind of hideous bow tie collection you probably have set up there? No way."

Blaine's smile falters as he presses a hand to his bowtie.

"Besides," Santana adds as she looks down at the menu, "Apparently this place does the best tiramisu and my girlfriend loves that stuff."

Before Blaine can ask anything further, a waitress comes over and tops up his coffee.

"You want anything, dear?" She asks Santana.

"Coffee and one of those tiramisus to go. Please."

"Sure thing, hun," The woman nods and she's off. It only takes her a few minutes until she returns with a warm mug and fills it close to the top with fresh coffee.

The pleased smile returns to Blaine's face, "Girlfriend, huh? Maybe you really are on the straight and narrow."

Santana quirks a brow, "Not so much the straight but yeah. I've been keeping myself out of trouble. That's why I'm here. Whatever it is, I didn't do it."

Blaine laughs and shakes his head as he pulls out a few pictures, "Oh? Then explain this."

Santana knew this was coming. She didn't spend all night at the Gala in the camera's view for nothing, so she leans forward to admire the pictures of her.

"Damn, I look hot!" Santana says as she looks over each one, "Can I keep these?"

Blaine's easy-going demeanor begins to shift into something a little more serious, "Santana please. This is very serious. Millions of dollars worth of diamonds are missing and it can't just be a coincidence that you were there the night of its disappearance."

"Why not?" Santana questions as she sits back and cocks her head to the side, "I love a good party as much as the next person. You've got the receipts. Does it look like I was up to something? Because to me, I look like I'm having the time of my life."

"And I wonder why that is," Blaine questions with narrowed eyes.

Santana shrugs and averts her eyes to the pictures again, "Look at me, surrounded by beautiful people with a drink in my hand just as the good Lord intended. Who wouldn't have a good time?"

Blaine let's out a tired sigh.

Santana can tell he's at a crossroads and getting frustrated so she's pretty damn pleased about that. It makes her swell with pride because she really has this thing wrapped up so tight that not even Blaine can figure it out. But she knows he's a smart son of a bitch so she doesn't get too cocky just yet.

Blaine continues to stew while Santana brings the mug close to her lips. Riling him up is a lot easier than she suspected. She figured he'd have way more on her than just a couple of pictures and she's surprised considering his merit.

"Honestly, with your track record and your family history I don't know what to believe," Blaine admits. He looks up at Santana – like really looks at her like he's trying to see something beneath the surface.

Santana's a pro though so he's not going to find anything there. She's not going to crack and deep down Blaine knows that.

"Well, one look at these pictures I think gets me off the hook," Santana explains and taps at one of the pictures, "Solid alibi right there, don't you think?"

Blaine crosses his arms and Santana feels as though she's almost won.

"Can I go now?" She asks even though she knows she's not yet finished with him.

"I still have questions," Blaine replies, "And don't you need your tiramisu?"

"You're right," Santana smirks and lifts her mug to her lips, "You've got until the waitress brings it over and then I'm out."

"Fine," Blaine sighs, "I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how the hell this happened. How such a valuable necklace practically disappeared in thin air. I've got suspects who should be guilty but aren't and then there's you who had been smiling for the camera all night."

"Sounds like you got yourself a real shit show on your hands," Santana dismisses, "Doesn't concern me."

"But it does," Blaine urges, "I know you had something to do with this but I just can't…I can't connect the dots."

"Because like I said," Santana replies, "I didn't do it."

Blaine laughs again before he sighs, "Listen Santana, I don't want you."

"Never heard that one before."

"Let me clarify," He says, "I don't want you, I want the necklace. I don't care how you get it back to me, I'll make something up. I'm just tired of doing this."

Santana perks up; this is going way better than she anticipated.

"I honestly don't get paid enough so just tell me," Blaine adds, "Where's the necklace? That's all I'm after. The sooner I wrap this case up the faster I can get back to my life."

Santana smirks, "Which I'm sure is very bland and boring, just like you."

Blaine doesn't take her bait, "I'll ask again. Where's the necklace, Santana?"

"The whole thing?" Santana questions before she shrugs, "No idea, but I might no where some of it is."

"Some of it? Some?" Blaine looks like he's going to have a heart attack.

"Hypothetically, yes," Santana replies, "Maybe like ten percent of it? Give or take?"

