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September 27th 2008, Columbus, Ohio

Song: Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM) Shinedown

I am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes,

I am the ghost, that hides in the night

Imogen's POV

It was late September and we were in Columbus, Ohio. We'd come out on a trip with the girl's trip to see one of my favourite bands, Shinedown, and were making a weekend of it. I'd been dragged to a party the night after the show however as much as I love a good party but after the state I had gotten myself in the night before there was no way I was going to touch alcohol tonight. I was lingering around the outside of the room watching my friends get drunk and flirt their way around the boys when I locked on the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. Then they disappeared.

Damon's POV

I'd come to this party to do the usual; eat and enjoy myself. Parties full of drunk high schoolers or college parties are always a good place to practice snatch-eat-erase, and if I can find a hot girl to take to bed who am I to complain? I was wondering around drinking my signature glass of bourbon when I locked eyes with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my 169 years. Her eyes were a beautiful chocolate shade of brown and she had mid length brown hair that I was dying to run my fingers through. The intense feelings hit me like a ton of bricks. My humanity was off. What. The. Fuck. I quickly made my way outside because having a full on vampire freak out was not going to end well and I didn't need to be caught at a high school party.

Imogen's POV

Feeling bored I decided to make my way outside. I was wondering around lost in my thoughts when I saw the back of a man in a black leather jacket up ahead leaning on the railings. His raven black hair was dishevelled as though he'd been running his hands through it. He downed the remains of his drink and looked up, his eyes locking on mine. The same blue eyes that I'd seen inside. I instantly felt my insides turn to jelly; he was hot and his gaze so intense.

"I... Uh... I d-didn't mean to interrupt" I stammered.

"You didn't" he replied with a smirk that made my ovaries declare they had to have his babies.

"What are you doing out here?" I asked.

"Just thinking" he replied. "What about you?"

"I just needed some air. I'm not drinking after getting myself in a state at a show last night" I replied. "Lost my friends too" I say, waving my phone.

"I'm Damon" he said, his voice husky with lust.

"Imogen Gilbert" I blurt, blushing. I have no clue why I've just given a total stranger my last name.

"Lovely to meet you, Imogen" he said in a voice that makes my insides melt. I blushed harder.

He licked his lips and gazed at me. He was the hottest man I had ever seen. I stepped forward towards him, feeling a pull that I didn't want to fight. He in turn took a step towards me and the next thing I knew his hands were cupping my cheeks and our lips were millimetres apart. My heart was racing and I was breathing hard from being so aroused by him. I slid my hands up around his neck and started to play with the hair at the nape of his neck. He closed the gap and crashed his lips to mine, his tongue running along the seam of my lips begging for entry. I opened my mouth to him and his tongue dove in. The kiss was passionate and ignited a fire deep in my belly. Too soon I had to pull away so I could catch my breath.

"Wow" I breathed.

"Anything strange that you see or do tonight you will not worry about. Just go with it like it's normal" he said to me, his pupils dilating as he did.

"Everything is normal" I replied in monotone voice.

"We're going to find a room" he said, waggling his eyebrows at me. I nodded in response. He wanted sex. With me. Who am I to argue? I tried not to think of the feelings that were stirring inside me. Feelings I had never felt before and were certainly more feelings than are appropriate for a one night stand. I grabbed the hand he held out to me, suppressing a shudder as it felt like electric sparks shot up my arm as he did, and allowed him to lead me away.

Damon's POV

I'm outside leaning on the railing, trying to calm myself down and forget about the girl I had just seen. The girl who with one look had managed to make me feel, break through and find my humanity. The girl who was more beautiful than Katherine Pierce, who had made me almost forget about spending the last 144 years waiting for a damn comet so I could get her out of the tomb and we could be together again. The girl who I felt a pull towards even though I didn't even know her name. This was ridiculous! How could one girl make me, Damon Salvatore, feel just with one look when my humanity has been off since 1958?! I heard footsteps approaching and downed the rest of my drink. Looking up I saw it was her. In that instant I decided that I was going to make her my evening meal, after giving her the best night of her life, of course. Might as well enjoy the evening. We made small talk, briefly and I found out her name. Imogen Gilbert. I wonder if she's from Mystic Falls briefly before kissing her. The kiss is like nothing I've ever experienced before, and I've kissed a lot of women, even after being celibate for the first 50 years of my Vampire life. I grabbed her hand and led her off to find a room after compelling her to not worry about anything out of the ordinary, you know like fangs, me drinking her blood, the usual Vampire shit. Can't have her freaking out mid meal now can I?

Once upstairs I locked the bedroom door and kissed her again. The sparks felt like they were literally flying. What the fuck? I lifted her up and wrapped her legs around my waist, pinning her up against the wall before moving my hands to her breasts over her top. She moaned into my mouth as we kissed and I lifted her top over her head, leaving her in her red lacy bra. I nipped at her nipples through the fabric and could feel them pebble as I did, which made me harder than I already was.

She started unbuttoning my shirt, and pushed it off my shoulders. I shrugged out of it and let it fall to the floor as she started running her hands over my sculpted chest and abdomen. I groaned in response. I moved my hands under her thighs and moved us to the bed.

"I need to be in you" I growled.

"Do it then" she gasped in reply.

I practically ripped her jeans off and found she wore a lacy red thong that matched her bra. I slipped my hands under her back and unclipped her bra, sliding the straps off her shoulders and throwing it across the room. I then hooked my thumbs in the elastic of her thong and slid it down her legs. She was even more beautiful naked and I felt myself harden even further.

"You're wearing too many clothes" she moaned, whilst running her hands down to the buckle of my belt. I helped her and we made quick work of removing my jeans and boxers. I kissed her again whilst teasing her entrance with the tip of my cock, finding her extremely wet.

"You're so fucking wet" I growled whilst I slid the tip through her folds to tease her clit.

"I need you" she breathed "please!"

I pulled back so I could lock eyes with her, and slowly started to enter her.

"You're so fucking tight" I grunted as I filled her to the hilt, pausing to allow her to get used to me inside her.

"Oh God" she moaned "that feels so good" as she started to rotate her hips indicating she was ready for me to move.

I started thrusting in and out, slowly at first but building up speed and momentum. Normally there would be much more foreplay and I would make sure the woman had at least 2 orgasms before I even entered her, but something about this brunette had me unravelled and I wasn't able to wait. I had to be inside her and it was fucking amazing. As we were both getting close to our climax I felt an unbearable want to blood share. I have no idea why, it's not something I do, even with Vampire sexual partners. I let my vampire side take over and bit into my wrist.

"Drink" I gasped, putting my wrist to her mouth as I continued to thrust in and out of her. She looked at me momentarily then put her mouth around the open wound and started to drink. I leaned down to her neck and kissed it where I would bite, then gently slipped my fangs in. The blood sharing was enough to tip us both over the edge and we came together. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I've had a lot of sex over the years. Once we had rode out the waves of our climaxes we collapsed into each others arms, breathing heavily. I knew that this girl was special, but I also knew that now was not a good time for anything more than a one night stand. After catching our breath we both got dressed. I kissed her again, and caught her eyes with mine.

"You will not remember tonight until I tell you to. You had hot sex with a stranger. It was a one night stand and you have no idea who it was"

"I hope we see each other again some day" I whispered, kissing her forehead and vamped out of the room before she could blink following the compulsion.

Imogen's POV

I blinked and found myself standing in a bedroom at the party. I remembered having hot sex with a stranger, but I was alone in the room. I put my fingers to my neck as it felt a little tender, but couldn't feel anything there. I went downstairs to find my friends and head back to the hotel we were staying at.