Chapter 1: Return of the DEAD


Author's Note Part 1: I… AM… ALIIIIIVVEEEE! It's taken me WELL over a year, and MUCH closer to two years, but I've finally gotten back into writing! And with the story being about the second anime I watched back when I was first starting my path to becoming a weeb… Ah, good times. But, enough reminiscing, you guys are here for the story!

So, my return to the world of writing starts with a crossover… Sounds about right. That being said, this crossover will be one that, despite me posting the first chapter now, only has a portion of it actually planned out. You'll understand what I mean when I get further into the story. Needless to say though, that no matter what route I take, this story will likely be going on for a while, even if it has a hiatus or two…

Now, something for you all to know. This is likely the first of two stories with this specific crossover category. The second one will likely focus on an adult being added to the story's events, and paired with Shizuka. After all, I gave a challenge for that a while back that AnimePJ took, might as well write one of my own at some point. However, for this one, it'll be a teenager being added to the events, and being paired with Saeko.

I seem to have a thing for pairing OC's with her… Guess it's because I like the pairing of Takashi x Rei, and I can pair Kohta with either Takagi, or Saeko like I did my first story. Though most of the time it seems I pair him with Takagi…

Another important thing of note before I get into the chapter. As I wrote in the summary, this will have slight AU aspects for the DL portion of the story. Although it's mostly confined to the people of Harran being able to leave after a "Vaccine" of sorts was created. Thus allowing the events of HOTD to occur at a later date with the OC being present for both. As for HOTD, there's a bit more of a heavy AU aspect that'll come into play during the next couple chapters.

Also, the OC may have gone through the Harran Virus and came out the other side, and as a result have the knowhow to make certain things better in the long run due to his knowledge, but unfortunately, as is clear in DL during numerous instances, things can't always be avoided…

Anyways, that's enough rambling from me. Here's the first chapter for your guy's entertainment! (Also, don't expect much in the ways of descriptions of characters other than my OC. If you're reading this, I'm going to assume you've seen both categories one way or another. If not, feel free to google the characters you're unfamiliar with.)

3rd Person POV:

On one of the few outer staircases of Fujimi Academy, two people can be seen leaning against the railing on one of the landings. These two are Takashi Komuro and Zachary Carter. While both were dressed similarly due to the school's dress code, their physical appearance was fairly different. While Takashi had black hair, brown eyes, and Asian skin, Zach was clearly different with light brown hair, emerald eyes, and Caucasian skin that seemed to have the occasional small scar on his hands, with another present on his neck. At the moment, the prior was leaning on his elbows over the railing, looking out over the courtyard, while Zach had his back leaning against the railing with his head tilted down as he dozed off. Unfortunately, for these two, skipping class was a fairly regular occurrence, though their reasons differed.

The reason for Takashi skipping was due to his recent breakup with his childhood friend and ex-girlfriend Rei Miyamoto, and the difficult time he was having trying to get through it. It didn't help that Rei practically refused to tell him what actually led to their breakup, since as far as he could tell, he hadn't done anything to warrant her hating him, or wanting to break up. Her parting words not helping either, since it seemed like she didn't even realize he'd been trying to be a good boyfriend, and instead it almost seemed like to her, they hadn't even been an actual couple.

As for Zach, his reasons for skipping class came from the fact that despite him being at the school for a few weeks now, he was still having trouble adjusting back to having a normal life after the events he'd gone through close to a year back. Going from being in a quarantined town where the law had basically been disregarded in favor of survival, to joining back with society and being expected to "seamlessly rejoin" the masses was a bit jarring. It was also a bit difficult due to the fact that he'd moved to Japan, though that was mostly on him since he'd done so in order to get further away from his previous location.

Zach was broken out of his attempts at resting when he heard Takashi speak up from his place beside him, the black haired teen seeming to mutter to himself without realizing he was doing so. "Cross my heart, and hope to die? Yeah, right…" Takashi mutters with a hint of bitterness lacing his tone. Zach shook his head to clear it slightly as he heaved a mental sigh at his friend's words. He'd befriended Takashi shortly after arriving, while him and Rei were still a couple, and he'd found it cute that the two had made a "pinkie promise" to marry each other back when they were kids. It seemed like Takashi was remembering those times now.