Blaine mutters to himself beneath his breath while his face goes a little red. It takes him a minute to get himself together and then he's turning to Santana and calmly asking, "Where?"

Santana doesn't answer with words. Instead, she slides her phone across the table. On it is a picture of Dani from the Gala and it all begins to click for Blaine.

"Right," Blaine nods, "A classic case of revenge. An eye for an eye so to speak."

"It's what I do best."

"You know this isn't healthy, right?" Blaine says worriedly, "It's not good for the heart to hang on to so much pain, Santana. I know a great counselor that specializes in –"

"I process shit my own way and it's working just fine for me," Santana brushes off as she slips her phone back in her purse," Now, for argument's sake…how does one get a search warrant?"

Blaine bobs his head from side to side as he thinks, "I'd need probable cause."

"That's what I thought," Santana smirks. In that moment, the waitress brings over her takeaway box and Santana smiles up at her in thanks before looking back at Blaine, "This was productive."

"I suppose," Blaine frowns as Santana stands and throws down a couple bills on the table.

"Wait for my call," She tells him before walking out.


Back at the loft, Brittany's trying her hardest to keep busy while she awaits Santana's call. When her phone finally does ring, she practically lunges for it.

"Hey San!" Brittany greets eagerly, "How'd it go?"

"Perfectly. He's got nothing on us which I was really surprised about but I'm not complaining."

Brittany feels like a weight has been lifted, "That's so good. Did you find out about the warrant?"

"Sure did and you were right! It's absolutely genius, obviously."

Brittany blushes, "He'd need probable cause?"

"Yup and that should be easy to get."

"It should," Brittany nods, "I'll make the call now."

"Great, I'm on my way back. I'll see you soon."

They say their goodbyes and then Brittany's dialing another number.

"Hello, Rachel Berry speaking."

Brittany rolls her eyes, "Hey Rachel. It's Brittany."

"Oh!" Rachel's voice turns chipper, "Hello Brittany, how are you?"

"Good. I've got a job for you," Brittany says, "It's a very important task."

"Of course, I'm ready. What do you need me to do?"

"We're going to need a certain picture taken of an item," Brittany begins to explain, "But this item currently resides in Dani's jacket from the Gala. We're going to need you to get in there and take a picture of it."

Rachel's quiet for a moment and Brittany begins to wonder if the call disconnected on accident.

"Hel – "

"This is amazing. Oh my God!"

Brittany bites her tongue while Rachel excitedly rambles. Really, she starts to tune out the more she talks but it's one question that reels Brittany back in.

"You want me to seduce her?"

"I don't really want to know how you do it," Brittany responds, "Just get it done."

"I'm on it. This is so exciting! My first job. I can play this so many ways, but which to choose? Maybe I can use those handcuffs I bought? I've been wanting to try those out on someone. They're authentic."

Brittany frowns with disgust. Imagining Rachel Berry seducing Dani with a pair of handcuffs is not an image she wants or needs.

"Gross," Brittany mumbles.

"I see why you people do this! God, the thrill of it is invigorating."

"Yeah. Okay. Well, text me the picture when you get it."

"Of course. Should I wear a lacy – "

Brittany hangs up on her immediately.


Later that night, most of the team has headed off to bed aside from Mercedes who spends hours on end on her laptop doing who knows what. Santana and Brittany wander up to Brittany's room but neither of them are tired. They know Rachel's out there doing whatever she can to get this picture and they can't really settle in for bed until they receive it.

Instead, Brittany lounges on the bed with a motorcycle magazine in her lap while Santana lazily watches her turn the page. She's got her head on Brittany's shoulder and their legs tangle together for warmth. It's a nice way to end the night, wrapped up in each other like this, and Santana basks in how easy it is to feel so comfortable around Brittany.

"I never thanked you for talking to Rachel," Santana mutters like she's lost in thought.

Brittany snickers, "That's okay."

Santana tilts to look up at her, "No, seriously. You came up with the search warrant idea and using Rachel…I never would've thought to do that."

"Sure you would've," Brittany shrugs.

"Not without you guiding me," Santana replies and leans up to kiss the underside of Brittany's jaw, "So thank you. Thank you for having my back."

Brittany smiles fondly, "For you? Always."

