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AN: This idea came after other reviewers said that Gus should have stayed with Brian and Justin in my Christmas story Just The Right Size Tree For Us. This is an entire new story dedicated to that idea, but it would be before that story so that one wouldn't have taken place so made it new. Hope that you like it. Any Melanie fans might want to leave, but Lindsay is nicer than I had planned.

AN2: Being bullied or picked on is never fun when you're different or don't fit in. Mine as a child was because my clothes never matched. I was happy and loved at home so didn't notice that I was supposed to have clothes that went together. It hurt, but I moved passed it and I still don't match because it's my choice to dress the way I want even if people don't like it.

Summary: After a new school year starts and Gus is once again being bullied Lindsay makes the only decision she can for her son. She does what he had wanted to do instead of coming back home from the summer. Let's him go back with his dads.

Title: What Is Best For Our Son

Gus walked in the house throwing his book bag down and running up the stairs to his room not even bothering to say anything when his mommy called after him. He had kept his self from crying all the way home. He hadn't cried at school even when he'd wanted to. It would only make things worse than they already were. He'd been counting on seeing his daddy, but now wasn't going to be able to according to his mama because he'd gotten into the fight. His daddy was the best thing he had going these days.

It wasn't his fault that he kept being picked on. It wasn't his fault that he'd tried standing up for his self to make them stop. When he got to his room he slammed the door as hard as he could before collapsing on the bed and crying. He wanted his daddy and dada too, he hated it where he lived. He hadn't liked it since they had moved and he'd hoped when he got to spend those two months of the summer with his daddy he could stay for good. School was back now though and it was worse. It was the the second day of school to be exact.

The teacher had asked what they did over the summer the day before and he'd told it today. He had said he got to go to Disney World with his daddies. He'd gotten to pet the dolphins and whales because his daddies were that cool. They had gone to art museums and he'd gotten to help his daddy with a really important campaign at work. He had gotten to help his dada with a painting by coming up with the idea.

He had been so happy too and he'd seen some of the students smiling. He thought it was because they liked what he'd done. When he'd gone back to his seat he'd been given a smile by one of the boys saying that he made it up. He didn't have a daddy or dada that it was all in his head. He had two mommies, but no daddies and that his mother told him that so he'd buy it.

He'd showed the pictures he had brought in, but the boy had taken them and torn them up. It had been his favorite ones too and the only copy he had since his daddy was in West Virginia. At lunch other boys had teased him like the one that tore his pictures up had. They had taken his lunch box that had Rage and JT on it that his Uncle Michael had given him as a gift. It had been specially made, but they'd played keep away. He hadn't gotten to eat the lunch because it got smashed up and licked.

When he'd tried telling the teacher she'd told him he shouldn't have let them have it. He hadn't let them have it and now his stomach hurt from not eating. He just refused to be near his mama when she wouldn't even listen. She had blamed it on his daddy for being a word he wasn't supposed to say. His daddy wasn't even here so he couldn't have been to blame.

He wasn't saying a word to anyone unless it was his daddy. He finally cried his self to sleep thinking that the only thing he wanted in the world right then was his daddies. He wanted to go back to his horse Brownie and the puppy Patches that he'd gotten over the summer. He wanted his daddies to hug him and tell him it would be okay. He wanted to be back in West Virginia where he wouldn't be told he was a liar. He had daddies and they loved him more than anything. That hadn't even been all of what had happened or the worst of it.


Lindsay had thought about letting Gus stay with Brian after all that had gone on the last school year. Melanie had been convinced that since they had put Gus in a different school he'd be fine. It was worse now because she hadn't missed the cut on her son's lip. She had planned on going up after Gus, but Melanie had started in on how horrible Brian was again. It was his fault that Gus was like this. He'd made him not want to fit in so he could go back.

It wasn't no one, but the child that hit her son's fault. It was also the teacher that let another student rip up her son's pictures and take his lunch box like they didn't care. She had also been furious when the principal had told her that Gus was making up stories about a dad taking him on vacation. She had been so upset because Brian had become more involved in Gus' life than she ever thought he would. He made sure Gus saw him twice a month or three times some months. Even if they were in another country Brian had flown up with Justin to visit Gus. He called every night to say goodnight to Gus. She had given the principal a piece of her mind because her son was not a liar. She wasn't going to stand for him being treated the way he had either.

Instead of listening to Melanie bitch about Brian she had come upstairs finally to check on Gus. She had also made a phone call to Brian seeing if there was any way he could come see Gus. She knew there might not be any flights today, but she had informed the school her son wasn't going back there. She hadn't cared that Melanie was pissed she'd taken him out of the school or called Brian. She knew Gus because he was her son and he'd lived in her body for nine months. The look on his face had told her that no one was going to make this better except for his daddy.

She had gotten Justin, but he'd told her that Brian and he would be there on the next flight. Brian had been trying to get the horse that had escaped. She had laughed at the thought of Brian chasing a horse, but knew he was doing it. She had seen how good Brian and Justin fit together in West Virginia. Justin was taking on the world from there and already had a show back in the summer. She'd stopped pushing him to go to New York after the blow up before they'd left Pittsburgh. Thankfully she hadn't destroyed their friendship after Justin had gotten so pissed off he'd told her to leave or but out of his life. She'd stayed out of it from then on wanting to keep Justin in her life.

Lindsay opened the door to Gus' room finding him laying face down on the bed with his arm around the stuffed bear Brian had given him as a baby. She sat down on the bed beside him running her hand down his back hoping to give him some comfort while he slept. Something had to change and she had made up her mind. She had to do what was right for her son and having him bullied at school wasn't going to work.

The teachers nor the principal had cared who started the fight just that they had a zero tolerance policy on fighting. Gus didn't even know how to fight, he was six so he wouldn't need to know how to fight. She wasn't going to let Gus be tormented anymore. She didn't want him to keep hearing how horrible his dad was either because Brian wasn't horrible. He was the solution to the problems that Gus was having.

She kissed the top of Gus' head before she got off the bed pulling the suit case he had out. She'd made the decision and she wasn't backing down this time; Gus was going to stay with Brian and Justin. Brian had wanted him to stay before they had moved to start with. Justin loved Gus as much and Gus had been calling him dada for over a year.

Justin had even given her a paper back in the summer about one of the schools near their home. It was a top rated school and the two friends that Gus' had made there went to the school. She couldn't think about what she wanted, it was her son that mattered the most. She would do anything in the world to make Gus happy and feel safe.