So this story in particular is a Todoroki x Reader. I didn't know if I should come up with an OC for just a one-shot, but I also know the whole "[Y/N]" thing can be annoying. This is a [Y/N] story, but if you have any suggestions I'm happy to take constructive criticism. I'm also a big fan of Todoroki x Yaoyorozu, but I didn't feel like her personality fit this one-shot. Anyways, enjoy!

I stumble into 1-A's Alliance doors with the help of Uraraka and Mina. I'm not totally sure why I can't walk straight, especially when I've got so much energy that I should be training.

"I'm fine you guys. In fact let's all go running! Or jump off of the UA sign! How fun would that be?" I exclaim as we make our way to the common area. I try shaking them off but they both have a firm grip on me as they drag me along.

"Not tonight [Y/N," Uraraka replies tiredly.

"Your drunken self is going straight to bed," Mina says firmly.

"I'm not drunk you guys. If anything I'm filled with power! I want to fight. Someone get me Bakugo or Todoroki, I'll kick their ass." They drag me into the common area which should be deserted by now since it's late, but there are still four boys here.

Kirishima and Kaminari sit on either side of Bakugo as he quite literally beats the material to Monday's test into them. Across from them on the other couch is Todoroki, blissfully unaware of their racket as he reads a book.

"Eh what's wrong with [Y/N]?" Kaminari asks upon seeing the three of us.

I'm still muttering about fighting someone as Mina says, "We got jumped by a couple thugs. Nothing major, but [Y/N] got hit by some guys quirk that makes you drunk."

"I still kicked ass though! In fact I'm ready to go again, who wants to come at me?"

The only response besides baffled stares is Uraraka saying, "You got hit immediately and punched a tree thinking it was a villain."

The three boys burst out laughing and even Todoroki doesn't hold back an amused smirk.

"That's not true, I'll prove it! Todoroki, let's fight." I finally shake off the two girls and square up to Todoroki, although a bit unsteady on my feet.

He looks me up and down with a quizzical expression, sighs, and stands up to face me.

"Wait you can't fight her, she's drunk. That's not manly at all!" Kirishima starts, but then Bakugo cuts in.

"Shut up! Let him do it, I want to see this!" He says, happier than a kid in a candy shop.

Todoroki comes closer to me and I lunge at him. I should be just about to make contact, but instead I'm slipping. I notice the sheet of ice below my feet far too late and come to terms that the only contact I'll be making is my face with the floor. That is, until Todoroki swiftly catches me.

I stumble straight into his outstretched arms. He looks down at me with a small smile and asks, "are you done now?"

I nod, unable to speak as I realize that he's still holding me. I'm hyper-aware of his arms around my waist and I only break out of my trance when Bakugo yells, "Dammit half-and-half you should've destroyed her!"

Todoroki ignores him and helps me back to my feet. "You should go back with your friends..." he trails off after realizing Mina and Uraraka are no where to be found. They probably bolted as soon as I was off their hands.

"Well, it looks like you're my problem now," Todoroki deadpans. This earns another bout of laughter from Bakugo.

Kirishima and Kaminari stand up ready to help Todoroki, but Bakugo shouts, "Sit your asses back down! You wanna fail this test you damn idiots?"

"I can take care of her don't worry," Todoroki says to the two as they sit back down in defeat.

"Okay, make sure she gets to bed before she passes out. She looks like shit," Kaminari says bluntly.

"Don't talk about me like I'm not here!" I bark, but Kaminari doesn't look very threatened. On that note, Todoroki grabs my arm and guides me towards the elevator.

I stumble a little as the elevator starts its ascent and Todoroki instinctively slings a protective arm around my waist, keeping me upright. Being so close to him makes my heart race, and I hope the flush in my cheeks can be blamed on the 'drunkenness'.

Seriously, has Todoroki always been this irresistible and sexy? His two-toned eyes which betray nothing, his bi-colored hair that always falls perfectly into place, he just might be the most beautiful boy ever.

"Is there a reason you're staring at me?" Todoroki asks not even having to look at me.

Before I can stop myself I murmur, "You're just really pretty." His eyes widen in surprise, but he's saved from having to answer as the elevator doors open.

Once we get to my room, he helps me into the bathroom where he recommends I brush my teeth. Does my breath somehow smell like alcohol too? Or is he just being practical as ever?

He waits while I finish up and I say, "I'm totally fine now, you don't have to stay here."

"[Y/N, your eyes aren't focused and you keep tripping over your own feet. They said to make sure you get into bed, so that's what I'm doing." He says it so matter-of-factly I can't help but smile.

Against my better judgement, I wrap my arms around his shoulders and hug him tight. Todoroki stiffens, but slowly relaxes and hugs me back. "You're so cool, Todoroki. You're like a sweetheart who could also kill a man and I think that's great."

"Thanks," He replies while slowly pulling away from me, though not completely. His hands stay on my waist, but that might be because I'm slightly swaying side to side. Everything is spinning still, but I feel so light.

And warm. Way too warm, like my body is on fire.

"Will you help me take off my clothes?" I ask, completely missing the dirty implication those words have.

Todoroki, however, does not. He steps back so quickly that I fall on my butt, and the look he's wearing is nothing short of pure shock. "W-what?" He stammers, staring at me wide-eyed.

"I'm hot," I state plainly while innocently looking up him.

"Oh," He mutters. "Probably part of the drunkenness."

"I guess," I ignore his weird behavior, focusing on pulling my sweater over my head since he's making no move to help me. It's harder than it looks to change while drunk.

"What the—" Todoroki balks, whirling away from me and covering his eyes. "Don't just take your clothes off when a boy is in the room."

"It doesn't bother me. I've seen you without a shirt on."

"That's not the same."

"Whatever you say."

Maybe I should be embarrassed that he just saw me in my bra, but at the moment I don't really care. I drag myself up off the floor and have enough sense to pull out a tank top and shorts to wear. Once I finish changing I say, "okay it's safe to look at me again. Your eyes won't fall out now."

Todoroki sighs and apprehensively turns back around. "Good, now get in bed."

I stick my tongue out at him like a child and reply, "Make me, Mr. Icy-Hot."

He gives me a blank look, and in two seconds he's closed the space between us. He picks me up, putting me over his shoulder, and then unceremoniously drops me onto my unmade bed. Even though he's done with my bullshit, I'm not done having fun.

I tug on his arm, hard, and he comes tumbling down next to me. He starts to protest, but I give him a chaste kiss on his lips. That shuts him up, but doesn't stop the stare he returns.

Our eyes stay locked together, and maybe Todoroki is feeling bold too, because he moves closer to me and presses his lips on mine. The kiss is very gentle, almost hesitant, but I don't pull away. His hand cups my face and mine laces through his soft hair.

We break apart to breathe, and I want to lean back in but he stops me. "I shouldn't have done that. You're drunk."

I sigh. "I know."

He reluctantly pulls his hand away from my face, but I stop him before he can make any move to leave. "Will you stay until I fall asleep?" I ask.

He smiles one of his soft smiles at me and replies, "Sure."

I snuggle into his side, grateful that it's the icy half of his body. Not only am I still warm from that guys quirk, but kissing Todoroki also added fuel to that figurative fire.

Todoroki runs his hand through my hair, and this only makes me more drowsy. Soon I'm lulled to sleep by his delicate touches knowing I may never sleep this well ever again.