Santana blushes, "Have I ever told you that I love you?"

Brittany pretends to ponder, "Once before I think? But tell me again."

Santana giggles and whispers I love you between sweet kisses.


Brittany gets the text from Rachel shortly after. The picture shows a piece of the Toussaint Santana planted on Dani the night of the Gala and it's perfectly framed alongside the necktie Dani wore.

Rachel B. – Is this acceptable? I've got her handcuffed to the bed so I can take another if you need.

"Oh wow," Santana laughs once Brittany shows her the text, "Rachel really does move quick."

"Apparently," Brittany nods, "And she found a use for those handcuffs she told me about after all."

"She told you what she was going to do?" Santana scrunches her nose cutely.

"It was against my will," Brittany sighed.

"I'm so sorry," Santana teases then glances back at the picture, "This is perfect though. I'm going to forward it to myself. Tell her I said thanks."

"I'm sure she'll be very happy that you approve," Brittany says and gets to work typing a reply while Santana hurriedly sends off the picture to Blaine.

Santana L. – This should do it. Have fun!

Blaine texts back almost instantly and showers Santana with gratitude. All she cares about though is that she and her team are off the hook. Blaine assures her that they are.

Now, it's only a matter of time before everything falls into place like pieces of a puzzle.


Within a day she gets word that Dani has been arrested. It's not looking good for her ex considering the amount of evidence pinned against her, but that's what you get when you fuck over a Lopez.

Santana hopes Dani feels everything she did when she got picked up. She hopes Dani squirms under the hot lamp in the interrogation room. She hopes Dani feels regret set into her bones for what she did to Santana. It'll only be then that Santana finally feels like she can move on with her life, like that chapter is done and dusted.

Maybe she's petty for setting Dani up like this, but she doesn't care. In the end, Karma's a bitch and so is she.


"It's official," Brittany exclaims as soon as she finds Santana lounging on the couch with Quinn.

"What? What's going on?" Santana sits up while Brittany dances around in front of her. The others notice the commotion and come in for a better listen.

The blonde has her phone in her hand and starts to read off some article for all to hear that explains the Toussaint debacle and how Rachel Berry's mysterious last-minute date was the one who made off with the necklace and is now looking at a long time in jail.

"You hear that, San? She's looking at a long sentence," Brittany says excitedly before she's wrapping Santana up in a tight hug. The others cheer too and exchange hugs.

It's the best news Santana's heard in awhile because this is it. This is the end. They did the job and Dani's paying for it just like Santana planned and now all there's left to do is celebrate!


Similar to the day after the Gala, Santana and Brittany grab pizza and alcohol and let the team go wild. Mercedes sets up the music this time and everyone dances like crazy with a slice of pizza in one hand and their choice of drink in the other. Even Santana and Brittany let loose and the others can't get enough of them.

"You're so much better when you're tipsy!" Sugar cheers as she clinks her bottle with Santana's.

The brunette just laughs and continues to dance on Brittany until Rachel arrives with a box of champagne. Everyone flocks to her and for a moment Rachel thinks it's because of her, but she's quick to realize it's only because she brought the expensive stuff. Still, she doesn't really mind and pops a bottle to catch up to her new friends.

"You guys started without me!" Rachel looks somewhat offended but Tina just pats her back while Sugar takes the box of champagne off her hands then comes back around to give her a drink.

"Got you a whole box to yourself," Tina says as she pushes a box of pizza into Rachel's hands too.

"Is it ve – "

"It's vegan," Quinn assures her with a small smile before she clinks her glass with Rachel's.

"You can never be too sure," Rachel explains and shoots a weary glare in Brittany's direction, "I've been poisoned before."

Quinn just snickers into her glass.

"Wait, wait!" Santana stops before everyone gets too wasted. Mercedes stops the music and the others look at her curiously. Santana just climbs up on the coffee table with Brittany's help, "I want to say a proper thank you."

"Here we go," Quinn chuckles to Brittany, "She going to turn into a weepy, hysterical drunk again?"

"She just has a lot of feelings," Brittany giggles then slaps at Santana's ass.

"Hey, quit it down there," Santana swats away at Brittany's hand.

"Speech! Speech! Speech!" Sugar starts to chant and soon the others are joining in.

