"So you want to explain why you stole all my coins?" Wairo growled while scratching his butt.

Banjo sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "Well we needed enough cash to get some spirits so we-"

"You wasted my money on spirit trash!?" Wario snapped and he then shoulder slammed into the bear.

Kazooie emerged from the backpack and began pecking the yellow fat man. "Calm down; we just needed it for us to get through the map!"

Wario began choking Kazooie. R.O.B. and Pikachu were using electricity to charge themselves up for they were nearby watching this unfold while all of them were on the World of Light map.

"Why do I get the sense that it will take a while for us to make any progress?" ROB asked while spinning his metal arms around.

Pikachu shook his lightning bolt shaped tail several times. "I don't know but I do know this; Rule 34 is going to be taken down much sooner than you think!"