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AN: I hope you like this chapter because it took me 2 months to figure out an ending to the story. I'd planned on leaving it at the end of chapter 2, but decided with a friend's help to add another chapter. So thanks Vic32 on Ao3 for the idea on how to get another chapter out of this.

CN: Gus picks out his new book bag for school and meets a new friend.

Title: What Is Best For Our Son

Brian looked at Gus sleeping in the bed smiling knowing that his son was doing okay. They'd been back for a week since Lindsay had called to ask him to take Gus back with him. Gus had been settling in okay, but he could tell his son still felt hurt. They had left after getting the paper work to bring Gus home and to transfer schools. Melanie hadn't said goodbye to Gus or even been there when they left. The morning they had gone to get his paper work she had still been mad that Lindsay had called them. It was like she was telling Gus she didn't care or want him if he left with them.

Gus hadn't understood why his mama was being the way she was. Brian didn't even get it but he wasn't going to try and explain away Melanie's actions. There was nothing to explain away, she'd been cruel and hurtful to his son. The son she claimed to love completely and unconditionally until Gus came back here. Then it was like she no longer loved him, which was the worst thing to do in his opinion. In his mind she'd practically told Gus he had to pick. It was stay and continue getting bullied and harassed at school or leave which would get him nothing from her.

Lindsay had been calling everyday though to see how Gus was. Brian never once let Gus doubt how much he loved him and Justin hadn't either. J.R. had been staying with Michael and Ben for a while as the agreement had been for moving. Michael had brought her over during the week letting Gus and her have time together. Since school didn't go back until the following week in West Virginia they were taking Gus to get his school stuff that day.

Gus had left his book bag that he'd gotten for the school he'd been going to. It had been a plain one without designs on it. Brian had been trying to locate the one that Gus had wanted, which had the Dragon Tale's characters on it. The only one he had seen had a broken zipper on it which he'd thought wasn't good enough for Gus. He wanted his son to have the one he'd wanted without being broken when they got it.


"You do know in order for us to go hunting for the book bag we have to wake him up?" Justin asked coming up beside Brian putting his arm around his husband's waist.

"I know, but he looks so comfortable in the bed. I hate having to wake him up although I am glad that he doesn't bite like you do." Brian said with a smile leaning into Justin kissing his cheek.

"I was having a good dream and you woke me up. It's not the best defense in the world granted, but at the time we weren't exclusive. So that dream was hot with you filling me up and eating it back out. So yes I bite you for disturbing that excellent dream." Justin reasoned letting a moan slip out when Brian nipped at his neck. "Go wake him up and behave because we can't have sex right now." He added pulling back after giving Brian a kiss.

"Fine, but when he's asleep tonight I'm going to get you alone and we're going to have some fun." Brian said watching Justin walking away.

He had the perfect husband and the best son as well. He didn't know how he had gotten so lucky, but he wouldn't trade it for anything. Brian watched Gus for another moment before he went over waking his son up. Justin had already made breakfast for them which he was grateful for the fact they could keep the food warm. He'd supposed to have done got Gus up, but he'd been busy thinking until Justin interrupted him.

"Morning, Sonny boy. It's time to get up, you get to pick out your school stuff today." Brian said sitting on the side of the bed since Gus was in the middle of it.

Gus let out a grunt almost like Brian did when he was woken up in the mornings. "Daddy, five more minutes please. Max was about to take me on a ride." He pouted referring to one of the dragon characters from Dragon Tales. It was also one of the ones on the book bag he wanted so much.

"Well after breakfast we are going to go shopping. Maybe we can find that book bag you wanted. Then you can say you're taking Max on a ride on your back." Brian offered which got Gus to giggle when he pulled the covers back down after Gus had covered his head.

"Really?" Gus asked sitting up letting the covers fall down. "What are we waiting for daddy. We need to get me downstairs so we can get moving." He said sounding so excited.

