Zi-O Hyper Battle Special: ZO and J

Co-Writer GreyKing46

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It was coming towards early summer, the schools were letting out for a week holiday, while some people were getting ready to hike into the mountains to visit the beauty and majesty of their country. Or just visit family who lived in remote areas. Either was an acceptable reason.

"Ah~" Sougo sighed happily

"Wow, look at all this." Geiz whispered in awe as he saw all this majesty of nature.

Aura and Wol were exhausted since they weren't used to this, just following Team Quartz through the woods. "How? Do you? Do this?" Wol panted

"Exercise." they said together

"My feet are throbbing." Aura frowned as she stopped on a flat boulder that was protruding on the side.

"We are only half-way up. We can still go on." Woz answered

"But a break wouldn't hurt." Geiz added

"Okay, we'll stop here." Sougo agreed, putting his travel bag down. "Here." He passed one of the many water bottles they had filled

"Thanks Honey." Alpina nodded

"Thanks for carrying the water like a champ, Sougo. Looks like Hibiki's training has been paying off." Wol commented

"This is nothing." Sougo answered, passing some more water bottles to them.

"Thank you, My King." Woz added, taking one for himself.

"You know...we never did this back in 2068." Aura admitted as she looked out at the horizon.

"Did what?" the present boy asked curiously

"See the horizon like this." Aura answered as her mind remembered the devastation of the world that Oma Zi-O had wrought. A dustbowl filled with near-barren hills and dead waste, littered with broken buildings, the animals were scavenging along with whatever humans tried to fight back with. It was just hell. But now? Being more in tune with nature and their harmony with it, it was inspiring.

"Oh." Sougo blinked guiltily

"D-Don't worry. You're going to fix it; right?" Wol nervously asked

"Of course we are." Geiz answered positively. "Everyone's."

"Oh, oh look there!" Alpina pointed as she spotted a doe in the tree-line.

"Quiet Alpina, you might scare it off." Sougo said with a cheerful smile

"It's beautiful." Aura whispered

Woz was mesmerised by it, seeing a wild animal in the lush world. It was heart-warming.

A deep rumbling could be felt around them. Something big. Scaring the deer away as they felt it.

"Huh?" they both blinked

"What the hell was that?" Wol asked

"I don't know. It felt like a Time Mazine dropping down." Geiz responded.

"I didn't see anything though." Alpina answered

"Please don't tell me-." Aura asked in worry.

"GrRaRgH!" A violent hissing growl emerged from the forest. It was an Another Rider, it had poisonous green, almost rotten-wood-looking skin, a red jewel slit-eye in the middle of his waist, pointed red eyes with jagged edges like tree-bark and two antennae that looked like claws.

"What Another Rider is that?" Wol asked in worry.

"Anyone bring their Drivers?" Aura gulped


"... What? Just me?" Sougo blinked

"We didn't think we'd need them." Geiz deadpanned.

"HsSh!" The Another Rider lashed out and ran at them, bearing its claws at Team Quartz.

"Get away from them!" Sougo spoke as he grabbed his RideWatch.


Both Geiz and Woz helped out, though they didn't have their weapons or gear, they could still fight. "Get back you, monster!" Geiz grunted

"Henshin!" Sougo proclaimed as he spun his belt, transforming into Kamen Rider Zi-O.


"Thanks, guys! Go!" Sougo ordered, trying to protect them.

"What about you?" Alpina asked

"I'll handle it, you need to be safe." Sougo responded

"We need to get our Drivers." Geiz mumbled

"That's what I mean, go!" Sougo grunted as he got his Zikan Glade and slashed at the Another Rider.

"We'll be back, promise!" Alpina answered as she grabbed their friends and ran.

Sougo nodded and started fighting this strange Another Rider

"You're not the same as other Another Riders I've faced. Who are you?" Sougo inquired, holding his blade as a means of keeping it away...and saw its hands oozing with a strange purple viscous liquid. "Urgh, what's that?" He jumped back, purple liquid dripping off his blade "Oh! Gross!" he flinched in disgust "Are you made of slime?"