"Okay, okay! Shut up, I'm going," Santana laughs before she tries to compose herself. "I just wanted to say that you guys are fucking awesome," Santana says with a raised bottle, "Thank you for being apart of this. Really, couldn't have do it without you. We make a pretty awesome fucking team."

Everyone starts to clap and cheer and Santana laughs as she steps down, bracing herself on Brittany's shoulder.

"You're cute," Brittany whispers and plants a kiss on Santana's cheek.

Santana just blushes and goes to reply but it's drowned out by Rachel who's still pretty sober.

"I do have one question. Really it's an observation," Rachel says and everyone turns to her, "I believe there's a small discrepancy in the amount of money we're all receiving. Something's just not quite adding up? Not that I'm complaining, but…"

The others start to panic but Santana just smirks at Brittany.

"You want to tell them?" Santana asks and there's this Cheshire grin spreading up to her cheeks.

Brittany shakes her head, "You do it."

"Alright," Santana shrugs and turns a proud smile to the others, "You thought we were only going after one necklace?"

Brittany chuckles, "You don't know us at all."

Now everyone's even more confused than before, but their eyes follow Santana and Brittany as they walk away from them.

"While everyone was so focused on the Toussaint, no one even bothered to check on the other exhibit," Santana explains simply.

Brittany moves to open the door of a fridge that had been moved off to the side of the kitchen. It's filled to the brim with the crown jewels of eight different royal families that just so happened to be on display at the Met and the best part is…they aren't replicas.

"Woah," Sugar breathes out.

"All or nothing!" Brittany cheers while the others scramble to get a closer look.

"Oh my God!" Emma gasps, "They're real?"

"Oh they're very real," Santana nods.

"I was wondering why we suddenly had two fridges," Sugar mumbles, "It makes so much sense now."

"Wait, how did you manage to do all of this?" Emma asks.

Santana glances over at Brittany and smiles proudly, "The floor's yours, B."

"Well like Santana said, everyone was distracted with the Toussaint missing and being on lockdown. We used that to our advantage and decided to go on a little private tour for ourselves," Brittany explains simply, "Why go through all that trouble just for one necklace, you know?"

"Exactly," Santana nods, "We weren't just printing off the diamonds needed for the Toussaint either. Tina made replicas of all the jewelry on display in that particular exhibit."

"I've never worked so fast in my entire life," Tina admits quietly.

"And it's very much appreciated," Santana commends, "After that, it was all acrobats."

"Yup! And that's where I called in a favor," Brittany adds then cups her hand around her mouth and calls out, "Yo Chang!"

Everyone turns as Mike Chang enters.

He's looking dapper in his dress shirt and vest but his rolled up sleeves make him look just a little more casual. There's this charming smile on his face as he strolls over to the others.

"Dibs!" Tina, Sugar and Rachel all yell out at once. They glare at one another when neither of them backs down.

"I said it first," Tina urged.

Sugar waves her off, "No, I did!"

"Neither of you stand a chance," Rachel turns up her nose, "I'm famous."

"Just barely," Sugar frowns.

"Mike here is a former Olympian," Brittany introduces as Mike joins her side.

"Interesting. I too am award-winning," Rachel comments.

"It's nothing special," Mike replies with a chuckle, "I didn't win a medal or anything."

"That's okay," Sugar and Tina say in unison with these too-sweet smiles on their faces.

Santana rolls her eyes; the three of them look absolutely ridiculous fawning over the guy but she guesses that's what happens when you're cooped up in a house for weeks without sex.

Santana obviously wouldn't know about that though, she's lucky enough to get it on the regular.

"Anyway," Santana pulls their attention back, "He used his sick gymnast skills to help us clean the place out."

"Being flexible has it's perks outside of the bedroom too, right Mike?" Brittany jokes with a nudge to his arm.

"Uhhh…sure. Yeah," Mike shrugs awkwardly.

"You're so hot," Tina practically drools over him.

Santana looks embarrassed for her, "Jesus. Get it together, girl."

"You have no game," Sugar shakes her head disapprovingly at Tina.

"What?" Tina gasps, "He is!"

"Yeah, but you don't just blurt it out," Sugar argues, "It's like you've never talked to a hot guy before."

"Sorry Mike," Brittany says coolly, "They haven't been around a guy in awhile."

