The drop of blood on her lab coat's sleeve was the final straw. There was just no way that she could continue working now. Hagen's death was still fresh in her mind, the pain she had felt just seeing his body on her lab floor was more than she could bear. While she no longer thought she loved the detective, Calleigh still wanted to be friends with him, she still liked the guy. She didn't understand just how he could have killed himself. She didn't get why Hagen couldn't have just sought some help from a psychologist.

Calleigh put the gun down on the bench in front of her and carefully removed her earmuffs and safety goggles. She quickly removed the magazine from the gun and placed them back on the bench, making sure that the gun was safe, then walked out, removing her lab coat and hanging it carefully on the back of a chair in her lab. Without a glance back at the place she had once loved more than anything, Calleigh walked over to the front desk, scanned the directory on the wall and removed her name card, leaving the strip of paper on the reception desk. She then took a deep breath and walked into the elevator, feeling like she was making a mistake but not feeling able to change it right then.

"Hey, Calleigh," said Eric as he walked into the firearms lab, "I've got something for you."

After a moment of silence, Eric looked up from the paper he had been reading while he walked. There was no sign of Calleigh in the lab or firing range, which was strange, since Calleigh had only told him a half hour earlier that she was going to work on open cases that she had waiting for her.

"Calleigh?" Eric called as his investigative nature kicked in. "Are you here?"

When he still didn't get an answer, Eric glanced around. He spotted Calleigh's lab coat on a chair and walked over, picking it up. Immediately, the little red spot on the sleeve caught his attention. Holding the coat carefully, Eric rushed into the firing range and saw the gun and protective equipment left on the bench.

"Calleigh, where did you go?" Eric wondered aloud before he headed out of the lab and over to the DNA lab. "Hey, Nicole, can you do me a favour?"

"Sure, Delko, what's up?" asked the DNA analyst that was filling in for Valera.

"This is Calleigh's lab coat. I'm sure that's blood on the sleeve, and I think I know who it belongs to, but could you run it anyway?"

Nicole nodded and took the coat. She swabbed the sleeve and made quick work of getting the sample ready. "I'll call you when I get results, okay?"

"Thanks," said Eric before he walked out of the lab and was stopped by Paula.

"Eric, do you know where Calleigh is?" asked Paula.

"No, I was going to call her. Why?"

"I found her name card from the directory on my desk. I don't know why, I certainly didn't take it down."

Eric frowned, thinking about what he had already seen. A thought occurred to him and he pulled his phone out. "Keep that off the board for now, okay? I need to do something." He put the phone to his ear. "Hey, H, where are you?"

"What's going on, Eric?" asked Horatio once Eric had closed the lieutenant's office door.

"I think something's up with Calleigh, something bad," said Eric in a rush.

"Slow down, and tell me. What happened?"

"Calleigh... I can't find her in the building. I called PD, and she's not over there, nor is she with Alexx. She won't answer her cell or home phone. Paula checked the parking garage- Calleigh's car is gone, but it isn't at her place- PD checked. I found her lab coat on the back of a chair in the firearms lab. On a bench in the firing range, there was a gun with it's magazine removed and set beside it, as well as safety goggles and earmuffs. Nicole is checking the goggles and earmuffs for any DNA to see if Calleigh was wearing them. She's also running DNA on a blood spot that was on the sleeve of the coat. Paula told me that Calleigh's name card was on the reception desk instead of on the directory..."


"H, I think Calleigh might be struggling... The look on her face when I got to the lab with Alexx was one of absolute shock and sadness. She really felt guilty for Hagen killing himself. She told me that she was going to be in her lab, working on some open cases, but she didn't seem all that interested in it. I promised her I would keep her informed of everything about Hagen, but I didn't even get the chance to tell her anything."

"How was she when you left her?"

"Like I said, she was sad and in shock, I'm sure of it. Her eyes were red from crying."

"Okay. Let's give her some time, she might be stuck in traffic since it is rush hour. We'll call her again in an hour. If she doesn't pick up, we'll go by her house and see if she's there. If not, we'll put out a BOLO on her car and see if we can find her that way. Did you call her dad?"


"I'll call him, he might know where she is."

"H, I don't think we should be waiting an hour. What if she's had an accident or something? Shock can play terrible games with a person."

Horatio nodded. "Okay. We'll do a welfare check and see if she's home then. Let's go out and see if we can find her car anywhere. I'll have Tyler check the parking garage's video feed."

Eric sighed in relief. "Thank you."

"Eric, who do you think the blood on the coat belongs to?"

"Hagen." Eric sighed again. "If it is, that might have been what pushed her over the edge. She's already hurting about it, the blood would have been too much for her to handle right now."

"If that's the case, we'll help her, Eric. She's family, and we help family."