With that thought in mind, Zach was ready to say something to ease his friend's mental state, but before he could, another person made themselves known to the two skipping class. "That's so stupid." Said a feminine voice coming from the stairs leading down to the landing. Hearing the voice, Takashi turned around slightly while Zach raised his head to look at the direction it came from, both of them already knowing who they'd see due to knowing the owner of the voice. Lo and behold, there stood Saya Takagi, the smartest girl, and probably smartest student overall, at the school.

"What do you want?" Takashi asked, his bitterness remaining as he questioned the girl, still annoyed from the previous thoughts that had been going through his head. At this, Zach could only give a slight sigh, realizing it'd be more difficult to break Takashi out of his funk now that Takagi was present, since whether she meant to or not, her mannerisms would only annoy his friend more.

"Anytime you have to face something you don't like, you always come to this stupid staircase. It's like your own little pity corner, good God." She states, as she walks down the stairs and heads over towards the two, mostly ignoring Zach as she focuses on Takashi, who turns a bit more to mostly face the pinkette. "The first semester has just started, how are you ever going to make it through the year?" She asks him, the black haired teen turning to the side after she bent down to scold him, only to give him a clear view of her cleavage as a result.

"I could say the same thing to you." He replies, turning away from her slightly as he does so. "The fifth period isn't even over yet." He says, his words being the truth since there was still a good twenty minutes or so left of the current period.

"That's okay because I'm genius. Unlike you who got into this school on dumb luck, with Carter here doing just barely better." She tells him, glancing down at the teen who was still sitting against the railing, who simply rolled his eyes in response to her words.

"Takagi, why do you always diss me like that?" Takashi asks her, his annoyance still present, but now abating slightly due to the fact that this was just normal for the pinkette in front of him. Her response was as simple as it was insulting.

"Because I don't like stupid people." She tells him, making him double take at her words as he turns to fully face her again. "Especially those ones that can't admit that they're stupid. I mean, you're pretty stupid, but at least you know you are, so if I tell you that you're stupid, maybe by some miracle you'll be less stupid, Stupid." She tells him, her words getting an eye twitch from the teen sitting next to them, while Takashi ultimately ignored her words and turned back to lean on the railing and look out over the courtyard.

Takagi was slightly surprised and annoyed by this, before frowning at the black haired teen. "Grow up. Moping because your little friend dumped you?" She asks him rhetorically, finally turning and heading back towards the stairs. "Stupid." She mutters as she starts walking back up towards the third floor, leaving the two teens alone on the landing. They stayed there in silence, the two comfortable with just being in each other's company while they stewed with their own problems. However, the monotonous silence was broken yet again, although this time it was by a sound that neither were expecting.

The sound of metal banging could be heard echoing through the courtyard, making the two of them raise their heads, although only Takashi could see what was going on. "Who's that? …A trespasser?" He asks out loud, despite the fact that Zach couldn't see.

"Hm? What's happening?" He asks, Takashi turning his head slightly so his friend could actually hear what he said.

"Some guy's at the front gate. It… Kinda looks like he's knocking on it with his shoulder, though I'm not entirely sure why… Huh? …Oh, a few of the teachers are heading over there now." He tells Zach, the brunet nodding his head in response as he simply tilts his head back, not seeing this as much to worry over, since from the sounds of it whatever was happening would be taken care of within the next minute or so. "Huh? The hell did Mr. Teshima have to do that for? The guy might be a bit of an annoyance, no need to slam him into the-" However, Takashi cuts off his commentary as, from a distance, he sees the guy behind the gate do something, which causes Mr. Teshima to shout in pain, before stumbling away, and falling to the ground clutching his arm.

At the pained scream that echoed through the courtyard, Zach shot to his feet, surprise and shock clear to see as he turns around to look at the scene himself, seeing the man standing behind the gate that Takashi mentioned, as well as the gym teacher writhing on the ground, before he went still, dead. "What the hell…? What the fuck just happened?" He mutters, trying to think of what could have caused death that quickly that some random guy would use on a teacher. Unfortunately, he got his answer quickly, and it was one he was never expecting to have to deal with again.

