"Nico!" He ran up and I squatted down, even though I was only like a foot taller than him. I pulled the Mythomagic box out from my bag.

I handed it to him and he held it as of it were pure gold. "Is this for me?"

"You and your sister, but you go ahead and have fun." I winked and stood back up. Ruffling his hair I called over to Ethan, who was raiding the snack bar. He turned around and stuffed the his backpack till it was overflowing. "Are you ready to go?"

He smiled and ran over, "Of course, why do you think I was doing this?" He motioned to his bag. I laughed and dragged him to the entrance.

"Oh! Bianca!" She looked over and I gave her a quick hug. "It's been nice getting to know you, maybe we'll see each other again."

She smiled and waved while Nico fiddled with the packaging to the Mythomagic game. I laughed once more as we walked back outside to the streets of Las Vegas. "That was so much fun," Ethan smiles as he remembers all of the video games he played. I rolled my eyes and walked down an ally.

"We've got to update Luke, and tell Uncle H that we did as he asked."

"Uh... Who's 'Uncle H'?"

I sighed and rolled my eyes, the whispered, "Hades, we are in public, so I didn't want to use his real name." Ethan made an 'o' with his mouth as I rolled my eyes playfully again.

I pull Ethan into a secluded alley and took a spray bottle out of my bag. "Do you have everything in there?" He pokes my backpack and I laugh quietly. Then I push the bottle into his hands and take out two drachmas.

"Start spraying," I motioned for him to continue. He sighs and starts pumping the spray bottle, I toss in one of the gold coins. "Show me Hades in the Underworld." My uncle materializes inside of the mist. "Hey! I just got to say it now. Your kids are the absolute best," I grin and I hear a scoff behind me. I turn around, "Would you like to add?"

Ethan rolls his eyes, "I thought I was the best."

I raise an eyebrow, "Ethan, you're my best friend, nothing can change that. But you have to admit, Nico and Bianca are pretty amazing." Ethan just grumbled so I turn back around.

Hades has a smirk in his face, "Boy problems?"

"What? No! Ew! Gross!" I can feel a look of disgust my face. "Anyway, just wanted to tell you, Bianca really cares for her brother and Nico is very social and trusting. So, if you hurt either of them, I will kill you and I don't care you are an immortal, you hear me? I will find a way," I nod, "Kay, now that that's out of the way, I've got to tall Luke we're on the way back, and I need the location. Bye." I wave a swipe my hand through the mist.

I hear Ethan laugh, so I turn around again. "What's so funny?"

Ethan is now doubled over in laughter. "The- The fact that- that H- Hades thought you had boy problems?" I huff and finger the other coin. Luke isn't exactly the person I want to talk to at the moment, but I've got to. No way out of it. Ethan starts working the squirt bottle again, so I toss it in.

"Luke Castellan, Princess Andromeda." Then I see Luke, sitting in what looks like the kitchen with his head in his hands. "Just saying, we can head back now. The quest is sent and I did the little side mission I had to do. All is good and yeah..."

"Hey! That's great!" Luke looks up and forces a smile.

"What's wrong?" Luke shacks his head and doesn't answer, so I just continue. "We are you at the moment?"

Luke sighs and looks over the his left. "Miami, just waiting for Percy and Co. to show up."

"Why is Percy there?!" He was never sent on the quest, he shouldn't be there.

Luke looks back over, "I don't know, but this just makes it all the better, maybe we can get him over to out side."

"Not happening," As much as I loved my brother, I really don't want him involved in this. Luke sighs and nods, then waves goodbye and swipes his hand through the message.

Ethan tossed the bottle back to me, I stuffed it back in my bag and dragged Ethan down the street. "Uh... Can I ask you question?" I nodded once. "Why don't you want Percy to join us?"

"I don't want him to get hurt, and besides, this doesn't concern him." Then I refused to answer anything else and didn't hear anything anyway. Just the sounds of Las Vegas pounded in my ears, and chatter from passing mortals. After about five minutes of tugging Ethan along, when the shadows from the nearby building started to wrap around us.

I closed my eyes tight, even though I didn't mind the dark, it just felt like all the shadows were trying to suffocate me, this is the worst way to travel. When the darkness cleared Hades was sitting there, with a slight smile. "Why so smug?" I rolled my eyes, an unwanted smile creeping up my face.

"Just wanted to make sure you were okay, you ended our call kind of abruptly."

I smiled a little harder, "You care about me," I placed a hand on my chest, smiling.

"I don't know how anyone couldn't care, sometimes I wish you were my daughter instead of old seaweed lover." I laugh and give him a thumbs up.

"That would be a dream come true," I sigh and plop down on the stone floor, Ethan standing awkwardly behind me.

I pat the floor and Ethan quickly scrambles beside me, "Your friend looks a little uncomfortable..."

"Yeah, that's Ethan. You are also the god of the Underworld." Hades nods and snaps his fingers. Ethan gets engulfed by the shadows to be transported somewhere. "Where is he going?"

Hades looks back at me, "Wherever your base is at the moment." I nod and turn back to face him.

"So... why am I here?"

"I wanted to thank you for doing that, you really didn't have to." I shrug and smile, it was a lot of fun getting to know the di Angelos, and I tell him that.

Then a misty image of a scared Ethan comes into view. "Where are you?" He hisses.

"I'm still in the Underworld, why?"

"Luke's mad that I came back without you, he thinks I'm lying that you aren't hurt..."

Then an angry yell that sounds so unlike Luke sounds down the hall. "NAKAMURA!" Ethan flinches and he disappears, mist and all.

I just sit there stunned for a second, the jump to my feet. "I've got to go, I love hanging out with you, but Ethan cant get hurt because of me." Hades nods in understanding and then I'm being pushed into the shadows.

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