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Setting : Season 5 SGA A/U. Carson is alive and Chief Medical Officer of Atlantis but Dr. Keller is on Atlantis. Lt. Laura Cadman now works on the Daedalus & Atlantis. Ronon is paired with O/C Dr. Orla Grant & Rodney is paired with Jennifer.

This story is a continuation from my last, End of Days. It is a continuation of these characters lives and troubles.

This was the story I was asked to write but got side tracked on my last one with whumping too many people! (who doesn't like to whump the characters?)

I'd like to thank bailey1ak for being my friend and Beta. A huge thank you to LMXB for the some of the inspiration to be explained later.

It had been five months since the Wraith attack on Atlantis. Stargate Command had sent military craftsmen from Earth to help assist with repairs around the city. The Ancient glass could never be replaced, instead the glass used was made to look Ancient. A new stairwell had been fitted and the East Pier although gone was properly sealed off and a permanent shield added to secure the city. Those injured, had recovered, some slower than others and some with more patience than others! With their physical therapy undertaken the injured had slowly begun to return to their active duties.

Colonel John Sheppard stepped into Atlantis' main laboratory instantly spotting the physicist he'd come to find. He silently moved to stand behind the man watching as McKay feverishly typed into his laptop, he peered over his shoulder trying to make sense of the commands he read. "What are you doing?" Sheppard asked smirking as he watched McKay jump in his seat.

"What the … where did you come from?"

"The hallway."

"Hardy har, Sheppard. Between you and Ronon I'm surprised I haven't had a heart attack all the sneaking you both do." Rodney snarked.

"I'm not sneaking, you're just unobservant," he remarked with a grin. "So? What are you doing?"



"If I meant shields, I'd have said shields. No, privacy sensors if you must know."

"Privacy sensors?" Sheppard quizzed.


"Care to elaborate?"

"Not really."

"Try, McKay."

"Fine, the walls in Atlantis are pretty thin compared to what we're all used to back on Earth. The Ancients must have valued their privacy too at some point, as all the rooms on Atlantis have their own privacy sensors."

"I thought that's what the walls are for?" John looked at Rodney confused.

"This is why I do the science. Ever wondered why you never heard the sound coming from the gym until you're actually entering it? Or the mess hall? They have privacy sensors turned to high so as to not disturb the rest of the city. There are sensors all around the accommodation blocks too, so we don't, you know, hear stuff," Rodney reddened as he explained.

"Okay, so what are you doing to those sensors?"

"I'm tweaking Ronon and Orla's quarters…"

"Rodney!" Sheppard's tone a warning to the scientist to be careful.

"Before you get totally mad, Sheppard, think about it. They're going to have a baby in a month or more. A screaming, fractious bundle of joy, who will be keeping awake everyone within that accommodation block. I can't work without a full night sleep Sheppard." McKay explained.

"That's not the point, McKay. Besides, maybe it will be a calm, sleepy baby."

"Seriously? Who's the most stubborn person you know in two galaxies? Who's the person we all know who once they've made their mind up cannot be persuaded to do otherwise?" Rodney folded his arms, pursed his lips and stared defiantly at Sheppard.

"You talking about Ronon… right?"

"You know I'm talking about Ronon. He's about to have a kid, a half Satedan baby. So, what if the baby takes after Ronon? A battle of wills, can you imagine if they decide to adopt the cry yourself to sleep method and Ronon junior decides to have a stubborn streak the size of its father?"

Sheppard's face dropped, he nodded. "Can you turn it up to max?"

"Already done, just don't tell Ronon."


"So, why are you here Sheppard?"

"What? Oh, we've got an away mission soon and you've kept the team waiting for you in the gate room for the last two missions. Thought I'd come and remind you to get a move on." Sheppard walked over to the clear tank sitting to one side of Rodney's work station. "Hey, what's this?"

"Don't… touch that!" McKay barked making Sheppard jump this time.

"Okay, okay!"

"It's an incubator. The infirmary surprisingly enough doesn't have any incubators. Neither has the SGC. So, I made one. If the kid arrives early, wanted to make sure Carson would have what he needed." McKay admitted slightly embarrassed over his admission.

Sheppard was stunned, he looked at McKay, "that's probably the most thoughtful thing I think you've ever done. I know Ronon and Orla will be really grateful."

Rodney flushed at the praise, "better hope they don't need to use it."

"Right… well, we've an off-world mission to prepare for McKay. See you in the gate room, don't be late!" Sheppard ordered as he left the science lab.

"Are you calling me fat?" Orla looked up at Ronon glaring.

"I didn't call you fat, I said, you're heavily pregnant." He answered trying not to smile.

"You said I was big," she relented slightly.

"I said, the baby is getting big," he replied tenderly kissing the top of her head as he moved his hand to gently stroke her heavily pregnant stomach. Taking Orla's hand, he guided her to a nearby chair and waited for her to settle before he headed into their bathroom. He began to hide the myriad of knives he owned about him in preparation for his off-world mission. "Be careful while I'm gone. Please?" Ronon called out.

"Me or the bump?" Orla teased.

"Both of you," he replied as he walked out of the bathroom and crouched beside her chair. He kissed her gently, his hand instantly protectively splayed against their unborn child. To him Orla had never been more beautiful than she was now, eight months pregnant.

"I think we can manage that," she smiled.

"Good," Ronon stood, kissed the top of her head and went back into the bathroom.

"You say that as though I'm always in trouble."

"Off-world you are. You and Keller, but you won the pool," he grinned from the entrance to the bathroom.

"You're joking right? There was a pool between Jennifer and I?"

