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The transporter doors in the Upper Jumper Bay opened; Dr. Carson Beckett strode out pulling a gurney with him quickly followed by Marie. Moments later, more nurses with another gurney appeared from the transporter, the medical team swiftly moved to join Dr. Beckett.

"Remember, we don't know what to expect so be alert and let's get these people back to the infirmary as quickly as we can," Beckett ordered as they approached the group of waiting Marines.

"Any communication, Major?" Beckett asked.

"Nothing since the gate room notification," Major Teldy replied loudly as a Puddle Jumper appeared inside the bay.

"Stay alert!" Teldy ordered the Marines. "Stay back, Doc."

As the Puddle Jumper came to land the instantly recognisable faces of Colonel John Sheppard and Ronon Dex came into view.

"Colonel Sheppard!" Beckett announced, "let's get the gurney to the rear of the jumper, Marie."

"Not so fast, Doc. Let's make sure the Colonel doesn't have any unwanted visitors with him," Teldy warned.

The Marines moved towards the rear of the jumper with weapons raised. As the rear door slowly opened it was clear the only people inside where indeed from Atlantis.

"Carson?" Sheppard called out.

"I'm here, Colonel Sheppard, what's going on? Excuse me young man," Beckett pushed his way through the group of Marines.

"It's Major Lorne, he needs help."

"Dr. Biro?" Beckett said in surprise as he entered the Puddle Jumper.

"Dr. Beckett, Major Lorne needs urgent surgery. He sustained multiple wounds to his leg and he's lost a considerable amount of blood. He coded not long ago but with the help of Colonel Sheppard we performed CPR, we managed to resuscitate the Major. He's been administered high doses of Morphine on a regular basis," Biro relayed swiftly.

"Help me get Lorne on to this gurney then take Major Lorne to O.R. 1. Vitals can be done there. Make sure they type and cross match the blood, four pints," Carson ordered Marie. Once they secured Lorne onto the gurney he was quickly ushered to the transporter and into O.R. 1.

Carson turned his attention back to McKay who was still strapped into the rear passenger seats. "What about you, Rodney?"

"I'm severely broken," Rodney answered meekly.

"Dr. B reckoned McKay has possibly a broken wrist and a sprained ankle," Sheppard quickly added.

"Come on then, Rodney. Let's get you x-rayed."

"How? I can't walk."

"I'm sure you can lean on me and you can hobble to the Infirmary," Beckett reasoned as he began to look about the jumper. "Colonel Sheppard? Where are the rest of the teams?"

"Can we go back, now," Ronon said impatiently turning to Sheppard.

"Long story, Doc but we've got to get back to the mainland," Sheppard replied as he tapped at his earpiece. "Mr. Woolsey, this is Colonel Sheppard, do you read me?"

"Colonel, internal communications are still down. You'll need to go the gate room to speak to Mr. Woolsey," Carson said as he and McKay began to hobble out of the jumper.

"Sheppard" Ronon barked.

"Ronon, calm down, we're going back but I need to let Woolsey know what's happening first, come on." Sheppard cajoled.

As Sheppard and Ronon entered gate room it was evident there was something wrong. The gate room was uncharacteristically noisy and people were coming and going shouting at each other.

"Mr. Woolsey, Sir?" Sheppard shouted from the gate room floor.

"Colonel Sheppard, Ronon, thank god you're back," Woolsey called out from the Command Centre before he descended the stairs to join the men below.

"About that, we have to head back to the mainland. We won't be long, but Ronon doesn't have enough patience for me to update you properly. Major Lorne and Dr. McKay are both in the Infirmary, Lorne's injuries became life threatening."

"There's still no communications thanks to the storm, Atlantis has been badly damaged…"

"We have to go back, Orla and Risa are still there as well as Cadman and Keller," Ronon interrupted.

"I understand. Wait… who is Risa?" Woolsey said confused.

"My daughter."

"Your daughter? Dr. Grant had her baby? Well why didn't you say so. You have a go Ronon, bring home your family," Woolsey replied.

"Unscheduled off-world activation," Chuck announced loudly, as the wormhole established itself behind Atlantis' shield.

All three men turned to face Chuck waiting for any identification.

"Teyla Emmagen's IDC, Sir," Chuck declared.

"Lower the shield," Woolsey quickly ordered.

A moment later the small figure of Teyla Emmagen disrupted the gentle blue ripples of energy as she stepped into the gate room.

Teyla smiled at the three men before her, she was tired. The day had been emotionally draining as well as physically but she did not want to burden her friends.

