Screen Title: #KaraokeDokie: #Tori #Jade #Hayley #Tara

Cat walks in from school

Cat: I'm home from school and I brought Jade and Tori with.

Sam: How was it?

Tori: Fun.

Jade: Hey Sam you want to go with us to Karaoke Dokie?

Sam: Sure.

Tori: Hopefully Hayley and Tara won't be there.

Sam: Who's Hayley and Tara?

Cat: Two brats who claim to be singers but they aren't.

Jade: They won because her dad owns the place.

Tori: So they had me sing and they won.

Sam: Well if I see them, I'm going to out sing them.

At Karaoke Dokie

Sam: Wow this place looks cool.

Hayley: Well look who it is.

Tara: It's the want to be's.

Jade: You sure it's not yourself.

Hayley: Who's the ugly blonde?

Sam gets offended

Sam: What did you just call me?

Tori: Sam calm down.

Tara: Oh it's Sam from that boring web show.

Sam: You wanna go bitch!

Cat: Easy.

Hayley: Let's have a singing contest.

Jade: You seriously want to do that again?

Tara: Yes we do.

Tori: Fine. If we win, then you have to leave us alone.

Hayley: Fine.

Tara: But if we win, I get to steal her boyfriend.

Jade: What?

Sam: You're on girly.

Hayley: Good.

They walk away

Jade: Sam you better know what you're doing. I don't want to lose Beck.

Sam: Relax.

Tori: Wait where is Beck?

Cat: He and André are on a guys night out.

Tori: Oh yeah.

Jade: So what song are we going to sing?

Sam: The one we sang at the party back in 2011.

Cat: Leave it All to Shine?

Sam: Yep.

Tara: Hey we going to sing or are you just going to chit chat.

Sam: Fine let's sing.

Hayley: We go first.

Jade: Of course you have to.

Hayley and Tara begin to sing Give it Up

Cat: They stole our song.

Jade: Those bastards!

After that, Sam, Tori, Jade, and Cat begin to sing Leave it All to Shine

Tara: Wow so unoriginal.

After that, Hayley's dad comes over

Hayley's Dad: Alright raise your hang if you think Hayley and Tara should win.

Nobody raises their hand

Hayley: What?

Hayley's Dad: Alright raise your hand if these girls should win.

Everyone raises their hand

Jade: Ha it looks like we win.

Tara: Big deal.

Tori: Hey you have to leave us alone.

Tara: And what if we don't?

Sam bends Tara's arm

Tara: OW!

Sam looks at Hayley

Sam: You're next!

Hayley: Fine we'll leave you alone.


Hayley and Tara run away

Cat: Jade why didn't you try to break their arms?

Jade: Uh I never thought of that.

Sam: Well now those brats will never bother you again.

Tori: Cat you have the best roommate ever.

Cat: Yeah I do, don't I.

The End

N/A Sorry this is short. Endurance obilo, I think I will do a Halloween party for Sam & Cat where they invite Victorious characters. I'll get started on it now so I don't forget.