Alright, folks, we're going through the disclaimer again.

I don't own Cats or the characters, just the plot. Also, I got the idea for Bomba's nickname "Red" from Sir Prickles, and I think it's just adorable.

That is all. Enjoy, fellow jellicles.


"Alright, Bomba, please don't burn down my kitchen." Jennyanydots pleaded with the red queen.

Bombalurina rolled her caramel eyes. "Jenny, its a simple recipe," She pointed out impatiently. "And when have I ever burned down your kitchen?"

The orange and brown tabby bit her lip, then left the room.

Bombalurina huffed and set out the sugar, butter, flour, and eggs on the counter before digging out one or two mixing bowls from the cabinet. She knew the older queen meant well, but she was an adult, for Cat's sake! She could handle a simple cinnamon roll recipe for herself.

The door opened again, and Bombalurina sighed, thinking it was Jennyanydots coming again to make sure she hadn't made a mess. "Jenny, I haven't even turned on the- oh!"

Rather than the fussy queen, Bombalurina saw the Rum Tum Tugger, her tomfriendin the doorway, looking vaguely amused with his thumbs hooked in his belt.

"What are you doing here?" She asked curiously. Tugger was not one to frequent the kitchen.

He hopped onto the counter, earning an annoyed sniff. "Just watching your attempts at domesticity."

Bombalurina smacked his arm before continuing with her baking, casting a quick glance at the recipe paper. Breaking the butter into halves, She dropped them into a metal mixing bowl and put them in the oven before turning it on.

Tugger sauntered to the other side of the counter and threw an arm lazily around her shoulders. "Actually, I came because I want you to come my den with me." He informed her.

Bombalurina rolled her eyes. "I'm busy." She demurred.

Tugger nuzzled her cheek, leaning over to reach her. "Not too busy for me?" He wheedled.

The red queen laughed. "Help me bake, then. We can do something else after." She offered.

Tugger's purr rippled against her back. "I don't think so, love. I might just-" he nipped softly at her ear. "Pester you until you're hot and bothered."

Bombalurina flicked his thigh with her tail, a small grin pulling at her lips. "I could think of worse things." She said nonchalantly before dumping cupfuls of flour into a bowl. The red queen could almost feel Tugger's smirk widen as his grip tightened on her. She felt his nails delicately trace through her head fur, causing her arm to involuntarily jerk and powdery white flour to fly everywhere.

Bombalurina turned to her tomfriend, irritated.

"Tugger!" She yelped.

He smirked. "What?" He said innocently. "It's not my fault you're dropping things." Consequently he reached down and, grabbing a handful of her rear, tugged her closer.

Bombalurina gave him a quick nuzzle before turning back to her baking. After mixing in sugar, eggs, butter, baking powder, and milk, She mixed it into a dough and threw it on a wooden cutting board to flatten it. Ducking down, She grabbed a rolling pin and started rolling it out.

The minute the red queen straightened, Tugger's chest pressed against her back. He placed his paws on top of her smaller ones, pushing the rolling pin with her. He rested his chin on the top of her head, between her ears, a purr rumbling in his throat.

Bombalurina smiled, closing her eyes. As irritating as he could get sometimes, she loved spending time with him, especially like this.

Tugger's paws gently guided hers, rolling out the dough. He rested his cheek against her head fur and closed his brown eyes as well, his smirk softening into a content smile.

Bombalurina slowly came to her senses and took a look at the dough in front of her, breaking the moment. It was flat enough to make cinnamon rolls.

Bombalurina grabbed the cinnamon and brown sugar out of the cabinet and mixed it together in a bowl, consequently shaking herself out of Tugger's grip. Once it was mixed she dusted her paws, ready to spread it on the dough.

Tugger held them in his, turning them so her palms faced upwards. "Your hands are so pretty. So little and soft-" his thumbs pressed gently on her palms, softly caressing them. If he was trying to distract her, was certainly succeeding.

Bombalurina gently pulled them away with a giggle. "I'm flattered, my love, but I have to finish this. It's for the kits."

Tugger snorted. "Because the first thing they need is sugar in their systems." He muttered, but backed off slightly to let her finish.

Bombalurina mixed in some melted butter with the sugar and spread it on the dough, making sure there was no space without it. There was still some left, so she scooped up some on her finger and licked it off happily.