"Teyla, no time to explain but we could use your help," Sheppard asked.

"Colonel Sheppard, Mr. Woolsey, Ronon. What exactly is it you need of me?"

"We need to head to the mainland, no time to explain, we can do that as we go," Sheppard answered.

"Will I need a weapon, I am not dressed for a mission, Colonel."

Ronon gave her the once over, taking in her attire, thankful she was dressed for inclement weather. "You'll be fine, come on," He didn't wait for Sheppard or Teyla to respond before turning on his heels and running back towards the Upper Jumper Bay.

"What the big guy said Teyla." Sheppard turned to face Mr. Woolsey acknowledging his presence added, "Sir," before taking off in Ronon's wake.

"Mr. Woolsey," Teyla looked at the Lantean leader for an acknowledgement that she should follow her team.

"You may need to hurry, Teyla. I think Ronon is quite anxious," Woolsey answered and waved his hand in the direction the men had disappeared in.

"Alright, that should help," Jennifer tucked the last end of the blanket around the mother and daughter. "Not the best but I don't want you getting any colder. Risa needs all the warmth you can provide."

Orla nodded; she was getting colder. The small fire was unable to provide any great warmth or light. They kept one flashlight on and saved the others just in case. "I've never wanted to put on a uniform more than I do now," she joked.

"Careful what you wish for, Prof, these uniforms wet are no fun," Laura chipped in.

"I really want a hot shower and to sleep covered in Ronon's furs."

"You'll be lucky, it will be straight to the Infirmary and hospital sheets for you and Risa, you too Laura," Jennifer smiled wearily.

"Right now, as long as you can promise I'll be warm and dry I'll go anywhere!" Cadman laughed.

"Dry clothes, coffee and food. Bliss," Jennifer said yawning.

"Orla gave birth already!" Teyla exclaimed. "Nobody mentioned a mission to the mainland yesterday," she continued.

"Orla managed to persuade the others while we were off-world to go to the mainland. Everything would've been fine if the storm hadn't come in," Sheppard explained.

Ronon grunted, he had no intention of discussing Orla's decision until everyone was safely back on Atlantis.

"Almost there, we still have the folding stretcher. Might be best to carry Orla and Risa?" Sheppard asked.

"No, I'll carry them both."

"Ronon, Colonel Sheppard might be right, it might be more comfortable for Orla on a stretcher?" Teyla gently suggested.

"No, less chance of her falling with me."

"Why do you think she would be dropped?" Teyla continued to question.

"You've not seen the mud out there. It's slippery like ice and yet it can pull your feet down into it and not let go."

"We're here folks, let's take the stretcher just in case, Ronon. Medically, the doc might not want Orla moved on anything but a stretcher. Let's just see when we get there," Sheppard reasoned.

The jumper door opened revealing the paths surrounding the wooded area slick with mud. The pitter patter of the rain the last vestiges of the storm. The wind still blew but had calmed to a brisk breeze.

"This must have been quite the storm, the mud is indeed, slick," Teyla uttered as she left the jumper. Her foot seeping into mud.

"Watch your footing you'll be fine," Sheppard stated as he took point.

"I do not have a weapon," Teyla said.

"Here," Ronon pulled out a knife from within the tied back dreadlocks. He handed her the small knife. "Weathers the only real danger."

Teyla nodded and slipped the knife into a pocket within her coat.

"So, any chance that Risa could have put weight on since she was born?" Cadman asked casually.

"Not really, why would you ask?" Jennifer said.

"The birth weight bet, wonder how much she weighs?"

"Not a lot, are you gambling on your nieces' weight?" Orla tried to sound offended.

Cadman shrugged, "The pots over two hundred dollars, would've been more but there's only so much the little mite can weigh."

"Your taxi has now arrived ladies, direct route back to Atlantis," Sheppard announced from the mouth of the cave.

"Finally, I mean, thank you, Sir," Cadman grinned as she got to her feet.

Ronon moved past Sheppard and Cadman coming to a stop beside Orla. He knelt down and kissed her, "Little one, how is she?"

"Sleeping, she's woken a few times, it's getting colder, can we go home, please?"

Ronon nodded, he stroked Risa's head gently before turning to Jennifer. "I'm carrying Orla and Risa back, that okay?"

Jennifer wasn't too sure if Ronon had asked or Ronon had told her. Either way, they needed to get back to Atlantis. She nodded and began to gather the few items from the medical pack.