The Another Rider hissed out at Sougo, running at him, striking out, though his claws barely touched him, they went deep into a tree and caused it to become rotten almost instantly. The leaves dropped dead, the bark turned to blackened death and the seeds it bore dropped and turned to mush.

'I'm gonna be sick!' Sougo grunted as he attacked, stabbing the Another Rider with his blade. "This is just... Gross!"

The Another Rider hissed before it began to melt away, turning into the same disgusting purple sludge that caused the damage to the tree, bubbling away in a disgusting puddle. Turning into nothing more than a toxic sludge.

"What... The hell was that?" he panted

He looked at the sludge on his sword and tried to wipe it away, but it looked like it was dissolving his sword's edge. "Gah! What the hell? Get off, get off!" And threw the sludge away off his sword before the damage was permanent.

He blinked, as a different Another Rider emerged from the trees

It looked eerily similar to the first Another Rider, poisonous dark green, but it had strange protrusions coming from under its eyes, almost like the letter 'J' and it was inverted under the other eye, its body looked segmented by each lighter razor-sharp plates with light green tints, a red jewel eye in its waist and had visor eyes.

"Another one?" Sougo asked in shock. "No, this one's a little different." He realised.

He looked at his sword, wondering what else he could/should do

'I should've brought another RideWatch.' He thought as he managed to keep his sword in his hand, though the sludge had blunted his blade a little more than normal. 'Alright. End this quick!' He thought


The sword began to glow as he inserted the Watch into his weapon

The newest Another Rider hissed as it began to grow in size, at least half its own size and aimed to grab Sougo.


"Take THIS!" Sougo proclaimed as he slashed, cleaving the Another Rider in half, leaving an explosion of purple slime around him "Oh man, this is so gross!" he whined... and then more of those Another Rider's came out of the woods

There was a dozen of them, six of 'each kind' of Another Rider's


Suddenly two motorcycles jumped over Sougo, two Riders jumping off the bikes

"RIDER DOUBLE KICK!" The older voices roared, two Rider's shooting through the air and crashing into the Another Rider's which wiped them out

"What the? Who are you?" Sougo asked as the two Riders turned around and revealed themselves.

On the right was a dark green Rider with thin light green markings over his arms, feet, torso and helmet with a strange 'zip' for his mouth that came over his helmet, red eyes and jewel in his waist. He looked like a leaf, almost. Or more plainly he had a leaf-like design.

On the left was another dark green Rider with thicker lines that looked overlapped with light and pale green sections, an upside-down tear-drop red jewel on his waist, red eyes, the same zipper-like headpiece on his helmet but his eyes seemed to cover it a little better.

"I am Kamen Rider ZO." The leaf-like Rider spoke.

"And I am Kamen Rider J." The segmented green Rider followed up.

"You're Kamen Riders?" Sougo gasped in shock.

"What are you doing here?" ZO inquired as he saw Sougo's bag and bottles

"Wait, please. Let me explain." Sougo raised his hands defensively. "I am Kamen Rider Zi-O, I was here with my friends before we were attacked. They're running down the mountain to get to safety."

"Ah, the new guy." ZO nodded

"Ichigo does want to meet you." J agreed

"'Ichigo'? Is? Is he another Rider? I mean like you two." Sougo asked

"'Another Rider' he says. Ichigo is The First Rider. He's the one who started it all, fighting against Shocker." ZO answered

"... Wow..." Sougo blinked in wonder. "Sorry, let me introduce myself." Sougo spoke as he reverted back to his normal self. "I'm Sougo Tokiwa."

"I'm Masaru Aso." ZO spoke as he transformed into an older gentleman wearing a brown leather jacket, a white shirt and blue jeans, greying black hair and a strong look about his face

"And I'm Kouji Segawa." J followed up as he transformed back himself, greying hair, wearing an orange overcoat, a dark yellow button shirt, brown fingerless gloves, black trousers and hiking boots.