Tugger scooped up some of his own... and smeared it over her cheek.

Bombalurina gave a shriek of outrage and did the same to him, earning laughter.

She stuffed some more into her mouth, leaving cinnamon sugar all over her lips, and stuck out her tongue at him.

Still chuckling, Tugger leaned in and solidly kissed her, licking the sugar from her mouth.

Bombalurina collapsed into a fit of giggles when he pulled away. Tugger smirked, wiping the brown smear off her cheek with his thumb.

Bombalurina turned back to her baking again and carefully rolled the dough into a cylinder before slicing it into even pieces. Then she popped it in the oven and set Jenny's timer for ten minutes.

Tugger purred as he wrapped both arms tightly around her waist. "Good! Now you have ten minutes to come with me." He declared.

Bombalurina shook her head with a cheeky smile. "Not yet, dearest. I have to make icing."

Tugger sulked. "You aren't any fun." He complained.

Bombalurina rolled her eyes and mixed the milk and sugar into a bowl, adding a sprinkle of nutmeg as an afterthought. "Are you sure about that?" She teased him.

Tugger laughed. "Darling. Of course not." He replied, nuzzling under her jaw.

Bombalurina finished stirring the icing and put it aside.

"Alright. I'm finished." She announced, washing my hands in the basin nearby.

Tugger sat down on a wicker chair in the corner, pulling her into his lap. Bombalurina leaned her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

His tail curled around her, draping over her lap. "You never bake, Bomba. What inspired you to try today?" Tugger asked lightly.

Bombalurina shrugged. "Nothing in particular." She replied.

Tugger clicked his tongue. "Hm. I know you better than that, darling. What's on your mind?" He pressed.

Bombalurina smiled, eyes falling half closed. "Mmm... you can read me like a book, can't you?" She said, quite obviously trying to avoid answering.

"Well, I do have razor sharp intellect." Tugger boasted playfully. She rolled her eyes and bit her lower lip. The ebony rosettes on her thighs had suddenly become highly interesting.

Tugger dropped his joking manner. "Come on, Bomba. What's up?" He asked. "You've been spending more time with the kits lately, and now you've started baking. Something's clearly the matter."

Bombalruina shrugged. "I don't know... I've just.. I don't know.." she stumbled. "I'm... practicing."

Tugger laughed a little. "Practicing? Whatever f-" he stopped, his gold flecked eyes widening as something clicked. "Bomba, are you-?"

The red queen laughed. "Of course not. But I'm practicing for whenever I do end up settling down and having kits... because it's bound to happen someday." She replied, a little sadly.

Tugger's voice lowered. "We could start with the latter now."

Bombalurina shoved him, biting her lip harder. "I want to be mated first. Kittens next." She put heavy emphasis on the word.

Tugger nuzzled her cheek. "Alright, then. Be my mate."

Bombalurina almost jumped out of his lap. "What?!" She sputtered.

Tugger's eyes glittered with playfulness. "Alright, I'll say it officially. Miss Bombalurina," his grin grew wider. "Would you do the honor of becoming my mate, for this jellicle life and the next?"

Bombalurina's mouth fell open. "You're joking." She said, eyes narrowing.

Tugger rolled his eyes. "Would I joke about this?"

Bombalurina's eyes shimmered with sudden tears as she pressed her knuckles to her mouth. "You seriously mean it?" She demanded.

Tugger nodded. "I'd like an answer, however."

Bombalurina threw her arms around his neck. "Yes. Yes!" She cried.

Tugger scooted her forward, wrapping his arms around her just as the timer went off.

Bombalurina pulled back, looking at him carefully. "You'll tell people? It'll be official?" She asked, obviously trying to see any catch that this arrangement might have.

"Yes, Bomba," Tugger assured her. "Now go rescue your cinnamon rolls before they burn."

Bombalurina laughed, tears still in her eyes. She didn't think that she would ever reach this level of joy.

She had a mate. She was going to have an official relationship and maybe even start a family.

Once the tray of cinnamon rolls were set out on the stove, Tugger pulled his queen close to his chest. "Are you happy, Red?" He asked her softly.

Bombalurina leaned against him. She was happy, alright. Shiningly, deliriously happy.

"Yes. Yes i am."