Hello people who happen to read this oneshot! This is my first piece of fanfiction so am a bit worried about posting it however thought I would go for it anyway. Yes, I did Ange and Fletch as I do ship them over Flac, pls don't me. Reviews would be great so I know whether to carry on or not, and I would love some constructive criticism so I know how to improve :))). Hope you enjoy!

"Hey," Ange says, meeting Fletch outside the hospital at the end of their shifts.

"Hey," she gets a sloggish reply back, god he's so tired he could fall asleep standing up, "time to go back to yours and collapse onto the sofa".

They exit Ange's car, thankfully Ange haven driven an exhausted fletch back to hers so he didn't have to drive whilst practically asleep. Once they had both gotten into their pyjamas they lay on the sofa, Ange laying against Fletch, his hand gently stroking her arm as she stayed as close to him as possible.

She wanted him to know she was there for him, that she would never leave when he was as stressed as he was at the moment. The only way she could do that was by getting as close as possible, no words could convey it, so she had her knees curled up against her chest she leant against him with as much strength as she could manage, hoping he would get the message and know she was always going to support him.

He did, he understood what she was trying to say and for that Ange was eternally grateful. He wrapped his arms around her entangled body and held her tightly, as if he was craving reassurance that everything was going to be alright, that the stress wouldn't last forever.

It was breaking Ange's heart to see him like this. He was always there for her, through everything she had been through; now it was time for the tables to be turned and for her to look out for him.

"Hey," she whispered gently, "everything will work out, everyone will pull through and Max will get us some nurses, she'll break eventually, she has to. Please don't worry about it tonight, let's just go to sleep and enjoy some peace while we're at mine and your dad's looking after the kids".

That's when Fletch started to cry, tears starting pouring down his face. He wanted to stop, he wanted to stop so much but he just couldn't. He needed to let it all out.

Ange moved positions so she was on her knees and facing Fletch and she pulled him into her, holding on to him as tightly as she could. His body was limp over hers, almost as if he'd lost all control of his limbs as he let himself cry into her shoulder, he just needed someone to hug him and tell him it was all going to work out.

Still holding on him, Ange began to try and calm him down.

"Shhhh, it's ok. It's ok Fletch, it's all going to be ok. We'll find nurses, I'll help you. Or you can do it how you want, just whatever you need. But I promise I'll be there, I promise I'll support you whatever you choose."

After a few minutes, Fletch's sobs began to subside and he pulled away from Ange and collapsed back down onto the sofa.

"Thank you, Ange." The words swiftly came out of his still wobbling mouth, almost as if he was embarrassed to say them.

"It's ok," Ange replied as she leaned back into his side, "and it's ok to need help too, opening up is a strength not a weakness".

"I tell that to so many people a day," Fletch joked lightly, not sure how to act in the situation.

"Well, maybe it's time for you to take your own advice then." Ange looks up at fletch from lying on his side and he nods.

"Not tonight though, I'm too tired. Let's just sleep."

The hand that was slowly stroking Ange's arm stops and light snores start to come from above her head. However the hand is still holding on to her arm tightly, with urgency, like the reassurance is still needed despite being asleep.

Knowing he's asleep, Ange allows herself to also fall sleep in his arms, still holding on to him tightly so if anyone walked into the room they wouldn't know whose limbs where whose, and so if Fletch woke up he would instantly know he was there, he would know that she wasn't going to abandon him.

Things weren't perfect, but knowing that Fletch needed Ange's support and reassurance did warm her heart, she could finally give back to the man who had supported her through one of the most hellish years of her life, and she knew she couldn't let him down.