I Own Nothing

AN: I had this story about the same time that I was writing He's Not A Real Wolf. I had actually thought of using this in that, but decided to make this its own story.

Summary: Liam gets Theo back from his under ground prison.

Title: Returned To Us

Liam had waited maybe long enough for them to get out of Beacon Hills before he'd taken off. He wasn't about to wait until Scott got back not knowing when it would be. He'd spent three months without seeing Theo, but almost five without being able to have the Theo he fell in love with. He hadn't wanted to explain things to anyone or mess Mason and Corey's date up so he had taken Tara with him. He wasn't sure if Theo had seen her if the doctors had kept her from him. He'd taken the risk though going into the tunnels to the spot Theo had vanished.

He had strapped the sword to his back so he could push Tara's stroller through the tunnels. Liam looked at his daughter smiling at her. He'd told her when they had left his house that he was going to get her daddy back. He hoped that when Theo came back he would be his Theo and not the crazed person that had come after all of them. He felt like he was on pins and needles not sure if this would work but hoping against hope it would. He'd seen Kira just stab the sword into the ground so that's what he was going to do.

Liam gave Tara a quick kiss before turning and walking a slight distance away. He wanted to keep her safe in case Theo didn't remember. He took a breath and then with all his strength thrust the sword into the floor. He watched as it ripped open like when Kira had done it before a hole appeared close to him. He only had to wait a moment before he saw Theo. He watched the man that he loved with everything he had pull his self out of the ground. He wanted to go to him, but he was also worried. He couldn't leave Tara unprotected if Theo wasn't his Theo. He had to protect their daughter because to him that's who Tara was, their daughter.

It felt like ages, but it only took about a minute and Theo was lying on the floor letting out a growl. Liam swallowed before he called out Theo's name. He said it a second time louder than the first. It was the third time that Theo looked up catching his eyes. He actually was stunned though when he saw Theo's eyes; electric blue. Liam knew what it meant that Theo's eyes were electric blue. He'd asked Deaton once why they'd never changed if Theo had killed others. His answer had been two options that one Theo was a chimera not a werewolf so his eyes didn't change. The second option was that he had never felt real guilt for the things he'd done.

Liam knew now looking into those eyes that it was the ladder. Until now, Theo never felt the guilt for what he'd done in the past. He let a slight smile out dropping his guard a little. Though when he did Theo was grabbing a hold of him growling right in his face. Liam groaned when his back hit the wall seeing Theo's fangs since he had shifted. He let out his own growl before rushing them backwards pinning Theo against the other wall.

"STOP, Theo, it's me, Liam." Liam said in a growl not wanting to hurt Theo. "Baby please stop." He pleaded. "I love you, you're safe." He added hoping that it would help if he said the words he only said to Theo when they were alone.

He'd told Theo he loved him the night they'd had sex for the first time; the night he'd been taken. He still remembered the warmth of thrusting into Theo's body. How tight Theo had been never having sex before. He'd never gotten to experience Theo inside of him because he'd been yanked away. His knot had barely been down when they had shown up dragging Theo away from him.

"Liam? Where's my sister, where's Tara at?" Theo asked confusion clear in his voice and eyes. It was also clear in the chemo signals he was putting off.

"Your sister Tara's dead. I'm sorry Theo, I know they made you do it. I promise I'll never judge you for what they did to you. I love you, please come back to me." Liam replied not wanting to have to tell Theo that, but he seemed lost thinking she was there.

As if a balloon being popped Theo's anger and rough hold on Liam vanished. His eyes shifted back, his fangs retracted along with his claws. Liam wasn't prepared for what happened next. He hadn't expected Theo to slide down the wall letting out a choked sound. He knelt down beside the man he loved not sure what to do. It only took him a moment to realize that Theo was trying not to cry. He wasn't doing a good job of it and Liam wrapped his arms around him. He held him telling him he forgave him feeling the tears against his neck when they started falling.


Liam sat there with Theo until he had cried his self out. He pulled back looking at Theo's face. He wiped away the tears that were drying kissing both of Theo's eyes before he gently kissed his lips. He felt Theo's hesitant return, but he pulled Theo in more deepening the kiss. He put everything he felt for Theo into it. He wanted him to know that he forgave him for everything. He had almost forgotten where they were and about Tara until she decided that her dads' had enough of their reunion.

Theo pulled back looking past Liam hearing Tara's fussy cry before looking back at Liam confused. He couldn't figure why Liam had a baby or why he'd brought her with him. He was sure that Liam didn't have a sister. Unless Liam had been stuck babysitting his cousin, but he thought his cousin was a boy. He didn't know how long he'd been trapped in the hell he'd been in though. Maybe Liam's parents had a baby since then, but he didn't think Liam would put his sister in danger.

"Do you remember what happened after the night we finally had sex? Before you found yourself being dragged into that hell hole?" Liam asked standing up even though he didn't want to move from Theo.