"Nice to meet you." he nodded softly

"Do you know what these creatures were?" Masaru asked

"Well...They looked like 'Another Riders'. But, they weren't. Normally they explode or something, not turn into...for lack of a better term, sludge." Sougo responded. "Do you know what this is?"

"Pollution. From the looks of it." Kouji answered as he examined the felled trees. "Toxic in levels. But I've never seen anything like this."

"Wait... Pollution?"

"Yes. Toxins, garbage, chemical waste. I thought you would know this by your age." Marasu added, joking at Sougo's intelligence. "Kouji, what do you think?"

"We might be in over our heads. Do you have a bike of your own?" Kouji asked

"Not on me, no." He shook his head.

"Alright. We'll need to go back into the city. Hop on." Kouji responded as both Riders mounted their bikes.

"Oh, I have more than a bike. Don't worry about me." Sougo assured and double tapped the Zi-O watch's button


"Whoa." Masaru gasped

"You have that with you?" Kouji added

"Yeah." He nodded

"And you sent your friends down the mountain on foot?" Masaru followed up.

"...To be fair, if I wasn't here, those 'Another Riders' would've caused more problems." Sougo admitted "Also I didn't think about that."

Both of the Showa Riders chuckled as they heard that. "You're going to be fine, King Boy." Masaru commented

*Time Skip*

"How do you forget about the Time Mazine?" Geiz asked as he rubbed his feet.

"I got caught up in the moment to try and save my friends and loved ones?" Sougo apologised as he rubbed Aura's and Alpina's feet.

"I've never run that much in my life...downhill." Aura admitted

"Ah-ah-ha-ha...Ooh. Ice water on feet." Wol winced as he soothed his feet.

"So. You found out what those creatures were. Fake Another Riders?" Alpina asked

"Of some sort."

"So what are these then?" Masaru asked as he and Kouji held two Blank RideWatches in their hands



In Masaru's hand was a yellow base and green faceplate RideWatch with his red eyes on the front and a green button on the top.

In Kouji's hand was a pale green faceplate RideWatch with a dark green base and a light green button.

"Whoa! Okay!" Masaru commented

"They copy your powers and souls. Completely harmless." Woz explained

"Oh. So now...We can use our powers still correct?" Kouji asked

"Yeah...It seems to work differently to Showa Era Riders if I'm honest." Sougo answered

"Well, whatever these 'RideWatches' can do. We still need to find the hive of these 'Another Riders'. If there's more besides those toxic ones." Masaru added

"It does raise a question...Why did they turn to sludge?" Alpina asked as Sougo had switched between her feet and Aura's.

"Hmm~" Aura hummed happily at the kings actions

"I think I saw something in the Mazine. Almost like a swamp." Wol commented

"Wait, you saw it?" Masaru inquired, grabbing Wol's shoulders and glared in his eyes intensely.

"Y-Yes! I saw this weird swamp thing! I don't know what it is though!" Wol apologised, scared around this Showa Rider.


"'G-Good'?" Wol asked before he passed out, this guy was definitely scary.

"What did you do?" Aura shot a glare at the veteran Rider.

"Sorry, Masaru gets intense." Kouji apologised. "We have to wake him up though."


Wol shook as he was jerked awake by cold water thrown onto him. "Bwah! I'm awake! I'm awake!"

"That wasn't the ice water; was it?" Geiz flinched

"No, it was a fresh one." Masaru answered

"Do you think you can show us where it was?" Kouji asked

"Err. Y-Yeah. Yeah, I think so...God." Wol shook his head to dry himself...but only succeeded in splashing Sougo in the face.

"Hey." he whined lightly

"Oops." Wol flinched.

"Come on, we've got to get going." Masura ordered

"One second!" Geiz spoke up "We're not going anywhere." He responded going to the table. "Not without these." And he held out the Drivers and RideWatches. "Not getting caught off guard again."

"Right." Woz nodded in agreement

*Time Skip*

The group were all cramped in the Time Mazine, seeing the city from above and all the forests and mountains below. It looked like a topography map almost.

"Sorry for the cramped space. It was only meant to fit a small number of people." Woz apologised to the Veteran Riders.