As the other teachers crowded around in worry, Zach saw Ms. Hayashi seem to relax slightly and approach the downed P.E. teacher… Only for said man to promptly shoot up, grab her shirt… And rip a chunk out of her throat with his teeth as he pulled her beneath him to continue eating. When this happened, Zach's body locked up as his eyes grew wide, his pupils dilating while his hands gripped the railing in a death grip. "No…" He whispered in fear, Takashi at his side having a similar reaction.

"This… This can't be happening… The Virus was stopped… You wouldn't be here if it wasn't… So how…" The black haired teen was muttering, shock also taking over his body at the sight before him, one of the teachers that hadn't been bitten reacting similar to the teens as he fell on his ass and stared at the scene in front of him, while the other ran towards the school. It took a few extra seconds for the teens on the staircase to finally get over their shock as much as they could, and when it did, they had similar ideas.

"…Let's go." Zach said, the fear that had flooded his body a few seconds prior quickly being washed out by a mix of resolution to do something, as well as the knowledge that he had people he knew that he wanted to keep safe from what was likely to be yet another hell. Getting a nod from Takashi in response, the two charged up the stairs and quickly entered the school, running in the direction of their classroom. Shortly before the doorway, Zach skidded to a halt and quickly opened his locker, even as he heard the classroom door slam open a few meters away.

He could hear shouting from inside the room, as well as slightly quieter voices that was likely Takashi and Rei talking, but just sounded quiet due to the distance. As Zach continued to haphazardly throw things out of his locker in order to get to a few certain items, he heard a relatively loud smack echo through the air, and could only wince as he wondered if Takashi had gotten slapped for saying something wrong.

Finally getting the items he was looking for and shoving them into a backpack that he'd left in the locker, quickly slinging it over his shoulders so that it rested on his back. As he closed his locker on habit, he turned back towards the classroom's doorway, he found Takashi exiting with Rei and Hisashi. Nodding at the two of them, he turned to Takashi "C'mon." He says, getting a nod from the black haired teen as they started walking towards one of the many stairways. A few seconds later, Rei and Hisashi were following them.

"Takashi. Just tell me what's going on." Rei says, making Zach glance back at his friend.

"You didn't tell them?" He asks in confusion and surprise, making Takashi shake his head in response.

"Too many people in the classroom. It would've caused a panic." He says, getting a nod from Zach in response. He knew what Takashi meant better than the teen himself. However he flinched when he realized that panic was likely to happen anyways. Shaking that thought out of his head, he turned a serious look back to the two following them.

"The Harran Virus is back, or at least something like it." He tells them with a frown, getting shocked looks from his two other classmates.

"What?!" Rei shrieked.

"That's impossible, they made a vaccine." Hisashi agrees, making Zach grit his teeth as he turns around and continues walking.

"Yeah, well tell that to the fucking undead P.E. Teacher eating the other one in the courtyard." He tells them with some tension in his voice, making the other two go silent at his words. "I don't know why, I don't know how, but all I know is we're going to be dealing with Zombies on the campus within a very short time. But that shouldn't even be possible since it should take at the very least a few hours before the Seizures kick in, and even longer before you actually turn. This happened within a few seconds." He says with annoyance, worry and anger in his voice as the four continue down the hallway.

When they reach a stairwell, Zach is quick to notice the sports bag close by, as well as a janitor's closet. Quickly making his way over to the latter, he wrenches the door open, before grabbing a broom. Looking it over, he snaps the bottom off, before handing the now makeshift spear to Rei, while tossing the bat that was present in the sports bag to Takashi. "Weapons, if I had some time before things are likely to go to shit, I could see if I could make them better for you guys, but at the moment, I have no idea what's going to happen, so I don't have the time." He tells them as he closes the door behind him.

"I'm a blackbelt, so I'm good without a weapon, but what about you?" Hisashi asks him, making Zach turn to face him.

"I'd do better with a weapon of some kind, but I know enough to be able to avoid getting bit. The first time was enough of a lesson…" He says, trailing off at the end as he rubbed the area between his neck and right shoulder. In response, Hisashi nodded, before Rei spoke up.

"We should call the police, I can talk to my father about this." She says, getting an agreeing nod from Takashi and he takes out his phone. However before he can give it to Rei, Zach speaks up.

"Don't bother, it won't do any good." He says, getting the attention of the three others in the hallway.

