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I yawned and stretched, it had been a few months since Percy and Annabeth had left for the winter. My birthday had passed, virtually unnoticed as Luke and Annabeth were the only ones to ever even take notice of it. I was 13, a teenager, I didn't feel any different, just like when I was 12.

I dragged myself out of my warm mess of blankets and pillows, took a quick shower, got dressed, and sat back down on my bed. I grabbed my backpack out from under my bed and dug around for a drachma. Once I found the gold coin I went over to the sink and and manipulated the water to create a mist, there was just enough light to make a rainbow.

"O Iris, goddess of the rainbow, show me Percy Jackson in Manhattan." An image of Percy snuggled up under a pile of blankets showed up. His breathing was even and his face was peaceful. I smiled and just stood there, not wanting to disturb him. Then I heard a very loud snoring coming from another bed out of view. Percy must be at school, I sighed and swiped my hand through the mist and turned off the water.

I went out into the sunlight and started towards the Dining Pavilion. Once I got there, I sat down at my table and ate some of my breakfast, but not as much as usual. To tell the truth, I was nervous, tomorrow was when I was going over to Mom's. I still needed to put the finishing touches on his present. I had also made Mom a card and I still hadn't heard anything from Luke.

As soon as I was done eating I rushed back to my cabin and took out the colored pencils that Luke had gotten me for my birthday a few years ago. I drew a few fish and a shark on the inside the card around a Christmas tree. I had always sea life, and now I knew why.

I am a daughter of Poseidon, god of the sea. One of the Big Three. That meant I could be the savior or the reason Olympus was destroyed, or of course I could die before I turn 16. I laughed bitterly, this is my life, I just accept the fact that I could die tomorrow.

Tomorrow was Christmas Eve, I was spending the night, against my wishes. I finished up the drawing and colored it in. I got up and went over to where I was keeping the stuffed animal I was making for Percy. I was meant to be a horse, but instead of it being like a brown, it's blue. I smiled at my craftsman ship, I guess six years of arts and crafts did pay off.

I went out into the crisp cold, wrapping my arms around me, I thought about going back to my warm cabin, but I couldn't stand being alone anymore, it's already been a few hours. I finally gave up trying to conserve warmth and went to get my jacket.

After I got my extra layer, I went down to the training grounds and went to practice with my sword. It still felt good to have my own weapon, when I got there, there were only three other people there. Clarisse, daughter of Ares and the Stolls, sons on Hermes. I jogged over to an open space and started hacking away some straw dummies.

"Hey, Jackson!" I turned just in time to block an attack from Clarisse, I pushed it away and took offense, making her back away. "I've got to admit you're good with that sword." I smiled, but didn't stop.

We eventually had to stop because we both got tired. "Thanks for the challenge, I like worthy opponents," I said, while whipping the sweat off of my neck.

She just smiled darkly, "Sure thing Jackson, and Merry Christmas." With that she jogged off in the direction of the cabins. I took a deep breath and noticed the Stolls weren't there, they must have left sometime during our fight.

I then walked back to my cabin and showered again for the second time that day. I looked over at the clock on my bedside table and saw it said 4:45. I must have missed lunch, and we still had about two hours to dinner. I decided to pack my bag for my little trip out of camp, I should also tell Chiron so I could a ride into the city.

I stuffed a few sets of clothes, toiletries, and my jacket. I set the duffel bag down on Percy's bunk and set the now finished presents down next to it. I jogged over to the Big House and knocked on the door to Chiron's office.

A muffled, "Come in," came from behind the wood. I opened the door and stood in front of the desk. Chiron was there is wheelchair form doing some paperwork. "Please, sit." I complied and sat down in the squishy chair across from my mentor.

"So..." I started, "I promised Percy that I would visit for Christmas since I wasn't coming home for the school year. I was just wondering if I could get a ride into the city."

He sat there for a little, seemingly thinking over my question. Then he sighed and said, "Be at Half-Blood Hill at 8 tomorrow morning."

"You're a life savor! Thank you!" I sighed. He smiled and I took that as my sign to leave.

I practically skipped back to my cabin, I was going to see Mom and Percy! The only thing that soured my mood was the possibility that Gabe would still be there. I hated his guts, if I could without getting in trouble with the police I would have liked to slice him to pieces.

I got back to my cabin and saw that I had about half an hour till dinner, I flopped down on my bed and stared off into space.

I looked about over at my clock and saw that dinner had started ten minutes ago. I scrambled out of bed and threw one of my many sweaters over my head. Once I got to the Dining Pavilion everyone was looking at me as I sprinted in. "What?" I asked and everyone started whispering to each other. I scanned the crowd again, but saw nothing off, I shrugged and went to get food.

I ate some mashed potatoes and a slice of meatloaf. Nothing special, just something to keep me full until tomorrow morning.

I trudged back to my cabin after a very awkward dinner, I yawned and changed into some PJ's.

The next morning I grabbed a piece of toast and threw some into on of the many small fires around the Dining Pavilion. I jogged up the hill and leaned against Thalia's tree with my bag slung over my shoulder. When I saw one of the camp vans pull up on the road at the bottom of the other side of the hill. I cautiously stepped over the bounty. I was out of camp, fro the first time in six years!

I jogged down and slid into the seat next to the driver's, Argus was driving. I smiled at him and relaxed in the seat.

After a two hour drive we made it to Times Square. I thanked him and tried to navigate back to my mom's apartment.

When I got there I stood outside the door I had seen so many times before and lifted my hand, and knocked.

And there we are! What do you think?

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