"It's fine." Kouji nodded

"I like where we've sat." Aura smirked as she and Alpina were sitting on Sougo's lap.

"I have to admit...it is nice." Alpina blushed

'Endure it, Sougo! You'll get the feeling back soon!' Sougo thought as he was losing the feeling in his legs. 'Being like this is totally worth it!'

"Wait! Down there! There it is!" Wol pointed through the visor while Geiz drove.

"I see it too!" Kouji agreed, seeing the large purple ooze down below.

"It looks like a toxic waste dump." Masura glared

"Gross." the girls flinched as the giant machine landed

"I've made sure we're a good way away from the sludge. One rogue rockslide and we'll be disinfecting the Time Mazine for months." Geiz spoke up as he parked it in a secure and secluded location.

"Good idea." Masura answered as he left the Time Mazine with Kouji.

"Do things their own way; don't they?" Geiz commented as they soon followed.

"How're your legs?" Alpina asked as she and Aura helped Sougo up.

"Numb. But I'll get the-AH! Pins and needles!" Sougo smiled before he felt the blood rush back into his legs.

... And nearly tumbled out of the Mazine from the loss of feeling

Alpina and Aura held back their laughter as they helped him back up, taking him outside. "All we wanted to do was to take a hike." Aura rolled her eyes.

"I know." Alpina nodded.

"Ew! Oh god! It stinks!" Wol groaned as he saw the sludge.

"You sure that wasn't you?" Woz joked, waving his hand over his nose.

"Shut up!" Wol snapped

But their argument had to be put on hold. The vile sludge began to bubble and form new Another Riders out of its viscous liquid. And the number was reaching up to a dozen.

"What the hell?" Sougo gasped

"That should be impossible!" Geiz followed up as he and Woz got their Divers and RideWatches ready.



"Perhaps not." Woz frowned




The two Riders began to transform, turning into their respective forms.



Both Masura and Kouji got ready themselves for their own transformation.

Masura had his left hand resting on his waist, he brought up his right hand to where his left shoulder was, before returning it down. Quietly, he spoke. "Henshin." And began to glow in white light. Transforming into dark green and yellow lined armoured. His mouth-guard quickly gained three silver 'pincers' that quickly retracted and his helmet vented out steam.

Kouji quickly raised his left arm to cover his chest, before pulling it back, jutting out his right hand then crossed over his chest. "Henshin!" He proclaimed as he slowly moved his hand, now forming a 'J' with his thumb and two fingers, over his face before transforming in glowing multicoloured light to his multi-green-plated armour.

"Hrargh!" The dozen Another J's and ZO's trudged at them, dripping with fresh ooze as they made it to land.

"Go!" Masaru called out as he and Kouji ran at the Another Riders.

"Err... which one is which?" Alpina asked in embarrassment "They kinda look super similar."

"Yeah, I'm having trouble with it too." Aura answered

"ZO's the one with the yellow markings and J is the one with the different green shades." Sougo answered, pointing at Masura and then Kouji. "...I think."

"Zi-O!" the two senior riders called

"Right! Right! Sorry! Henshin!"

And rushing in, Sougo was fighting alongside his compatriots; trying to halt this disgusting ooze and its spawn.

"We've got to figure out what this stuff is made from. It's definitely not natural." Aura answered

"Let's find some clues." Alpina added

"C'mon, Wol." Aura followed up.

"A-Alright." He nodded and followed them.

"Urgh! Now I know why you were hesitant to use your weapon!" Geiz groaned as he punched the head off one of the Another Riders. "Whoa!" He leapt out of the way of a grown 'Another J', seeing that this was J's potential power lurking within him.

"Don't get complacent. We still need to stop the source!" Masura called out to the group.

"Hrargh!" Kouji kicked away an evil sludge duplicate. "Do you know anyone who would cause this?" Before he grabbed one Another Rider and threw it into another.

"Swartz. It has to be him!" Woz responded, slashing at one with his DeSpear.

"And who's he?" Kouji responded


A purple clothed man with silver rings stood in the range of seeing the lake of sludge. "Interesting. It still creates. Always wanting more."