"What do you mean?" Takashi asks, making the brunet turn to look at him.

"The P.E. teacher. He was turned by the guy at the gate… Meaning this shit is already happening outside the school. If that's the case, the police are already swamped by calls from other people reporting this shit. The same thing happened in Harran… This town is about to go to hell in a handbasket." He says with finality, the other three looking at him in shock and horror, before all four have their attention brought to the speaker hanging on the wall above them as it crackles to life.

"This announcement is for all students. An emergency situation is taking place within the school right now. All students must follow your teachers' instructions and evacuate. I repeat, an emergency situation is taking place within the school right now." The man talking says over the loudspeaker, before pausing in his announcement as a separate sound comes through the speaker, which sounds like a door opening while other objects are pushed aside.

"…Fuck, it's starting up again…" Zach mutters, his hands tightening into fists at his side as he continues to glance up at the loudspeaker. The next sound that came out of the speaker was one that Zach was intimately familiar with. The guttural grunts and groans that came from the throats of those that had fallen victim to the virus, and were past the point of saving.

"Get away from me… Get back! Hwaaaa! Ahhhh! Help! Heeeellpp! Aaaaaarrrggghhhhh!" The announcer screamed, first in fear, before it devolved into agony as he was likely bitten, and then torn to shreds. The speaker went silent immediately after, leaving the entire campus in silence following the events that just occurred. However, Zach knew what was going to happen, and it was only going to be a few more seconds before it started…

"…The roof." Zach says in the continued silence, making the other three turn to him. "For now, we head to the roof, and get a better look at what's going on around campus… And in the city." He says, turning and quickly walking in the direction of a hall that led to the management building, turning to look over his shoulder as he did so. "C'mon! The halls are about to be filled with panicked teens, and it's just going to be that much harder to move when that happens!" He tells the others with him, getting them to start following him.

Sure enough, only a few seconds later, the screams and pounding of feet started to echo through the academy, making the other three with Zach flinch at the sound while they continued on their way to the connecting walkways between buildings.

Upon exiting the classes building onto the walkways between buildings, the four saw one of the teachers walk into the four way ahead of them. Although "walk" was the wrong word to use, since he actually "stumbled" into their view, making them pause. "Shit, it's spreading fast." Zach says with a grimace.

"But how? The P.E. teacher was just bitten about ten minutes ago. There's no way it could've reached up here in that time unless he passed every classroom on the way up. And since they can still "see" people, that shouldn't even be possible." Takashi says in confusion, making Zach flinch.

"I don't know… But right now, we have the current situation to worry about, more than "how it happened"." The brunet says, turning to slightly face the three behind him, while also keeping an eye on the zombie a few meters away, which didn't seem to have noticed them yet for some reason. "Rei, Takashi… One of you take him out. You've got weapons to do so… And your best bet is to aim for the head." He tells them, making the two flinch slightly at the fact they'd actually have to follow through with their weapons.

"This virus seems to be both similar, and different from the one in Harran… So I don't know if doing enough damage to their bodies will take them out. Therefore, the best method is to take out the brain." He continues, turning again to fully face the zombie in front of them, which had finally turned in their direction. "You need to do this… If you don't… You're liable to die within the next few hours." He tells them with utter seriousness.

As the undead teacher stumbles towards them, he can hear the teens behind him attempting to calm their breathing, almost certainly because they're still trying to get used to the fact that this was actually happening. Sighing, he turned slightly again, but not letting the zombie out of his sights. "Takashi… You're the best one for the job right now since you've got a bat… Take him out." He tells the raven haired teen, getting a slight double take from him in response, before he attempts to calm his breathing once again, and starts towards the shambling undead.

"Right…" Takashi says, gripping the baseball bat tighter, before slowly raising it above his head. Taking a few more deep breathes, he yells out as he runs forwards a bit, before bringing the bat down with all the strength he can muster. Luckily, it seemed like these Biters were at least similar to the ones in Harran with how weak their bodies got after dying, since that one hit was enough to smash the zombie's head open and make it slump to the ground.