Brian laughed at how Gus could go from not wanting to be woken up to thrilled to be up in a second. He definitely didn't get it from him or his mom. Justin was like that at times though so he knew it was rubbing off on their son. However, Justin did bite at times too if you woke him up too early. Brian let Gus get on his back which Gus claimed he was daddy dragon every time. He was glad that Gus wasn't hurting right now and thinking wonderful thoughts. He hated to see Gus when he was upset and hurt. When Gus got sick those were the worst days of all of them. He hated it the most and he'd almost cry seeing Gus miserable.


After breakfast, changing of clothes, and feeding the animals which Gus had helped with they had left the house. Gus had been entertained by the portable DVD player that Justin had installed in the SUV for Gus to watch on rides. A second set of all three seasons of Dragon Tales were in the vehicle and never left it. It was the only thing that Gus liked watching during trips short or long. Brian and Justin both knew the show by heart, but Gus loved it so they enjoyed it too.

When they got to the store Brian looked over the list that they had gotten at the school two days before. They had thankfully been able to get Gus into the school even though it had been last minute. It had helped knowing a few parents there that Gus had played with their kids at the park.

Mitchell and Rose along with Annie and Sara had given Gus and them help. The principal had also been happy about Justin being who he was. The man had gone on and on about Justin's art work for a good half an hour. Justin was well known even if he hadn't gone off somewhere to become famous. The principal had even asked Justin if he'd be willing to paint a muriel in the new library that had been built. Justin could even pick the design as long as it was from a book or book theme. Brian knew his husband was going to love doing that. Justin had refused to be paid for it offering his talent as a trade for Gus' admission was what Brian saw it as.

"Daddy book bags, come on before they all gone." Gus said taking hold of Brian's hand pulling him along.

"I'm coming, Sonny boy." Brian said grabbing hold of Justin's hand. He didn't want to be swarmed by mothers like he had been at the school the other day. That was one of the down sides, but he wouldn't trade Gus for anything.


Justin laughed letting his self be pulled by Brian and Gus both as they worked their way through the maze in the store. It was so crowded that he was glad he'd been over his crowd phobia for years now. The way the place was packed would have had him running for the hills for sure. A buggie wouldn't even fit through the isles and rows it was so jammed up. Justin spotted the book bags before the other two did almost having to shout at Brian to get Gus to turn the other direction. It didn't take as long as they had thought to get through the mob once they were out of the supply area.

The book bags were hanging up out of the area which was some relief. Gus let out a squeal the second they reached the book bags. Brian and Justin both looked up seeing that up front was the book bag that Gus had wanted. The store had four of them and Brian grabbed all of them. The book bag was hard to find and he knew that something could happen to one or three. Justin put all four into the basket he'd gotten coming in the store. Gus was so happy jumping up and down cheering before he hugged both his dads.

"Excuse me, I was wondering if you could help me since you're really tall?" A little girl asked breaking into Gus' second happy dance. "I wanted the blue book bag with the dragon on it. They only have one left of it." She said before pointing up to the top section. "I really liked the green one, but I love blue too so it's cool." She bit down on her bottom lip hoping that Brian would help her reach it.

Brian reached up getting the book bag that the little girl was talking about before handing it to her. "Here you go, did you need a second one?" He asked.

"No, this one will do. Thank you for helping my mommy is waiting so bye." The little girl said before running back over to where her mom was at. The woman smiled giving them a nod of thanks before putting her arm around her daughter about to go to another section.


During the moment that Brian had been handing the girl the book bag Gus had been thinking. He hadn't missed the fact she said she had preferred the green one. There were four of the green ones and he didn't think he'd really need that many. He watched the mom and daughter thinking about being nice. He might not have always been treated nice, but he remembered what his dad always said.

'It was better to be nicer to someone even if they aren't nice to you.' His daddy had always added about 'killing them with kindness even if they hate you.' He didn't understand the killing part, but he did think about the other. Even his mommy said it was better to be give at times than receive.

"Daddy, dad, can I do something?" Gus asked after a moment looking up at his daddies.