Standing there... was Swartz

The one who started this all. "I didn't anticipate that the creature would cause this level of destruction."

He began to think back to how this started. His experiment to create a new Another Rider in this timeline.

Just a few days ago he came to this pond with two new RideWatches, the ones for Another J and Another ZO

Beside the pond, he could see barrels of unlabelled waste and disgusting origin. "Such foul things." He groaned as he covered his nose in revulsion before he yelled in pain, the watches almost burning his hands as he dropped them.

The two Another RideWatches fell into the pollutants, bubbling and burning away through it...before they seemed to fuse together. "What on Earth? What's happening?"

Inside the sludge, the two RideWatches seemed to fuse together and spoke in a very distorted voice.


Swartz backed up as he heard the bubbling mass, forming some sort of malformed body. It was a purple-green creature with blood-red eyes, razor-sharp claws and molten green sludge with two jewels on its waist.

Swartz shook his head as he remembered that horrifying event

"Focus Swartz. You're close now." He told himself as he looked down at the sludge. "They can't handle it forever."

He turned around and left. Leaving his terror behind, unaware that he was being spied upon.

... As Zi-O, Geiz, ZO and J came rushing out of the treeline

"SWARTZ!" Geiz snarled as he caught her with his Zikan Zax's arrow.

... And the purple villain escaped as fast as he could

"Damn it!" Sougo growled in annoyance as Swartz managed to escape.

"Leave him. We've got bigger problems." Masura answered as a figure emerged from the sludge


Emerging and solidifying in its wake, the creature from the sludge-filled pond arose. Razor-clawed, sickening green and purple plate armour with yellow veins covering its body, twin red eyes in his waist and two warped looking eyes. A sludge monster if ever there was one. "Oh god. That's what he made?!" Kouji gasped as he saw it begin to grow.

"It's a monstrous fusion of our powers." Maseru nodded

"Geiz, let's go!" Sougo called




The two slotted in their secondary watches, spinning their belts



Summoned before Sougo was a green-plated armour with two large red eyes for shoulder-pads, on his chest was a tri-colour of green plating and his pink Katakana red 'Rider J'.


Summoned before Geiz was a dark-green-plated armour with yellow edges two large zip-like shoulder-guards and on his chest was a pair of red eyes like ZO's, with his yellow Hiragana visor letters read 'Rider ZO'.

"...No-one's going to get these two mixed up now." Sougo admitted

"You got us mixed up?" the older Riders asked

"Can you blame us? You look so similar." Geiz admitted

"No we don't." They said at the same time, as if they genuinely didn't see it

"I don't think we have time for this." Sougo sweat-dropped

Both Sougo and Geiz brought out their Zikan weapons and ran at Another JO, now armed with their new armours to hopefully deal some more significant damage to the creature.

'I hope Woz has found the others.' Sougo thought to himself as he slashed and struck with Geiz, cleaving off large chunks off the Another Rider.


"OOF!" Geiz grunted as he swatted away by a fist, though his new armour helped protect him.

ZO and Sougo rushed forwards, giving a series of harsh and powerful punches

The punches came swift and fierce, striking and connecting into its sludgy body, landing pain upon the sludge made Another Rider.

Another JO roared as it was being beaten upon, before it began to grow. And grow. And grow! Ten feet. Fifteen. Twenty. It began to tower over the Riders and continued to grow.

"Oh... My..." the group mumbled

"How're we going to fight that thing?!" Sougo asked in shock

"You have my powers; don't you?" Kouji asked as he clenched his fist, continuing to glare at the monster.

... And then J began to grow

"Whaaaaa...?" Geiz's jaw dropped in awe as he saw Kouji grow to match the size of the Another Rider.

Sougo awkwardly pulled out the RideWatch from his belt and pressed it.


"I wonder?" He asked before pressing it again.


"Wow." he blinked before inserting it onto his belt and spinning it once more

Summoned before Sougo was a large Rider Armour, almost twice the size of the Time Mazine...if not, actually double its size. Matching J and the Another Rider. Sougo was pulled up towards the cockpit and fused inside of it.