As this happened, Takashi took a number of gasps to get air back into his lungs after what he just did, his arms slightly shaking both from the effort he just put in, and the nerves that were making their way through him due to what he just had to do. He stiffens for a second at the feeling of a hand on his shoulder, almost taking another swing, before turning to see Zach looking at him with empathy. "…I know. But you're going to need to get used to it if you want to live." He tells his friend, before turning back to face the other two.

Rei and Hisashi had watched the events play out, before they made their way closer to the other two. "Rei, you'll need to do the same. Make sure to aim for the brain when you stab, and you can knock them off balance by hitting them in the side with your "spear". And Hisashi, the best thing you can do at the moment is snap their neck. As long as that's still similar to the Harran Virus, it will cut the brain's control to everything else, and they should fall like a puppet with their strings cut." He tells them, getting gulps, but nods from the two in response. "Alright… Let's head to the roof and get a view on what's going on…" The brunet says, passing Takashi and the downed Biter, and making his way to the Management Building.

Getting to the roof was the most important thing at the moment. It would let them get a view on what was happening, and it would allow Zach to make some plans based on the situation. He could only hope that despite what was happening, it wasn't as bad as Harran…

Zach's hopes turned out to be right, it wasn't as bad as Harran…

Instead, it was so… so much worse. The brunet could only stare with wide eyes at the smoke raising from the city stretching all the way out to the sea. "Holy fuck…" He mutters, not expecting this. Then again, Harran had been more closed off than the city he was currently in, so the virus being more widespread already was actually much more likely than he'd thought previously.

"But… But everything was normal… Everything was fine just this morning!" Rei exclaims in fear and shock. Before anyone else could say anything however, a large amount of wind blew over the four, causing Hisashi to grab Rei before she could be blown off the roof. The sound of rotors drew their attention, making them turn in the direction the sound was coming from, and seeing numerous helicopters fly over the school, and towards the burning city.

"Blackhawk? American Military?" Takashi asks, making Hisashi shake his head in response.

"No, that's not it. That's the self-defense force. Where did they come from, there's no base around here?" He corrects his friend, asking the question afterwards in confusion before Rei walks out of his arms and towards the railing, waving her arms above her head.

"Over here!" She shouts, making Zach shake his head as he places a hand on her shoulder.

"Rei, don't bother. At the moment, they're not worried about saving a few people on a school roof. They're worried about containing this shitstorm." He says, before turning to face the city, and looking in other directions surrounding the school that he could see. "Honestly, the fact that the fires are currently spread to what seems to be only a few key areas is both a blessing, and a curse." He says, making the other two turn to look at him.

"What do you mean?" Takashi asks, walking to be slightly closer to the Harran Veteran, who turns to face his friend.

"It means this is at least being contained to a point. That's good, since it means it hasn't spread too far to warrant being "uncontainable" and likely leading to a "nuke everything" situation just yet." He tells them, making them look at him in a mix of fear at the nuke threat, but relief that it wasn't likely yet. "Unfortunately, that means that the areas that are in the threat zone will soon be quarantined from the rest of Japan, meaning everyone stuck in these zones are going to be even more fucked due to the Biters being contained, and the non-infected having nowhere to escape to." He says as he turns back to them.

"Jesus fucking Christ…" Hisashi mutters, turning to look out over the city, before the four hear the sounds of groaning coming from behind them, making them turn around to see a crowd of biters on the roof milling about.

"No… There are too many of them." Rei says, looking at all the zombies around the roof. Zach narrows his eyes at the sight, looking around to find out the best course of action in this situation. Seeing the raised portion of the roof with a storage area, his eyes narrow as he turns to the others.

"The storage shed. We can get up there, and barricade the stairs with whatever might be inside of it. It'll give us some reprieve and we can figure out our next move there." He tells them, getting a nod from the other three in response. "Takashi, Rei, take the lead with your weapons, me and Hisashi will follow." He says, as the four of them crouch slightly as they get ready to run. "Ready… Now!" He shouts, the four charging towards the stairs at the other end of the roof.

Running across the roof, Takashi was quick to swat any zombies in their way to the side with his bat, though since they were more focused on getting to the storage area, he wasn't usually aiming for the head to take them down. They got to the fenced portion, which was unfortunately wide open, and had to dodge a couple biters that had made their way inside. The four made it to the stairs, with Zach stopping the two holding weapons.