Teyla smiled at Cadman, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, nothing a nice warm uniform and shower won't correct."

Teyla nodded and moved further info the cave easily spotting the young doctor. "Jennifer?"

"Teyla? I thought you were on New Athos?"

"I was, I returned as Colonel Sheppard and Ronon were updating Mr. Woolsey. You look…"

"Wet, cold, tired and little concerned over this little one being anywhere outside of an Infirmary," Jennifer answered.

Teyla watched Ronon beside Orla, she waited for him to reassure himself his family was safe before she stood beside the Satedan. "I see you decided to have the baby early?"

"Teyla, it's good to see you. Come meet Risa, she's sleeping, I'm trying to keep her warm."

Teyla stroked the top of Risa's head, she smiled, "I think we should concern ourselves with getting you back to Atlantis then we, I, can have a cuddle."

"Alright, what needs packing up? There's not a lot of light from these flashlights so I hope you know where everything is? Don't really want to be coming back anytime too soon," Sheppard remarked as he gathered the discarded pieces of fire starter kits.

"I've got the medical bag and debris from Lorne's wound changes," Jennifer replied as she stood and swayed once more.

"Jennifer, let me carry the medical bag, you have enough trouble keeping upright!" Teyla teased.

"Ronon, if you're carrying Orla and Risa, I'll wrap the incubator with the tarp. Keep off the light rain while we head back," Sheppard stated as he moved towards the rear of the cave.

"Flight, this is Puddle Jumper 1, do you read me?" Sheppard announced.

"Puddle Jumper 1, this is flight, we read you," Chucks voice filled the Puddle Jumper.

Sheppard smiled with relief, with communications restored normality had to be returning. "Permission to land, flight?"

"Permission granted, Puddle Jumper 1. Good to have you all back, are you in need of medical assistance?"

"Affirmative, flight."

As Dr. Beckett stood with Marie, a gurney between them he looked across at the Puddle Jumper landing, "Quite the Deja-vu, don't you think?"

Marie smiled but shook her head, Carson's jokes were always awful.

The Puddle Jumper door opened and Carson and Marie moved towards the open door and stepped inside the jumper. "Right, what do we have this time?"

Jennifer stood, swayed and grabbed at the seat behind her. "Orla gave birth, early but no complications to either mother or child. Laura is suffering rope burns to her hands, exposure and exhaustion…"

"Doesn't look to me like you're fairing much better Jennifer, sit back on that chair. I think you need a gurney too!"

"I'm fine…"

"Allow me to be the medical judge of that," Carson firmly replied.

Ronon untied the ratchet straps securing Orla and Risa on the rear passenger seats. He instantly picked them up.

"Ronon, lad. Stop, we have a gurney here for Orla and Risa," Beckett said brining the gurney further into the jumper.

"Like you said, Doc. Jennifer needs the gurney and I can carry Orla and Risa no problem."


"Doc, just this once, can we let Ronon just get the girls to the Infirmary and we can use the stretcher on Jennifer," Sheppard tried to appease the stand-off.

"I am here you know," Jennifer interrupted.

"Fine, let's get Jennifer onto the gurney. Laura, you okay to walk?" Beckett queried.

"I'm good," Cadman replied.

Ronon walked past the others out of the jumper and into the transporter.

"Right, let's get the rest of you sorted," Beckett said as he began to wheel the gurney out of the jumper.

As Carson helped to wheel Jennifer Keller into the Infirmary; he could see the staff busily arranging the beds and seeing to existing patients. Carson tutted at the sight of Dr. Biro still attending to patients. He wheeled the gurney with Jennifer atop next to a waiting bed. With help from one of the nurses Carson helped Jennifer move onto the bed, "I'll be with you in a few moments, Jennifer, I need an update on everything first."

Carson strode across the Infirmary to the side of Dr. Biro who was trying to help a slightly fractious Dr. McKay. "I think it's time, Doctor, that you're checked out as well. You're relieved from duty as of now, until I get a full assessment. Standard procedure when returning from a mission. Dr. Cole will take over for you now and Rodney should know better!"

"What? She wanted to know how I was, I'm hurt, Carson!"

"Aye, maybe so, but Dr. Biro has been just as exposed to the storm as you. Now, sit back, Rodney and wait until someone can get to you with the X-Ray results," Carson ordered firmly as he steered the doctor away from the scientist and to an open bed. "Dr. Cole will be with you shortly, Alice. Is there anything urgent we need to know about you?"