Upon the mecha's face was the pink Katakana which read 'Jumbo' as its predominantly green body fully formed around Sougo as he was now piloting the mecha.

"...That is so unfair." Geiz admitted to ZO.

"Yep." He nodded. "Still...Kaiju fight."

"We... Can do this!" Sougo J Jumbo Armour roared, posing

"I wish we had a camera." Geiz chuckled.

Another JO roared as Sougo and J stomped forward, their moves looked sluggish but their strikes were fierce and direct.

Each punch sounded like a clap of terrifying thunder, each stomp an earthquake

"They're gonna need our help." Geiz commented. JO was both J and ZO

"Do you have something?" ZO asked

"Yeah. A mecha." Geiz nodded. Summoning the Time Mazine with his RideWatch.

With the Zi-O head watch switching out for the ZO one.

"Think you can pilot this?" Geiz quipped

"I'll leave that to you." ZO answered as he saw Geiz's more trained skills for this fight.

J raised his arms, blocking a 'high kick' from the monster and allowing Sougo to punch it across the face. It stumbled back and the two preformed a twin side kick which had it falling backwards

"Good job." J commented and gave a nod to Sougo.

"Thanks." Sougo responded as he got back into a fighting stance as the ZO Time Mazine appeared and slammed its feet into the JO Another Rider.

"Whoa." both blinked

"This is so freaking cool!" Sougo cheered

"I know; right?" Geiz agreed.

Sougo flexed his mechanical fingers, gearing up for a punch and smiled. "We can do this!"

And the battle was really on!

The three Riders were working in unison as best as they could. But considering two were piloting their bodies, it was a little difficult. "Mind my feet!" Sougo called out as he almost bumped into Geiz, when throwing a punch at Another JO's head.

"Sorry!" Geiz shouted back as he prepared a strike at the main torso of the creature.

"We need to hurry." J commented

"Right. Sorry!" Both Sougo and Geiz responded as they both pressed their RideWatches.



Both Riders, in turn, spun their Drivers to activate their final attack to destroy the Another Rider once and for all.



Both Sougo and Geiz leapt into the air and rocketed down, causing mach-cones to appear before their feet as the Another Rider struggled to get up, its sheer weight and beatings it took had slowed it down.

"RIDER! KICK!" All four Riders proclaimed as they shot down and destroyed to Another Rider, shattering its fused RideWatch core.


The explosion was magnificent. A fireworks display of evaporating purple ooze that disappeared into the ether and died harmlessly. The Riders had won, but the land was still scarred from the devastation of the toxic ooze that was originally there.

*time skip*

"Hey, pass me the bucket up here, Sougo." Geiz asked as he and the other boys were washing the remaining gunk off of the Time Mazine

"Yeah, no problem." Sougo answered as he and Woz worked on the legs. "How's it going up there, Wol?"

Wol was working on the visor, spraying the waste off of it. "Almost done"

"Thanks for looking after Alpina and Aura, Woz. I appreciate it." Sougo answered as they were near completion.

"Of course, My King. Anything." He answered

"If only they were motivated to clean their own rooms." Junichiro joked as he and the Veteran Riders sat down inside the 9 5 Do.

"Messy kids?" Kouji asked

"No, just...busy." Junichiro answered

"Well, at least we protected the world from that creature." Masura added

"I can't even imagine that someone would just leave dangerous things out where anyone would find them. It's horrible." Junichiro answered

"Well, there'll always be someone who thinks they know better and don't give any thought towards their actions." Masaru responded. "But it's our job to help fix it."

"Of course. Thank you for looking after my nephew and his friends." Junichiro extended his hand to them both, to which they shook it graciously. "Did anyone tell you that your transformed states look almost identical?"

*Time Skip*

It was late at night, exhausted and sound asleep were all the Riders inside their extended home...while a figure appeared through the shadows and saw the J and ZO RideWatches, without a second thought, the figure stole them and vanished into the darkness, leaving no trace that he was ever there.

To be continued

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