"Takashi, Rei, hold the stairs for a couple minutes while me and Hisashi start on a barricade." He says as the blond runs up to the top and turns the corner towards the storage shed. "If you start to get overwhelmed, back up as much as you can. Just keep them from the-" Unfortunately, Zach was forced to cut himself off as a sound echoed through the air.

"Aaarrgh!" A pained scream came from above them, caused by a familiar voice and making the three look towards it in horror.

"Hisashi?!" Rei calls out in fear, while Zach quickly turns and starts running up the stairs.

"Keep those Biters down there! If they get up here, we're fucked!" He calls out as he makes it to the top, and turns the corner the same as Hisashi did a few seconds prior. Turning the second corner towards the storage shed, and skidding to a stop as his eyes slowly widened, and his mouth dropped open in shock and horror. As it turned out, they weren't the first to think of this idea, and the zombies on the larger area of the roof weren't alone.

The doors to the storage shed were opened, and in front of them, were two figures. Hisashi stood behind a biter, his arms wrapped around it's neck, likely due to him attempting to snap it's neck like Zach had suggested. However… Hisashi had failed. The arm wrapped around the front of the zombie's neck was slightly loose, likely due to the fact that the undead was currently biting into it, blood dripping onto the ground. Zach quickly got over his shock and charged forwards, before leaping off the ground and throwing his feet forwards.

The result was the Biter's teeth being torn out of Hisashi's uniform, and the undead's body being flung backwards into the railing, which it promptly flipped over, and fell to the unforgiving ground below. Falling to the floor after executing the dropkick, Zach was quick to scramble to his feet and quickly turn towards Hisashi, having the hope that maybe, just maybe the blood that was dripping was already present in the zombie's mouth before it tried to bite Hisashi, and it had only managed to get through his jacket.

Unfortunately, that hope died as he got closer and saw Hisashi gripping the torn uniform with a grimace of pain and resignation, the clear sign of bite marks present in his arm. "I guess… That's that." Hisashi mutters, looking up at Zach, who can only look at him with sympathy, and regret. He should have known better. He'd gone through Harran, he knew what to do in this situation, and sending Hisashi who, despite being a black belt, didn't have the knowledge he did, alone up to the area they were going to barricade without going with him to check it was safe, was on him.

"Hisashi… I… I'm…" Zach tries to apologize, to tell him that it was his fault for what was going to happen to him, but Hisashi held up a hand.

"Zach, it's alright… I guess… I just wasn't careful enough." He says with a sigh, Zach disagreeing in his head, and it was him who wasn't careful enough. "But, before I turn… We need to get the barrier set up." He says, pushing himself to his feet with a pained grimace, and turning to the storage shed. "I can at least make sure you, Rei and Takashi make it longer than I did…" He says as he starts grabbing items.

Zach had more he wanted to say in this situation, how sorry he was, how this shouldn't be happening and Hisashi shouldn't turn so quickly, but his words got stuck in his throat as he just nodded, and grabbed items with Hisashi. It would likely only be a few minutes, so they had to hurry, and then…

And then the group would be down a member already.

The two had built up a barricade of tables and chairs, and wrapped ropes and tapes around the legs and the railing to keep everything in place. They'd helped Takashi and Rei climb up and into their little safe space so that they could rest, but while doing so, the two had caught sight of his torn jacket and the bite mark present. The reaction was as Zach expected.

"Why…? Why is this happening? This can't be happening… It can't be true!" Rei shouted in grief and anger, gripping Hisashi's unbitten arm as he leaned against the railing. As silence reigned over the group, Hisashi slowly removed Rei from his arm, and turned towards the railing, one hand resting on it.

"Hey, Zach… Thanks for getting the other two here." He says, the brunet looking at the blond solemnly as he nodded his head, already knowing what was happening, even though the other two didn't.

"Hisashi?" Takashi asks in confusion, not understanding his friend's actions.

"Just… Make sure they make it through this, will you? Make sure they don't make the same mistake I did…" Hisashi continues, placing one of his feet on the railing, and making Takashi's eyes widen as he realizes what's happening.

"Hisashi?! No!" Rei shouts, grabbing his arm to stop him. "It was just a small bite, there's hardly any blood! It could take longer, and they can drop those vaccines! You can-" Unfortunately, Hisashi cuts her off.

