Taking Time

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Just something I've been thinking of where Dexter finally takes some time to deal with things. Also ignores Matthews' little legal trouble and dumb decision to go to LaGuerta about it.

"What the Hell is this fuckin' shit I'm hearin' about you going on a leave of absence!?" Demanded to know one Debra Morgan irately after storming into her adopted brother's apartment.

"Watch your language, please, Harrison's around." Immediately replied Dexter with a sigh.

Debra stared at him for a moment before scoffing. "Secondly, why am I having to hear about this from Batista instead of oh, I don't know, you!?"

Damnit, Angel.

"Well, I WAS going to talk to you about it. I just hadn't thought to make sure no one else did before I could."

But considering he had a lot on his mind after Brother Sam's death courtesy of some gang bangers that he himself took care of, Dexter supposed he could forgive himself for not thinking to do that. Brother Sam having been someone he had met at the station when the man had been brought in after one of his had been found murdered and questions had to be asked of him. Leading to the two to become friends in the process after that. Debra scowled at him and then came to the realization that apparently her brother was also packing. "Wait… Why are you packing!?"

"Because, Deb, I'm leaving town for awhile. I'll be taking Harrison to his grandparents before I hit the road." And where he goes, Dexter honestly didn't know.

Nor did he really care but he wouldn't be opposed to possibly seeing Lumen again if his trip took him her way. Debra could only stare him in stunned disbelief before finally speaking. "I… What the fuck!?"

His glare did nothing to deter her. "And you were what, just gonna spring this on me last fucking minute!? Jesus Christ, Dex, I know you can be a 'tard but I didn't think you were THIS much of a 'tard!" Ranted the woman unhappily.

He sighed heavily as he turned back to her. "I'm sorry I'm not handling this well enough to your liking, okay? But Deb… I'm, I'm at my limit right now, okay? Brother Sam's death was basically my last straw."

And to be honest, he felt like he was about to drown and whatever that managed to come back from that wouldn't be anything good. It was something he couldn't let happen. Not because of Harry or the Code or even himself (though that did play into it a little), but because of his family. "I, Dex, I get wantin' to take time from the job to deal with everything but leaving the fucking city!? That's a little much don't you think!?"

"No, its not." Was all he said.

Debra had trouble understanding this and part of her felt like this was a betrayal of not only Rita but her as well. As why the fucking Hell did it take for some now dead ex-con her fucknut of a douchey brother barely even knew to finally hit his limit!? "And I guess you never even thought about how this would make me feel?" She asked with a waver in her voice.

What he did next would not only surprise Debra but hurt her as well. "Don't. Don't make this about you. Not again." Came his cold response.

Making her blink as tears welled up as the sting of his response swam through her. All thoughts of wanting to tell him how she truly feels about him long gone from her mind. "What, what do you mean?"

"You pulled this shit during that weekend at Joseph Driscoll's house when it was never even about you. This is about me, just like it was then."

Dexter stumbled back in pain courtesy of her punching the shit out of him. Guess that was to be expected to happen.

He stared at his sister as he rubbed his sore jaw as tears came down her face. "Go fuck yourself, asshole." She told him before quickly making her leave, leaving him on his own as he sighed.

I hate it, but I have to do this for myself. Once she calms down she'll understand.

Shaking himself from his thoughts, Dexter finished what packing he had left and then went to go check on his son and get him ready as well.

Author's Notes: I really should start keeping stories in one document from now on instead of using multiple documents for chapters. Really saves on time! Or something along those lines anyhow.