"Sure, what would you like to do?" Justin asked first, but he thought he knew. He hadn't missed the girl's comment either. He had also seen the look on Gus' face thinking about something. Gus was a sweet boy even if his kindness wasn't returned at times.

"Can I give her one of the green ones? I didn't know that they made a blue one and she did really want a green one." Gus explained.

"Yeah, go ahead." Brian answered giving his son a smile. He never had to worry about Gus when it came to sharing and caring.


Justin and Brian walked over with Gus, but they let him do the talking. The little girl, who's name was Katie had been so happy. Even though she had said the blue one was cool it was obvious she thought a lot of Gus' kindness. Her mom, Danielle was touched by the gesture as well. She complimented Brian and Justin on how sweet Gus was. They did find out that Katie would be going to the same school and grade as Gus. The two had been happy about that which had made the three parents happy too.

Gus and Katie talked about Dragon Tales and which characters they loved the most. The parents knew they would have gone on for hours if they hadn't needed to do other things. Before they parted ways though Brian knew his son had made a new friend. Justin had thought about exchanging numbers so in the future the kids could do something together. Gus had talked about his pony too, which had Katie begging to go for a ride some time. She loved horses, but couldn't have one of her own.

Brian had agreed on the idea which had lead to Justin thinking of the trading numbers. Danielle had mentioned that she had an older daughter as well. Justin had said to bring her as well. They didn't mind and could teach them how to ride the horses. Brian had also offered for Danielle to ride too. Twice a month they brought the children that were at the center Justin volunteered at to ride the horses.

Danielle said she knew where Gus got his big heart hearing that. Brian had definitely not been used to the attention besides from Justin about what they did. His face had turned a little red at the compliment. It was just something he did wanting to give back to the less fortunate kids. Justin might have gotten him started, but he'd come to enjoy it too.

Once they parted ways they got the rest of the things for Gus. Gus talked about Katie and when they could get together with his dads. While the adults had been talking they had missed some of what Gus and she had talked about. Gus filled them in though saying he'd told Katie the names of the horses. He'd also said she could brush them and feed them like he did. He'd also brought up his pet dog. Any thoughts of sadness that might have still been lingering for most of the week was gone for now.


That night when Lindsay called Gus talked about Katie to her as well. Brian and Justin knew that Gus was going to be okay now that his environment had changed. Even though Gus had been happy to be there they had seen the nervousness Gus had. School hadn't been good for him in Canada since he'd moved there. However, with the friend he'd made plus the meeting at the school during the week had given Gus a better mind set. He wasn't scared or worried about being picked on.

Justin put his arm around Brian as they sat on the couch hearing Gus go on about their day with his mom. "You know Danielle was right today that Gus gets his big heart from you." He said resting his chin on Brian's shoulder.

"Thanks, I can't take all the responsibility though. He got some of it from you too." Brian responded. "There are some good qualities in Lindsay and even Melanie when she's not being a witch." Brian said not wanting Gus to repeat the other word he might use for his other mother.

"I'm not going to debate for hours even if I'd win in the end." Justin said. "Infinity and beyond plus a trillion you gave Gus his big heart. Now that we covered that we can put a movie on until he's ready for bed." He smiled knowing he had Brian beat.

"If I knew what came after trillion you wouldn't have won, but I conceded to you, Sunshine." Brian replied even though he knew a gazillion came after trillion according to their last debate on something else. He would always believe that Justin had the biggest heart because all he'd been through.

"Can we watch Pokemon? Katie mentioned that it has dragons in the show too." Gus asked his dads. He still loved Dragon Tales, but he wanted to see what Katie had been talking about too.

Brian didn't say anything about Gus' want to pick what they watched. He was a little happy that it was something new though. He'd watch Dragon Tales until he died if Gus wanted to, but he was happy when Gus found something new at least for a little while. Justin found a station that had one of the movies playing. Gus hadn't known there were movies too so he crawled into his daddy's lap to watch.