"There was. You're both terrible off-world, always getting hurt…"

"That's hardly our fault!" Orla chided.

"Maybe so, but as Jennifer goes on more missions than you, versus how many disasters you've both gotten into. You won." Ronon chuckled.

"You just let them have a pool about me?"

"My money was on you!" he said ducking back into the bathroom narrowly missing the thrown cushion from Orla.

"Oh, who started it. Oh wait, it was John, right?"

"Actually, think it might have been Evan."

"You wait until I speak to Evan next!" Orla called out in mock indignation.

Ronon reappeared, grabbed at his long black leather coat and slipped it on. He turned to face Orla offering her his hands, easily pulling her to her feet. "I have to go, Little One."

"Be careful, Ronon, please," she pleaded, having almost lost him only months ago Orla was still nervous, especially with the baby's birth not far away.

Taking Orla into his arms, Ronon lifted her chin upwards and brought his mouth down onto hers. The kiss, gentle and loving turned quickly into a deep hungry kiss. He groaned as his body remembered how soft her skin was, the curve of every part of her body he'd greedily explored during their recent lovemaking. He dragged himself away from her, growling a little as he did. "Don't want the whole gate room seeing what you do to me," a wolfish grin spread across the Satedan's face. Orla blushed just a little, he loved that he was still able to make her blush. Chuckling he stepped forward and took her hand, "come, I'll walk you to Cadman's then I need to really go."

Lieutenant Laura Cadman was settling back into life on Atlantis. She'd happily accepted a role splitting her time between Atlantis and The Daedalus. As much as she missed her friends when she left for her stint on The Daedalus, she enjoyed the change and the challenges. She'd been given new quarters as hers had been damaged during the recent Wraith battle. She liked the new quarters; it was more spacious. Usually after settling in the first thing she'd do would be to go find her best friend, Dr. Orla Grant, or prof as she'd always called her. It had started out as a joke to annoy Dr. McKay at first but the name had stuck. This time, it was Orla who'd come to find her. Laura settled herself crossed legged on her bed as she looked at her heavily pregnant friend sitting in the only really comfortable chair available. "Tell me again, prof, this time from the beginning."

"Katie Brown's team went to the mainland a week ago. They were collecting batches of new soil and fauna samples. Anyway, their expedition found what Katie described as, a few old walls with writing on them. I know. It's not very glamorous or probably even very interesting but… I really want to go take a look at them. Take images and notes for further study back in Atlantis. Dr. McKay wouldn't be interested and Radek doesn't have the time. More importantly though I need to get out of Atlantis, Laura. Please! For the last five months I've not seen anything but these walls and not felt anything underfoot but the concrete floors. I really want to walk on grass, feel the sun and breath fresh air. If we can get the team together it should be a no-brainer. So, what do you think?" Orla asked nervously.

Laura thought hard about her response, she understood all too well the need to escape the confines of the minimalist Atlantis. "Truthfully?" Cadman watched as her friend nodded, "It won't work. Woolsey will never allow it and Ronon…"

"Ronon is off-world, he's gone with the team to negotiate a trade deal, they're not going to be back until late tonight. Ronon's not happy but they need him to watch over everything as they trade."

"Have you even asked Jennifer?"

"Not yet… that's where you come into it. I wanted you to help me persuade her." Orla admitted smiling at Laura.

Laura shook her head knowing full well that her friend would not give in until she'd at least tried to everything to go to the mainland. "Fine, come on let's to see what Jennifer thinks."

Jennifer glanced up from her laptop and saw Orla and Laura coming towards her from the corner of her eye. The doctor in her assumed the worst. "Orla, are you okay, are you in labour? Has your waters broken?" Jennifer demanded to know as she leaping from her chair to stand beside the women.

"I'm okay, Jen, calm down," Orla quickly said, trying to placate the young doctor. "I just need to talk to you, the baby's fine."

Jennifer looked between the two women before her, her instincts warning her she might just regret the following conversation. "Come on, back here out of sight," Jennifer stated as she guided Orla and Laura away from sight within the main infirmary. "Okay, out with it."

"That's not nice, Jen," Cadman said feigning offence.

Orla ignored Cadman's teasing and began to re-tell what she'd told Laura earlier.

"Are you crazy, Orla?" Jennifer yelled.

"Shh, I don't want Carson hearing," Orla hushed.

"He's not back yet and probably won't be until sometime later. Hence, I can't go and therefore neither can you. Not to mention, this is a crazy idea."

"There are more than two doctors on this base Jennifer. What about Dr Biro she just came on shift?" Cadman replied.

"That's not the point, Laura. Orla is eight months pregnant!"

"Pregnant, not dying!" Orla grouched.

"Maybe not you, but when Ronon finds out about your idea then one us will be! It's just madness Orla, I'm sorry." Keller added.

"What about Teyla? She's due back?" Orla pleaded.

"I don't think she's going to be in the mood for an expedition. She went to the mainland to oversee the funeral of one of the elders." Keller explained.

"I need this Jen, once the baby is here… Ronon is protective enough now and don't get me wrong, I love him for but … he'll never let me off world again."

"Not such a bad thing with your track record, prof," Cadman teased trying to lighten the mood.

"If Woolsey says yes, and only if he does then… no longer than two hours. I mean it, Orla!" Keller stressed.

Orla squealed and grabbed at Jennifer trying to hug her and failing with the bump restricting her movement causing the young doctor to raise her eyebrow in a silent, "see!"

"You need to speak to Evan too remember," Cadman reminded an excited Orla.

"He's next on our list," Orla grinned.

"Ours?" Cadman blinked.

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