"I remember being ripped away from you, a fire like no other. Like I was being ripped open from the inside out. They did something to me, but I never knew what because they knocked me out. I was stuck in some kind of box inside my own body. It was like they turned a switch and I was some other me. Then I woke up in the morgue after I was pulled into hell. Tara chasing me every night ripping my heart out because it wasn't mine." Theo said not holding anything back.

After he'd come clean with Liam he'd never lied to him until they took what was good and turned it off. He'd screamed for his self to stop, but he had no control. He remembered Liam trying over and over for him to remember. He'd always heard him, but wasn't able to do anything. What could he have done when he didn't know how to flip the switch back?

"They experimented on someone else, maybe another supernatural being. I don't know, what I do know is that they created something brand new when they did. They messed with genes and science and the make up of the human body in doing so." Liam said before lifting Tara from the stroller.

He walked over to Theo who had stood up looking at Tara in shock. The same look that Liam had when he'd seen her in the hospital. He knew that he didn't have to say anything else, Theo knew the baby girl he held was his daughter. Their daughter on the birth certificate he'd gotten Mason to make. He moved closer to Theo cradling Tara before telling his other love to put his arms together. He saw the hesitation at first, but Theo did what he asked him.

Theo didn't know how Liam could trust him, but he knew he really had forgiven him now. He'd taken the chance giving him the little girl when Liam could have never told him. He could have left him in hell, but holding his daughter he felt like he had a chance at being forgiven. Even if it was only by Liam and this baby in his arms. She was looking up at him with eyes that didn't look like his own. He guessed they were the mother's, but it didn't matter now. He still couldn't understand why they'd done this, given him a child. He figured he'd never know since they'd been killed in the end.

"What's her name?" Theo asked unable to help the smile he let out. He wasn't feeling happy when he'd first pulled his self out, but right now, for the second time in a long time he did.

"I didn't know what you would have chosen. I wanted some link to you and I remember you told me you never wanted to hurt your sister. They forced you to do it with the switch on who she was in the water. I had Mason put Tara Cody Raeken-Dunbar on the birth certificate." Liam said hoping that Theo didn't hate the name he'd given her.

Liam didn't stop with the name part though. He told Theo he didn't know about her til Corey told him. He'd been trapped in mountain ash for days because he'd been uncontrollable when he'd been taken away. He told him everything from the kidnapping her from the hospital to when Scott walked in his room. He told him about the sleepless nights trying to juggle things. How his parents didn't know about her, even Mason and Corey helping him take care of her. No one had known for the longest time or so he thought.

He took a breath looking at Theo who was watching him now as their daughter wrapped her little fingers around Theo's shirt. Liam wanted to cry his self now because he'd done everything to keep her safe and with him. He'd needed Theo so badly, but Tara had been all he had left. He got closer being careful of Tara, but wrapped his arm around Theo. It was like his life was over except for her. Now he had Theo back, but he didn't know what was going to happen. What exactly were they going to do with a baby and school and being together.

"I don't know how, but it'll be okay, Li." Theo said in a low voice pressing his head against Liam's. "How about we get out of here though because I don't want to keep standing in this place. I probably should change too cause I'm covered in who knows what." He added.

Liam nodded lifting his head with a slight grin noticing that Theo was kind of dusty. "I didn't throw your stuff away. I've been using your truck to store everything besides her. Though at times, her too." He sighed.

"We'll come up with something. I don't hate the name either, it fits her." Theo said before he gently shifted her to Liam before he took his top two layers off leaving only his t-shirt on. It was the less dirty of his upper clothes. Once he was done Liam handed her back knowing Theo didn't want to let her go. Some nights he even held her probably too much, but didn't care.

"Let's go then." Liam said putting the clothes under the stroller seat pushing it while Theo carried their daughter.

He'd finally gotten Theo back and it was hard to believe that was for sure. Months without the man he loved, but now they could be a family. It was going to take some work, but they could do this. He wasn't sure how things would go with the pack, but they had agreed to try and bring Theo back. Liam was glad he'd done this with only Tara by his side because they were the two that mattered most to Theo. They would figure it all out and he knew he'd have to tell his parents.

He was also going to get Mason and Corey to watch Tara once Theo had time with her. He wanted to really have a reunion with his man, he wanted to finish what he'd started that night when he'd made love to Theo. Theo was his after all, but Theo hadn't been able to claim him before he'd been taken. Liam looked at Tara's little face smiling up at her daddy as they left the darkness of the tunnels. He could feel the happiness coming from both of them and he knew he was happy. Theo had come back to him when he thought he'd be lost forever. He'd thought he'd only ever have Tara.


Neither Liam or Theo noticed they were being watched as they left the tunnels going to Theo's truck. Chris had followed Liam to make sure that nothing went wrong like Scott had asked him to do. He was relieved he didn't have to take Theo out if he had come back like he'd left. He wasn't a fan of Theo even if he didn't know him, but what Scott had told him didn't look like the teenager he saw in the tunnels with Liam. He'd been close and watched them both and Tara too. He watched them get in Theo's truck after putting her in the car seat. He figured that it was going to be okay. He sent Scott a message before he left going back to his SUV.