"No, Dr. Beckett, I'm fine. Any news on Lorne and the others?" Biro replied.

"That's what I'm trying to find out."

Carson could hear the low bass voice of Ronon Dex at the furthest corner of the Infirmary. He headed in the general direction of the conversation hoping he wasn't about to have a battle of wills so early in their return. "What's going on and why is Orla and Risa not in bed yet?"

"Mr. Dex is refusing to let anyone but you see to Orla or Risa," the nurse explained wearily.

"How about we get Orla into some scrubs and into a warm bed. Keep Risa with her until…"

"Need this, Doc?" Sheppard appeared carrying the incubator.

"Thank you, Colonel, aye. Let's get the incubator ready for Atlantis' newest member and mum sorted too. Ronon, let the nurses do their job and I'll take a look at Orla after I get a cuddle from Risa. Can I take her, Orla?"

Orla smiled and nodded letting Carson take her daughter.

"Well aren't you going to be a heart breaker," Carson cooed at the small child in his arms.

"She's kinda cute," Sheppard stated standing next to Ronon.

"I'm going to take Risa to be weighed and vitals checked," Carson announced to the waiting parents. As he stepped away, Carson could feel a looming presence behind him. Turning he could see his shadow was Ronon. "It's okay, Ronon. Just going to weight the little one and check her vitals. Nothing to worry about. Why don't you wait with Orla?"



"Hey, Ronon, Orla needs you," Sheppard said appearing at the Satedan's side.

Ronon appeared conflicted before he nodded and headed back towards Orla's bedside.

"Is she okay, Colonel?"

"Yeah, but you got about two minutes before Ronon works out it was a rouse by me to let you take Risa!"

"Righty-ho, better get on with it then," Carson replied nervously as he dashed to other side of the Infirmary.

"Well it's official people, Risa is the cutest baby in all of Atlantis," Carson beamed as he returned to Orla's bedside.

"She's the only baby," Ronon said.

"I think you are missing the point, Ronon. Now it is my turn for a cuddle," Teyla smiled as she opened her arms ready to take the baby from Carson.

"All good, fingers and toes, perfectly healthy baby. I've started the paperwork for her birth. She will officially be the first child born to parents from different galaxies. Her weight is 5lbs 10oz which is very small but she's a fighter."

"Any more news on Lorne?" Sheppard queried.

"Dr. Young is in surgery with him as he's the Orthopaedic surgeon. From what I can gather, they're managing to repair a lot of the tissue and muscle damage caused by the injury. My concern is for his immune system after exposure to so much Morphine. I am going to suggest that the Major is sent back to Earth for recovery and therapy. It's not long since Atlantis was attacked and he suffered major injuries then and now this. We need to think about his recovery mentally as well as physically. Once he's assessed as being healthy; he can return to work."

"Can't he recover on Atlantis?" Ronon asked.

"I think Major Lorne's going to need more specialised recovery teams than we have on offer here, Ronon. I'm sure once we know the whole scale of his injuries and we can estimate his recovery time. I'm sure Colonel Sheppard would agree, it's what's best for Lorne not Atlantis. I'll leave you all to it," Carson thinly smiled and stepped away.

Sheppard knocked on the doorway to Woolsey office. He waited for the man to acknowledge his presence and invite him in.

"Colonel Sheppard, please come in."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Do you have a full update for me concerning the teams?" Woolsey looked across at the man seated before him.

"Major Lorne's still in surgery. Carson's of the opinion the Major would recover better on Earth…"

"Yes, he spoke to me before he informed yourselves. I'm in agreement with him."

Sheppard nodded; he should be surprised but found he wasn't. "Will he come back?"

"That would depend on his recovery surely?"

"Who medically would have the final say on that?"

"Dr. Beckett would make any decision based on the medical reports as well as any assessments made concerning Major Lorne's mental health." Woolsey stated.

"I'll compile a full report concerning the rescue and submit it to you tomorrow morning." Sheppard stood placing his hands in his pockets he began to rock on his heels.

"Thank you, I'm sure it will make for interesting reading. I assume all is well with mother and child as well as the others?"

"For the most part everyone's good. Orla and Risa are well and will probably be released in a few says. That reminds me, Mr Woolsey you won the pool. You had the nearest weight to Risa's actual weight."

"I did? I don't remember placing the bet?" Woolsey said confused.

"I believe Teyla, added your name to the pool. She said for fun," Sheppard chuckled as he turned and left the Lantean Commander dumbfounded.

The End