Mike smiles, "That's cool."

"Like I was saying," Santana continues, "While Mike and Brittany did that, I kept an eye out incase any guard decided to take a peek. It was a tight time frame but we made it work, clearly."

"That's amazing," Emma applauds.

Santana smiles proudly, "So with this little diversion, everyone's cut is now up to about 38 million."

"Holy shit!"

Santana chuckles at the outburst and turns to Mike, "Mike, you'll get a good chunk from me and Britt's share."

"Appreciate it," He bows his head.

Santana sinks into Brittany's side and the blonde wraps her arm around her shoulders while they watch the others implode.

"Spend it wisely, ladies," Santana tells them and cuts her eyes to the only guy in the room. She gives him an apologetic smile, "And Mike."


In the coming days, one by one the girls on the team return to their lives with their bank accounts a lot fuller than they arrived. There are whispers of road trips and extravagant gifts to themselves and the start of small business ventures and Santana feels kind of proud that she's funding that in a way.

She doesn't really care what they do with their cuts, she just hopes that they enjoy themselves.

Quinn's the last to leave and she joins Santana and Brittany for breakfast before she goes. She's not really sure when she'll see them again, so she makes the most of what's left of their time together.

They talk, they laugh, they reminisce and then they say goodbye.

Santana actually gives Quinn a hug and she's sure Brittany's going to tease her about it later for being an undercover softie. She doesn't mind though, she knows Brittany happens to love that part of her even if she teases her about it sometimes.

"Don't be strangers," Quinn tells them as she gets into her car, "Beth misses you both dearly."

Santana snorts, "I bet she doesn't even remember us."

"She's a sharp kid," Quinn replies, "She's remembers everything."

"We'll visit," Brittany says and hugs Santana to her side, "We're her god parents after all."

"Still don't know why you picked us," Santana jokes, "Don't you have any other friends besides us?"

"You think I consider you fools my friends?" Quinn teases right back.

Brittany lets out a laugh, "Let us know when you get home, okay?"

"Will do," Quinn nods, "And you two…be good."

Santana and Brittany exchange a look and smirk.

"We'll try," Santana lies and they way goodbye as Quinn backs out of the driveway.

They watch from the garage until they can no longer see Quinn's taillights. It's weird how quiet it is now after so many weeks of having a full house. Santana can't tell what that feeling is under the surface but when she looks over at Brittany beaming, it eases.

"So," Brittany hums as she turns to Santana and sets her hands on the brunette's hips, "Got anymore grand plans in that beautiful mind of yours?"

"I'm sure I can come up with something," Santana flirts as she melts into Brittany, "But I think I'll take a little break for now."


"Yeah," Santana nods, "I'll probably do some of the things I told my parole officer I'd do."

"Gonna get yourself settled down with a wife and pop out a couple kids?" Brittany jokes with this sparkle in her eye.

Santana smirks, "Is that a proposal?"

"Well I do have a shit ton of diamonds now," Brittany ponders aloud before glancing down at Santana, "You can take your pick."

Santana lets out a laugh, "I'll think about it."

"I'll hold you to it," Brittany winks.

"In the meantime though, there is something I've been wanting to try…" Santana husks.

Brittany quirks a brow, "Finally giving the armpit thing some thought? You won't regret it, babe."

Brittany starts to unbutton her top and Santana laughs as she stops her, "That's not exactly what I had in mind."

"Oh. Well, what'd you– "

Brittany's words fall short as Santana walks over the short distance and slings her leg over Brittany's bike. It's probably the hottest thing Brittany's ever seen and she watches in a daze as Santana run her hands over the handlebars. She has played this exact scene so many times in her dreams, but never would she have thought Santana would finally agree to it in real life.

Then again, Santana's kind of been on a streak when it comes to doing things out of the ordinary. Just look at their relationship, they're actually in one! Who would've seen that coming? Definitely not Brittany.

Santana clears her throat and it pulls Brittany's attention back to her. There's this sexy, sultry smile on her lips and this mischievous glint in her eye when they catch Brittany's.

"Take me for a ride?" Santana asks but it sounds more like a demand that Brittany's all to willing to participate in.

"Don't have to ask me twice," Brittany smirks before rushing off to grab their helmets.

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