Long ago a great war was unleashed in heaven was nothing more and less than the rebellion of one of the angels at the command of Lucifer who wanted to take control of the kingdom of God but is defeated and banished to the depths of the abyss causing this the extinction of the dinosaurs when they collided with the earth where it will remain there forever or that is seen to be because after that God created a new form of life and new species and from them man was born meanwhile in the depths of the abyss Lucifer now called Satan was staring at how to get revenge. even that before the battle lucifer created his first way of life and named it "Zombros" which was another reason why God banished him and after satan corrupted the first parents and made the hers I believe to the archangeles beings of justice and peace who protected humanity from the temptations of demons, protecting and saving the innocent and punishing those who allow themselves to be corrupted by evil.

and here the story begins