Chapter 7

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4 Years Later

"You may now kiss the Bride." Announced the Minister and Dexter Morgan did exactly that with his new found wife, Hannah McKay-Morgan as the crowd cheered.

The night Dexter had gotten back to Miami and settled back into his apartment with his son had seen Debra reveal her feelings for him after she chose to show up for steaks and beer despite how angry she still was with him for having been gone for months. Needless to say, the revelation hadn't gone down too well considering he didn't and never would see her in that way and things would be strained between them a good while. But it would allow for her to be able to move past it and actually find an all around decent guy to be with and have her sibling relationship back on track with Dexter. And when the Doomsday Killers situation arose a year after Dexter had returned to Miami, he'd also meet one Hannah McKay during that time. Mostly thanks to Harrison catching sight of the nearby flower market at the beach and having Astor take him over there and for their dad to come along shortly after that to see what the two were up too. Allowing him to meet one Hannah McKay in the process.

The exchange honestly being kind of amusing for Astor given the somewhat awkwardness of her step dad with the woman. Their interactions reminded the girl of her mom and Dexter given how slow things had been going at first between the two but given Hannah's past and her experiences with men, Astor had reasoned it only made sense for that to be a slow thing as well but was happy regardless for her step dad. Cody thankfully was too but Aunt Deb had her doubts about the woman but largely left it alone. And while Dexter had actually managed to assert control over his more darker nature as he kept certain things in mind from when he'd been on his road trip so that he wouldn't have to fulfill a need to kill, things with Travis Marshall had seen to it that the man had to die given the shit he'd pulled. Hannah had even stood by Dexter as he killed the man on the alter in the ruined Church and quite frankly, felt he deserved more than that given that he had tried to make little Harrison one of his victims in his bid to see the end of the world.

And thanks to the fact Debra no longer felt more for her brother, wouldn't even find out about his dark secret that night or any other time. Dexter and Hannah's relationship would only get stronger as time went on, even as they dealt with issues like her father, Sal Price, and Dr. Vogel's psychotic son. It should also be noted that thanks to his talk with Gail, Rita's mother would be around to be a grandmother to Astor, Cody, and Harrison and not being problematic either much to Dexter's and their relief. And when Dexter got on one knee and proposed to Hannah, the Blonde was shocked but happy as Hell over it as by that point, she was eagerly ready to be his wife. Not knowing that her fiance had gone so far as to ask Astor and Cody if it was okay and getting their approval before doing it. "Hello, Mrs. Morgan." Said Dexter happily after their kiss ended.

"Hello, Mr. Morgan." Hannah replied just as happily with her eyes sparkling and the wide smile on her lips never leaving.

The two kissed one another again and the cheering grew louder. It didn't take long for the two to wind up pregnant after this and they and their family would have many years of happiness together with Dexter always feeling incredibly grateful for having left when he did after Brother Sam's death.

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