"It's not going to work like that Rei!" He shouts as his hair shadows his eyes, before he starts coughing, and slumps towards the ground, bringing Rei with him as blood leaks out of his mouth mixed with spit, before the coughing fit ends and he attempts to continue to breathe. "Hey, Zach…" He starts.

"Yeah… Sure thing." The brunet answers, already knowing what Hisashi wants as he starts forwards. "Takashi… Help me out here." He says, glancing at his friend, who nods, despite the slight anguish on his face.

"You two… What…?" Rei starts, before they make it over to her and Hisashi, and Takashi grabs her and lightly but sternly pulls her away from her boyfriend, with Zach helping Hisashi to stand. "No… No! No, Hisashi!" She shouts, struggling in Takashi's hands as Zach slowly helps Hisashi over the railing. "He's not turning! He can't be yet! You said the Virus took hours!" Rei shrieks, her mind not working correctly due to the sight in front of her, and as a result none of the boys tried to correct her thinking and remind her that apparently, this wasn't the same virus.

"Hisashi… I'm… I should've checked with you." Zach manages to get out as Hisashi is partly over the railing, causing the blond to give him a weak, self-deprecating chuckle.

"No… It's not all your fault. I should've waited for you since you knew what to expect. I ran ahead, so it's also on me." He weakly says, before partly turning to look at the brunet helping him. "Hey, Zach… Thanks for this… And make sure those two live." He manages to get out seriously, his voice gaining just a bit of strength back with those last few words, making Zach give him a determined nod.

"Of course." He replies, making it so that even as Hisashi tilted himself over the railing, the blond was able to give him one last relieved smile, his body plummeting to the ground as he did so, with Rei's distraught shriek echoing through the air as the body fell, and impacted the ground four stories below…

Author's Note Part 2: …Well guys, I finally did it. I managed to actually write a chapter for a story in it's entirety after "a year and 11 months minus a day" of writer's block… FUCK does this feel good! I'm finally getting back into the swing of things baby! Celebration aside, here's some information on the chapter, and what's been altered in it.

The immediate response to zombies, and lack of labeling the Biters "Them":

As stated in the first author's note and throughout the chapter, "Zombies" are a thing in this universe due to the Harran Virus occurring in the past, which Zach was forced to live through, and as a result despite the shock of it happening again, Takashi and others are at least aware enough to react slightly differently. As a result, they are actually seen as "Zombies, Biters, Undead" and more, instead of "Them".

Mr. Wakisaka being taken care of immediately:

Again, the Harran Virus explains this as well. With zombies being known, along with Zach's knowledge on how to dispose of them, Rei didn't charge forwards and attempt to kill him via a stab to the heart. Instead, the Harran Veteran had Takashi smash his head in, thus avoiding the events of that scene in canon. Though as seen later, that didn't entirely change things…

The smaller scale of the disaster seen from the roof:

This is probably the biggest change that is going to be occurring in this story, and it's going to affect everything from here on out. It'll be explained more in the next chapter, during the TV scene, but suffice it to say, I'm taking from DL a bit more, and it'll have much bigger ramifications than anything else that was altered in this chapter.

Hisashi getting bit on the roof:

So, as stated in the first Author's Note, despite me writing this with a character that's gone through Harran's Outbreak, he is still a human prone to make mistakes. There's also the fact that I'm trying to mix HOTD and DL a bit more than I mix my other stories, in using the themes and such from each. As a result, not everything goes to plan, or turns out entirely alright, as we know from the multitude of events from Dying Light.

So, unfortunately, that is something that Takashi and Rei are still forced to learn early on in this shitshow, with Hisashi's death being the catalyst for that realization. Other events will unfortunately still occur similar to this, because this is not going to be a story where "Zombie Virus Veteran saves those that can't be saved because he's a badass". No, horrible events will still happen, and while a good number of canon events will be altered due to his presence and what he's able to do, not everything will turn out "perfectly".

Anyways, that's about it for this chapter. Now, I'll probably see about playing a bit more Dying Light, then look over it in an hour or so in order to make sure I'm not thinking "yup, this is completely fine, no problems at all" when I go over it one more time, and then post it before heading off to bed.

All this being said, I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter, and I hope you enjoy the events in the story to come!